I always have know for this generation is a high-tech already. In the past times, there is always an old version of computer, the very old one with a hard drive. Then I think myself in the past that I cannot buy that one.


Family games is always we know in the past generation. I played Super Brothers, Duck hunt and some of the coolest old games in our generation. But today I know, there is already an X-Box, DS Nintendo, iPad, Playstation 3, Wii and some other name of console platforms. There is always bugging me about the generation’s system. That is the addiction in gadgets.


I’m not a tech person, but I would to ride with this generation. “I want to buy anything in the gadget store” is the line that more people always aiming to be the advanced person in the family that has more gadgets in his or her room. We have flat TV, console platform of Playstation 3 and DS Nintendo in hand. Others are instead in their room of anything they want. They have stereo in the room, a computer, a slideshow and a home-wide speakers (and that is more like owning a movie room in your house).


Not so many people can afford that, some of the rich people can do that. I don’t want to offend but sometimes I look in their thoughts. But it’s carrying me out this time. Instead, a lack of knowledge cannot enter in this high-tech society. Who could to blame in the world if you don’t have one. You already have an iPad, then you want a laptop. Sometimes in my mind, offices are very much alike of that. To think about in the conclusion, every person has to learn the new technology we have today. Thanks for Steve Jobs who created the apple computers! But to say in one thing, do not be aggressive when you want to have this. This is sometimes a “want” version.


Most of my time in my generation, my sisters were in the computers already. In my side, I didn’t know how to use it. The time I was younger, my elder sister told me all the time, “do not touch any keys you don’t know how to operate.” Sometimes in an accident excuse, I pressed the escape button in the keyboard. When she found out, she blamed at me. Of course, literally she got mad at me. She didn’t want me to learn the principles how to use the computer as well. As you see, people in this generation have more improving skills. But in my time, there is always a computer tech hub every house you can see. I don’t see much of internet cafes before. When it comes out in the public, every single person here in the Philippines you can see is already have own their computer or a gadget thingy. I always hate that word “thingy” because it’s an inappropriate word to use it.


Back when I was talking about the incident of a keyboard, in my school sometimes I found hard to explain if I can learn the computers well. It is more educable that time in my generation. Our computer room has only limited computers who could use it. And some others can listen to the boring teacher sometimes they are talking nonsense in the topic we didn’t know. He or she has to know the knowledge of the computers. What field can you afford if you don’t know how to educate children in the first place?


Writing alone is a best example. I long before don’t know how to write well. My scrabble words were too bad to read by the way. The longer I continue to write is the longer it can be sometimes improving. Sometimes I need to review of it or rewrite my sentence again. I was in college before. I didn’t know what to do with my writings. My mom sent me to the English tutor before I came in the culinary world. My sentences are really that bad. And it cannot read properly. Sometimes I have to think when I need to write it down.


Writing in a sheet of paper is sometimes typing alone in the computer. In our subconscious mind sometimes tells us what to write and have to execute very well in the computer. When your essay is not readable, then your teacher will say “do it again.” I found that very hard when I was a kid. Now I understand that gadgets are more important in this world. Maybe I don’t know how to explain but you need to learn how to use the computer instead. And typing alone in the keyboard is sometimes exercising your brain to type continuously and spontaneously. Why am I getting hang of this? It is because I learn from my experiences and still continue what I still have to study again.


Generation of this kind will leave you behind.Then again in my experiences sometimes don’t apply in some therapies. My mom knew all about the therapies all she did for me. This is about the exercising our mind to learn some valuable things in life. Of course, if I am not addict in online games, then I will not be getting this longer paragraphs I am typing about. And playing, of course, is sometimes can learn your typing speed. Nobody loves the computer if you can’t learn. Learn what your mind tells to do. Learning and discovering is sometimes exceeding our mind to accelerate. That is why the school Cupertino sent me out of the school. Because I’ve already done what I learned from special school to another special school that has valuable lessons in life. It can’t be done properly if you can’t learn very well. Remember when your child is hungry to learn is sometimes they have larger memories than we do.