I do not know how to read or write when I was 2 years old back then. With some therapies that my mom have had to do with me, I instantly changed my life before. In life, there are always changing in some of other walks of life. Deep within inside of me, no matter what smaller problems are challenging is that my mom would change me for good.


I’ve always get inspired all the time almost everyday I am living. Although reading and writing became out of our daily lives. Without reading or writing, we wouldn’t improve this way. In the first time of my high school years, my eyes became wild when I first saw Shakespeare in National Bookstore. Then I asked my mom if she could buy one for me. One of my favorite Shakespeare wrote is the Merchant of Venice. That story inspires me a lot although it conflicts a lot whenever I want to sell my blood. But in second thoughts, my blood can’t afford to try if some of the patients will live longer. I don’t know when it happened to me before, but I said a lot of times because of my extreme behavior I have had.


I’ve always think about Shakespeare’s plays. Some of them I want to watch in the theatre stage. His ideas also crossed my mind. Because what he made in some of his plays, he also became the renowned poet. I love his sonnets book. I often have had one, but lost when the typhoon Ondoy washed away some of my important books that I’ve always read. Nevertheless, it always amazes me whenever I heard Shakespeare. Yet his Romeo and Juliet paved way his success play that also became his book.


Influences from William Shakespeare somehow crosses my life. And my life revolves with his life. I am not saying I am the only one, but I can tell there are many inspired readers and poets that revolves with his life. In my part, I’ve draw my image into him. One of them is Much Ado About Nothing, also my favorite book that he ever written in his life. Only few books came into my life. Somehow I don’t encourage to do in real life. Because whenever I have said before, that is purely coincidental when I am getting fume.


His Shakespeare’s Sonnets became my routine life book. It becomes my second bible. I often read of them. Then as of now, it is already gone. I don’t know where to get a new one, probably from a bookstore again. But that book is given to me by my English tutor who gave it to me before entering in culinary school. I laugh so hard when I read the book. I cry whenever I feel lonely about the book. But when I think mostly in my life, I’ve always think of Shakespeare’s life before. With less buildings before and less population, most of his life is so simple. There are no kind of computers before. Neither of anything we have today. I’ve often know dreaming about the lives before. But I do not know where my life leads if this continues on.


Aside from Shakespeare, I’ve always read some of the comics. Mostly varies comics I have read in anime or watching anime in the television. It becomes my part or our part to watch anime. But watch the kids what they are watching about. Some cartoons today have different meanings that has parental guidance about it. Naruto and Naruto Shippudden are the epic anime that has larger story contains about the darkest side of Naruto’s life. Somehow whenever I’ve watch Naruto, the story also revolves my life. I’ve also want to be respected person as he is also in the story.


Life without literature somehow loses my way to become inspirational studio writer. And why inspirational studio writer that I have pick? It varies from the based books I’ve reading about and that includes what movie or series I’ve watching. Without a good story has nothing to do with a special background of it. And I’ve amazed when I read Shakespeare’s wife. His wife is Anne Hathaway, the original name in Shakespeare’s life and not the one actress in the Hollywood you are talking about. Halfway from the world, I’ve always want to travel in Europe and around the Philippines as well. Without traveling, I’ve never take a chance to write a good story behind the scenery. Most of the writers today travels around the world and writes a lot in their journey.


When I always know literature, I always read in english. I’m always excited to read, somehow I picture the story will move on its own. Speaking of which, the Twilight saga is also interested books to read. But I don’t have Twilight books. I only have a law book called The Civil Code of the Philippines, somehow I read some of the interesting articles. I may be not a good writer, but I can manage to read some useful books.


Internet is also not in Shakespeare’s generation. We have internet although we read a lot from internet that contains histories, biographies, news and some areas of what we know for today. If you are given to change in the past, what would that be? Somehow, I don’t want to answer that. It is because what you have done in the past. You should already know the consequences and learn from the mistakes that you have made before. Without mistakes in the past, you can’t learn to forgive and forget some of the good points of life.


When reading in different kinds of books, I also found out that Browning books are also useful. Elizabeth Barrett Browning is also one of the greatest poets in her time. Then to think of her death, it crossed Jose Rizal’s birth. Her death is on 29th of June 1861, but Rizal’s birth lies on 19th of June 1861. Ten days apart from Browning’s death and Rizal’s birth, it amazes me somehow. I’ve always look in the past where I can be part of literary poets of this generation as well. I may never know someday I can be a real inspirational poet, scriptwriter and a comic novelist writer of somehow I think today’s life.


I love books whenever it comes part of literature, but I do not think I can afford to buy another book in this time. In this present times, my parents do everything for me to live. They taught me well about the family values which it’s also taught some other from school. Creating a book story is not hardest to do, but to think when you start on it. You’ve never stop writing a book story. So I have different book stories. Three different books: The Anthology of Firelava, The Anthology of Fireice and The Legendary of Fireice is part of my project series. It becomes a life when I draw some of the main characters and writes some of the character backgrounds as well. But somehow I manage not to publish yet, just because I have many financial problems of some of the materials I have to buy. My family is not that rich and not that poor either. We’ve somehow manage to go to the flow of life.


The three books is written about the girl where it begins the journey at the foot of Mt. Mayon volcano. Literally I change the word mutant for nothing, but I rather called as an immune. Just also you don’t notice, I’m also fondly interested in Science. If I didn’t love Science, what would my life to change today if I have had down syndrome. There is nothing wrong in life when God chooses me this way. It is somehow a challenge for me. For a change, I’ve always know that I want the world knows about me. Probably the present president would have me to shake my hands. I would not becoming who I am today.


And being as an inspirational studio writer doesn’t mean anything. It has meaning on it, since this is the start of my career I’ve always want before. Now it becomes real for me when I realize that I have to step up being have as a down syndrome. I may be not a good writer, but there is always a road for improvements later in life. Being also a studio writer is always I want in my life. Maybe my biggest dreams will open in the future having my own production studio, book publication and might be happen that I will be the next one to create our theme park in the Philippines (aside from I know in Disneyland and Universal Studio).


And of course, I always believe whatever I can do in my life. For somehow reasons, I am still single and still happy in my condition life. Whenever it happens in my life, if there is a girl I want to be fall in love. I would do the same Elizabeth Barrett Browning do the same thing. She loves literature. And I am so in love writing in literature. Being a studio writer, I’ve always think to continue writing the infamous Japanese book Negaza. The story revolves something like Dragon Ball. Dragon Ball is about the kid. But Negaza has my own story which have cloud riders like Son Goku is. And in the part, there is something chemistry with alchemists. From the Fullmetal Alchemist and Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood I’ve have watched in anime. It is funny revolves with alchemists and cloud riders as well. That’s kind of funny mix I’ve involve in the story.


There is also infamous book Alphabed I am also writing about. This story consists something revolves also from a game console. Coming from Albeds in Final Fantasy series, I’ve exchanged the word from Alphabet to Alphabed. This is surely funny around the game fanatics just like me. Without playing something you love to play, you can’t express the world exchanging to write it down as a comic novel book.


What I find literature is mostly I fall in love, from varieties I’ve encountered: playing internet games to movies to Science fictions to volcanoes or to anything goes involve in some aspects of literature. Just because I choose as a studio writer is also I want to improve my walks of life. It involves with my life’s learnings. Just because I am not capable to work some call center companies, I always find interesting in writing instead. When writing comes to my mind, I’ve always find my time to write down from my thoughts. That is where I have to put the The Legend of Fora infamous game comic novel book I’ve to write about. It is about the composing of magic. From what I have know about the elements fire, water, wind and earth, I’ve always find interesting writing about these elements in corners of the earth.


And I have lots of different stories varies from my thoughts. Somehow I don’t know how to express this in the public. Since my domain site have already come from a good story of my life, my life diary on it the site is temporarily aside from the menu bar contents. But sooner if I can, I will work harder to write all the way in my life. I’ve always fond watching interesting topics of dragons, vampires and werewolves. In my version, there is only one race can live longer than any of them. That is why I am also putting Ang’s Legend, the infamous dragon story. The story revolves with vampires and werewolves on it. When vampires outlasts the werewolves in extinct, the vampires don’t know about the dragons. Dragons lives like werewolves and vampires. Vampires are human flesh eating immortals and werewolves are tribe clan manifests generation to generation. But the story of the dragon long ago we know is the dinosaurs. Dinosaurs are much-like dragons to me. So their skin of a dragon manifests and shreds of their skin that turns into immortal humans. When the immortal dies and turns to mortal, it returns to an embryo egg. And an embryo egg will return in normal life as a different name but it returns an image of the person. It is somewhat I read about the reincarnation in religious life. That is where I am based the story Ang’s Legend all about.


Somehow, this stories I’ve manage to write. It will come the time to change readers will follow my books to read. I don’t know how but I will find out how to promote it and as well to publish in my own book publication. It is because I have varies of unnamed comic novel books, unnamed romance books, unnamed comedy books or some other I don’t mention unnamed category books as well. This is my inspiration in literature, and there will be more to come that I have to discuss about my inspiration in literature.