Fiftieth-Fifth English Quote:


Unconsciously I fall

to my conscious dreams,

deep in the slumber dreams,

surrounding by high walls

covering the ceiling and walls

so white,

my eyes has been drowsy

and my lips begins to turn to dry.


Running around everywhere,

a non-stop running without

inhaling problems in fatigue,

the white turns black surrounding,

there it was,

and I begin to pump

my lungs to breath.


Hard to breathe,

like I was under

in the ocean swimming,

then I woke up suddenly

in my weirdest dreams

into my reality world,

and to think

I love my family,

my relatives

and my friends.


Thank God for

choosing me to live

that every breathe I take,

I am blessed.


Fiftieth-Sixth English Quote:


Can you tell me

how should I forget about you,

when times comes and run by,

I feel empty and alone

by what I need is

all about me,

you can’t escape

and despair,

and I need the time

you shall need.


Every time how

and when,

don’t come here all


and pass my empty glass

when I am weak.


Soon that I

become my fear into joy,

when I come here

and hesitate,

I don’t want pain

and hate,

and I don’t want waste

and be full,

because I need you

more than my life existed.



In life, there is always possible for us to meet our dreams. But sometimes we need to concern our health.Life is always depend on us for what we are doing in our lives. You may know or maybe I may know in second life is our eternity living. What I mean here is that you always have to believe in God. He chooses us to live and to sacrifice Himself that we have to live longer in order we achieve in life.

That is why in this section of English literature, I may not know that they are always a given chance for us to read my blog articles. I will explain furthermore about this.

The 55th English quote poem tells about our unconscious dreams we are living for a better life. It is for us to choose what we need to know in the future. For my experience, I always got in troubles somehow but to stand again on my own. You never know that I have down syndrome. That is always the question what people are babbling about the true meaning of down syndrome. But in other words, I am always believe that someday I will meet my expectations if ever I will marry a girl or not. That is another story.

In 56th English quote poem, it is about the weakness. Let me explain how simple things sometimes goes wrong. When I eventually lost something valuable in life, sometimes I always look in the wrong person. Whether it’s young or older, but sometimes there is nothing to blame about you. It is always about you.

In my case, I have down syndrome. But I never show this to anybody whether I like them or not personally in life. Few among in the group knows about me. But nevertheless, I never question them if what they see about me. I always believe that there is something goes wrong in my behavior. Sometimes before, I always act like a child. Then in my thoughts, they were right. I may look like a child, but deep inside that they never know that I have down syndrome. I was immature adult before. Well, that is another story. Perhaps, I have to tell you about myself in the next blog articles. Because what I am mentioning here is the weakness about in 56th English quote poem.

“I feel empty and alone by what I need is all about me.” This line tells about me. Of course, I wrote about this. It means that I have to be stronger just in any case what happens in the next chapter of anybody’s lives. Meaning that I have to be a stronger independent adult man. There is no excuses when my aunt died last year. She also gives me strength until now. She knows what I am doing. She loves my art and literature works as well. I always think that she will be around for us. Now that she is gone. This is better for us to move on without her, but to remember how faith she have for us. Maybe my life isn’t that great, but I have better life when she becomes my angel. And I always believe in angels.