I have to discuss my experiences about my business and the work in my field I am going tell about. First of all, I am no ordinary man inside and out, but to feel in deeper thoughts what I have in my mind. This is the case about the business or work.


Business is all about getting regular’s occupation, profession or trade. While work is activity working on earning income of an employment. For my experience, I have been working less than the original six months term. It’s an usual for me since I don’t get the idea of hardworking. For my case I have down syndrome, it’s different taking less or more in the field I want. But what I get is that I am choosing the right path for me to build my confidence.


Business is all investing money or stocks that you have invest in the past. You get to earn extra income in working daily basis. But the sad news in the Philippines, many Filipinos are working abroad to work their living income to return to their respective families. Aside what I see in the downfall economic crisis, President Noynoy Aquino did his best for us. He is running to improve our country better, not as telling we are enjoying the ride of economy. What are we doing? We rally in the front of the offices instead working on our economic investments. That’s right. Foreign investors or businessmen is always go inside for our country to invest a business and build jobs for us. Then what are we returning for President Aquino is the concerns we have today.


I doubt there’s still millions of jobless out there. Without a job, we have no future. Business is all matter of doing purposes to produce more economic increase. We indulge our lifestyles in eating, sports or all the matters of above. We know that our country needs more improvement. When we have President Marcos in the past, what he did only is for the disciplining the countrymen and led a thousands of infrastructure roads. That is the time I have understand what he accomplished for us, for the FIlipino and for our countrymen.


Tourism is one of the biggest assets we have in our country. We invest the place and turn into gigantic deals of corporations or companies that turns like in Boracay, the favorite destination. We have Romblon, Cebu and other Visayas provinces as well. What we have here in the Philippines is our biggest investments.


Of course, that is the time of the meaning of work will go in. I have said the true meaning of work. This time, I let to explain furthermore about the work. Working for the abroad is a sacrifice job. We leave our beloved ones alone in their relatives or families. We tend to forget sometimes to say happy birthday to our sons, daughters and even to our parents. But alone working in other country is very sad for me. I didn’t have experience yet working in other countries, but I have feel on them of pressure and hardworking. The purpose of working is to increase our extra income in Middle East. The extra income is somewhere in hardest category. I do not to offend some OFWs out there or to tell that I am so worrying about them.


While some others here in the Philippines, people enjoy in our lifestyle. Going to the shopping mall, going somewhere to relax and some activities we are doing in our society. We also enjoy eating and of course, we also have to get in fitness. Without fitness, you can’t do the job properly. I have been traveled in Laoag before with my family. That was the time I was still teenager. I’ve indulged in so many activities during my teenage years. I played golf and even playing what I really want. But some other point, I really like writing in literary poems, sonnets or songs. Sometimes I also dance for my fitness health. Our parents works so hard for us. They work very hard for us to live and to eat properly. If we don’t have parents, we don’t have future.


Looking in the street sometimes I look at them unhappy. I feel their feelings without going in the school and play all the time. Sometimes, they work for themselves for their parents or some involved crimes they are in. In our childhood and teenage years, we always have to be hungry. Hungry to learn is educating ourselves for a better future. We might know that he or she will be a politician, or maybe a doctor or a teacher as well. Education is very important. When we finish school, we are hungry to work. But where are we now is to work.


Working in the restaurant as a janitor is not bad, or working as a police to serve protection for us isn’t bad either. In the mall, we see food servers that they are serving us. It isn’t bad either. All kinds of job or profession have sort of meanings of this. Working for our families is to feed our children. Without food, we are not getting knowledge to learn. What we have left in the society world is to build more work.


Of course being as a district lawyer is not bad as well. But going inside of being corruption is the mistake for each lawmaker in the country. That’s right. President Aquino did is to erase some corruption in the Philippines. Our economy is to indulge in ourselves. There are many kinds of work and business in our country. I hate to tell this. But I like more in tourism and agriculture. We have many destinations in the Philippines. We have Baguio, Tagaytay or Boracay, the destinations are always invested in their own directions. Many of us are waiting for the chance to get be paid. I am not the type of person who never gives up. I always fight for the dreams that are real. Sometimes imagination is the best key to dream ourselves in the situation dreaming to be businessman or doctor or teacher.


Speaking as a nurse, of course, is to assisting patients in the hospital or to help people in needs. Lot of people needs medication. Doctors in our country sometimes go out for a country and work as a nurse. In their case, sometimes I understand their situation. But I realize of how many professional teachers, doctors, nurses and other profession is very important for our country’s needs. What we need is to practice more in other professions instead.


In my field, what I really the most is to write in literary works that includes short stories, novel stories, poems, sonnets or songs. Because it’s my hobby that turns around as my talents. It’s not profession what I have. It’s the only way I can earn for my living aside for my load business. In the past, I learned my lessons as well. I even went to networking company just to chitchat all the time. What my mistakes is that I do not work my leverage as well. But because of that, I tend to go back in my loading business and continue in my dreams. No matter what the small chances sometimes grows bigger. I work in shorter period but in the same way, I earn money of selling loads of people’s load in their cellphone. It’s not big deal, that’s the small chances getting bigger. And also about that in the past, I find myself as a different to other people. That is because I haven’t accept myself that I really have down syndrome. Being having with down syndrome is not smaller chances for me. I go for the bigger questions and I have to answer smaller chances that can grow bigger.


In the world of economy crisis, we are always hungry for the work we have, or what we have business in our hands. You have just to be proud what you have. And do not always to prove yourself as an unworthy person. You are blessed with talent. And I always tell myself no matter what bigger problems I will face about, I am still conquering them. But because of that, I always have what I got. Be happy and contented what I have. And always remind myself that I am no ordinary adult, but to face the world with the down syndrome that I have and I am proud of it.