Something different when I first came in Center for Culinary Arts, the first school I am proudly a graduate. But then it comes in my mind if I can continue my life back then. I was often dreaming what my world looked like in a fast forward in time.


If I am thinking that I would be like a chef, I would thinking cooking some dishes I have to carry out the dish to the customer. But then, life in the kitchen is sometimes harder than I am expecting it. It comes worrying for me at the start. But in a long run, it always end in a easier job. But before that, I become a dreamer. A dreamer that I am always dreaming to finish it.


Back in the high school days during my junior high, I spent in the classroom alone eating out my lunch meal. Sometimes I learned that anybody could be in the cafeteria. But my mom always gave me lunch money if I became hungry that I was. Of course, she knows about where my money will go. I always have to buy again a music cassette tape or Hardy Boys book. Back in the days, I spent in my room reading Hardy Boys books or listening to the music in my own radio. Spending in the night always worried all the the time. But somehow, I found myself a lonely person in the world. I didn’t know anybody else in the school yard. But yet, I always found myself together with the school mates rather with my classmates. I laughed with them. Sometimes I joked around them. And somehow I teased them if I could be their a more than friends was.


Love is another word meaning in our lives. Yet another journey of chapter is about to open. But I didn’t open the days when I was in junior high. I became desperately becoming what I always watched in the television local series is to become an actor, or maybe a singer, or just a simple dancer. I always danced inside my room sweating a lot in times always listening to the music. I enjoyed myself so much. I didn’t care less in the world but to laugh about my problems in the school.


Then later around in 10th of December of 1998, the day of Thursday inside the classroom, I was all alone thinking about my crushes in some year levels in high school and grade school. So despair I needed to be someone in my life. About your age around 17 years old, all of our classmates are 2 or 3 years younger than me. When they looked around me, sometimes I felt  someone I need to be care and understanding in my life. Then I wrote my first poem on that day of Thursday. And I have copied in another blank sheet of paper. So I sent some of literary works to my crushes even my classmate that I have crush on her also.


My dreams before is to graduate in college, willing hopefully to enter some prestigious schools like University of Philippines or La Salle that was. But when it came to my mind, I always found out that I am different and have a little difficulties in my life. I stood wrong. But I always believed what I have accomplished so far in my life.


Fast forward in my life, I took two schools to enroll. Two among of them were Montessori College near in our place to live and Center for Culinary Arts. I passed the entrance tests in both schools. But I eventually got the passing grade of 75. I want you to know that I am no ordinary teenager. But in the school I took the test was eventually higher than 75. It was 88. Then my eldest sister told me that two among of us have passed in the entrance exams. Because what I learned in high school tests, quizzes and home works, I am officially not so great student, but I did my best to all of them. And so, I have entered in Center for Culinary Arts in no time.


Before that time, I also took short courses to pass in the college exams in Center for Culinary Arts. My friends there also became my friends in facebook. One or five of them became my friends. That is another story. What I am telling is about my life back in college days. The grade standards are very much different from Ateneo, Center for Culinary Arts and in Montessori Integrated School of Antipolo. I have never seen grades of 1.0 to 3.0 grading system. When I saw that, my jaw dropped low and so I closed with my excitement mouth as well. I have never knew that I have more friends in college days. Everyone became my friends in the college community and that is because the school campus is much smaller than my previous school was.


During my college days, two of my batch mates I knew is the celebrity profiles: one is the son of late newscaster anchorman Angelo Reyes and the only daughter of Vic Sotto. What I saw them is very high profile of them. Until I met the fourth batch I have joined and graduated with them. Some of them knew my profile background is. One of them also became my best friend. And when I thought that, I saw myself in the picture whether I have to continue in culinary life. It is because I also enjoyed during that times writing down my literary works of sonnets or poems in my spared time. But I thought myself that I really enjoyed with the batch mates I have joined. Before I have joined in 4th batch, I took mostly in my time leaving of absence, or LOA that is, in about eight (8) months. I went back to short courses again but in Maya Kitchen as well in Makati area. During that time, I have learned commuting walking in the street or going to the mall to catch to watch a movie.


Surprisingly my life is beautiful in college days. I love my college life than in high school days. I spent more talking with my elementary friends in the past until now. We strengthen our relationship in friends as well. As you know that my mom’s friend said in my life that I am an everybody’s friend. I can become your friend if I would like to meet you. Back in the topic I am talking about is to become more person I was.


After in college days, my life became miserable. I became more addicted in games. I often went to internet cafes just to play games. Just because of that, I always remind myself that I am always different to anybody else. And during that time, I didn’t accept that I have down syndrome. Many have believe and some of them knows that I will accomplish some of my dreams. And of course, my dreams is accomplished being as a college graduate. But I forget about that I have to look for a job.


Just because that I am out of school, I always find myself have to do something in my life. I continued my life to write and to write, just to improve my improvements in writing. I never became a school writer back in high school days. Just because my classmate didn’t enter my poem in the school paper doesn’t mean there are always winning in life. And I always reminded myself that there is always a chance in the future to be better writer I am. For what I believe, I always find some other solutions in later in life.


Then I asked my mom if I can shifted to culinary to digital life. She said yes if she could afford for me one more time. It is because I created a mess in my room. I have tons of drawings and writings everywhere in my desk. Sometimes our maid has to clean it for my room when I wasn’t around. That time, I doubled check when I arrived from work. I always checked if my drawings is still there. My literary works is still there also and the stuff I have made so much mess. My story became longer and longer when I firstly wrote about the comic novel book The Anthology of Firelava I have never been finished.With some of fifteen characters I have made.I am finally entered the digital school in October 2006. My life has been so serious of it, but my mind sometimes shifted again to go back playing in online game world.


My life before is so messed and so addicted in online game world as well. And I have never finished my career in digital world if I could get a certificate in First Academy of Computer Arts. Until now, I am still dreaming to finish it. But my usb got lost in my cousin’s cousin. Just because of that, I have never been needed to restart what I am doing. I want her to repay for what she is lost dearly about my school projects that was.I worked that hard just to compiled some of my portfolio. But to think of it, vengeance or revenge is not my doing.I leave that in the name of a law. I will accuse her to return it. If not, she must repay my tuition fees again that I have to study all over again. I will never stop dreaming to finish in that school. For somehow, I lost my conscience not to do that. I have always reminded myself not to do that. If I do that, problems are getting that bigger. And my conscience about it would never been the same that I am happy in most of my lfie.


This is where I start before as a culinary nutritionist, now I am starting to reboot in a better way of living is to finish the digital age of my life. I am now an officially not-so-good writer in my own site of Itsmikki Studio. And aside of that, I will continue to rebuild what I have to reboot my system in stories I have left in my usb. And I will still fight to improve in my life. And there are more in the road that is waiting for me. That is how to become a successful person and as a different person (referring that I have down syndrome) that I am now today.