This is all begin with something you like to watch in the movies. When I was watching alone in the mall, I went alone to go watching a movie. It is very sad to say most of the time that my parents aren’t that moviegoers just like me. But when times my sister is accompanying my mom, they are always going out without me. Of course, that’s the girls moment. But what I am pointing out, there is no other world if you want to go out and have watching a movie in the mall.


Of course, it is very awkward to say that you need him or her to get out of the house and ask if she or he comes with you to watch a movie. Then suddenly, you are just window-shopping at all. Most of my family did that in the past. Now we are facing the reality. We are hoping in dire need to cooperate not to spend more money anymore to watch a movie, but to wait in the television to televise it. That needs time to be patience. Of course nobody beats like watching James Bond marathon movies in just a day.


Most commonly I watch in the movie theatre which falls in my category: adrenaline-action, horror, romantic and some of I have to mention others. And of course, who would not think about comic book movies? Comic book movies are fun to watch all over again. Most of the time I need an extra money is to watch in the mall. When I don’t have much of the money, I’ve stay at home instead. Not just that I don’t like to stay at home, it’s because there are several times it happens to me. When I’m home, I’ve open the refrigerator to check if there are some food leftovers. But to think, I am not in America. I’m here in the Philippines. Every two years when our maid is sending to a summer vacation, I’ve always think that I should be responsible at home. Well, the last movie I’ve watch is the FIlipino movie which it’s Coco Martin and Angeline Quinto tandem movie in Born to Love You. And it’s my first time to watch Coco Martin’s movies since I don’t have a chance to watch his indie movies.

Angeline Quinto and Coco Martin

When you are asking me to go to watch a movie, I’ve always say yes if it’s your reward for us to be paid. But it’s not typical way for me if I ask a person to watch a movie, I would probably end up paying for the food and movie costs. And it is how I love watching a movie in the theatre. Sometimes I go alone watching in the theatre if I want to pay alone for the movie cost instead. In a way, it is how you reward yourself away from home, just to ease out sometimes your problems.


(This is a spoiler part of the movie reviews that I have to tell you. Just don’t read if you don’t have chance yet to watch of this movie.) Back to the movie of Born to Love You, this guy Rex Manrique (Coco Martin’s role) is very timid photographer that eventually leads to his miserable life. But until she met Joey Liwanag (Angeline Quinto’s role) in a wedding event. Just when Joey ruined the wedding shots of Rex’s posture, Rex’s life turns miserable when the event coordinator fumes into different mood. Then when they met again, Joey and Rex exchanged words in the company asking to go in the location to shoot some products. Joey’s character there is a Japanese translator who never met his father in her life. She was adopted by her mother’s family. She has two sisters who had with her during the singing competitions.


Joey eventually vomited in Rex’s shirt in the airplane disturbances when they are about to ride way to a province with Rex. Just about when Rex dried and changed his clothes to the john. Then the love romance scenes have been followed where they are in the location. Both of them instantly exchanged with their lives in the location. Joey finally admitted it that she has fallen in love with Rex. But what Joey didn’t know is Rex’s foster father. Arguing in his place, Rex fumes in his tone of his voice. He exchanged words with the foster father. His real father died a long time ago. When Rex’s mother also came and visited his place. His stepbrother promises him to go his party. Just he promised all the time, he broke his stepbrothers’ promise.


Joey exchanged and opened up with her story to Rex when he found that she is linger to find her real father is. Both of them has fate in each other. But Rex’s father died a long time ago when his mother remarried to another guy and have own family. The problem is that they are not accepted to one each another. All Rex wants is to prove his independent and don’t want support coming from his foster father’s wealth. Rex solved instead his girlfriend’s wish when he paid the money he wanted to show his girlfriend’s father Joey. The money he got is from the location they have had photo shoot for the company’s products.


In the end, Joey and Rex got into arguments when Joey finally knew what Rex’s problems is. He hated his foster father and didn’t want to reconcile with his mother either in the same house they are living. Then his foster father paid the support money he did for his stepson as well. Both in disarray, Rex and Joey went away from Manila and got engage in a car accident after they have had finally talked in a decent manner. Rex’s vision became relentless as a blind in a car accident. His vision torn apart from his father’s dreams. His father was also a photographer when he followed just like his father was. In their search for Rex’s disappearance, both parties in Joey’s family and Rex’s family started to investigate where Rex have gone for a long time. Then after a long period of search, Joey finally realized to go back in her work and found out that Rex is already blind. She found Rex in Tagaytay where she led a group of tourists around in Tagaytay picnic grove. Eventually Rex found hope of love when they met again.


Rex desired to see his family and reconciled with his foster father and his mother as well. Joey asked for a marriage to Rex, then he said yes. Finally a happy ending story! The lessons in the movie are very simple. Don’t be arrogant to your family or just to be ignore your stepfather, stepmother or who your stepsister or brother as well. Don’t be afraid to open up with the feelings in each other. In my opinion in this movie, I find very interesting in the movie. Just you notice their families are not the same. Always feel your emotions and control how your emotional behavior as well. Open up in a good conversation. Make a meeting around your family. I come from a religion that God teaches us how to be good as well. I see the good pointers in the movie as well. 


When finding your true love is a real good thing that will find your emotion behavior in a deep relationship. Just imagine when Rico Yan (as Lorenz) did the same thing as a photographer in his movie with Claudine Barretto (as Toni) in Got 2 Believe, I’ve always know Rico will be also a promising best actor. Then he did for his role portraying as a photographer and fell in love with Toni. In the end, the magic is always surprises that brings our joy into excitement. I’ve really like Got 2 Believe and Born to Love You a lot but they have different plot of the movie story. What they have common in the movie is that they are both photographer. I just know I am really in love in this movie. If Rico is still alive, he will be doing movies with so many promising actresses as well. He would do with Maja, Empress, Andi or to any promising actresses as well. Rico’s role for us is very important although he is not here anymore leaving a good example for everyone.


In life, life is always a sorrow, bitter and sadness stories. We have different lives, just like I do. I like the movie concepts of Born to Love You. If someone is really offering me to marry, I eventually jump for joy and say yes to her. Just because I don’t believe in fairy tales happy ending, I always think the time will come to me. I have different life as well. But being considered I have down syndrome, my life is always a mystery and to think that I am ready to another challenge. And that is the relationship. Of course, I’ve tried many times before to love a girl. Despite of my image and my personality, she don’t accept me as well. It’s her loss and not mine. And I believe if time will come, I will sure bring some positive signs all the time. That is who I am and that is how I love watching movies as well.