Fiftieth-Seventh English Quote:


Approach the skies,

lit the stars one by one,

and let all the night animals

sing at night.


For two stars collide

praying alone in the darkness,

seek the answers inside

and let all the courage inside

of you to sing.


Wish upon a time,

wish upon a star,

wish upon the night

until you come out in the dark.


I held in you tight

and embrace with nothing,

don’t fear with me

don’t lean on me

and forever I count

the stars one by one.


Wishing you were here

far away from here,

I close my eyes and

thinking it was a dream,

that night of countless shooting

stars fell in the skies,

and hoping it will come back again.


Maybe this time,

maybe it won’t be another night,

maybe this will be the last goodbye,

my falling shooting star is

right inside my heart,

rest now,

my friend.


Fiftieth-Eighth English Quote:


Take me away

when the old times gone and

by the ends,

hold me away

where you can tell me

that I am old for you,

then I take the chances

between the two worlds around us.


Forget I am,

forget you are,

then you lose the sight

between the bonds,

think I am,

think you are,

and we are finally not

chasing the dreams it should be.


Have it your way

and I don’t think that would

happen again,

life is so cruel

then you hit the road

when you’re far,

so don’t abuse it the deal

we’ve made.


Flying across the oceans

dreaming like a rocking boat,

then off to me,

when you’re free

and I am free,

and the fate hasn’t change.


Believe in yourself,

and I am locked in love

with somebody else,

then you still were scared

to find a new hope of love,

times has change,

my old friend.



Two worlds in life sometimes appeared in our sights, then I would know that has something changed in society. Friends that we have old and new ones are sometimes there in our sides. In times of despair telling your secrets, your friend advices you to get stronger and that I am able to find my own answers. But what I mean is that sometimes your friend leaves us for looking our own answers in times we are in troubles. When we need them, we usually find ourselves in a desperate measure in life.

Considering this two English quotes are still the same meaning but there’s always a conclusion of happy ending stories. Sometimes it ends us to be hurt and pain when they already passed on. Sometimes we need to be stronger in times of faith and hope. Understanding our situation is always we look in the brighter future. But many times, we cannot depend anyone but them. When we also need our family in our back, sometimes they are not there for us. But that’s my fault when I also need a friend when I am so weak without them.

In this two-part different quote poems, there is always life and death. The first one is a tribute for our beloved departed Rico Yan. And the other one has truly meaning for our sides.

The 57th English quote poem is always reminding myself to Rico Yan and to my favorite aunt who died recently last year. I recently went to the church last week just to celebrate my aunt’s death. She survived from the stroke that have had on her for the past years. Then later it weakens her, and that is why she lost the battle. I overcome the pain and hatred. But sometimes I am always looking forward to our new height of faith and hope. Bringing some joy and excitement sometimes is harder to explain when we need them. Unlike Rico Yan who died in bangungot (nightmare) in Los Palmas, Palawan. I always remind of him thinking if he is still alive. He would be part of new projects of ABS-CBN. But to think, there is always new actresses we have now. We have Sarah Geronimo who would like to pair with him. Or that I am thinking that he is good to be paired with Julia Montes, Empress Schuck, Kathryn Bernardo or even Andi Eigenmann.

But I didn’t think Rico would live that much longer when I heard the news. It was so shocking for everyone including me. I would be the scriptwriter if he let me in the job he is in the project. And I love writing scripts. Since writing becomes part of my life, I always know that there’s a good ending for everyone. And that is, he leaves us for a better future and a better example for everyone. Looking for him in his foundation, I always think that I am also part on it. But distance keeps us apart. I know him personally from my batch mates and some of the friends I know in later life that I have meet. There is always a brighter side and I hope that I would bring one just like him.

In the 58th English quote poem, there is always a different story in each of quote poem I have made. Sometimes I didn’t take a chance to write a new background on it. It is because what I want for the best story line for my quote poem. I am long ago, a certified quote addict since 2009. Since then, I also write the best lines what I have read and what lessons I have learn. You always have to know that you have to apply the knowledge behind the reason why the quote is not best or is not worst.

From my part, anyone can be an example. But a friend you are taking care of him or her. It is because you are too much in love that your life depends on him or her. Sometimes we need a friend. All we know is to talk them forever in times of trouble. Like myself, I am not rich in many friends that I have. Few of my friends knows me better, but some of them are sometimes picking on me instead. That is what happened when I am taking a call center training in Ortigas (in People2Outsource). I have made some new friends. Sometimes, I don’t want them to know that I am not choosing which side I am going to. Instead of that, I go home. Life is hard when you know your money can’t buy their happiness. Happiness is what we are looking for when we need to talk with them. In either side of any case, I lost someone and I gain some of the few. Always look a better option in your life when you know you need them. Load yourself in your cellphone, then scan all the numbers in your directory if someone is still active and have time chatting with you. In my case, I don’t do that. Texting a longer version of chatting conversation sometimes takes my time away.

But sometimes you really need a conversation when you really need a friend. No one in this world has no friends. If you have no friends, then you are mad and alone in life. I have encountered that already when I was in my stage. I am waiting for my time when I go out and meet new someone that I don’t know him or her. But I always take precautions when I meet somebody I don’t know. Sometimes I look in their eyes if something intuition happens in my feelings. No matter what that is always happen to anybody else, also.