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Sixtieth-Third English Quote:


My eyes soak in wet,

my lips tastes like cherry,

and my ears listen to

your beautiful voice.


Sometimes my book covers

with beautiful words

and pictures that amazes us,

the book may be not interesting,

but in the end you understand.


My life depends to open

like a chapter,

pages tear down on you,

when mistakes is vulnerable to you,

but when you go back in the page,

you may not redo what you did.


Times in the past

that corner you to the depth

of an ocean,

times in the present,

that finds you to modern age,

and times in the future

that your book will complete

the true meaning

the good inside of you.


Sixtieth-Fourth English Quote:


One dream

one star

one hope

and one everlasting wish,

people who find you attractive,

only from outside

but people have to understand you

if only from inside.


To meet

to walk

to be with you

and to have time with you,

people wishes you to know

you personally

only to walk with,

but people misunderstand clearly

if only few steps to come forward.


New chance

new faith

and no one come to steak

new beginnings,

people find a whole lot

about you

only you are nice to them,

but people might be aware

if you are jealous

what you accomplish.


Don’t forget two things

in your life:

to be someone’s else

and to be need to be loved.


Now you are feeling me

if I do telling you

that I am more welcome

to be in our group.


Be loved

be an everybody’s friend

and be like the shepherd.




There are two things in above: to be in loved or to be independently loved. Either of these two things are exactly the same. But it has different meanings. Although I really love to dictate how to compile the beginnings, I always have to think that there are more love about this.


The more you give is really meant to receive for the unfortunate people who all don’t deserve to their lives. Every time I open my heart, I always think about the people when and where to begin to help them. From this series of English literature, I have open another two of my best English quote poems which it open to another cycle of series.


In 63rd English quote poem, it is said there, “my life depends to open like a chapter.” Which it means you are deciding whether you can open or not your chapter to some people you really know. Like mine, it is much different. I want to share to some of you if I have meet all of you. But in that case, in Sunday I will be going to San Carlos Seminary which I have to decide to share my story in front of all parents which they have special children. Like me for all the parents they know, I just want to give some of my life details in case anything they would like to know about me.


Anyway back to the quote poem, “sometimes my book covers with beautiful words” have said a lot of different meanings. Meaning that I will become more to be responsible and getting ready for the adulthood. Because I wasn’t ready for the adulthood when I turned 21 years old before, it was the hardest challenge that comes to me. Of course, my life won’t change if it changes for something different. Instead, I already accepted my conditions last year. It was really hard for me to move at the start. When I found that I have down syndrome before, I really don’t know what to do. Even after the high school days, some of my batch mates teased a little about me. And I don’t know how to explain to them. As they grew from their maturity age, I also grew for my maturity age when finally I really have to accept my conditions last year. I am not a normal person, but an extraordinary person with extraordinary talents.


While in 64th English quote poem, it is actually a song-like poem for me. When I read them carefully, it really sounds like that I am really singing this poem. It really turns something like a christian song for me. Read the last paragraph of the poem and it said, “be loved, be an everybody’s friend and be like the shepherd.” It really sounds like a christian song, but to tell you the truth, it may sounds like a christian song. It contradicts the verses when I wrote this two months ago. It wasn’t that old much and not new much. When it comes for me writing like this kind of literature, it really literally comes out of my back of my head and starting to write a pen or type in the notepad. All of that really comes from my cellphone stored inbox where I placed for the inbox waiting to send it again for another batch. People I really find some of their colors, sometimes it may touches in their hearts and tells me if it’s written from my mind and my hand of course. Then yes, most all I write is come from my heart and my back of my mind as well. This is much of my type I’ve really like to write it down.


The triumphant all over the nation of Philippines have become a new era of new generation. People have started to march for the freedom of our nation. When our 10th President Ferdinand Marcos was still our president during his presidency at the height of all his power, he declared martial law in 1972 to prolong his presidency during his time up to the very end of martial law that was ended in 1981. It wasn’t the first time we have had a martial law in our country. In fact, a long time ago before we had World War I and World War II, we already have experienced our grandfathers and grandmothers in their time having a different era of 19th century.


Martial law was declared on August 30, 1896 when Governor General Ramon Blanco was ready to localize the rebellion. It was a tyranny for all of us. And yet, that time was very painful just to get up for our voices. Third president of our Philippines was Jose P. Laurel came in second in 1944. The martial was then to becoming effectively immediately on September 23, 1944. It was because the existence of state of the war back then. 3rd President Jose P. Laurel did all he can to prevent our Philippines away from danger. Then the crucial of our during time and third martial law was the 10th President Ferdinand Marcos. President Marcos did also the similar proclamations when it released during September 21, 1972 from the 3rd President Jose P. Laurel did exactly after 28 years. The tyranny didn’t last for President Marcos for almost 9 years to be exact. That year was the last year for lifting up when I was born in the same year of 1981.


Maria Corazon Sumulong Cojuangco was the sixth child of Jose Cojuangco when she have born on 25h of January 1933 in Panigui, Tarlac. She married Benigno Aquino Jr., son of the late Speaker Benigno Aquino Sr. and a grandson of General Sevillano Aquino. The couple have five children, four girls and one boy: Maria Elena, Aurora Corazon, Benigno Simeon C. Aquino III, Victoria Elisa and Kristina Bernadette or most known as Kris Aquino. Cory had difficulty living her life when she and her husband, Ninoy moved to Concepcion, Tarlac in 1955. Ninoy Aquino soon became the youngest governor in the country and eventually became the youngest senator ever elected in the Senate of the Philippines in 1967. During her husband’s political career, she remained as the plain housewife for her kids raising up well in Tarlac. The later, they moved to Quezon City. Then later, Ninoy Aquino was then touted as a strong candidate against Ferdinand Marcos to reelect in 1973 elections. Later, President Ferdinand Marcos declared martial law on September 21, 1972 on the day of Thursday. Marcos abolished the existing 1935 Constitution allowing him to remain in his office as the 10th president having 20 years already in the public office. No one in the Philippines became the longest president but only Ferdinand Marcos the only president who became the first president serving the country in 20 years.


Despite of Ninoy’s arrival in 21st of August, 1983 on the day of Sunday, the late Senator has been assassinated in the Manila International Airport and has been shot and died in the airport. Corazon Aquino returned to the Philippines from United States just a few days later when she heard her husband has been assassinated in the airport. She led her husband’s funeral procession with more then two million joining in the procession. Later the plain housewife of Ninoy Aquino became active and visible in many as much of various demonstrations during Marcos regime. Salvador Laurel has only convinced to run as the vice-president along with the plain housewife of Ninoy Aquino in November 1985 when President Marcos shocked the nation by announcing on the television that he will hold snap presidential elections in February 1986.


The snap election came and held in 7th of February 1986 on the day of Friday by President Marcos called. After weeks of tension and disputed election, Defense Minister Juan Ponce Enrile and General Fidel V. Ramos surprised and shocked the nation and the whole wide world when they announced cutting their alliance with the President Ferdinand Marcos. Enrile and Ramos believed Aquino was the real winner in the snap presidential election in February 22, 1986, the day of Saturday. Finally upon the distraction from Ferdinand Marcos, he realized he was driven out of the presidential elections when Corazon Aquino was formally and peacefully proclaimed as the new 11th president of the Philippines on 25th of February, 1986 of the day of Tuesday. It was the historic event of which has been known and remembered as the 1986 EDSA People Power Revolution.


11th President Corazon Cojuangco-Aquino reformed the economic management in 1986, and also have had to resolve with the agrarian reform. From her last two years in public office in up to 1992, she and her administration also faced the several calamities that hit in the country. Among one of the first calamity hit in the Philippines was the 1990 Luzon earthquake killing 1,600 people and the following year of 1991 was 1991 volcanic activity of the dormant volcano Mt. Pinatubo which was the predominant volcanoes that hit as the second largest terrestrial eruption of the 20th century. Then Fidel V. Ramos became the 12th president and successor to Corazon Aquino’s presidency when she left the public office on 30th of June 1992, the day of Tuesday. Since then, she returned in her normal life again as the housewife.


On 24th of March, 2008, Aquino’s family announced that Corazon has been diagnosed with colorectal cancer or simply as a colon cancer that hasn’t been studied in the country. Later, she died peacefully at the Makati Medical Center on 1st of August, 2009, on the Saturday morning around 3:18 am.


What I know about Maria Corazon Sumulong Cojuangco-Aquino is that she gives 100% serving as the 11th president in our nation for a change. The nation now today couldn’t be as happy we have. I believe that if Ninoy is still alive. He would done that for the sake of our Philippines, but it turned up as a historic event. I was five years old when President Aquino has proclaimed the 11th president when I was in United States with my family. And of course, I want to go back in the Philippines that time. The people power revolution really came from a dramatic event in the Philippines. If President Marcos didn’t declare the snap elections in November 1985, he would be old enough to die in the public office and it was really hard for any of one officer would replace from the public office. Anyway this article would mark as the remembrance for President Corazon Aquino tomorrow but I would to publish it today. It is 3 years of death anniversary already for we have to celebrate for our beloved 11th president of the Philippines.

Hungry for learning knowledge is what the kids can do in their preschool. But in this generation, it needs a lot of attention away from their technologies. In the past, we only have a typewriter, an old version of computer with an Atari game, the telephone that can clicks off and on and some other old stuff you can use. It was like Total Recall when you are watching in the television. Arnold Schwarzenegger was the action star before. And the bust off boxing champ Rocky would knock down his challenger out of the ring. Sylvester Stallone was there also. And until the generation of 1980’s was explosive movies in our time.


Name other stuff of that. But that topic isn’t supposed to be tell and share the story. We are talking about my favorite subjects. Yes, of course, the inevitable favorite subjects I would like to tell about in details.




This is all about the details you can count from 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 and so forth. Kids should learn the basic math first. Well, in my age, I learned how to compute the simple way back when I was in fifth grade or somewhere in fourth grade. My grades way back in preschool and from first grade to third grade was very bad. I’ve never learned anything. All I did before, all I think was to play and play and acted all around the school. Goofing around was what I have never imagined in myself when I was a child. Yes, of course, I began to love the Mathematics in fourth grade or fifth grade. But it was all the effort I learned about the Math.


You have never imagined in my situation when I went through I was in seventh grade. I was merely only and one seventh grade way back before. Why all of the schools cut off the seventh grade? If they haven’t implement the K-12 system in our country, the schools are more efficiently teaching children about their seventh grade. Seventh grade is the step closer your child should learn more in the school rather jumping or advancing to first year high school. It is not a typical way for the Filipinos to jump or advance their kid to learn in elementary.


When I entered the high school, all of my sixth grade classmates became instantly my classmates in high school. Because if I haven’t joined in the seventh grade, I would probably knowing all of the Montessorians should have seventh grade. Look at in the OB Montessori, they have had the seventh grade system. Miriam College and Assumption Antipolo students also have their seventh grade system. What I learned from school was to obtain and to absorb the knowledge we need it to learn. Algebra in our freshman year was that I didn’t know how to compute very well. Then I have to go to my father and to be teach at home. Same goes in Geometry in sophomore year, Trigonometry in junior year and Calculus in senior year were all that I took from the high school math. They were all difficult to learn. What I found later in life, this high school math are very crucial and need when you reach in college or later in your life, just like in animation.




Without a history in every aspect in every corner of the world, we won’t learning from our planet earth. That is why the Science place in our minds to feed about the nature of our history in planet earth. From anatomy, zoology, genetics, botany and some other branches of Science are to mention what you need it to learn. From the start of our lives, we know Adam and Eve are the first people have been living in the planet earth. But these scientists are wanting to debate with the biblical facts are wrong. It is to think if we live longer, we would have the first humans living in the planet. Let me give you an example, it is all about the planet of the apes. People find it wrong, but somehow in idealistic makes nothing to believe. You choose to believe. But I always remind myself that we have once first people roaming in the planet by our father and mother are Adam and Eve.


I didn’t know what to think first. Back where I am talking about the Science. It became my first favorite subject back when I was in fourth grade. I learned so much from our homeroom teacher who also playing the role as a Science teacher. She thought the wonderful facts of Science. From the plants, animals and some facts of everything in Science. My mind was like a geek before. With the pants up in my stomach and eyeglasses, my classmates almost thought that I was changed or transformed from anything. They were wrong. Because it did my transformation when I got electrocution back before the fourth grade. I eventually touched the broken wire of florescent lamp and my feet were touching in the ground. That was what happened to me. After that, I began falling in love about Science.


It continued when I reached seventh grade when our Science teacher told me to study all over again with the sixth graders. I was so lucky back then. Because in fact I was only seventh grade, I have to take sixth grade Science all over again. That is when it sparked passing the grade of above 80. I was not intelligent in every subject that was. What is the most important? The most important was you to learn more about Science. That was where I found myself having down syndrome from our Biology teacher when she told me that I have had that. When I came home, I eventually asked my parents what are the down syndrome features looked like. It’s not their decision to let me know in high school. It was only that I have to discover my own adventures. Of course, in high school Science was different from elementary. In freshman year, we have General Science and elective subject of Earth Science. Then in other parts of high school are  Biology in sophomore year, Chemistry in junior year and Physics of senior year of high school. Physics was the father of all Science. Just any case, you never think that way.


Language – English and Filipino


All of us have to learn the basic of hi, hello and ethics of the social world. That is where we need to learn from our school. English was all I have to learn about verbs and spellings. They are the basics of both English and Filipino. Filipino is our language in the Philippines. After I have graduated in college, I suddenly knew about the different dialects of Filipino language. That is where I have to focus about our society. First of all, I only know the basic Visayan dialect in Visayas. And of course, the dialects of Filipino are suppose to be learn. Well of course, English is the primarily subject in our school aside from Filipino. I still learn to study all over again in any case I need to restudy again.


English language is the basic and primary language in any kind of any countries. What is there more are French, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese and some other languages as well. We also need to learn the basic language in other countries. Good thing for us, we are enrich of the basic languages in our country are Spanish, Chinese, English and Filipino. The lineage, of course, in our country are primarily Spanish and English before. Then we have to adopt the other languages as well. Because I know some businessmen come from China, where we have had the richest people were Chinese. Few of them I think, but mostly I meet are some in the middle or in the poor. We don’t know the facts anyway. But this isn’t my favorite subject back in elementary. It became my favorite subject when I reached sophomore year. Literature became my favorite subject when it came around in my life during I was in junior year. Loving a girl is another perfect example to show your expression yourself in English Literature. I created some of the poems, sonnets, songs and even in stories I was writing about. Literature became the example in each corner of our life. If we didn’t learn the language and literature in the first place, what language are we talking about? That is why it comes first in our mind.


History – Philippines and among others


If Science is place in our center of our lives, we all need to write down the history of our lives. That is where the literature comes in also. For you need to know about European history, you have to resource yourself with an encyclopedia books. If we need to know the Philippines, then we have to travel some of the historic cities also in our country. For example, I had been in Ilocos region where I learned the facts of the Philippine history. The former dictator in our country, President Ferdinand Marcos, was all about the learnings of discipline. I knew for his existence that we have to learn our society back in shape. But there are really some dirty corrupted politicians in the first place. But we have to know about then. From my existence, the only I remembered our presidents were Ferdinand Marcos, Corazon Aquino, Fidel Ramos, Joseph Estrada, Gloria Macapagal Arroyo and Benigno Aquino III. And the only president in our relative were Sergio Osmena from the Cebu islands and Emilio Aguinaldo from Cavite.


I will name of the presidents in order: Emilio Aguinaldo, Manuel L. Quezon, Jose P. Laurel, Sergio Osmena, Manuel Roxas, Elpidio Quirino, Ramon Magsaysay, Carlos P. Garcia, Diosdado Macapagal, Ferdinand Marcos, Corazon C. Aquino, Fidel V. Ramos, Joseph Estrada, Gloria Macapagal Arroyo (daughter of Diosdado Macapagal) and the 15th president, Benigno C. Aquino III (son of the late senator Benigno Aquino, Jr. and Corazon C. Aquino).


Music, Arts and Home Economics


These are the last favorite subjects to obtain and learn it all over again. Music place in every detail in my life. It is because without it, I won’t learn the history and the language in the first place. If you are singing Korean song, you don’t know how to sing properly. That is where you have to learn the language. And for the Arts, it involved with Science. It was the first subject I learned how to draw the scientific in our body or for example of the Acacia tree. Well of course the last subject was Home Economics. I learned how to sew the torn clothes and other basic in our home. If I am alone in other countries, I won’t staying for depression and frustration if it will happen for me that. But I learned already how to become stronger just in any case you are alone in the house. Basic and advanced culinary skills was the only I learned from the culinary school where I attended my college. I really finished the college certificate so I can achieved my dreams before. Because without college certificate, I won’t learn anything from the basic culinary in the kitchen. What else you can’t learn if you want badly how to cook? Home Economics was the basic education in home and culinary came in second when you need to learn how to cook or boil the soup and simmer. Maybe it was learnings I have absorbed from the schools I came from.

Everyone in the island makes so dreamy and sleepy. Everyone were not very happy of the weather. Snowing everyday in their land, they didn’t know what to do. One of them was a little boy Summer who wants to see the sun during the day. But none of the people weren’t to believe there was coming hope in the island.


Then one afternoon when the fall of snowing came bigger and the land covered with full of white fluffy snow, Summer went outside of the house and wanted to play with the water in the ocean. But her mother Autumn didn’t want him to go near in the ocean because it was too far away from their village through the ocean waters. There was twenty miles away from the ocean. Their village was in the top of the mountains which it is why the mountain was covered with snow. People have never reached the bottom of the mountains because there was no passage going to the beach. Their only hope to survive was to reach in the ocean waters. None of them really wanted to go down but neither them has a courage to go down.


Summer pulled his mother’s blouse and said, “Momma, where was the ocean?” “The ocean was down under the mountains, dear. But you cannot go there. It was very dangerous to go down alone,” her mother said and she was afraid and trembled in her voice answering of her son.


As they went down deeper in the forest, they went for their children to learn in the school. At the school, Summer left his mother alone and went inside the classroom filled with other 17 kids. Ms. Winterbourne was their homeroom teacher. And Ms. Winterbourne asked Summer and said, “Summer, what do you want to grow up?” “I want to be a courage man to go down the mountains and seek the ocean waters,” the brightest and smartest kid Summer answered back to his teacher.


“But Summer, no one of us would go down the mountains,” she replied. “Then I will be the one person who would go down the mountains someday, Ms. Winterbourne,” with a quick courage answer from what Summer said. But of his classmates threw something pieces of paper into his face. Then Ms. Winterbourne stopped the malicious kids who threw some pieces of paper to Summer. After their class finished after the lunchtime, Ms. Winterbourne accompanied the brightest kid Summer out of the school and was waiting for Summer’s mother to pick him up. But because of Summer’s mother was busy, Ms. Winterbourne dropped Summer from the school to Summer’s house. With a wide smile from Ms. Winterbourne, she said to Summer, “You’re a good kid, Summer. Someday, you will be an explorer.”


“So you are now believing me if I can make it someday,” the happiest kid Summer said in his excitement attitude. “I am sure of it. Now, go inside of your house. Make sure you do the home works,” Ms. Winterbourne replied to the kid and held Summer’s chin. She left the house.


After fifteen years have passed, Summer became a courage man who was now in his age of 19 years of age. His mother became ill when she didn’t take her medicine because of the winter in the mountains. “Momma, I’ll be back in a week,” he said to Autumn, his mother was in the soft and cuddly chair and was taking rest of her day inside the house. “Be sure you go back in a week,” her mother said and coughed up from her voice. Trembling with an illnesses, Autumn survived in five years already because of her illness. Summer has packed his mountain bag with a things that he can survived going down to the mountain and scouted the area where he can go.


When Summer was in his way going out of the village, Frost, Dream and Iceman were there teasing Summer again. “Hey, Summer, where are you going? Are you still coming out of the village and still have to find medicine down of the mountains? Come on, man. There are no miracles,” the tallest guy in the group Dream was teasing Summer and said, “Come on, Summer. Talk to us.”


“You know what, Dream. I am pretty sure Ms. Winterbourne would be proud of me today. Because I am going to do whatever I can help to this village. And just like the rest of you don’t do anything and bragging what you are saying. Be responsible to yourself and grow up as a man,” he stopped to Dream, Frost and Iceman as he confronted the three guys were still teasing and bullying Summer right from their childhood days. Then he left the village without a word of it. Frost scooped an ice from a ground and threw the snowball just right from Summer’s back neck. But Summer didn’t want to fight and threw anything. Because fight for him was useless. Summer went through the forest and passed the crows right from the wood branches of the trees. He kept studying the forest when he was eight years old. Summer was the only child Autumn have had in her entire life. When Summer’s father was still alive, his father didn’t return to the village. Because Autumn knew that Summer’s father was already dead.


“Come on, Autumn. I’m leaving in the village and wanting to help the village for their lives. We won’t be living this winter all the time here in the mountains,” the courageous Chill said to Autumn when they were still younger and married. They have had now with an only child Summer that time. “Make sure you come back, hon. I will miss you if you get died in your way down to the mountains. Make sure you drink the medicine. And please pray all the time,” Autumn was chilling outside of the house that can’t control of the heavy snows and said to Chill.


“I will come back to you no matter what, Autumn. I will and this will be the best for everyone and for our baby son Summer.”


Autumn woke up from her dreams and remembered her husband Chill was traveling down the mountains. Just like father and son, Summer have never heard yet the story of his father because he thought he will be gone forever. Autumn practically coughed a bit from her trembling arms and prayed and said, “Please bear with my son, Chill. I know you are still alive. Please keep away Summer from any danger.”


Through the first forest down to the mountains, Summer already passed the first forest and saw again the second forest he was about to enter. Then along in his way, he saw a wooden house cabin right from his eyes. He knocked and no one was answered in the house. So he entered inside the empty wooden house cabin. He pulled some of the medicine from the right pocket of his mountain bag. He drank the medicine with the hot water he just boiled. After the few hours, he went to sleep in a comfy stray bed. Around at almost dark in the night, an old man entered in his wooden house cabin and saw a young man with a mountain bag and woke him up and said, “Wake up, boy.” Then Summer rubbed his eyes and said, “Who are you and why are you doing here?”


“I am asking you the same question. This is my house and get out of my house,” an old man said with a grumpy voice scratching his back and sat in the wooden chair. As Summer goes up from his sleep apologized and said, “I am sorry, old man. I didn’t know no one is living here in the house. I must go now.”


“No, silly young boy, you can’t go outside of the house. Traveling at this time will cost your life in danger. You stay for a night here,” an old man said with his eyes was covered by his long white hair. He pulled off of his bonnet and dumped away his boots on the floor. Then he managed to massage his feet with his fingers and asked and said, “Are you from the village, young boy?”


“Yes.” “I was living here for about 19 years of my life already and no one was going down the mountains except me,” the old man said and pulled off his socks and said, “Are you here for a journey going down?” “Of course. My mother was so sick now. She can’t get up from the chair she was resting there. I guess this is my responsible to get a medicine down from the mountains and get some sea water to drink,” with a brightest smile he came up and answered back to the old man’s question. “I was in your age when I went down to the mountains and yet I never went back to the village because I found out that the mountains was dangerous to go down. But there was another way to go down. It will take you for about a month to go down,” he explained the situation when he was still rubbing his foot sole.


“Old man, I have mountain bag. And I have lots of things I can survive for about five days to go down. But because Ms. Winterbourne gave me a map, I will be there for about four or five days,” he gave his best answer to the old man as the old man slammed his hand down to the Summer’s head and said, “You fool, young boy, no matter what you have, don’t go down. Where is your map anyway?”


“This map of Winter Island will guide me going down of the mountains. In this directions, I will get easily pass the second, third and fourth forest to the right of the mountain. There will be a cave passage down through and I will find out what kind of medicine I will get,” Summer gave a best answer and the old man gave a silence treatment for the 19 year old teenager boy. He stood up from his seat and walked from left to right. He sat again to his seat and asked, “Did you say Winterbourne?”


“Of course.” “That girl is the grand daughter of Mr. Pandemonium. Pandemonium was my teacher. And yet he never gave me a map before so I could go down easily from the mountains. What is your name, boy” he asked again to the teenager and the teenager replied and said, “My name is Summer Plymouth, son of Autumn Plymouth. Autumn was my mother’s name.”


“Boy, you really grow up so fast. But be careful down there, my son. The wilds of the fourth forest is very mysterious place. I have never passed that final and fourth forest. That Pandemonium is a heck of a genius making about this map. Now get catch some sleep. I will cook nicely for you before you go on your journey,” the old man gave a pat in his son’s shoulders and Summer didn’t know that the old man was his father. With a six hours of sleep Summer had in the morning, he woke up when he smelled the dish what the old man said to him last night. “That was my favorite dish, old man.”


“So am I. This is called the pumpkin soup. I taught this one of my girls in the village that I have almost getting to marry. This soup is happen to be a summer dish of the village,” the old man said in his explanation about the soup and Summer thought the meaning of his name. He then realized and said, “That dish is a summer dish, how come?” “I just named it a summer soup because it tastes so good and it’s very hot to eat. This is a perfect dish for everyone in the village,” the old man said and sipped a soup from a ladle. Then later after a breakfast, Summer packed up again his mountain bag and said, “Thank you for the breakfast, old man.”


“Summer, the name is Chill Plymouth. Call me pops instead,” the old man said to him as Summer left the wooden house cabin. He passed easily the short second forest down to his right of the mountain. As he almost entered to the third forest, he saw a cliff from a view from the mountain. He saw an ocean nearby down slopes of the mountain. He pulled up his camera from the second pouch pocket right to his pants and pictured the view. As almost getting killed, Summer went back to his track and almost got killed that he stepped the slopes of the cliff. He continued to walk down the third thick forest from the left direction of the mountain. He stopped right inside of the third thick forest and camped for a night. As he slept for another day in his camp, he continued to go down the mountains and finally went out of third thick forest. He saw again closer to the ocean as he saw across, it was almost there for him. He saw a cave passage right after the fourth forest he was talking about to the old man.


Back in the village, the resident doctor went inside the Summer’s house when the villagers helped out Autumn to go out from her soft and comfy chair. They transferred Autumn to the medic house as they got Autumn in a critical condition in the bed. “Where is Summer” the medic nurse said to Autumn. “He was in a mission to get some medicines to our village. He was now in the fourth forest.”


“How would you know that? You were not in his place. Autumn, get some rest here and I get some medicine you can drink,” the medic nurse replied and said to Autumn. “Because I can feel through his presence before I can go happily rested,” she coughed up more in her trembling voice.


“Autumn, do not speak more. Get some more sleep” the medic nurse said. “Thank you, Yvonne,” Autumn coughed up more as she got sleep in the medic bed. When Summer already got inside the fourth forest, he chipped the trees so he could remember on his way to go in and out of the forest. He camped again in the night inside the fourth forest. On his way outside of the forest, Summer finally achieved going out of the fourth forest. He really saw the closer to the ocean as he burned the fire in his long wooden stick with a little gas. Then he entered the cave passage right inside the deeper mountain. The bats inside the cave flew outside of the mountain as the bats glared from the fire Summer made. What Summer didn’t know in his back, the old man followed secretly and discreetly away from Summer. Summer went out of the cave passage for about two hours travel inside the cave passage. He finally reached the horizons of the ocean and collected some sea water from the ocean. He saw across the island with another Winter Island. Summer said to his self, “Wow, I’ve never imagined I can reach here down in the mountains. And we have crabs and fishes also in the ocean. This is a great journey. I will camp here for about two days and will go back in the village in the mountains.”


“Congratulations, Summer, you did a great job,” the old man surprised in Summer’s enthusiasm and said to him, “Are you really sure you want to go back in the village? We have lots of crabs, fishes and lots of medicine to live here down the mountains.”


“Old man Chill, what are you doing here? I thought you never know the directions here in the mountains,” he asked to the old man as he already closed the bottle with a sea water inside. “I followed you from your journey. This is not the place you really want to go here. This place is very dangerous,” the old man got off his wig and the voice inside of his throat began to change. His walking became normal as Summer was. Then the pirate slaves came near to him and grabbed his arms as they surprised Summer.


“Who are you, people? And what will happen if I do not give some money to you, guys,” he asked and then he knocked down in his stomach. The next thing he woke up, the sea water already splashed his face floating away from the Winter Island. He just turned as a slave as anybody else in the ship. He saw some from the slaves really torn, beaten and were almost naked. The pirate captain saw the newbie in the ship and asked to the young boy, “What is your name, boy?”


“The name is Summer Plymouth,” he answered. Then the pirate captain said, “Another Plymouth from our ship. You know, kid. You really look like just like your father. What is your father’s name?” Then one of the men have kidnapped Summer and said, “Chill Plymouth, I guess. Boy, you really are clueless.” The men have kicked once again in Summer’s stomach and the next kick was caught from Summer’s hands. He slipped the man down to the floor and he snatched the sword right from the man he was almost kicked. “Don’t call me if I know this Chill Plymouth. I am the daughter of Autumn Plymouth and I don’t know much of my father. He was already considered dead person.”


“Stop right there, boy. You have no rights to kill that man. I am really your father, you wicked fool. Autumn Plymouth you said. Do you have another Winterbourne’s map? Everyone has in the ship. All of the men we captured was really come from the Winter Island. And we are going to the paradise–” the pirate captain said as he almost slashed from his neck when Summer almost knew about the ship’s about. “Ms. Winterbourne was a good teacher and she taught me well how to fight some of the pirates. And I knew all along about this pirates long ago. I heard all about from the elderly. This trick you are saying is no longer true to me. My father is really dead long time ago. One more step from you, or I really kill your captain of the ship. Turn back the ship now to the Winter Island or I shoot the ship to sink,” Summer answered all back to the men staying in the ship but none of them really wanted to challenge him. As the angry commandeer stepped out of the ship cabin and shouted and said, “What are this all loud and noise going on? You boy, lower your sword.”


As Summer put down the pirate captain to the floor, he rushed to the commandeer with two swords. But the commandeer pulled up shotguns from the cupboard and shot the wielded sword torn and said, “You seems saw a ghost before, Summer.” “Who are you and how do you know my name,” he asked and scared to go against the commandeer.


“Your left birth mark was in your hands, boy. Your name was Summer Plymouth, daughter of Autumn Plymouth and your teacher was Winter Winterbourne, the grand daughter of cruel man of the Winter Island, Mr. Spring Pandemonium. Yet you found your way just to say your father was dead. What is this, Kirby and Gerald, I thought you are already killing all the people in the village with a poisonous food,” the angry commandeer knew all about the Winter Island and Summer dropped the broken sword and the perfect wielded sword to the floor. The slaves just started Summer to change his clothes into a slaves’ clothes. Summer didn’t know anything long about the Winter Island. It was a mystery after all in the village in the mountains of Winter Island. And soon as the mountains covered with snow, everyone in the mountain were proclaimed dead including Summer’s mother, Autumn Plymouth. He saw the tiny island right back of the ship as one by one it disappeared in his sight.


The next day Summer woke up from his nightmare, he was still in the wooden cabin house. He saw a vision in the future and yet, he was still in the Winter Island going down to the mountains. The old man pretended to be an old man when Summer pulled up some gun from his mountain bag and said to the old man where he was cooking the pumpkin soup. “Who are you really? Don’t pretend you are the old man that builds this wooden cabin house. Speak,” Summer said in his angry voice then the pirate slave pulled away from his wig and the voice he was trying to speak different and said, “I am Dream. Sorry, Summer. Orders from the pirates.”


“I am going back to the village. You are so damn that I didn’t know this all about. You will be dead once I see you again,” Summer pulled up his boots to his feet and packed his mountain bag going back to the village for about five hours. He rushed to his mother’s house when he saw mother praying in the chair. Summer asked his mother and said, “Momma, what are you praying?”


“Summer, I thought you already left the village. Is there anything wrong? Where is the medicine the village asking for,” she asked too many questions to Summer but he refused to answer his mother’s questions. He then charged to his teacher’s house where Mr. Winterbourne was there stopping Summer to go in with a gun in his hand. “Mr. Winterbourne, let me in. Let me speak with Ms. Winterbourne,” the angry Summer said in his voice and Mr. Winterbourne said, “Do not go inside with a gun. The officers inside the house also has the guns and might kill you instantly. Drop your gun and enter the house without a firearm. Please, Summer.”


As he handed the gun to Mr. Winterbourne, the father to his teacher Ms. Winterbourne. He began barging to the house and asked his teacher about the map and said, “Ms. Winter Winterbourne, where did you get this map?”


“Summer, what are you doing in the middle of our meeting? You should not be here and go look for the medicines,” the teacher replied and said, “Look, we can speak this later. Don’t do this to my father and my grandfather.”


“And how come? I dreamed about this pirate again and the commandeer. The dreams are keep repeating in my mind. I am sorry to break up with your stupid meeting, Mr. Spring Pandemonium. This is useless for the rest of us. I am already seeing vision you the rest of the village will be killing by this vicious man, Mr. Spring Pandemonium with a poisonous food,” he explained the situation of the village and Mr. Pandemonium stood up from his chair and said, “How did you know all of these actions, Summer Plymouth. You must not know all about this plot. Winter, get out of your student right outside of the house.”


“No, grandpa. I want to hear his story as well. He kept telling me this since he was still a kid. Is this true, grandpa?”


“Yes, I am also the head of this village and I want to dissipate some crawling pests of this village. We are no longer safe here and we will be transfer to another island where we can be safe and go around with our another generation,” the elderly head of the village explained the plot against the village. Then Ms. Winterbourne and her father Mr. Winterbourne stood up from their chairs. The remaining officers also stood up from their seats and left for the meeting and Mr. Winterbourne said, “You are no longer our elder head of the village, father. Your plot against the village won’t happen anymore. You and your stupid mouth must stop of all this. And I am no longer your son.” When Mr. Winterbourne and Ms. Winterbourne finally went outside of the house with the officers. Summer stood up from the middle post of the village and asked all the people to come closer to him. Ms. Winterbourne also stood beside of him and said, “Everyone, our elder head is vicious that he almost kill us. My grandfather, Mr. Spring Pandemonium, are no longer your head of this village. As of now, we are now looking for a brighter future. This means also to Summer’s mother who is very sick. We must stop this sickness that also my mother died from the same sickness. Who is with me to punish my grandfather?”


Everyone in the village raised their hands to help to capture Ms. Winterbourne’s grandfather in the house. As they arrested Mr. Spring Pandemonium, the death sentence was the only one can punish who are wicked and dirty. When Mr. Spring Pandemonium was came for his death sentence, his head was cut off by a blacksmith. Few months passed, the village was safe again. The outsiders were no longer to reenter the village and the trespassers were brought to the death sentence if there was something happening in the village. Summer’s mother, Autumn, returned normal in her life. Her only son Summer helped a lot in the house, as her son was cooking about the village’s favorite dish, the pumpkin soup. Some of the villagers scouted the first to the fourth forests as they were responsible to capture some trespassers in the village. Ms. Winterbourne’s father, Mr. Ashley Winterbourne was proclaimed the next elder head of the village. The crimes inside the village dropped to zero. The tension between the Winter Island and the island outsiders were near in the war.


Summer’s vision became true. The commandeer and the pirate captain called the reinforcements from other islands to capture all the villagers. But they ended up beating in the fourth forest. No one island outsiders were passed through the fourth forest. Summer became the intelligence officer of the village at the age of 19. With his intelligence, he created and built a barrack that some of the villagers were willing to train under the command of Summer. Summer trained some archers, priests and knights in order to protect their village. In five years time, the village became the fortress and was called Winter Village. Summer and his former teacher Ms. Winter Winterbourne became a new couple. Autumn gave blessings to her son Summer. And Winter Winterbourne became Mrs. Winter Plymouth. One year past, they have had a baby son and was name Forest Plymouth. Autumn became a grandmother already and Mr. Winterbourne also became a grandfather to their first grandson to be born, Forest Plymouth. Their romance didn’t last about three years to come when Summer turned 22. He offered Winter to get married with him. Then Winter Winterbourne answered yes to him and they got married under Mr. Winterbourne’s request. The new commandeer of the outsiders became furious about the Winter Island. The long lost of the native of Winter Island have returned and revenged to his fate fearing turning her down of the Winter Island. Her eyes was covered with a black patch eye. She passed the cave through and the three forests up to the mountain. As she stopped from the fourth forest, she saw some archers from the towers and said, “You get out of the tower.”


The archers both from the towers fell off when the mystery native lady have finally entered the fortress. Summer held up his hands with two swords including the archer’s bow in his back and asked the intruder entering the fortress and said, “What are you doing here? You should be dead now by one of our best archers in the tower.” “Oh, really. Two of your best archers were already dead. Let’s begin the test how real tough you are,” the island wanderer taunted Summer and said to her fuming voice. She pulled one large sword in her back and summoned an element of fire that turned her sword with fire.


“You are the only one I can be dealing with your powers, Summer Plymouth. You have the powers to visualize the future and have keen in battling,” she explained further in their fight as Summer slashed of his two swords to the intruder and the intruder evaded his attack by dodging and jumping. “Can’t slash me? My turn, Summer,” she said as she exploded flames from her sword that almost killed Summer. But Summer reflexed his moves by turning around with his moves. “Who are you anyway? And how did you know my name? You are not here from our village,” he asked the intruder. When she pulled off the fire from her sword, she casted off his sword to her back and introduced herself and said, “My name is Ingrid Plymouth, your father’s stepsister. I have the powers of fire and visualize also. I can see how you handle the fortress. Don’t worry your best archers. They weren’t dead. They thought I was dead.”


“My mother didn’t mention about my father’s lineage. And you remind me something. The one in my dreams in the ship, you almost kill me there and but instead help me. Is that really you,” he asked to Ingrid as they entered Summer’s house. Winter came by and held the weapons of Summer out of his body. Ingrid and Summer went to their couch and sat. “Who is your friend, Summer,” Winter asked in her sweet voice as she grabbed Forest in her arms from the crib. “Ingrid Plymouth she said,” he said to his wife and the stepsister to Summer’s father said, “Ingrid Plymouth. I was once here in a long time. But they captured me instead when we were still younger. We were five of us, including your father Chill.”


“I already killed my father in the battle down from the mountain slopes. He was not considered my father anymore. And how come you didn’t return through these years? Where were you when the village needs you? Sorry for all the questions I brought up to you,” he asked politely when Ingrid answered and said, “I was capture by these pirates. I was two years old back then and your father was only five. The remaining were Asylum, Chess and Shadow. Asylum was six. Chess was seven and the last was our sister Chess who was ten. Chess helped a lot from all of us away from danger in the village. Mr. Spring Pandemonium was the only person in charge killing all of the children in poisonous food. So instead, Chess helped us to escape from the village. We were starving in the seashore.”


“Shadow, our sister, came near from the waters. She saw this huge ship. Chess, Asylum and Chill were building some straw house near the shore. As Shadow was the only escaped from the five of us, I didn’t know where to find her. That is why I come back here in Winter Island. Maybe you can help with me finding Shadow,” she favored and asked Summer to come in her journey, then Summer thought he could never leave his family back and his village. He politely said, “I can’t leave my village and my son Forest. But thank you, Ingrid.”


“You are the only one who equip with best abilities in the battle. With my fire sword alone can’t defeat our enemy is closer to come here. Forest will be another of you when he grow up. I am sure of this, Summer. Please,” she asked more to Summer as she really didn’t know what to do. When Winter sat beside Summer and said, “If you are ready to leave, my father and I will take care of this village. Your mother will be safe too.” With the surprised voice Ingrid knew about and said, “Your mother is still alive?”


“Why do you ask about her? Yes, she is still alive.” “Ask your mother, silly Summer. I can’t believe that your mother is still alive. And I am sure that she haven’t told you anything about her background and your father is,” Ingrid said and gave enthusiasm wanting to meet Summer’s mother. When Autumn showed up from the door she entered Winter and Summer’s house, Ingrid and Summer stood up from the door when Ingrid saw Autumn from the last time they saw each other. “Ingrid, is that really you,” Autumn surprised with her voice as she saw Ingrid talking to Summer. “It is me, Autumn,” she answered as Summer’s mother joined in their conversation and sat beside Ingrid.


“I still can’t believe you are still alive. I thought you are already dead. Where are Shadow, Chess and Asylum,” she asked the names supposedly Ingrid knows about. Then she answered and said, “This is why I come back here in Winter Island. Autumn, let your son knows about you and your father Chill is.” Then Summer’s mother told everything she would know about her and Summer’s father. When Summer knew about everything that his mother explained her life back then with his father. He now realized why the village had very mysterious about the behind of Winter Village. Winter Winterbourne, daughter of Mr. Ashley Winterbourne, has only the power of ice when Winter and Summer has different powers. They can’t controlled the weather and that is why Mr. Spring Pandemonium stole something from the pirates before. Each of the villager has their powers but they won’t use it because they were too afraid to use it.


When the story was ended, Autumn realized she had also mistakes in the past and said, “Summer, you must go with Ingrid. I take care of Forest. Winter will be coming with you.” “But I cannot go with them, I should take care of our child Forest,” Winter asked for that she cannot go with her husband.


“Go and pack the things you all need,” she said and advised when Winter was forced to come with Summer and Ingrid in order to find Summer’s sibling was Shadow. Summer and his wife Winter went to their room that they packed their things into one. Summer got the whole pack from his back while his wife Winter have to carrying their weapons they have need it in case of emergency. As soon Summer, Winter and Ingrid embarked to their journey, Summer’s mother has left in the house where she had to take care of Winter and Summer’s son, Forest. As the villagers gave their blessings to Winter and Summer who have had helped the village before that turned now as a fortress. And it wasn’t called village now but as Winter Fortress. When Winter was gone in the Winter Fortress together with Ingrid and Summer, the weather began changing without they were afraid about. It was all along with Winter’s powers that can controlled the village’s temperature everywhere she went. But things went worse when Summer was attacked by the two other siblings of Ingrid. Asylum and Chess at their old age jumped out from the forest where they were in the fourth forest down to the mountains. Summer and Winter dropped their mountain bags as Winter  threw two swords to Summer when they were about to attack Asylum and Chess. But Ingrid stopped between four of them to get attack and hurt each one another.


“Stop right there, Asylum and Chess. They are with me. Winter and Chill’s son, Summer. They are not the enemies,” as she said to the oldest sibling of the Plymouth family, Chess. Then Chess have asked and said, “So you are Summer. Nice name. Who was that girl, Summer” “That is my wife, Winter. I got married with her when I turned 22,” he answered as his hair swayed to his right eye. As they took the different way to go around, Summer then asked to Chess’ direction in whereabouts to find Shadow around the Winter Island and said, “Where are we going anyway? This isn’t the way to the shore.” “This is the only way the last time we saw Shadow running away. We have to go up around the other mountain of Winter Island. Why is it chilling anyway? This place isn’t snowing,” Chess was curious and asked about the place they were going.


Then Summer answered in the part of his wife Winter and said, “I think Winter has doing something with the island. Are you?” “Don’t look me that way. Of course, I can’t control my emotions. That’s why I never got off my mind to control this winter all along with me,” his wife Winter argued and said to Summer and his father’s siblings Chess, Asylum and Ingrid. Then Asylum with his black paired arm support in his arms and weird looking with his red bandana in his head also asked and said, “How you come Chill didn’t know that he have his son long ago?” “Silly Asylum, he knows that before he leaves the village in his back,” his sister Chess answered politely as they were climbing around the cliff wall in the mountain. As they reached the top of the hill, they found another cave passage going up of the mountains. But Winter and Summer stopped what they were doing and dropped off their mountain bags and got their weapons up. Chess and Asylum didn’t notice that someone was following them. Only Winter and Summer knew they were someone following them from inside the fourth forest. As Summer stroke his two swords swaying like a double neck, Shadow showed up for the first time to Chess, Ingrid and Asylum.


From the looks of Shadow, she have dressed in forest look-a-like tarzan in the hills. With the coverage in her cleavage, Shadow spoke in a different language and said, “What are you doing here in our place? You are not here from our territory. Get out of here or my friends will come to kill you.” But Winter knew about this kind of different language and said, “We are here looking for Shadow. Is there a small tribe near your place?” When Shadow led Winter, Summer, Asylum, Chess and Ingrid in her tribe, some of the men and women were suddenly felt the chill in their tribe. Winter alone left the tribe when Shadow have followed Winter out of the tribe when Shadow asked again in different language and said, “Why are you leaving in our tribe? We haven’t done any worse yet to you.” “I have to control the chill around the village above in the mountains, that is where I come from and wanting to look for you. You and your tribe won’t like to feel the chill that I bring,” she said in her worrying voice that made Winter about her husband and Summer’s relatives.


“Do not worry about the tribe. They have been in your village a long time ago. I was younger when they adopted me here. But things are different now. The outsiders you have seen in the forest bottom of the mountain, we have killed some of the intruders going in your village. We also want to visit your village. But none of us have a courage to do that. Please come with me in our tribe,” Shadow finally spoke to their language as Winter and Shadow joined in the tribe where Summer, Ingrid, Chess and Asylum was there. As they spent the night with Shadow, Shadow and Chess went outside of the tribe so they can speak away from the tribe and the siblings as well.


Clothed in torn leaves, stripped as a naked plant, Shadow really asked some of the questions she could remembered about her siblings. She asked to Chess and said, “Are you really my sister?” “Yes, we are looking for you. Your real name is Shadow Plymouth. We are the real siblings of Plymouth of Winter Village. Please bear with me if I ask you something,” she asked politely to Shadow as Shadow and Chess sat in the wooden plank. She continued and said, “About you are four years of your age, we were together in the seashore. Remember Chill was with us. He was the only bravest brother we had. But since he was already dead, we have another mission to finish if you are coming with us. Shadow, please if you still remember us. Do not hate us. We didn’t want–“


As her sister stopped talking, Shadow stood up and have listened through the woods as if someone was really coming. But it was only the deers running across the fields. Then Shadow suddenly looked to Chess’ eyes and said, “I understand you, Chess. I still never forget your names. And I was the one killing our stepbrother Chill down to the mountain slopes. I am sorry to tell you that, Chess. It’s that I never imagined in my life seeing you like this. But leaving the tribe is all means to me. I am welcome to help you. I have been forty years of staying here in the woods. I learned how to beat the wilderness. And I know how really dangerous mission you have. Is Winter coming with us?”


“I believe it is,” she answered to Shadow and said, “Here are the clothes you can borrow to wear. We have hid our transportation just to travel with us. Thank you, sister. I know you are very good sister to us.” As she hugged Shadow, it all means to be a final mission for Summer, Chess, Asylum, Ingrid and Shadow. Three sisters, one brother and one nephew were together to beat the dangerous enemy in the land of the enemies’ territory. As they joined in the tribe and Shadow had been dressed to kill in action, they spent for a night to sleep with Shadow and the rest of the tribe. Just early in the dawn of the morning, Shadow was up already. She woke up her two sisters, one brother and their nephew to come along with Summer’s wife. The fate came to kill their final enemy, just only to defeat the final judgment of their time.


They embarked to their journey as they walked again through the another island. Winter and her husband Summer gained some knowledge of their island where some of the small tribe was living down slopes of northwestern of Winter Island. They never thought someone was living down of the mountains. As Summer, Winter and Shadow stepped in a floating vehicle Asylum was driving. Chess and Ingrid helped to carry a heavy mountain bag used to carry with Summer and Winter. When they traveled about two hours in time in the nick of morning, Asylum drove off and stopped their floating vehicle to the volcano island. Winter and Summer went out for the first time of their lives outside of Winter Island, that also came for Shadow’s first time visit in another island. Asylum have stopped Summer, Winter and Shadow and said, “First rules of this island, no one or anyone of you should do any kinds of trick. Or else we are doomed to kill. Remember when we are engaging to a fight, always prepare to carry a weapon. Summer, you don’t have to carry your mountain bag anymore. Your mountain bag stays here. And this floating device transportation is invisible. No one will see us just right of time. We need to focus to retrieve Chess’ valuable information and we are about to finish Chill’s minions in this island. Remember this island is protected by all pirates, commandeers and necromancers.”


And they just started to step down the vehicle, Summer and Winter went for a duo killing as they already mastered their killing combo against any kind of enemies. Shadow in her part have to strike on her own style of killing combo. Ingrid, a large sword master with a fire element to her sword, have the best combo killing spree in a seconds. Asylum, the most intelligent male of the group, have nasty habits of earth element who have the power to control any kind of nature earth. And Chess, the fighter with a speed and strength she had in her skills, is the leader of three siblings. She was once a strongest leader of their generation but now as an older 49 years old and still have the agility of speed and strength. Chess has still guts to kill any kind of enemies she will confront. One by one in the island made the group killing any enemies in their way. As they reached to the bottom trench facility, Summer and Winter blew a deadly combo that sent 75 enemies down to death. Asylum haven’t seen the courageous and the bravest male they have ever seen. Summer was Chill’s son after all. Summer and Chill had the same perky attitude who have guts to kill anyone. When they reached the gorge, Chess already retrieved of the map location where the final judgment was waiting for them.


But when the leader of the enemy’s clan appeared all of the sudden in front of them, Summer didn’t get any frozen as the others were freeze not to move on their owns. And the leader who was the necromancer spoke and said, “Welcome to my Island of Doom. Thanks for all of you are here already. What we have here? Asylum, Ingrid and Chess are back in shape to kill me. Who was that pretty girl?”


In a second of teleportation, the necromancer have introduced himself and said, “My name is Darkmouth. And I am proclaim as one of the strongest necromancer of the world. And you are not part of the group.” “I am now, you bloody Darkmouth in your head with a slight of itch, I will really kill you with my wife,” the courageous Summer said in his angry voice wanting to kill Darkmouth. As he stepped Summer out of the group, he grabbed the two swords in his back and Darkmouth’s hands fell to the floor as the two swords were heavily arm only to Summer.


“I see you have the power of strength, guts and compassion to kill. This is the right time to say–,” as Darkmouth said and began trembling in his position when Summer strikes his kick to Winter. Then Winter finally began to move as she flew the two swords to Summer and Summer caught with his two swords. Winter and Summer almost killed Darkmouth in their fashion of killing the enemy but the vigilant and violent villain evaded their attacks as well. “Fight with fair and square, you cowardly blind fool. You never think you can kill us that easily. You are already got Chill and yet, he died. What’s wrong with your partners anyway,” as the angry Ingrid said and fumed into her voice and rushed to her diaphragm. Then Darkmouth allowed all of them to move when he already disappeared in their sight and said to them in a loud voice, “You have to come inside the volcano’s core. We will settle this battle once and for all, greedy Ingrid. Wahahahaha!”


Soon as they moved, the embattled every single enemy in their way, Winter and Summer gave all their best way to defeat all the enemies. Their frontrunners were Summer and Winter as they slashed in the front, to the left, to the right and sometimes on their back as well. Numerous kinds of stamina they have had, it was all because they drank the special medicine that Winter made for their battle remedies. When Winter, Summer, Ingrid, Shadow, Asylum and Chess made to the volcano’s core. the redness flare coming right from the volcano made Winter terrifying but Summer said, “Don’t worry about it, Winter. This battle will be over soon. And the intense fight will be over.”


When Darkmouth heard about Summer’s voice, he suddenly appeared in front of Summer and said, “Winter Winterbourne, the granddaughter of Spring Pandemonium, is one of fleshy lady I’ve already thinking about her. You know what, your body is fleshy and I want you to be my wife.” “You won’t do that. Because she was already my wife,” he answered back to Darkmouth. Then with of all sudden, Darkmouth transported Summer alone in his kingdom lava seat have asked and said, “Who are you, young man?”


“My name is Summer Plymouth, son of the deceased Chill Plymouth. I am worthy to kill you with my wife. We won’t be staying with you for this moment, we want to get ready to fight all of us,” as he taunted and provoked for what he said to Darkmouth. When Darkmouth collected again with the souls of his henchmen, his arms began to muscle. Summer have transported back where he and his relatives was staying.


“So be it!” The angry of the leader’s clan began to kill of them. Shadow made her move on her own right behind of Darkmouth as she went faster to her first strike to Darkmouth but evaded. With Darkmouth’s evasion, Summer and Winter went for a ballistic move when Summer threw a multiple ranging fire arrows to Darkmouth with a massive pulling up his two heavy swords and Winter began to move as she summoned the white beast out of nowhere and sent the volcano to rest the lava to cool down. Then Asylum and Chess started to make their combination attack when Asylum summoned a earth core blast to Darkmouth’s left arm and Chess went for a deadly blow but was knocked down away from Darkmouth. And the villain’s left arm was cut down by Asylum and grew back to regeneration. Summer and Winter again went for another rounds of threw a deadly chilling ice arrows with Winter’s element. Darkmouth again evaded their attack and summoned a volcano beast right behind of Summer. But Winter gave her freezing below point that killed the volcano beast.


Darkmouth have never seen a longest fight he could fought with all four were attacking him. With added Winter and Summer in Plymouth’s family, they were considered the part of the family history as well. But Darkmouth breathed in and out as he almost gasped from his fight. All of six of them were still have the breathing stamina up. “What are your strengths that I could never kill you one at a time,” he asked all of them but Summer stopped Winter on his way and said, “I was the one who drank the stamina elixir back in our Winter Island and I just saved it from the rest of the group. They all drank it and we are stronger and planning to kill you right here in your island.”


“Noooooooooooo——” as Darkmouth almost gasped from his breath, Asylum, Shadow, Ingrid and Chess saw Winter and Summer in brutal finishing attack. Summer have unleashed  his almighty earth style combo attack from his two swords to Darkmouth with a massive pulling deadly bomb arrows from his special attack from his bow. Winter on her part summoned a white beast again as the last man vanished into thick air. Darkmouth had finished all of a sudden of their final mission. Winter and Summer worked hard for their combinations when Summer and Winter slapped their hands together and jumped their excitement that they hugged together. Shadow saw a tremendous victory in their part of success. As they went back to Winter Island by two hours have passed, Summer, Winter and Shadow went down to the mountain slopes as Chess hugged her sister Shadow for the last time and said, “Take care of yourself all the time, Shadow. And I will visit again here in Winter Island. But our home is in Mekala Island.”


“What is Mekala means to you, my big sister Chess. I owe you one of this biggest battle I have ever join,” Shadow rejoiced and said to her excitement voice and Asylum explained and said, “Mekala means Mechanical Lost Repair Items or MLRI. That’s why the people in Mekala was called. Are you sure you won’t joining with us?”


“I am okay here, big brother.” When Asylum closed the closure hatch, Asylum, Ingrid and Chess were already gone in a bit of nick of time. Winter asked Shadow with her another smile she have in her smile, the winter in the island was already gone as her Winter’s emotional feelings was gone and said, “Shadow, are you coming with us in our village? We would want you to be part of the celebration. And I am sure our son is waiting to meet you.”


“Really? I guess this is the happiest of my life joining with you,” Shadow said in her brightest of her life have finally paid. When they arrived in the top of the mountain in three days, the celebration have started immediately when Winter and Summer entered the Winter Fortress together with Shadow. The whole community inside the fortress have finally saw the sunny in their lives as Winter was finally happier with her former student and new husband Summer joining in the community. Shadow in her part built a construction in her tribe that they sent some construction needs at the bottom of northwestern of Winter Island. The success of growth began finally growing the population around 100 families with 5,324 people living in the Winter Island. The danger will come again in the future but the history won’t repeat again.




This part of Winter Islands is considered the longest of my Short Story Article. Word by word is formerly made from my hands. I just worked this for about two days and two nights just to finish this. And finally in my part, I consider that I really love writing down any kind of stories I want to share with you. Considering this is not my best work piece, I will say a two thumbs up to my work. What is your rate anyway? Please rate my work, so I can hear a feedback from your voice. Tell me about something you like in my story.

I had been traveling outside of the Philippines many times in my life. I went already in Canada where the places I’ve been through already like Toronto, Edmonton and Vancouver as well. That was only the time during when I was a kid. Also in United States I had been through already like in Los Angeles, New York, New Jersey, Orlando and Miami as well. But that was the time I was only a kid back then. To realize because of that, I do want to fly in other countries as alone. But being as an independent person, I wouldn’t do that because I was still afraid losing on my own.


Later in my life, I also went to other countries during my teen years like Taiwan. It was purely a business trip with my father there in Taiwan. But the remembrance I went to were Hong Kong, Thailand and Singapore. The only thing I went to some of the places before. I also want to discover some other places in the Philippines. There are thousand tourism spots around in the Philippines. We went already in Ilocos region during my high school years where we visited the Laoag of Ilocos Norte, Batac of Ilocos Sur and Baguio of course. They were the places I’ve been through already. But to tell you, I am more like a science geek guy who wants to take pictures of volcanoes. My dreams before was to be a volcano photographer. I wish I want to do that more now that I have a low quality gadget which it’s the camera cellphone.


Camera cellphone is all that I have in my life. It will turn four years old this coming of December, the birth of Christmas. So to ask and so to say. But I didn’t know what to do with the dreams I have. I want to go in Bicol to picturing Mt. Mayon where my first story started in trilogy comic novel books The Anthology of Firelava, The Anthology of Fireice and The Legendary of Fireice. Then to some of the Philippines I also want to travel like in Camarines Sur. And the hometown of my family name in Leyte also I want to visit in the future, the Javier, Leyte.


Cebu was also the part of my lineage of my father’s side where my relatives were living there. Aside from that, the Negros Occidental’s city of Bacolod I also want to visit because of the sugar plantation. I was sure there were still living business in Bacolod. Aside from Bacolod and Cebu I want to visit, name other places of the Philippines I want to visit. The Davao City of Davao province is also in my list to visit where other of my relatives were also living there. One of the best places I want to visit are Palawan and Boracay.


Of course, I forgot to tell you that I’ve been to Puerto Galera in Mindoro. That was the time I was already in my adult age. Fear of these times I might get to lose interest traveling around the world is your homeland. The Philippines is very rich in tourism spots where you can count the countless spots in the Philippines. I like Philippines very much and I hope to go around the nation as well. 

Many others have their own way to be in loved, few of them created their ways not to be in loved. Besides who will thought if I can continue to love a girl. Admiration is the only thing I can imagine when I think that I am really in love for her. Yes, for entire of my life I don’t have a single love in my life. Only my family I am thinking about, but what about else the love I can find for the real girl I really love. Somehow I don’t have a single girlfriend since my birth. Of course, everyone knows that being as puppy love is only you can imagine of to be in love for something else. What will I tell you is about my love life during I met a two dozens of girls? But none of them became my girlfriend. It’s hugely a crush only. Yes, admiration and appreciation is the only thing I can think about her. I love her no matter what. Since I have been talking about my love life, I suggest that you have stay relax there and read my article as the story goes on.


The first crush I have had in my entire life was during when I was in fifth grade. Of course, there was a puppy love again. Too much of watching television sometimes read my thoughts that when will I have my own girlfriend. But somehow that too much of watching television didn’t learn me well. I have had a first crush in fifth grade. I was dying to have a girlfriend back then. But you see, this is not about the crush. It’s about the love I am seeking for the girl. When I entered the sixth grade, all it became was also a failure. Of course prior to have a crush is not the sin you are making. It’s the only admiration and appreciation you are seeking for the girl you really love. And I, of course, was a male. Can’t you rub your eyes if you want to be falling in love with this girl? Of course not. But to tell you that this is not the first time. In face, there are many second chances. But third chances sometimes won’t accept the love you are making. Here are the tips that you need to know from me:

1. Do not look in her eyes unless you know what to say to her

2. Do not afraid to open conversation that you have crush for her

and finally 3. Find something you really like to know about her.


I realized there were many ways to be fall in love with this girl, but somehow I became not hearing too much of attention not to fall for this girl. Then I thought myself that was the only I failed to make some impression for her. I tried anything just to show my talents. I created how to be like her, but somehow it didn’t me prove that much. Then I realized it’s the last time I do this on my own. About this when I entered the seventh grade, my elementary friends were my classmates. But another set of schoolmates became also my classmates. My original batch of elementary friends already graduated from the sixth grade and advanced to their own to high school. This was not my first time I heard about the seventh graders. But to tell you, being as a alone and the only one seventh grade in Montessori Integrated School of Antipolo became the history itself. Because I was the last and only seventh grader who graduated there in elementary. All of them went to several schools. But the fate was changed when I entered the seventh grade. Some of my schoolmates were teasing me as a mongoloid back when I was in elementary. To be realized that somehow amazed me during the time I have never noticed about that.


Since during that time became unchanged, one of the honored students became my crush. Then I thought about her middle name. It was that I am not the only one who have and my family of maiden’s name. My mother’s name carried in my name. So I thought whether I want to be falling in love of her. I started to make a change. My other subjects improved. But the three main subjects Filipino, English and history were still unchanged and unimproved. Also my remaining subjects were one by one changing through the school year quarters. My grade in Science and the basic elementary Mathematics was improved although I have still remaining to learn from the school. What about you when you are intelligent? For my perspective point of view, when you have lower grades doesn’t mean your life is over for your scholarship means. I really came from the lower grades of my subjects. When you are fighting to be improved, you still have to be continue. And always remain to be calm and be respected for other classmates you have. Do not afraid to lose in the battle when you have lower improvements in life. There are many lessons in life that needed to be change. Somehow I realized from my opinion. Do you have them when I still have that? Maybe or maybe not.


In high school, my life changed so fast dramatically. I became not to be worried about my love life and school life as well. Love was not the only you can enjoyed in your life but to reminded you need it to be change. Life was not cruel. Life, in fact, are challenges in life that you need to be learn in the future when you are facing them. I have sacrificed anything just to study back when I was in high school. Besides, life was nothing if the world is tumbling around you. So to ask and so to say.


Freshman year, the new beginning of life in high school, became my part of my life. New chapter was opened and new contents were about to be unfolded. I began to fall in love more in Science, the deeper inside of me rushed my life was. But to think of it, I have never imagined  I could find another love of my life. One by one, or maybe two became my crushes. I long forgotten their names but in the literary works I have had still recorded their names. To be falling n love was not my first option. But rather, I chose to live away from my love life. Then about in sophomore year, I became unknown and been mystery in my life. Back from the days my school mates and my classmates bullied me all the time. I stood from my pain and hatred. I became how to be proud I was today when I found out that I really have had a down syndrome. It’s not the sickness you know. It is rather hard to explain if you continue to read my other posted articles. To tell you the truth, I never imagined in my life to continue this way. The way our biology teacher told us about the genetics. This kind of trisomy 21 was deeper inside of me, then it came the down syndrome teachings from my biology teacher. Since then, I never looked back in the past. Instead I will create the things that will be my future to be change. When I know to be happen that way, I realize there are nothing really happen in my life.


Junior year and senior year, the prom came into my life. The first one was the junior year prom. I have dated someone else in my relatives. Then my mother chose my younger auntie to be dated there. I was of course, excited to dance with her in the dance floor. With her beautiful eyes and beautiful smile, I looked her dazzling smile killing my classmates to dance with her. Of course, I was chosen as the best dressed man there. But I have never chosen to be a king for the night. It was okay for me that night since I learned somehow not to be nominated anyway. If I were be nominated, I would probably ended up all of my school mates and classmates to choose me as the king for the prom nights. That was the classic movie tales. But this was the true-noted story I have been ever told. Life was again a cruel for me. Senior year of course became my challenging years because it became our last year of staying in high school.


Years from the past learned me very well. That senior year, I have tried to date one of the freshman year in high school. Then again, her parents knew about my mother. Hopefully it won’t be the last for me. But eventually I didn’t continue to date her after all. It’s because I was afraid too much of commitment of falling in love to a girl. It was my first try. And she knew that I have had a crush on her. About to graduated from high school, entering in college was very challenging for me also that year of 2000. It was difficult for me to change after leaving the school behind my back. But to admit, I have lost interests going back to that school again. Because despite we were living in Quezon City, that school was in Antipolo. And also that year, I noticed that Maxene Magalona entered the Montessori Integrated School of Antipolo about her sophomore year from her former school of Assumption Antipolo. All of the Magalona siblings were transferred to Montessori Integrated School to study. Name all of them. They were Maxene, Frank, Saab, Elmo and Arkin Magalona, the five out of eight children of late master rapper Francis Magalona. They were all there to study. But to think of imagining of that, of all things Francis chose the school where I was studying. Of course, I didn’t mention to you that they were a lot things happen in the school. The remembrance of the second generation of Gimik were there. The likes of the original cast were there to shoot for their school part. But that was the only Saturdays they chose to shoot there since it has no school hours. I still remembered that.


During my high school years, I have noticed that I changed so well because Rico Yan became my huge inspiration since then and now. After college years were also bitter to leave in the school. I was already old to enter again in the school because the history were not meant to be change but to learn hard ways from your knowledge and experiences. Torn from my love life and school life was a bitter for me. But to tell you the truth, it challenges our life to learn in our ways. What could you imagine if you cannot leave your doings in the past? Probably it won’t be happen for anything else to be change.


If I don’t change for the better, somehow I look myself in the mirror when will my last from the fate of what I really love. During before I was in elementary, I already wanted to be a volcano photographer picturing every volcanoes in the world. In fact until now, Science becomes a role for me to study. If I didn’t manage to found out that I have down syndrome. I would end probably in some special school until today. Nobody in the history graduated in college that you really acknowledged your school before. I really love to teach some children but teaching is not my field. I have other things I can teach, but to teach instead the uneducated people about the down syndrome knowledge I really have in my mind.

Halfway around the world



Looking back the way you used to be

then I am on the road of highway,

let it be the one you used to say

that I am going to travel

halfway around the world.



Going with me (going with you)

then you used to say that I want you (you want me)

I am rolling over thru the hill

and I’m willing to take it, take it alone,

you bust through the doors (bust through the doors)

and let it shout that I am the king of the world

(king of the world).


(Repeat Stanza)



You get to, get to kick on the left

you get to, get to kick on the right

and have to punch sideways all me

through the night and I’m going all

over again here in my side

that halfway around the world

is really meant for you.


(Repeat Stanza)

(Repeat Refrain except the last two lines)



You feel me right here,

can’t you see my whole world damn so free,

can’t you, can’t you feel on me,

can’t get, get you on my life

that I am pointing out of my world

to be damn so free and wild.

And I am okay, to say to ride

with you halfway around the world.


(Repeat Stanza and Refrain)



Going with me (going with you)

Going with me (going with you)

Going with me (going with you)

then you used to say that I want you (you want me)

I am rolling over thru the hill

and I’m willing to take it alone, alone with me baby

you bust them at the corner (bust them at the corner)

and let it shout that I am the king of the world,

king of the world, king of the world,

halfway around the world.




This is my comeback written song which I never doubted that in my life that I really did this finally tonight. As you can see, this song has really meant for me. It’s an actually an article, but for the two days what I have to do with this article topic. But I turned out as a song at the back of my head. And of course, this is not my first time to write a written song. I have many unpublished songs by the way, but I have to get it from my best friend’s house where I kept my things from him. All of my unpublished literary works were at his house. Someday when I get to call him, I will pursue to publish here in my blog. Then in the future, I might do the same thing and publish it in the public as well. This is my great tasks I have to obtain and to compile some of my old songs, sonnets and poems roll into one, here in my blog as well.

After telling some of the stories where my based project is, there are more comic novel books that I have to tell you about. First of all, I won’t get any trouble by any you can steal my project anyway. But to tell you the truth, I always hand over my articles to somewhat things are getting difficult to say.


Alphabeds is the fourth book I am writing the comic novel book. But I haven’t start them to draw. Yet the explosive act is the story itself. I know some of you are addicted playing Final Fantasy VII, VIII, IX, X, XI, XII and XII. So to say, all of them have own story but the pattern of game playing are still the same. Well of course, if I am not a game addict before. I won’t be writing for all of these. The productive months will coming soon to have my hands to work it out in the story line. Better yet, it will be soon that I will create another massive character designs as well.


Speaking of character designs, of course, I will tell you about more of my Immunity cast in trilogy of The Anthology of Firelava, The Anthology of Fireice and The Legendary of Firelava. This is from my portfolio in my where I place some of my character designs. Please tell me if you really like it or not. Besides some of my drawings are a bit of older drawings. Please bear in your mind this is already old drawings. So you might get me in trouble in feedback. It’s okay for me by the way.

Sergei Ratsche aka Rumber

Character design # 1 background:


The first character design I will tell you is about this Rumbler aka Sergei Ratsche, a German native born on November 11, 1989. He is the son of Weigen Ratsche, a famous wrestler who joined the famous wrestling federation or WWE. Upon his resistance to follow his father’s steps, he hopes to create skills on his own. But in the other side of his parents, he never found that he really have had a mother, Ophran Jaschke. Because her mother died in the mountains of Himalayas where earthquakes killed 50 trekkers alone in 1990. That is why he never saw his mother in his entire life. He is torn between his blood, human or being as an Immune. Never he knew that his mother was also a Immune, but it never registered in the history as well.


Weigen was so disappointed to his son, Sergei. He really realized that pointing out that his son is not normal. Despite as a famous in his younger years at the age of 5, his antics wrestling made him famous. His favorite skill was splitting sommersault. But he didn’t know that he already killed the opponent who is younger as him. Sergei realized his fate was wrong. Despite he sent to New Zealand with his grandparents at the age of 6. His living there was quite unusual for him. He never knew his father well despite of the hectic schedule as a wrestler. But his father wanted him to do some other to do rather to follow him as a wrestler. Sergei insisted and kept continuing to enhance his skills as well. When his father heard Sergei was training in Okinawa, Japan, he never knew his life as a normal person yet born to his techniques were earthquake, splitting fire and water and also lifting or throwing ground rocks. Japanese feared the earthquake might come back. But they didn’t know that he all did for the purpose for his training. He transferred to Western China to continue his training, another earthquake came also in 1995.


When he thought about his own name and decided to call himself as a Rumbler. Everyone was thinking what are the real causes of human disaster in China and Japan, but it was all doings of Rumbler or himself. It led to thousand people alone died in 1995. Despite of his father has been hospitalized, Sergei visited and met his father again in June 1996. Weigen decided to forgive his son before it’s about the time he was dying because of colon cancer he have in his life. Three weeks later, his father Weigen died at the cold day in July 1996 when the day was almost for him.


Through his life wasn’t so sure for him to tell but despite his talents as a Rumbler, he always told himself he won’t give up in his career. That’s where he joined the ranks of Psychic‘s group, the anti-Fireice group who despised her cousin and wanted to destroy some good forces of immunes in 1997. He also participated in the 1998 war where many people feared dying in millions because of the brutal war in 1998 against Fireice and other good forces of immunes. Despite of this, it has been ritual for many immunes for their immunity survival in the world. Causing from each mechanic immunes and materialized immunes were arriving in the planet Earth just to blow the humanity and immunity race as well. Facing the extinction is their fear to survive. What will be the rage of humanity and immunity will face in their own?


There will be many character designs in the future but this will be my first entry to be devoted to post under Art and Literature category.

This is one thing I should like to do before I can do achieving other things in my life. Without it, it must be other concerns which I can lend my hands to help them. And of course, affiliations or someone will lend their hands to help me as well. There are many things I would achieve in my life, so I would give my advocate to this children before I can do things for me.


1. Affiliation


I still don’t have affiliation yet which it is why I want to put some therapies for the down syndrome children, to help them, to educate them and to nourish their knowledge. So they would help themselves for their parents to be proud of them. I am still not a member yet in Down Syndrome Association of the Philippines (or DSAPI). But I acknowledge them to welcome me in their association as well. Well of course, I am proud for what I am now for being to be educated in a special school. I learned everything almost in the school. But of course, I also need to help other parents to help their children with special needs. Because in the first place, what I can do to accomplish if I cannot help the parents without my help. So I thought this during I was in multi-level marketing and left the company without they are noticing about it.


Last year was a change for me when I entered the multi-level marketing company which I decided to change my fate. But that fate doesn’t prove anything to be worth it. I said to them I never said never to quit. Instead of that, I promise to do something most important that can change me somehow. That is because I realize I am now responsible person with special needs also. In the first place, I don’t allow bad things to do in my life in the future. But I am willing to help the parents of their children with special needs. Myself alone can afford also to their needs in terms of helping them. It will secure my life in the future to have knowledge with the parents.


2. Accompanying


This is where I want to start to be someone who will be accompanying me in the first place. When I found out my lineage from both sides of my parents. My father’s side is where I am focusing to know their roots better. I realize things are different when you meet someone. Meeting to both of sides from my parents is where I start to learn about my family roots. My mother’s side are partly Chinese which their great grandfather is a half Chinese. And to my father’s side are partly Portuguese. It is that I learn so much from my father’s side. My relatives are so welcome to be in touch in the social network of facebook. When I learned about some part who are politicians and show business as well. I will not name them here in my special article.


3. Assistance


If the things are getting to plan, I need to put my schedule between my spared time and my busy time also. Being with to assist is also hard to know about. Being care and temporarily under responsibility is also what I am afraid of. But to think of that, it is not my type of duty. I am willing to pay my responsibility to look for the things.


4. Responsibilities


I know this is the hard for the decisions to make. Being responsibility in the first place is very challenging for me. To make it this straight-hand, I would like to oblige myself to be a better person inside and out. Of course, “with great powers comes with responsibility” is the famous quote from the Spiderman movie. To mean of that, you really need to focus what you need are accompanying, assistance and affiliating to be somewhat you really take care of the situation. No one in the first place can create a new foundation program.


5. Teaching and Parenting


Teaching and parenting are the same. When you are at home, you take care of them and to help them with their special needs. At school, the teachers are the second parents. They need to teach the children with special needs of their inabilities to do like how to read the book properly, how to speak properly and other to mention programs to be needed in a foundation program.


6. Volunteering


If the country needs a job you can do about, you can also look for another option in your life and that is volunteering will come in the situation of down syndrome foundation program. Without it, you cannot build for another foundation. But being that, there are numbers of parents who have children with special needs such as autism and other disabilities that have to be concern about. People nowadays don’t have jobs, this is the place you will need to teach, to assist, to help and to parenting their special needs. Program like this you all need have to do is cooperation.


7. Fundraising


I don’t have money to raise for the unfortunate people. But to tell you that, this is the perfect time to tell about the fundraising. Fundraising is all about in-kind donations and money that operate the foundation program for the special needs. I, myself, of course have also the special needs to be concern. But to tell you that, there are many kinds of fundraising. There are many things you need to know about. You can tell your friends by telling them to buy the tickets. And the tickets will eventually to raise the fundraising for the people who are in special needs.


8. Knowledge


You don’t have to be intelligent to become in order to help other people’s needs. My experiences are the key to explain what the knowledges can learn from and for the parents and the children with special needs. Knowledge can be the key to help the children when and where their children is having their difficulties to learn. I don’t want to be alone in this world without knowledge. Hungry to learn is always I think about to feed my knowledge goes up. When I don’t do anything, sometimes my mind is doing some idle. And I don’t want to be like that in the first place.


9. Cooperating


All things are sometimes difficult, when the child is doing something wrong. The child is learning wrong also. You need to be cooperating their special needs in the first place. Cooperating with the special children is very hard task to do. All you need with them is to be patience all the time. Without patience, you will eventually falling into parts of your problems.




In my two years of existence, my parents are looking for the things that I have to learn. I don’t know why in the first place they need me to go to the hospital or somewhere I can learn to walk and to talk. They are pushing hard for me to learn. When they put in the first school Cupertino, I eventually learned from the teachers that I can able to talk properly. Yet the therapies are too much expensive for my parents to learn. They transferred me to a better school which the preschool teachers personally taught me some valuable things in life. After a long four years, I eventually entered first grade in 1989. The long journey I have had there was very personally trainable for me. I learned how to deal with the people now. Eventually I learned how to speak properly with the words I have to speak.


In 1996, I was supposed to be in high school already the year of 1995 but it came a tragic for me. I got an incident from the jeep bumping my shoulder bones to break. That is why I entered high school with sixth graders. I, alone, became the last and only seventh grader in Montessori Integrated School of Antipolo. It was a heartbreak for me. But I learned more in my sophomore year when I found out that I have down syndrome from our biology  teacher who also became my second parent. The biology teacher is my classmate’s mother, which it sometimes I went to their house when the time I stowed away from home. Eventually I became a better person. I learned from home economics which until now I am still applied my basic knowledge to stitch my pants and some other clothes to stitch. Well of course, that doesn’t end there. That time, I didn’t accept myself that I have down syndrome. It is very hard for me to learn things I can cope from the lessons in school.


March 2000, the month of graduation of high school, my school offered to my dad to be a guest speaker in the graduation. My dad told everything that I am proud to be as a Montessorian. Believe me if you are there, you will be also giving a loud applause from the audience that our valedictorian didn’t give any of appreciation. Instead they audience gave a loud applause when they called my name. Everyone in the audience including my elementary friends were also there for me. I became the first person to graduate without the honors but to bring the school’s name to have the first special person to graduate in the school in the first place. I entered later in two schools to go for the entrance exams. The first one came with a highest 88 in my entire life. I didn’t accept it because I followed my sister’s advice to go in culinary school instead the passing grade of 75. Which it reminded my hardship of my entire life.


The three years in culinary school in Center for Culinary Arts is very hard task to do. Because that’s my highest dreams when I was still in high school years. I delivered all I got to promise just to finish the term from my school. With the 8 months leave of absence during supposed to be 2 year culinary years, it expanded to 3 years to stay in culinary school. The standards there are very strict. But I learned I can study how to cook properly in the kitchen as well. I can’t believe in the first place that I achieved in the difficult times before. I made some many friends in culinary school with the celebrities like Danica Sotto and Diego Castro (first cousin to Rico Yan). I didn’t learn how exactly what my world looks life when I finally graduated from the college. I felt empty and embracing some loneliness.


I have encountered how to date with the girl and how to be in love in the first place. It is the reasons why I have down syndrome in the first place. Eight years exactly after my graduation, my life is so miserable. In the kitchen I didn’t know how to handle my emotional and my eagerness to talk with somebody. I even can’t resisted to talk someone I really need to. Of course, being with down syndrome is unacceptable for me. But last year, I realized I was wrong. I found that the courage I have is to find the perfect people with special needs also. That is when I learned the Down Syndrome Association of the Philippines through my relatives. During that time, I was in multi-level marketing or networking. I didn’t need to go rich just to help other people. You only have to be in your own needs. When I finally encountered people of Down Syndrome of the Philippines this February 2012, the founder of the organization finally amazed with my abilities I have. I can offer many things for the people’s needs. This year is a turn-around for me. All I need to do is focus for my dreams to wait for me and to be able in order of my plans to achieve.


The foundation program doesn’t need a perfect condition. All I need is to help with my desire dreams to help other parents of their children with special needs. And of course, one of dreams will change my world to achieve.

Thirtieth-Seventh Tagalog Quote:


Nagsimula lahat sa pag-ibig

na hindi pinagmulan mabuo,

namulat sa mata dapat

hindi makita

pero may hadlang sa

pagitan ng pagmamahal.






tama ba ang lahat na

hindi makapagkita,

pero lahat ay masakit

kapag umiyak,

nakakatalon at


minsan ang lahat

ay may hangganan.


Pagkat ang saloobin ay

may katarungan,

hindi dapat pinapakialam,

nanungbalik ang nakaraan,

at umikot ang mundo.


Buwan na puwedeng balikan,

lula ako sa magkaroon

ng relasyon,

pero taon lang ang

hindi puwede itapat.






tama na ba ang panahon,

pero ang lahat

ay bumabalik na

bawat salita at

bawat tingin,

marami na nagagawa

pag iyong mahal ay

gumaganda sa kinabukasan.


Thirtieth-Eighth Tagalog Quote:


Munting paraiso,

munting palasyo,

at munting panaginip,

matitinag ba ang pangarap,

kung ika’y naglalakbay

at kung malaki ang pangarap

kung ika’y matibay sa labanan.


Mahal na trabaho,

mahal na mga anak

at mahal mga bilihin,

masikip sa mundo

kapag ika’y may

ka-kumpentensya na,

at kung maluwag ang mundo,

kapag ika’y karibal sa lahat.




at minsan hindi nakatawid,

naglalaro ka sa buhay mo

galak na galak makipagkilala.


Sa haba ng takbo ng buhay,

minsan nadadapa,

minsan naluluhod,

at minsan man walang paa,

nakakita ng malaking pera,

puro palaisipan kung saan

nanggaling ang lahat.


Pagkat maraming tao

ay nakalimutan nakalakbay

sa mabuting daan,

marami na rin naloloko sa buhay

na walang katapusan,

huwag maging hadlang

sa anuman mong desisyon

sa pangarap mo.




Sadness may tears you away from your happiness, but sometimes it triggers you to take you down. Maybe some of the hopes and faiths won’t budge a thing you have to say. It always says things you want to hear you won’t like to hear about new life or new beginnings. Maybe I will tell you something different or may a little details about this.


In this two part of episodes, two worlds are tears away somehow. But I cannot tell you whether you will like or not. It is for you to decide to follow me or not. Many people are disarray in their life, but I hope beginnings will bring new lives.


In 37th Tagalog quote poem, it always tells us how to be manage in our lives to be stronger. If you are stronger enough to beat your problems away, then you are in the right path already. Maybe I can explain furthermore about these things I have to explain. One thing in life when you achieve, you always have to fight with all you got in your inner strength. But when things are getting down to you, that is how the things will manipulate you instead. People will hate you, starting to dislike you or maybe they won’t be friends with you anymore. When your family is another country, there is no run away from you in your home. Yet you deceive your hopes to stay in the country and rejoin in your family. That’s why when I challenge many people if they can succeed in their lives, they have to be stronger.


When you are stronger enough, your will have to carry on your shoulders. The strength you have will get you stronger to build your character. People will begin to understand your situation, yet they will know you better at the end of the situation. When you seek troubles, do not forget your family to call or e-mail. The generation you are now, you must learn how to create an e-mail letter, or possible you have to learn how to use the facebook as well or the internet usage. It’s not hard to learn or there are no things that is easy to learn. We all have challenges yet we learn from our mistakes. This is the sign you gain your strength from your character.


In 38th Tagalog quote poem, this is the story of an OFW’s story. People forget their homeland to stay and rather to stay longer in the fertile of foreign land. Yet the one they love for, they have no fate in themselves. Forget how you will stay longer, instead always remember you are not alone. I always remind some of my friends that in what you are staying is not your homeland. I have many relatives staying in Canada and United States, yet they choose to live there and to work. For many reasons I don’t choose to live not in my homeland country, there is always more opportunities to come in my way. People who step in your decision may break your heart alone. Yet they do not achieve for something, you have to fight for your own good.


That is why until now, I’m praying for my family’s protection. I love them so I won’t use any decisions they have. It’s in yours. When people are leaving the country to look for another option to work in another countries is their decisions, maybe that’s why many investors in our country don’t look much details in our tourism as well. Tourism is may be the key for our opportunities to come in our country. I love our Philippines, yet I love more than our people in our country. Then what is your decision, it is in your fate already. Decide and tell me how you will know in the future as well.

There was a soldier who came from France. And his name was Sir Andrew Julien. His name was not popular by some many soldiers out there, yet he still want to build his name in the history of France. Together with his friends, Sir Howard Cullinger, Sir Thomas Aldrin and Sir William Gunningham, were part of his journey.


Sir Thomas have stepped inside to his straw house made in wood and blocks that can be sheltered for him. Then he amazed what he saw from Sir Andrew’s bed, a messy bed filled with full of anything unimportant things in his bed. Sir Andrew have been reading of his favorite book called, The Lion with his pride roar. As he sits on the stool chair and asked Sir Andrew, “What can we do to help for you, my old friend?” He stopped reading, put his book to his right and sat up straight and said, “I come to look for a job in a next town but there is no one offering me for their services.”


Sir Thomas, with his a mustache in his face have flickered, stood up and said, “get up, my friend. We have assignment to protect the princess that someone is really need our help. And that’s William, Howard and I came to look for you to join us in this assignment.” Sir Andrew jumped off his to his bed and pulled out his boots to wear in his feet. Then he exclaimed and said, “Okay, my partner in crime, let’s do the assignment.” Sir Andrew, Sir Thomas, Sir Howard and Sir William left Sir Andrew’s house with their horses they were riding have strolled through the forest. Coming off from two hours of travel alone going to the kingdom, he looked each of people in the marketplace, filled with beggars, chemists, physicians and some vendors were asking to help them. One old lady have stopped the horse where Sir Andrew pulled the strap of his horse and stopped his horse where the old lady stood by and said, “Come on, old lady. Can’t you see we are coming to the castle?”


“My boy, you are really grown up well. Is Lady Serena have told you to go here,” the old lady asked Sir Andrew and he went down to his horse and answered, “You knew my mother’s name. And what did you know about my mother’s name?” Then at the height of many horses were coming through behind Sir Andrew and his friends. His friends also went down to their horses when the king has arrived with his daughter, Princess Elizabeth, going to the castle. They bowed down to the king and Princess Elizabeth have stopped her parade’s arrival in the kingdom just to see Sir Thomas. She opened the curtain and asked Sir Thomas, “Where and who is the man I am looking for?”


“My highness, Princess Elizabeth, this is the man you are looking for, Sir Andrew Julien, our bravest and strongest friend we have,” Sir Thomas answered to his fine voice. “Sir Andrew Julien, please come with us to our castle,” Princess Elizabeth have favored to ask his friends and Sir Andrew to come to Princess Elizabeth’s castle together with her father, King John V. As Sir Andrew and his friends went up from their horses, they have been followed the parade and the highness of the kingdom. As they reached to their castle, King John V, the fifth king who followed the footsteps of his deceased father, King Leon II. King Leon II and Sir Andrew’s father were once a friends a long time ago to battle the brute force in Lyons. But upon Sir Andrew’s knowledge, his father haven’t told his wife to speak about him. Less about Sir Andrew didn’t know that his father and King Leon II were friends before. When Sir Andrew and his friends entered a full of golden room where Princess Elizabeth and King John V were waiting for them.


Sir Andrew and his friends have knelt from their knees just to honor King John V and his daughter Princess Elizabeth. Then King John V waved his hand to let them up from their knees. King John V asked a favor in his well-mannered voice, dressed in red coat, golden crown in his head, and have two golden rings in his middle finger and ring finger both of his two hands and said, “My boy, you grown up well. I know your father very well here in our kingdom. He is once also the bravest and strongest man in his time together with my father, King Leon II. My daughter, Princess Elizabeth, have offered you to get the job and just to protect her with your all mighty shield.”


“Of course, majesty, I will be the honor to grab the opportunity to protect her with my shield and my father’s sword as well,” Sir Andrew answered properly in his voice looking to Princess Elizabeth’s eyes and Princess Elizabeth blushed her cheeks with a little reddish in her cheeks. “Can you stay for our dinner have to prepare tonight and I am willing to pay your services,” King John V asked again to Sir Andrew’s attention. “Yes, my majesty, I would be honor to stay,” he answered with a mild voice. He and his friends walked down the aisle where the guards and the butlers guided to their room to stay. As the guard opened the door, Sir Andrew and his friends have finally entered the room filled with golden things. The chandelier in the ceiling lit up well the room. The cabinets were filled with trophies and the pictures of Sir Andrew’s father were still there. Sir William looked to the picture and said, “What a dazing handsomest father you have, Andrew. This is your father’s room before. I cannot expect we have the room where your father used to stay here before.” “Maybe you haven’t told us your real father is. I am sure of it you can-” Sir Howard suddenly stopped with his husky voice when Andrew held up his green shirt.


“Did I ever tell you that I did not remember my father well? And of course, I can’t remember my mother also,” with his angry voice, Andrew tucked his hands away from Howard’s shirt and kicked down the stool away from the table. “I never knew you along you have to say all of this things, Thomas? Why did you ever tell me this has to be our first assignment where my father never told me about.” He kicked again the stool and finally stopped when Thomas calmed him down. Andrew sat to the bed and Thomas brushed his mustache and said, “Look, my friend. I also don’t know this first assignment. One of closest friends of Princess Elizabeth came to me and asked our services just to look for you. After all, we have been friends through 33 years from now.”


“I really love to see Princess Elizabeth now and nobody stop me here. And don’t come near me, or your throats will cut off from your heads,” Andrew fumed to his voice as he opened the door and closed the door slamming to the walls. Sir Andrew have stepped out of the castle and strolled down the garden looking for anyone who can talk to. And finally, he stopped getting angry and sat near the fountain where his hands touched to the fountain waters. He began to hum and sang, “It’s a beautiful night and coming home from the forest, I sleep and lay down to the fountain nearby. And I hope I can meet another human to fall in love with me. Together with my heart, and I feel alone.” He suddenly stopped when the princess came by and heard Andrew’s voice and continued to sing Andrew’s song, Together with my heart and, I feel alone. Singing my voice gazed off the beautiful birds. The night sings my day all alone.”


“How did you know the song I was singing,” he stood up from where he sits when Princess Elizabeth held Andrew’s hands and said, “Your mother was once my maid before. But I didn’t know where she is now.” From Andrew’s eyes filled with loneliness, the princess swayed Andrew’s long hair and he asked, “I guess I never know my parents a long time ago. Have you seen her lately?”


“She was in the market buying for the needs for the castle. You must stay here and protect me. Your mother is the one order you to go here to meet with you.”


“I was right, my highness. It’s okay not to tell other details. Maybe I will be the one who will tell you what really happened to King Leon II and your father, Sir Arthur,” with the old voice coming from the bushes came in the light. Princess Elizabeth, Sir Andrew and long-lost Andrew’s mother were closer to walk in to their conversation and said, “We have met already in the market, my boy. You just looked like your father.”


“Mother, how come you never go and have to look for me,” with his confused voice and he constantly brushed his hair with his hands. He stopped brushing stroking his hair and asked, “If you are mother, when is my birthday?” “Can’t you see King John V is preparing the feast for your celebration today. And today is your birthday. Let me tell you your story a long time ago when your father and I met,” the old lady told her story between Sir Arthur and Anne, Andrew’s parents. Arthur was once an apprentice soldier in the front line making to wave with his wooden sword together with his friends in the forest. When Arthur and his friends stopped practicing their swordmanship, they heard the poor girl screaming for the help. Three bandits were after Anne just to play with her. When Anne saw five young men, she hid on Arthur’s back and asked for help and said, “Please help me. These three horrifying men are after me.” “Okay, my lady. We will do the honor for you” with his braved voice, he fought three bandits together with Leon. Leon and Arthur were the best apprentice soldiers in the town and defeated the three bandits.


After a fight with three bandits, Anne looked to Arthur’s eyes and asked, “Thank you for rescuing me. May I know your name?” “My name is Arthur, the best apprentice soldier in the camp,” he answered Anne’s question and bowed down to Anne. “Stop it, Arthur. You don’t have to do that. She is not princess,” abruptly with the childish voice Leon have said. “Actually I am Anne, daughter of best knight of this town, Sir Garfield.” With Leon’s ears began filled of joy and excitement and said, “You are Sir Garfield’s daughter. I am glad to meet you, Princess Anne. My name is Leon.”


“Don’t call me princess. I’m just an ordinary maid who taking charges of the daughter in the kingdom. I should go back now,” she said as she left Arthur, Leon and three of their friends. But all of them embarked to their first assignment to do is to protect Arthur’s future wife. Ten years fast forwarded, Leon was pronounced as the best knight of the kingdom where he proclaimed the next king to the throne of the kingdom. Sir Arthur, the best knight, became the elite soldier battled with his bravest and strongest sword he have wielded from the blacksmith. He got married with Anne, a few years later, then Anne gave a birth to their first son. She named him, Andrew, the next strongest and bravest soldier who will follow his father’s footsteps someday. But a tragedy came closer to Leon and Arthur when their enemies were closer to their kingdom. Leon, Arthur and their three friends have fought with the enemies. Struck down from the horse, Arthur fell down with a wounded left chest. Leon in his part helped his friend to recover from the wounds. Then days after, Arthur lost his life in the infirmary in the kingdom when the day Leon proclaimed the king of the kingdom.


“And that’s what happened between your father and King Leon II battled in the battlefield just across two miles south from here,” the old lady have finished already her story when Andrew felt alone and disarrayed from his life. He never thought he would see his mother again. He asked and said, “When is the time you are not looking for me?” “I asked Thomas, your friend to get you and took care from you with his mother in the next town. I never want to look you with my handsome child I have,” she explained further when somebody called the old lady to go in the kitchen. “I must go now and we will speak again, my child,” she gave a wide smile and waved her hands to Andrew when the old lady went to the kitchen behind the castle. Then Princess Elizabeth have asked a favor and said, “Andrew, I want you to marry me for my father will be dying soon in the next battlefield.”


“Of course, my lady, I will be honor to marry you. But in these terms the next war is coming. I won’t promise I won’t live furthermore, for this is my sailor’s code with my friends, Thomas, William and Howard,” he explained with his grin smile in his face but Elizabeth offered one more to Andrew and said, “Please reconsider this as the engagement. We will be married the next day. I already made my decision and asked from father’s advice.”


With the promises Princess Elizabeth have asked to Sir Andrew Julien, he knelt down to his knees and accepted the princess favor. Then the next day, Sir Andrew and Princess Elizabeth got married in the chapel where Sir Thomas Aldrin, Sir Howard Cullinger and Sir William Gunningham were also there. The old lady, Anne, Andrew’s mother, gave blessings to Princess Elizabeth and Sir Andrew. King John V also gave his blessings to her wonderful daughter, Princess Elizabeth with Sir Andrew. The next few years, Sir Andrew also became the chief soldier where his first baby son was born that Princess Elizabeth gave their first baby son to be born. Sir Andrew and Princess Elizabeth agreed to their first baby son’s name and that will be Charles Andrew. At the very day, they cherished their moments together with a wonderful family. Following a year after, Princess Elizabeth gave another to a birth, their first born daughter, Alyssa. People in the kingdom celebrated their celebration when they found out that Princess Elizabeth gave another birth, their second child Alyssa. The repeat of the history have followed, King John V died in the battle field where Sir Andrew held King John V to get up. Not knowing that King John V is already sick in his old age, Andrew proclaimed the next king the next day.


People celebrated for King Andrew and Queen Elizabeth with their children, Charles and Alyssa. Anne died shortly after King John V died when she rested in her bed. Many people have rejoiced that the new era of generation have finally accepted to create their barrack’s name, Sailor’s Code. From King Leon II have died before and King John V have died in the battlefield, King Andrew was the 19th king of Lyons together with his family Queen Elizabeth, Prince Charles and Princess Alyssa.

Many have come in my way when there are many things are said to be done. I use to say that there has been a new discovery for me. Anything else that can be the same for me. Just two weeks ago, I just found that my real great ancient grandfather was Don Dionisio Veloso, Don Eduardo Veloso’s youngest son. Then after from that, Don Vidal Veloso was at least my great ancient grandfather. No matter what I said great ancient a numerous times, it’s still the same. Ever Don Diego Veloso have set foot in the Philippines as our great Portuguese trader who has been part of us as our greatest great grandfather, this life has been part for us.


I have said in the previous article Family Tree: Veloso, there are many times we have been discovered new names in our lives. Many few old names are there in our family tree. Half blood for something you can hear like Osmena, the famous 4th President Sergio Osmena who restored the Commonwealth era after World War I. Philippines 4th President Sergio Osmena runs for the presidency from 1st August, 1944 to 28th of May, 1946. There are been famous in our lives. Then one name popped out from our family roots from Don Dionisio Veloso was Clemencia Osmena. And I think that is one of great grandmother of Sergio Osmena who has linked for us. I may not been know for about these things. But I really like to know what really happened in the past. I really like and love the history, any kind of history. And I think that I have been follow my fate for us to know from here.


Things are like different. And sometimes the names from our generations changed so far. We are linked to some names we don’t know. For something like Pilapil, Avanzado, Serrano or something ends up like Javier, for example. There are some oldest Portuguese names like Bonifacio, Calixto, Carlos, Fatima, Feliciano, Felipe, Fortunato, Hugo, Joaquim, Lia, Luciano, Lurdes (Lourdes), Marcelino, Maria, Mariano, Neves (Nieves), Priscila (Priscilla), Raymundo, Santiago, Severino, Tomas, Torres, Vera and Xavier (Javier). And the adopted name Rizal was nowhere to be found when I found that Mercado family also came from Portugal. Many names in our Philippine history have various names such as Apolinario Mabini, Juan Felipe, Jose Rizal and among others are based from Portugal. Spain and Portugal are neighbor counties in the Europe.


In our generations, there are thousands of adopted family names where Maghirang, Magbanua and among others are already our adopted Filipino names. Spanish names or Portuguese names were practically their usage of their names. But Veloso stayed the same as our family name really come from the Portugal. The various names are really important for our generations already. Since this has been our valuable names, like my name also came from the origin country. Greek, for example, has my name Simeon for it. It derives Simeon as the word of style means pillar. And I really love the history means have to say anything written from any kind of shape of history. But to those who love to know your family names, then you are already love to know your family names really are. Osmena and Javier are partly common in Portugal history and Philippines history as well. Since this is the first time I know the lineage of my family roots from my father’s side. I really thought my father’s side has been large sums of names. From what I thought from the start, this has been the beginning of new life as well.


The Chinese clans were the same as the Portuguese clans. But Chinese are huge population from anywhere you go. Xian or Sian, for example, are huge part of roles of our lives as well. Because they are also my lineage names from my mother’s name. What I really like about in my life is to discover more in your family name? What are the mixed-races family looks like? Let me give you an example. Here’s the weird part. You have part of Portuguese, part of Australian, part of Chinese and part of America blood. What else the bloods come from your family name? This is really weird but it’s the truth coming from our names as well. But I love it since I don’t realize at the first time I have been born from the very beginning of my life. Well, that’s the part of the end of the story. It’s almost midnight anyway.

A Dog’s Life


Staring Yellow Eyes

I’m staring at you!
Jumping dogPlease master, I’m willing to catch!

Please beg me!

Please beg me master, don’t look me like that!
Snubbles047I’m tired, can’t you wait for me to wake me up again?

She barks!I’m barking at you, because you are so noisy!

Waiting for turnI’m waiting for my turn to get at you!

Looking to my eyesAre you staring at me? Because I can’t wait to look at you.

I'm so relievedI’m so relieved that I sit here. Fresh air from the fan, it’s good to be here!

I'm getting up now

I’m getting up now, sheesh, can’t you wait until I get up?
I'm sorry, masterI’m sorry, master. I can’t believe you are punishing me.

Smiling dog

I’m smiling at you, don’t you think this is funny.
I'm shy for youI’m sorry, master. I’m so shy!Is it time already?Is it time already? Man, I really hate to get up.Master, where are you?Master, where are you? I’m looking for you.There you are, master!There you are, master! I finally found you.No, master, no tickles please!No more tickles, master, that is enough to scratch me.Are you looking for me?Are you looking for me, master? I can’t get up.Fine, leave it as it is!That's enough, master!Master, that’s enough! Don’t get push my back!I'm praying, can you wait to turn?I’m praying, master. Can’t you wait for your turn to pray?
Heh, as if, master.Heh, as if there is a mouse running around the house.Ready to sleep.I’m ready to sleep, master. Can’t you get wait me to wake up again? I’m really tired.What are you looking for?What are you looking for? I’m getting to get you!Can I get a haircut?Can I get a haircut, master? My hair is so furry!Look, master, I'm done cleaning the leaves.I’m done cleaning the leaves, now it’s your turn to throw away these leaves!Are you staring at me?Are you staring at me? Because I believe that you are staring at me!Is it really that you?Oh, that it is. Is it possible that you really are the same person?Look master, I'm posed to be a modelLook master, I’m good to be posed as a model. Who’s next?No, I don't want to do it.No, I don’t want to do it. You are scolding me again!Is it ready for supper?Where’s my supper? I’m hungry, really, really hungry to eat.I'm getting at you.I’m getting at you. So you can rub my belly and pat with me, master.Yum, that doesn't taste good.Yum, yeeechh, that doesn’t taste good. It tastes like a bee stung in my nose.I'm tiredI’m tired, master. Go away and I’m going to sleep.Achooo!Achooooooooo! Yeeeeech, that doesn’t look so good!

Master, look, I’m scratching my back to this plant. Man, I look like a bear here.I'm scratching my back to this plant

This is the life of my dog. Let’s begin for another adventure. Now my dog is really starting to like to his journey. And this is really must say, that this is good!

Thirtieth-Fifth Tagalog Quote:


Sa mundo ko’y lumalakas,

lagi ako may mali

sa mundo mo’y humihina,

lagi ka nanalo sa lotto,

purihan mo ako na

di dapat mahagkan.


Lalakad ako mabilis,

lagi na lang huli ako

lalakad ako ng mahina,

lagi nauunahan sa tsamba

puro na lang may katiwalaan.


Liliit ang paligid sa

mga mata ko nakatingin,

sapat ba yun,

liliit ang mundo kung

malaki ang pangarap mo,

di lang sapat sa lahat.


Tuwing ako gagawa ng tama,

puro laro nasa isip ko,

tuwing mali minsan,

puro na lang tago ng tago,

lahat ay magkakamali.


Nagbabalik ang lakas,

na dapat tinuturing matino,

nagbabalik ang mahina

na dapat tinuturing manloloko,

nariyan ka ba kung

kailangan ang lakas ng loob.


Puno lagi ang kuwarto

ng misteryoso,

di naman sinasamba

puno lagi ang kuwarto

ng mahiwaga,

nagbabalik ang nagmamahal

sa laging walang hanggan

na kamatayan sa pag-ibig.


Thirtieth-Sixth Tagalog Quote:


Kung titingnan ang lugar,

hindi dapat makalimutan

ang kinalakihan,

minsan di sapat ang turo

sa atin,

pero dapat galangin ang mundo.


Kung babasehan ang

tao maganda,

dapat ito ay mabait,

tularan na parang kapatid,

pag maganda ang hangarin,

maganda ang kinabukasan.


Mga ninuno natin ang

gumawa ng daan,

patungong sa magandang araw,

pero akala hindi nararapat.


Malaki ang mundo

pero ang lugar kinalakihan mo

dapat sundan ang nasa

puso mo,

at hindi dapat nilalaro

ang isip,

na yun na pala ang

kapalaran magbubukas

sa iyo.


Huwag ka na lilingon,

huwag ka na lumiko,

huwag ka na bumalik,

sapat na mga kaalaman mo

na dapat itulak sa

magandang kinabukasan.




There are many things in our lives that are miserable and sometimes are in order. You may never know that this is the only thing you can recognize your talent in the field. Maybe I was too much confused when I was still afterlife of college. But I realized that this is may be not too late for me, because there are lots of opportunities that can open for me.


In this series of episodes of my Filipino literature, these two quote poems has different meanings towards in our lives. There are many doubts in life, yet you can solve for something you really like. But for me, it pushes me more to look other opportunities as if there is thousands of hopes and faiths.


In 35th Tagalog quote poem, this is something you can look for dreams. Dreams are everlasting imagination, yet there are more doors to open. I don’t know why, but it does matter for me. Although I am more often reading other materials in the internet. I learn there are more doors opening in the future. Just this recently, this opportunity is very rare and yet it happened. Because our clan has opened a big celebration next year to celebrate our get together party. We celebrate that we are already more than 400 years of history in our clan. And I owe it for something it really happens.


This time that I am really looking for is to meet my relatives in my father’s side. Which it’s that I am really excited to go next year for our clan get together party. I hope I can meet everyone there, because it is really huge clan we have. I think there are more than 3,000 relatives in my father’s side because of the clan endeavors. I’m still looking forward to meet them.


While in 36th Tagalog quote poem, this is also somewhat related in 35th Tagalog quote poem but it has different meanings. This particular quote poem says it all about the youth of our childhood days. I remembered how I was happy and yet I discovered the true meaning of my second nickname is. But what I really like the best is that the dreams will about to open other doors for me. In the past haven’t had do with me. Because when you’re in pain, you are surely hoping to heal itself. Then I thought it wasn’t luck to heal. Instead there are more outside. Just like this the other day, my day wasn’t good. But I can feel the youth of my childhood days before. I must say this is really something to do with me.


I went to the mirror room which it’s the bath room. I asked myself in the mirror, “why in the first place I cannot achieve for something that lacks of knowledge?” It’s because I already did in the past. When you are in the place already, you have to do with your skills. The skills will improve you if you can talk to other people or to think other things, just like when you are thinking your family. My life isn’t perfect like anybody else. And I owe it for my aunt that can give me fruitful hopes. And I am pretty sure that she is happy for me now today.

Freedom of Speech

“Freedom is not worth having if it does not include the freedom to make mistakes. ~ Mahatmi Gandhi (1869-1948)


“Freedom is always we need to know for ourselves, to be honor and free to speak. As I always seek for a brighter future, the hope and the faith is unto us. Feel free to speak in your own voice. We do have our own voice, to feel out and to ease out our problems away. For somehow in my place, I speak to my truth and not the less that I am speaking the lies. The social media is what we need for the first place, for we are the right people who needs to speak up. Look at the problems we are facing around the world. Sometimes the world is looking on us whether the change for good can change us, but it seems bothering the society who doesn’t want to speak up. It is said that we have to look up and help each other. Although I’m not an activist, I still have the voice. And also I’m not the kind of person who doesn’t give up easily. We are people and people should realize the words we speak from our voice.


“I want freedom for the full expression of my personality. ~ Mahatmi Gandhi (1869-1948)


“Freedom is the word full of expression with the possibilities of positive mind. Whether I own the words, I do not own them by saying through my speech, sometimes it is the worth for you to have saying that you are doing the best you can have. Many people in the Middle East suffered from pain and grief for losing the nation falling to their knees. But no matter what the freedom is must stay and prolong to be long in the farthest point of the life. Maybe this is the speech, but I cannot fall apart from the enemies that can tolerate us. They are them and you are you. Some few people are seeking for the better world and the world is looking for the peace. Whether the sorrow is better than to grieving some deaths of anger and battered. I simply ask myself what did I do to my own world without looking for the future. A president of the country says it all, but the citizens sometimes have no place to say that our country cannot improve. Look for the brighter ideas first and the sun will come up as the new tomorrow will for your dreams to achieve. My speech doesn’t say it all, but I am willing to say that must to be stronger.”


“Freedom is not worth having if it does not connote freedom to err. It passes my comprehension how human beings, be they ever so experienced and able, can delight in depriving other human beings of that precious right. ~ Mahatmi Gandhi, 1931 (1869-1948)


“One must do their own thing to improve their life whether you are rich or poorer. Sometimes when we feed to ourselves, the grain we eat sometimes is hard to grow in the fertile soil. The life of grains must grow and grow. When times we are in our knees, we need to get up. The future is waiting for us. And the freedom in our choice must achieve by each and every politician. But he cannot go to improve more on this, then he is no longer to deliberation to serve us. One must to order us to grow our senses and deliver it with the almighty strength. Freedom can speak for us and this is for us to defeat the loss of poorer than poor. We all must act to our own and we will be deliver the state of our nation. We do not allow the enemies to endure us to be defeated. The world is fighting for the kind of peace, but instead they are lurking more for battles that many lives will be lost. The population is not the sin. For this is for the man deserve to have of his own family. No matter how many he can give children and a freedom can give to feed for his children. The land we own is not the property to anyone. We can take care of it and grow the fruits that can bears us to eat. Living in equality for all most of our nation is sometimes not to be discriminated. Do not look down to us for I know for sure that you can do the better than me.”


“This is a world of compensations; and he who would be no slave, must consent to have no slave. Those who deny freedom to others, deserve it not for themselves; and, under a just God, can not long retain it. ~Abraham Lincoln, April 6, 1859


“Do not fear to be losing in the battle as you have to grow up on your own, people have decide to their own lives and they must not be back off from their lives. For this is the freedom to live, we all have to deserve to share the fertile land we are born. Politicians are somewhat dirtier in their minds, but not all of  them, I seek more to listen to them. But the law is the freedom to know in their knowledge. We are born to live and to despair lives from anyone. Freedom is all we need for the better nation. And the nation shall rise of its own kind. Kind that people can understand on their race. Do not be afraid, my brother or sister, for this is the freedom we choose. No matter what you are, black or white, smaller or bigger and people should sacrifice first to their own face. This is our planet we need to all share we have. The battle outside there is the evil we must defeat, but not the enemies we are overthrowing them the rocks. They are still the people and humans we adore in our lives. The sacrifice is at defeat of its own. And the mind over matter is what we need to focus in our future’s dreams.”


“Four score and seven years ago our fathers brought forth on this continent, a new nation, conceived in Liberty, and dedicated to the proposition that all men are created equal. ~Abraham Lincoln, November 19, 1863


“Four billion of people living in this planet, two thousand years ago when the planet have few people to live, it is just not to be conceived to be unfair for us. This planet we are living in is our only treasure we can grow. The science that has to be discover, sometimes it creates more living life we have today. We care for this planet to take care. The climates have been rapidly changing that has to be maintained. It is because some people are still stubborn to take our area. The ones who have suffered sometimes are failing in their lives. Freedom they want to be and what they choose, they are still the ones who are still struggling to live. And others are luckily who have not been struggling from their problems. This is a matter what the others are seeking for their jobs. The chosen job they are looking for sometimes fail in the misinterpretation with the interviewer. Do not afraid to accept the failures. For this is the test of failures, failures are the test we are given from Him above. We have to face our own problems and that is the freedom to think and to feel ourselves indulging the lives we are living here in this planet. We are still humans and we are animals to fight each other just to live in ourselves. We must help each other, when the world is seeking for your help. We are offering our services to help them in the community. And the lives we are living in this planet are enduring us to pain and hate. Do not be afraid, my child, for you are safe with me. And do not go back in to your original life, you must face your own future and change the better of you. “


“We have, as all will agree, a free Government, where every man has a right to be equal with every other man. In this great struggle, this form of Government and every form of human right is endangered if our enemies succeed. ~Abraham Lincoln, August 22, 1864


“People are agree to join forces of the community we are building. But the government itself is taken by good and evil politicians. Somewhere in their position are lack of efficiency to do their jobs. But the government in our country is facing the problems to each and equal man or woman. This is not the choice from Him above that we need to create the enemies. If it is possible to change the new face of government, it has to be someone that has to govern us in a better life. We are rich in knowledge and yet, we already know the truth of business. Business permits to stay longer but if it is doing own of itself must not prolong in the life itself. Life is fruitful and better prosperous to each any kind of us. This has to be remain the persistent of each sectors of the government. When the local needs help, do not be afraid to reach out your voice. Voice that can change us and has to be remain silent less.”


“The only security of all is in a free press. The force of public opinion cannot be resisted when permitted freely to be expressed. The agitation it produces must be submitted to. It is necessary, to keep the waters pure. ~Thomas Jefferson, 1823


“Sacrificing own itself is a harder way to achieve. When you need to know the better of each other’s opinions, do not afraid to open up your issues. This is the free will of each own of us. For we are humans sometimes are seeking a life better to grow of our garden back in our house. Plant each fruitful seed in the ground, and let it grow by itself with water and sun. When it grows weaker, let it water the plant. This is the sign of freedom of each person that has to make of their lives. When the fruit is already ripe, the right opportunities is right there in your hands. It has good and rich ingredients that has to be mix in your success lives. People are sometimes looking for a better life. People from other places submit themselves in the new area for which they are looking for the job in the new area. Do not be afraid to go back where you come from. Opportunities are right there in your place but you don’t grab that instantly. With each patience, faith and hope, you can have better life to go back in your better land. People here in our area sometimes are leaving their own country looking for better options of opportunities. Somehow when they are in fertile of foreign soil, sometimes they are crawling to their problems how to get back again for their family back in our country. For this is their freedom to choose, this is what they want for their lives. But believe me, they are more opportunities here in our country. You haven’t see yet the benefits but each of our kind has own abilities to grow. We can fight for your dreams that can be achieved. I believe there are many hopes, faiths and patience in our country. This is our country we are born and we cannot be pride to each of us. No one in your place can replace you but you own your life, so you must grow your maturity age to go back.”


“Freedom of the press, or to be more precise, the benefit of freedom of the press, belongs to everyone – to the citizen as well as the publisher…The crux is not the publisher’s ‘freedom to print’; it is, rather, the citizen’s right to know. ~Arthur Sulzburger, 1990


“Slice of new release of fate must contain their responsibilities and have to do it on their own. People might recognize your new talent. Each talent we have is our fruit of bread and butter in our lives. We can grow each other to have possibilities in our lives. You are bound to see the new nation rising for this is your place. The place you are looking the right opportunity is the right responsibility you can handle. Freedom is what we care for our own talents. When you are making the new talents you have, continue on your will and I can only advice you to continue. And hold right there for you must go on. The life you are now the only one you can achieve.”


“One only dies once, and if does not die well, a good opportunity is lost and will not present itself again. ~Jose Rizal


“Only one life you have to live and you have to care of it. When it’s already at the peak of his life, let it go. Sometimes the man’s life has death of its own. He is facing on his own life. The opportunity will grow back in its kind, because one talent has to grow again. People who forget in their place is lost in their minds. People amidst in the night are confused. Sometimes when I am looking for their dreams to achieve, they must have hold in the right place. But be careful when you saying wrong words, the trust they have on you sometimes breaks to believe it back. This has to be their destined dreams. And dreams are just waiting for you open the doors. When it is not presenting itself, the door is empty. Lock it. And go find the right door you can open. And the opportunities you are looking for a long time is already here. Stay right there and don’t release your opportunity to stay. It has you to learn the principles and the knowledge you have to learn. The first time you grow in your hands sometimes are the better than the yesterday’s second time. Each fruit has many ingredients in life we have. For this is the freedom of opportunity has something to do with your talents. Do not be afraid to tell your story to share. When you open it, people will appreciate you and give you more credit than you can have in your past. Just to make sure that you are ready to face the world and do not be afraid to meet the new kind of environment is the freedom of press.”


“Countrymen: I have given proofs, as well as the best of you, of desiring liberty for our country, and I continue to desire it. But I place as a premise the education of the people, so that by means of instruction and work they may have a personality of their own and that they may make themselves worthy of that same liberty. In my writings I have recommended the study of the civic virtues, without which there can be no redemption. I have also written (and my words have been repeated) that reforms, to be fruitful, must come from above, that hose which spring from below are uncertain and insecure movements. Imbued with these ideas, I cannot do less than condemn, and I do condemn, this absurd, savage rebellion, planned behind my back, which dishonors the Filipinos and discredits those who can speak for us. I abominate all criminal actions and refuse any kind of participation in them, pitying with all my hear the dupes who have allowed themselves to be deceived. Go back, then, to your homes, and may God forgive those have acted in bad faith. ~Jose Rizal

First of all, when it comes to business, you have to be business well-minded being. In case you don’t have one mindset, then you can’t go in the business as well. I have been experienced and exposed to some of the businesses today. So what do I need is the list that I can enlisted down for my tips of “where to shat to have business?”


1. Study the place first.


If you are coming in the right of the market, make use if you can spot somewhere you can put the store you want. Don’t make use of it since this is the first step.


(a) Location – When you are making the location’s map, make sure the public market is very huge. If it’s little public market, don’t make to hesitate to put the shop there. For example, the shop you put near the hospital is very profitable in the area. That means the hospital guests are getting to buy your food products. If it’s in the village, for example, of your shop, it will eventually drop from your shoulder bill of electricity, the rental fee and the water bill also. You will end up losing your business in the area.


(b) Time – Time is essence for the business. If you can take a look of many people passing of your store and buys from your product. Then that’s the peak of the hours that many people rushes to get to buy the product purchases. If the time is off-peak, that is very crucial since it is very few people are passing from your store and hardly to get to buy your product purchases.


And (c) Peak / off-peak season – This is one of the crucial and very important for every businessman, retailer, owner or you can be anything in your position. This is because I’ve experienced when I am still a high school student. Many people come and go just to buy your product. For example, from July to November is wet season, so that means people are in the mall, getting off from being wet and will buy your product (your product for example is coffee). Then if it’s December to February, that season is already a cold season which it will take part of your chance to know your products is still moving purchases. And from March to June will be the hot season. You will have a chance to experience the lowest fraction of lowest sales for your month.


2. Study the management without helping from your supervisor.


This is the best example if you are getting to started to get the business well done. After all, I’ve been experienced this too when I was still in college years. Being as a commonly young college entrepreneur selling some food products is the crucial for every business success. This is about your relationship between you and your supervisor (more or less this is your boss or you could be in the quality supervisor or could be the floor manager). The bond of between of you doesn’t end here. Because he or she is giving you a test if you could do it by own yourself without of his or help. For example, two weeks my boss went for his province vacation. Then some of the products were spilled, some of them were overpriced and some of them were too exact from your petty cash voucher to be good to exchange with your money. Never ever leave the shop alone if it’s there no one to help you if you’re alone in the store. After my boss came from a vacation, I have explained the details of situation. He was surprised from my satisfaction of my job, meaning that I can do it by all alone. Then the next day, he already hired another one so I can train the new employee he hired.


3. Study the value of your money.


This is what I am telling about my mother of things cannot go worse. I have been selling stuff from her store which it’s the scent candles. Then suddenly, her money is about a large sum that cannot go to be exchanged in a smaller money. Money is important for the business. Always have an exchanged cash in the petty cash. Or else, you will have to look for your friend from other store just to exchange the money in a smaller bill. That is because I have been studied the value of the money. For example, your products are expensive shoes for about 3,375 pesos.Then your customer has only 4 thousand pesos for her wallet. When the saleslady found out that they haven’t exchange the amount of the money, the customer eventually loses her patience and went away. Your value with the customer have been getting away from your cashier drawer. HOT TIP: Always exchange your bill with the smaller amount of money in the bank before you are getting to your business premises. No matter what the cashier says that your business have finally paying off your shoulder bill.


4. Understand the situation of the business.


The situation of the business is always happening everywhere in the area’s location. For example, your shop is in the mall and the store you are in is beside the bank. Do not hesitate to wait the robbers are coming in the bank. Close the shop immediately, lock with it padlock  and leave the mall premises. This is not my first time to explain this since I have been telling to my friends also about the situation of the business. And I’ve experienced also this from Harrison Plaza in Manila. My maid is our the employee in the store. We heard the gunshot from nowhere inside the mall. She said to me, pack all the things inside your inventory’s list, lock with the padlock and just in time, we left the building already. The history is already there. It was the hoist from the bank. They are stealing some money that the thieves are after. One example is from the island of Boracay, my cousin told me about this since they have a business there. Then there’s a tape-shooting in your resto-bar. The time they have been held is about five hours. Your business is very quite expensive to take the shoulder bills. You should have to exchange the communication with the director, producer and the writer as well in the set. The moment they have been set in your area, you should have already an extra people just to buy the time of the tape-shooting. And there’s another example of the situation of the business. No matter what it is, don’t exclude this from your list. You should know the whereabouts of the matter’s problem as well.


Well, there are the main four tips for to start the business. First of all, I’m no writer to tell you about this. Just in fact, I have notice in small, medium and big businesses have happen already from the past. I was just a high school student before, then my mother asked me if I can work for her just to gain the exposure from her business. I called it, “tiangge” or just simply called, the flea market. The flea market before is really tough in situation. Many people are buying for their wants and needs for their children, relatives or friends just to show they have gifts to them. I have many experiences, in fact of them were true real stories when I was in Harrison Plaza. It was so real scary to me, just to fact many people are fleeing the mall too. Whatever it happens today is what I have seen already in the past. Or maybe it’s not a coincidental that many incidents happened today. My main goal here also is to help some of the young entrepreneurs today whether how young your age is. I was seventeen years when I got exposed in my mother’s business and yet, I helped just to gain the experience also.


My life before was much different than today. The generation has begun to started to have computers. Then the cellphones on the part just to show up that you are rich. No matter what you are, don’t compare to others what you really have. Envying is one of the seven deadly sins. Back then, I used to buy some pirated cd’s in the flea market. As the time flew by, I already stopped buying pirated. It is because I believe when you are pirating for something else, that’s already a crime whether it’s cyber crime or any crime that is. For me, being an artist and a writer is much very appreciate what I have in my talented. I never run out of telling stories. In fact I don’t know why where the imagination from the back of my mind really come from. People are understanding why the money is also the value in the business. Have you seen already the fast food restaurant gone for a short money? Just it is because they have larger bills. The area manager always asked to the rescue, in fact I noticed to some of the restaurants I go to.


Life is always money whether it’s business or work. But all I can say is the matter of the business. After my college years, my jobs were just more like a contracts for me. A group of information you have in your resume may not satisfied in the employer’s mind. But to tell the truth, many employers are somehow I find is very discrimination. Let me you a story about this. I got five friends in our batch just to apply. All of us went from directions from the school. One of them is from La Salle, Ateneo, UP, FEU and UST. And I was just come from the culinary school. Being part of that, we went to the same room. The interviewer sometimes is listening to the voice instead from your performance in your story. Somehow you don’t have to be a full-story answers. You have to come up with best answers, a spontaneous answers. Just like somewhat this, “what are your shorter dreams?” Then I said in an appropriate answer with a spontaneous kick, “I’m able to work in your job just because I want to prove everybody to respect me as well.” In my thoughts, maybe that wasn’t my best answer but I did. When the interview part is done, we, the six people, stepped in again in the interview room. He just said that you have to work harder to find a job. This wasn’t for you. Maybe the instructor before told me before it’s a matter of luck. For me, it’s not a matter of luck. Somehow I find curious answers from the interviewer. So I left the building with my six friends. After being from the work before, this inside of me somehow is calling me to get up and go back where you come from.


Then I realized something it wasn’t worth to wait for. I looked options for other opportunities. Then I asked myself that I will write up about something I like since I’ve been stop writing for about seven years already from blogging. I asked myself then I made a start-up blog in wordpress. But I know that I realize something deep inside of me, I can do write about anything. A world is talking about anything, a limitless. Business from my experiences and my knowledge found my deeper relationship with my unique ones. I started to revving up some a good idea for my site as well. Then I thought that someday the time is willing wait for me. Business alone when you are starting to make one, just to make sure you go to the area. Observe people at first. Secondly, scout the area. Look what kind of market you have. Is it a students? An office mates? Or just simple commuters everyday? Besides when I started my own business before, I was lack in knowledge also in the past. Just because I’m new in the industry as well in the business. Business is bigger opportunities, a variety of any kind of business you can go in. But be careful when you go in, don’t go in a wrong direction. I used some of my time just to make another interesting business tips. Well of course, being as an entrepreneur became my knowledge as well just to learn the basics and the principles that I learned from my experiences. I just didn’t get this from the success of John Calub or Chinkee Tan. I’ve never attended the seminars in the first place. It’s just I’ve been through multi-level marketing experience attending free training sessions.


Somehow that business-minded is worth to be gain to be a knowledge in the first place. But I didn’t agree for something that doesn’t related to the business. Also one more thing, be more productive and be more to market your business as well. Marketing is also part of the nature of the business. Without marketing, the business will fall just like the pieces of paper burning. I am not telling just to scare you off. It is just only a reminder. And I think the worth in the business will make you more knowledgeable. Let me know if there is more you can ask me, just feel free to comment anything. And I will be gladly to help my best answers just to help you.

I always think happy, always laugh at own risk and always goofing around. That is me and I like to be. I don’t pretend to anyone else that you can tell me. Because of what it matters to me, I always be happy for you and happy for everyone as well. This is how I would like to explain where, when and why did I get the name of Mikki. Let me explain about my life first before telling you the secret behind the name of this.


It always started as a crying baby since it started my life before. I couldn’t spoke too much of my time. I couldn’t walked too much of distraction. It is because what my characteristics are been unrevealing today. I spoke too much of phrases. I was stow away many times. Yet no matter it was before, now I am triumph my own problems. This is what it feels like to be a happiness person. I was a kid with down syndrome at the age of my birth. My parents wondered why and my two sisters as well. Dazing off from my face, it really looks like that there are something really matter for me. My eyes are very slant as chinese eyes. But to think what it is, so my parents took me under their care. And they brought me to our family doctor in Makati Medical Center and also from Capitol Medical Center.


It is always so bright as the sun glares me in my eyes. Barely I cannot see how they react what will I become for their future. Then my parents kept me in therapies, the speech therapy and the physical therapy. They paid a laboratory test for me to find out why my features are all about. Then they found about my karyotype. (Karyotype is the characteristic chromosome complement of a eukaryote species. The preparation and study of karyotypes is part of cytogenetics. In normal diploid organisms, autosomal chromosomes are present in two copies. They are homologous, from the parents, which should not be confused with replicated chromosomes that are identical. There may, or may be, be sex chromosomes. Polyploid cells have multiple copies of chromosomes and haploid cells have single copies. The study of whole sets of chromosomes is sometimes known as karyology.) Then they found that I have down syndrome. (Down syndrome, Down’s syndrome or trisomy 21 is a chromosomal disorder caused by the presence of all or part of an extra 21st chomosome.  Down syndrome or DS is the most common cause of mental retardation and malformation in a newborn. It occurs because of the presence of an extra chomosome. It is named after Dr. John Langdon H. Down.)


Years after I was a child, no matter I am born bringing joyful and energetic experience of laughter. So much free to move and so much loved to be enjoy sometimes brought them in a new life with me. As I grew up, no matter what the constant changes I have then I will face on my own fears. They brought me to Disneyland, the joy of bringing of excitement and eager to see a lot of happiness memories. Then I thought today that how come I didn’t remember them all. I was mere child before, because of the experience of happiness. Yet I still lack of my own knowledge. My grades and my performance somehow graduated from the first school I went in is Cupertino. Yes, I enjoyed much of the experiences is. But I was taught in Ateneo de Manila University to swim together with the swimming instructor which he was my cousin. I sought after when I asked my parents why the difference I could make from any other normal children. My behavior sometimes was crazy. Day in and day out, somehow I managed to be freely thinking of no worries. A child must portray to be example of excitement and laughter. People have had said that no matter the problems are, sometimes it loses in the sight and goes back a little to remember. But there were the times I was still a child.


The moment I was aware from my sight after the incident of electrocution. My parents rushed me to the hospital and said that I was important to them. So I succeeded on my own. Then the only I remembered during the times, there was an old lady and said to me, “How old are you?” I answered back, “10.” With her abruptly voice said, “you are acting like a 2 year old child, my dear. Respect the peace of the house of the Lord.” I was shocked when she said that to me. Yes, of course in fact, that’s the only one I can remember that I have to change. From that moment of my life, my life changed rapidly when I got into fourth grade. I was wearing everyday with the pants up on my belly and there it was that I have eyeglasses. Thinking my classmates thought that I was transformed easily. It’s because they didn’t know the truth the incident happened during the summer.


I fell in love in the subject of Science. And I fell in love with the Science teacher that I have to pursued about what I really like in the future. Until now, I am still thinking about her. Then to think about that, my life changed again when I reached fifth grade. The time I already have no glasses and I regained the sight I could remember my elementary friends until today. They were my first friends I have in my life. Enemies that I have transformed them to be friends with me. I became the social person at the age of 12 years old. The year of my life rapidly improved my lifetime before. I was so happy that I met them. I was not worried that I haven’t met some of my elementary friends from first grade to third grade and even my preschool days. What is really makes me happy that I remember and care about of them.


Before moving to sixth grade, I have had my first crush that she knew already when we met again in our get together party before. She knew along right on the spot we made fun to ourselves. Then about I was at the stage of teenage years. The life changed me again. I also became falling in love with the subjects of arts and music as well. But no matter what I am happy about is that I am really special person inside and out. I found that I have skills in drawing. Back then when I was in seventh grade (I’m the only one remaining seventh grade back in elementary days), I often too found another I admired about. It’s because of my valedictorian classmate who became my admiration. She reminded how can I love her so much. Instead that, I failed to capture her heart for me. The trust for us remained unknown and silent. I was curious what the intelligence person could have in their minds. Thinking in their place, I would probably end up as the top of the class. But I always remained the bottom of the class. But still, I was still happy of that.


After moving to high school years in freshman year, my subjects became too much of attention for me. I gained myself as a top student in the class. To be a confidence person is how we are special people about. But sometimes, my life couldn’t handle of much situation in every aspects of my life. Momentarily when I found out that my Biology teacher said that I have down syndrome when I reached in sophomore year. I came off from the school with my three sisters and walked directly to my parents. They said to me that I have down syndrome. It wasn’t fate that my life is so cruel. I didn’t manage to control my emotions are. I cried every night just to make up how the world managed to keep me alive. I already made some attempt to go suicide. Then my sister rescued me from the moment she said, “it’s not that good you go die, because you eventually go to hell.” Then I realized when my sister did saying to me. I was still curious, confused and dazed off of my life. Too much attention what would my life become in the part of my college years.


Before I was stepped out of high school years, the principal of the school and also the owner of the school have had said that my father wanted to be the guest speaker for the graduation rites. My father that I am proud because of him. He really made me so special for my family. Against all odds and problems through my life since the time of my birth, my preschool days, my elementary days and my high school days, my father explained how the school transformed to become a better person and become how to be called as a special person. All of my siblings went to the same school I went in preschool. Then I never thought cried, confused and excited at the same time I was about to graduate in high school. When my name was called, all of the people in the auditorium applauded to the reaction of my father’s speech. They gave a loud applause giving me the best student and improved student in the school. Because that was made so special my father told me that I really am a special person with down syndrome in my life.


After graduating from high school, the tests given during summer. I was given where to choose the university, college or wherever I can choose a school. I asked my mother that I always wanted to join in University of the Philippines in Baguio. Because of that, I was inspired by this one person and that was Rico Yan. It seems my mother didn’t want to go in her school just for me. Instead, my parents enrolled in the nearest college, and that is Montessori College. Eventually I got a high score of 88. My sister said to me that it was lucky to know the knowledge of high school and elementary years. But I rather chosen of culinary certificate in Center of Culinary Arts. From that very moment, I made some friends what to choose from the good and the bad ones. I jumped to another batch where I became friends of Diego Castro and Danica Sotto. But it didn’t matter to stay there because of that, I jumped to another batch again. This time, I joined in the batch of hopefuls that my grades have to manage to stay 3.0 average or above. Rarely in occasionally came not stronger to me. It’s because I jumped to another batch. I left the school for about 8 months just to study well in culinary knowledge. Somehow it really surprised me that I surpassed my third attempt in the Breakfast  course. I was happy that I succeeded. Then I enjoyed the rest years staying in culinary college.


To me, my goal before college is about to finish the college. That is my biggest dreams that ever achieved when I graduated in Center for Culinary Arts. So much to say that is eventually a calling for me to achieve. And I have never mentioned that I was happy all the time during my high school and college days. It is because I already achieved from the defeat of loss not to continue. I struggled from my problems and yet I approved them they were wrong about me. I faced all the challenges before, even the mightiest problems or merely like a small ant’s problems. I was happy and because I defeated the loss of sadness and have to carry on my shoulders with an exact strength I have. Which it is why I built the name of happiness in my life.


But the life carried me on after college. I lost one job to another job. Two months from my first job, then another came of three months contract of my second job that I lost again. After the third job lasted again for two months, my strength faded away. It seems my life deserted my happiness away. I was defeated by the sorrow and sadness through my years before. Then I thought that it was first time I held my first business and that is the cellphone loading business back in the year of 2006. My hopeful prayers answered me that time. It’s because I want to earn the experience of having a business. I was careless many times, somehow I spent some of my money playing in the internet online games. My mother scolded me many times, but ever since it became to my life that I have to stand up for reasons why.


After the brutal of 5 years of losing pain, hatred, confused and didn’t know what to do. Just like Sam in the movie of I Am Sam, I was confused whatever it takes in my life. I managed to get up last year and fought along the way just to prove I wasn’t worthy. I am worthy person that in fact I am extraordinary special person with talented skills. I joined the bandwagon of networking or multi-level marketing business last year. It changed my life so much. The verse of Jeremiah 29:11 said, “For I know the plans that I have for you says the Lord, plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give a future with hope.” Then another from the bible I really liked about is the Philippians 4:6 said, “Do not worry about anything, but in all prayers ask God for what you need, always asking Him with a thankful heart.” Two of the bible verses came stronger my faith and my hope with God is very exceptional for me. I was drained in the sorrowful and sadness years before, but now I gained much of my experiences and teachings from the knowledge I have had.


One of my mother’s friend said to me that I was really a special person with a kind heart. Not to weak people, but to make happiness for them is somehow my motto in my life. But I couldn’t care what I am saying. It’s because the last year is the biggest lessons I have to stand. Right before my aunt died, she came in my dreams and said, “Do not worry, my child, for I am here with you and eventually I will lead you to a brighter future to your prosperous life.” I asked myself why my aunt said that to me. Because until now, I couldn’t care much of myself and I know she is right beside of me thinking what I am doing good for somehow. I betray my own self to sorrow and sadness before. But now, I enjoy most of my life just to see how much of happiness would bring me back this year.


Oh yes, I remember now. The meaning of the name of Mikki doesn’t me end to write here. Mikki is the root word of happiness, or in the meaning of Mickey Mouse. I have minus the letters of -ckey and add with -kki. Then it delivers the name of Mikki. And how it begins with the name of that? I will show you of another story behind that.


Aside from playing addicted games of Ragnarok inspired me somehow after my college years. I am hooked in playing games of Ragnarok. Thus it came the hardcore online gaming called Khan Online and later it became, Khan Siberia. It was released by this Korean online game platform in Korea. They launched here in the Philippines about August 2003. I was still playing Ragnarok that time in the internet cafe. So the moment this cute and beautiful young lady stepped right beside me and said, “Want to care playing this game?” With my smirk on my face then I said, “Yes.” At the first glance of my stare, I was curious at her face. Her body curves a lot to me and I thought wanting to play the game. At home, I registered in the registration form of Khan Online. Somehow I couldn’t much thinking of unique name. Then I saw one beautiful character in the site and that was the Micko. The character Micko portrayed as the archer and the healer as well in the gaming platform. Then I renamed it into Mikki90. Somehow my character reached the built of characteristics of the character as well. The stamina, the agility, the intelligence and the mana itself increases rapidly every time I played the character. Then I joined in the guild clan called Renaissance. Somehow they saw me with my unique skills of the guild. I was addicted every time I logged in. Even the times I was about to go to the job, I woke up around 2 am in the morning and logged in. After one hour and a half, I closed the computer. Then I planned myself with a better bath and a better scent. That was the time I became addicted. Then it came to my life of having a load business during the month of June 2006. I used the business for the purpose to build the character’s statistics have to shoot up. Eventually the ranking in intelligence, I became in the list thinking that I have to heal more of other’s characters such as assassin, knight, cleric, and fellow healer-archer as well.


It is how it became the known of history of the name of Mikki. After that, I continued to use the name for as well. The dominant art site became the field of interest made my way to become an artist and also being part as a writer. Struggling by own history, I used many times in Flyff Online game, Perfect World and other few online games that I played in the past. But in Flyff Online game is my last online game I’ve ever played before then I semi-retired quitting to play the games. Somehow it returned the favors of the name, I kindly like the name of Mikki since the very beginning of 9th day of August, 2003 and that was Saturday afternoon, I still remembered up today. The name of Mikki struck to my head sometimes. Somehow I used that name to protect of my real identity is. Then it stuck through my whole life. Thus it became my second nickname because of me real name. I know it’s kindly hard to explain. But I don’t want to mention too much of my details about my profile. Since then, the name Mikki deserves the spot for me and has the meaning for me.


That is because I am so happy for my own success and I finally accepted my fate last year with the down syndrome I have is because of the name of Mikki. Mikki means so much to me. All the time I hear about the nickname I create is to make fun of myself to be a happy person. And I assume that is the goal of my life. The real elements of my site is very simple: artistic, unique and easy-to-read stories. It has always to be there with Art and Literature, Literature (English, Filipino and Spanish Literatures), Short Stories, Love Stories and other stories will have to unfold the real elements of the site of Itsmikki Studio. Why did I add the certain features of News article (business, entertainment, history, music, news, science, sports and technology) Other articles (agriculture, book, education, family, fashion, food, game, garden, holiday, movie, relationship, television and travel) and Special articles (family tree, Insensitive side of me series and wish list)? It’s because I want you to explore about feature articles I did some of my researching tools (including websites and other resources). And about that, I also added Life diary for you to recognize me as well knowing me better that I am really an extraordinary person with talented skills in writing, drawing and picturing as well. I really have down syndrome. No matter what sides you are looking at my face, it’s because I do have characteristics of down syndrome. And I am so happy that I will enjoy about this features as well. This is really what my future will unfold about my talents.


This is the another journey of my another story together with my site Itsmikki Studio.

Sixtieth-First English Quote:


When two souls are combined

half across the universe

is where we met,

far beyond ours reach

to the limitations,

and I can’t be hope

where I come from.


I stood what I want,

and never collapsed in

own feet,

for sometimes I can’t

tell every single detail,

that each day, month or year,

I can surpass each stage

I can do.


Every second that I breathe,

every moment that it takes,

no matter what shape it was,

no matter what you are,

the goodness is still

inside of you,

and it remains a good heart.


Smaller or taller,

old or young,

wise or stupid,

it’s neither them how to

step forward nor

whatever it takes.


The love still impacts,

inside of your heart

and forever that loving

is mutual understanding,

it is eternal life

that He chosen us to live,

that we sacrifice for Him above.


Sixtieth-Second English Quote:


The love serves no right to justify,

whether it’s dignity – 

hope or faith,

love maintains to secure us,

neither to hate nor to humiliate.


You care me,

take me unconditionally,

laugh with me

when sadness tears goodbye away.


I stand in the door waiting patiently,

that’s what I really understand,

the meaning of true love is.


I’m bound to seek a new faith,

then to love one another,

and have a great plan

to prosperity life,

with a new family that creates,

in God’s care and

unconditional love we have now.




“Love can take us apart, love sometimes tears us breaking apart, but somehow we grow in our maturity heart in terms of loving unconditionally.” Sometimes when I pray, I pray for the goodness we have today. When I also love to beloved, I grow my heart with a deeper relationship with Him above. In this two episodes of greater love, the perspective point of view of life will grow our relationship as friends, or family, or relatives.


In 61st English quote poem, it tells us how to grow up in our emotional, physical and integrity we have with Him above. Basically it’s none of us how to begin with the love we grow today. But somehow I create new love together I have discover, and that is how we teach ourselves building our lives away from insecurities or envying from others. It is just how we teach yourself to be a better person. To be a better person is how we create our inner self to be an outcome in outside as well. Which it reminds me when I was in high school, I was usually alone and not to be friendly for anyone I can talk to.


Years later when I found the true love is, somehow I connect myself with Him. And I open myself with a brighter version of new doors to open. When I realize, somehow I look myself in a better positive life. That means that you have to build your personality to be a positive person. Without it, somehow I lost myself in the way I cannot look myself in a better road.


In 62nd English quote poem, this one is a better example to create yourself a relationship in a new life. When I create relationship, somehow I loses my way to be friends with some of my old friends. In the past, I have enemies. When I forget that I have enemies, instead I give themselves a special relationship building a new friendship.Yes of course, anyone can have enemies. But somehow when you have enemies, you create a new diversion to love them unconditionally. It is better way in a new life as a better person.


And I really like what I am now today. Stress-free with no worries about worrying enemies, I feel somehow that you cannot grow another hatred in your life. Well, of course, I have problems. You don’t have to hide your problems too. You pray your problems to fade away. But sometimes a smaller problems can create a new bigger problems. Let me give you an example behind that. Have you seen the video of Senator Miriam Santiago saying all her enemies not to molest her, instead she calls them with a m word? Which it’s exactly creating a new problem is still problem for her. She doesn’t know how to handle her enemies as well. Creating a new enemies, of course, finds you a new problem. And that’s how you need to find yourself not to recreate another set of problems.


This is the kind of two episodes of either the powerful explanations I could bring about. For me, it doesn’t give that worries. Praying is also one of the powerful to give for the Lord that can exchange you for good. But sometimes not all of our prayers doesn’t answer right away. It needs you to be patience waiting for you in the right time. For an example, when you need a job right away, it doesn’t need to be answering right away. It is just you have to wait for the right time and right place. It is because He will guide you in a prosperous life as well.

13 is not the unlucky number for me. It’s not that crazy, but for somehow I believe that number has something to do a magical whimsical power. Obviously when are heard of going to 13 years, is that sounds crazy for you? I believe it not. There are many details around for that number.


13 is a smallest number between 12 and 14 with eight letters in its name out in English. The numbers 13 through 19 is the ages of teenagers.  Why bothering in the first place of the number 13? In speech although for some people, it confused that it is sometimes mistaken are 13 and 30. (Like this movie: 13 going 30) Whenever it happens, it is unusually for me saying this word, however in other people’s minds, the numbers sometimes is contrasting such as 13, 14 and 15 as well. Some others say that lunar-solar calendars are sometimes called there’s a 13th month. Which it is approximately 12.41 lunations per solar year, and there is true months, plus a smaller and some portentous somehow.


In the way of tradition, if you think some 12 apostles in a last supper together with Jesus, that number 13 is usually the lucky number bringing the luck every time it passes. Why do you think about that way? Simple, I have auntie who falls her birthday in the day of 13, and also my grandmother’s birthday also falls to the number 13 as well. Who can make it fact if there is a real superstitious behind the 13?


Friday the 13th is a date considered that is bringing bad luck in western superstition. Although some of them aren’t real, because numbers somehow for me doesn’t concern me well. One of folklorists said that there is no written evidence for a Friday the 13th superstition before the 19th century. One person died whose name is Henry Sutherland Edwards who died on a Friday the 13th of November. Who could thought of that thing deserving in the place being is already written.


From the name of Frigga is the name of Norse goddess for whom Friday is named, and triskaidekaphobia means the fear of the number thirteen as well or paraskevidekatriaphobia, a concatenation of the Greek words Parekevi meaning “Friday.”


There are some many sources well in the meaning of the Friday the 13th which it’s hardly to explain in numerology. The movie of Friday the 13th is an American horror franchise that consists of eleven slasher films, a television show, novels, comic books, video games and merchandise. The franchise is mainly based on the fictional character of Jason Voorhees, who drowned at Camp Crystal as a boy due to the negligence of the teenage counselors. Decades later, the lake is rumored to be “cursed” and is the setting for a series of mass murders. Jason is featured in all of the films, either as the killer or as the motivation for the killings. The original film was written by Victor Miller, and was produced and directed by Sean S. Cunningham, later films brought in others for these positions. There are 12 series of this movie which has made first on 1980, a year before I came born in this world.


Friday the 13th films:

Friday the 13th (May 9, 1980)

Friday the 13th Part 2 (April 30, 1981)

Friday the 13th Part 3 (August 13, 1982 and May 13, 1983 “re-released”)

Friday the 13th: The Final Chapter (April 13, 1984)

Friday the 13th: A New beginning (March 22, 1985)

Friday the 13th Part VI: Jason Lives (August 1, 1986)

Friday the 13th Part VII: The New Blood (May 13, 1988)

Friday the 13th Part VIII: Jason Takes Manhattan (July 28, 1989)

Jason Goes to Hell: The Final Friday (August 13, 1993)

Jason X (April 26, 2002)

Freddy vs. Jason (August 15, 2003)

Friday the 13th (February 13, 2009)


(Notes: Source from,,


For me, it doesn’t matter whether you believe in this numerology series although I admit the films are kind of horror flicks. When I saw first watching that movie, it doesn’t me scared the second time or even how many times you watched in the television, or in the movie channels as well. Friday the 13th is a common name for some folklores stories athough some of the numbers are mistaken an unlucky number. 13 is not a unlucky number, for me it is a lucky number. What will you do if you see in the building without a 13th floor in the building? Be honest with me. Count one to hundred. When you surpass the number 13, you can’t say adding some 13, 14, 15 or so forth numbers are. The 13 is somewhat a sum of 4 which it’s very typical number of a word meaning love for me. You can’t determine which it’s the love word. Any kind of 4 letter words has a meaning of the sum of 13. Which I’m paranoid in this numerology, sometimes I sum the total of 13. You have to add together the numbers of 1 plus 3 that is equally of 4. I am not pretty sure if you are doing this. But practically in my life, it wasn’t just the same number for anything. And who could forget the Mayan calendar that it is said this year 2012 would bring some unanswered questions to give us a distraction from natural disasters. But in my case, it’s not that theory I just made up above. For somehow reasons why, I do not allow entertaining some bluffs of the 13 in my mind. Because that is what is supposed to some superstitions you are believing. Which it is why this is a perfect article you can read about it.

The job sites are very not accurate for me sometimes. But to think when you are looking for a job, sometimes I have to look in the newspapers to correct if there is a job available as well. Maybe I wasn’t lucky enough in my recent years a jobless person. Things you can remember how to do find a job perfect that suits for you. Remember there is always an opportunities everywhere.


TIPS to look for a job:

(1) Always chin up your head first before planning and looking for a job.

(2) Be always positive and look ahead your plans.

(3) When looking for opportunities in the newspaper ads, always cross the article you are reading and review in the website also.

(4) As you’re done reviewing from the website (If you don’t have computer in your home, try asking for your friends about the company details), dress smart. You don’t have to dress a casual or semi-formal for anything to show your employer. If the employer calls you up and tells you to dress in casual, always do a casual. If it’s semi-formal, do it what he or she says.

(5) At your employer, do not cross anything from your fingers or don’t do any small gestures. (Pray in your way going to the employer or sing a song so the stress will go away from you.)

(6) Do not say uhms or any some pauses from your conversation.

(7) Always calm and give your best answers. Do not let them eat in your words. Otherwise you end up cannot go in the employer’s building.

(8) When you’re not get in the job, do not give up for the next employer. As always said, “There are many fishes in the sea.”

(9) Then again, be more productive for your ethic gestures like “good morning if it’s morning daylight, etc.” and some “thank you for having time with you and I would like to chat with you the next time we meet.” It’s more appropriate way to impress the employer as if you’re already a professional getting a job in the first place.


TIPS to look other opportunities:

(1) Always be positive at the start of your new day.

(2) Be again with your ethic attitudes like “What a wonderful day ahead for me.” That will be impact for everyone looking at you are giving example as a positive person.

(3) Start planning if you are not getting a job, and the door is always open for opportunities such as business or home-blogging as well.

(4) If you are an addict to computer, start making a blog site you are planning to get started to write.

(5) If you are needing to have business, ask and consult with your family and friends first. Let them know if you are ready for this.

(6) Start a new small capital business. Do not go to the risky business like going ahead looking for a networking business.

(7) Always remind yourself that you are always to welcome to some work and business at the same time.

and (8) Do not afraid to commit your goals in life whether it’s long-term or small-term, ex. like getting a plan to buy a cellphone.


When I first encountered out of college years, I always thought I never dream to get a job. Looking drastically and dying to get a job is not necessarily to enjoy there. For somehow reasons why if you are not getting to a job, go look for another opportunities as well. I was loaded in my years before when I came in the first place in my culinary years. And when I agree for something I really like, I do it properly with a perfect positive life. There are no short-cuts in getting a job. In fact, I have experience already that. It really hurts for me and for you to get in your way. But for somehow, I always tell myself that I am not giving up for my dreams not doing properly. I always tell that I have to stand up no matter what I kneel to my knees or fall to my knees as well. Giving up without a fight is a win-win situation. If you are losing something, then let it go. It might lead you to a deeper portion of your life. When you are handling to something a bigger opportunity, go for it and grab it instantly.


When I fail in networking business or the multi-level marketing business as well, it ends up for me not working properly. I used up for my most time chatting every day waiting for the person to get in the business. People are greedy sometimes in money. When the money is buying for MLM, it always says to me that money is not buying my happiness. So I come back and wake up in my life that this is not meant for me. So I never say that I quit, I always tell myself there are more possibilities in life you are getting a new line up for opportunities to come for me. Why didn’t I enjoy from there? Because that was my biggest lesson in my life. When I learn something, I gain knowledge from my past behind and work it properly in the future as well. The informal settlers for example, they are arriving here in Manila and looking for a better life. When they are here in Manila and stop for what they are doing, they end up already in shanty homes. I don’t grow up in shanty areas instead I gain knowledge from my friends as well. There are my friends when they need one just like me. I am not choosing rich or poor in my life. I divide them to the equality attitude. When Jose Rizal died, I weeped. When Rico Yan also died, I also weeped. When no matter what life chooses us, I instantly never give up for my life waiting for another opportunity to grow.


Instead of that, I always look for a better option and that is the better doors to open in the future. What about you when you need a job in the first place? We always want to help someone they need for money. I do not want to be greedy as well in the money. I always tell if I am going to be richer someday, I will put them in a good condition just like in your foundation program or something you can donate your money. When you are dying, money won’t bring you in the heaven. It always end up in the land feeding for some unfortunate people. Many people are jobless, well some of few that I know. I give you an example one more time, this time it’s from my knowledge as well.


Remember when you are encountering people are leaving in the Philippines because they are looking for a better option to leave the land where you are born. This is a precise example. When Filipino leaves for something better future in the foreign land, we always have to learn the culture, the history and the economy as well in the futile of foreign land. When we give our hopes for the Philippines, I always remember that there are more treasures for us. It is because my example of treasure is the land of the Philippines. There are thousand opportunities in the Philippines not knowing some of few or many people are seeking leaving the country. Thinking that I will build some you want to be success. You don’t need to own a land just to operate the company. Always seek in the bottom first. When you are in the below, you are scouting the area and learn from your improvements as well. And I always fight what is right opportunity for me is. Because there are the possible things it will come for you eventually. And believing in your dreams is very important when you are seeking.


Dreams are sometimes more than imagination just to speculate more widening in your horizons as well. People I find are very extra careful from there. People I look sometimes are not that quite easy. But somehow I find it hard to believe that many doctors today are seeking to do a job as a nurses rather nursing a patient in your office. Few people I know in my life, yet they are still seeking a job in other countries as well. When I am dreaming for something bad to happen, I don’t want to wake up but instead I tell them not to do the wrong-doing activities in life as well. Fighting a dreams is very important. Because now I already know what to do in my life and that is because the internet lives in our generation. Writing is my passion and advocate in my life. Knowing that I am going back to blogging as well is the first place I remember in the past years I have. Literature is also important for me and the language comes in the first place of literature as well. I am doing this for what my decisions are. Sometimes I find occasionally the dreams are really opening the opportunities to come. Because I live in dreams as well and I believe.


(Note: I am writing this for my experiences and learnings in my life when I am going to get a job as well. You might do the same I will do.)

Student is the best years that we have to study during our preschool years, elementary years, high school years (or middle school years in some other countries) and college years. Of course, you don’t want to miss the vocational years or master in degree years also. Studying for most of all us are very important. Let me get straight for the point of view.


Studying means (1) the application of the mind to the acquisition of knowledge, as by reading, investigation, or reflection, (2) the cultivation of a particular branch of learning, science or art, (3) a personal effort to gain knowledge, (4) something studied or to be studied and (5) a research or a detailed examination and analysis of a subject, phenomenon, etc.


Knowledge means (1) acquaintance with faces, truths or principles, as from study or investigation, (2) familiarity or conversance, as with a particular subject or branch of learning, (3) acquaintance or familiarity gained by sight, experience or report, (4) the fact or state of knowing, the perception of fact or truth, clear and certain mental apprehension and (5) awareness, as of a fact or circumstance.




When we were kids, we study to grow our knowledge in school such as mathematics, science, history and language as well. When we exquisite our knowledge, we opt to be sharing our knowledge to others. If commit to be a leader, it always been a knowledge that the student in fact is studying at home and at school as well. Many others are quitting to study because of the financial problems or as “I don’t want to go school” attitude. Simply ask them why they are not going to school with this simple questions: “Why do you want in the first place don’t want to go to the school” or “Do you want to transfer to other school?”


Other kids are scared to go to the school because of the family values. We share our knowledge to our children. For my age, I am already 31 years old writing down this article. I have finished going to the culinary college at my age of 19. But to tell you, in fact, many children in the Philippines I see in this generation skipping two preschool years and skipping one year of grade school. That will be the outcome of 7 years to learn in the preschool and elementary. When you sum up with the high school years, it will be total of 11 years. When I graduated from culinary college, I am already at the age of 22 years. It’s not the age competition or the age bracket is matter of. Education is the basic knowledge we have to learn from school.


Some others when they are learning from home, somehow in my ideas, suffering from family values as well. When you put to the school’s knowledge, you gain some of the important facts. For example, I went going back to my vocational course of digital because I want to gain some knowledge more of the commercial or animation facts as well. Students nowadays are sometimes going to the internet cafe after their school hours and not reporting to their parents about their failure grades. In fact, computer today are very educational programs. But do not tend the generation’s fault because of the internet age as well.


I do not blame for the internet age. In fact, I was lack of knowledge when I heard some of the schools today have computer courses in high school elective subjects. I don’t assuring to be gain but to go back instead to learn the process of education.


Failures in my life before: (1) I am not of the top average class, in fact I am under average student when I am still in elementary days, (2) back from the preschool years, my parents wanted to learn the education in writing and speaking in the language form, and (3) in high school years, my only one subject is below 80. So that means I am not that intelligent person as the average others are.


Tips for student’s life: (1) keep an eye for your child going to the school and wait for them to go inside, (2) after the school bell rings, (thanks for this generation) ask them in the cellphone where they are now and what time are they coming and (3) open up with a conversation with your child doing his or her best at the school. You might know that some of the children I see in the street going to the internet cafes nowadays. Sometimes, they ended chatting and chatting in the mall knowing their time is already up. You have also to catch up with this generation as well I do the same. But then again, I am extraordinary person with down syndrome. With this abilities to writing down an article is the best way to achieve in every person’s knowledge.


Cultivating the books is still the best way to create the student’s life for each of the parents today. It is one of the way to opt our children to read books. When your child is full in knowledge, create a short quiz for him or her. And let him or her answer if the item on the paper is correct. Somehow it doesn’t want me to do that. In my past studies, I did that already. And I asked some of my  friends if I can pass the quiz as well. Maybe somehow it doesn’t want to create a new way of life. Normally I study every day until now even I am in adult already. I always tell myself to study hard. If the children are hungry for knowledge to learn, and I am always find the way to do that and apply for my own studies as well. Studying is not that hard enough, it’s just have to be patience when you are studying. It makes no sense if your stomach is empty, let your body needs an attention to the food you eat. And go back as well to study again.


On my part, it doesn’t contrary to be that way. For my knowledge to create this article, it really evolves me and involves me the way I am studying anything I can absorb of any knowledge as well. Just ask me a comment if what your mind tells you about and I will answer the best answer I can do.

It all started long ago when Marina settled in the hundred islands in Southeast country. It was said the islands soon will start to become the archipelago country. With the massive 7,107 islands, Marina and Diego set foot on the island of the heart of Cebu islands, the Mactan island. Marina and Diego was sooner to expect their first baby to be born. But since their baby was expected to be born soon. Diego and his friends spent in the woods logging in the trees. Day and night, they built a house around the island. It was said that it’s the first house to be build in the island.


When the Cebu natives of saw the magnificient house near their sight at night, one by one crawled and sneaked in the house. One of the natives, the son of Datu Saman Hya, is San Hya looked in Marina’s eyes. When Marina drew shocking in her tone, Diego and his friends went back quickly to the house they were building. Diego and his friends came too late when Diego’s wife, Marina, was captured by the Cebu natives.


As quickly in the deeper forest, the half-naked natives were quickly in their feet to run capturing one of the foreigners in the Mactan island. Marina gazed down in the hill as she saw some a tribe natives dancing in their beautiful huts built in tree branches. One of the head natives was Datu Saman Hya, who looked down to the captured foreigner in their land. Datu Saman heed his members to come closer to the foreigner. As Marina spoke, the natives didn’t how to speak with the foreigner.


Days and nights, Diego and his friends went looking for Marina in the deeper forest. Then Don Andrew Lapid, a Portuguese trader, came in the island to search together for Marina. As the month passed by, Marina gave birth to a baby boy and she named her baby boy, Mark. But the natives learned their language when they sneaked out from the foreigners. San Hya said that the boy shall called the Star. Every time Marina and San argued Marina’s baby, they spent together in the wooden house. San Hya ordered to his father that Marina needs her husband in her side. But Datu Saman can’t answered from San Hya’s wishes. Soon after Don Andrew searched in the lower hills, he saw once in the night that there’s fire near the water. And the natives were found by his exploring.


Don Andrew and Diego found their way going down to the hill with the exploring team and Diego’s friends. As the foreigners were closer to the tribe, both parties came closer to a brutal fight. Then Marina stopped the fight between the natives and her husband as well. Instead, Diego, Don Andrew and the exploring team were captured in the hands of natives. Their hands were hanged in the trees as the the head tribe chief came closer. Datu Saman asked them why they are here for this island and what elements are they looking for. Don Andrew, on his part, knew Datu Saman’s language which it’s Malay language. He said in a Malay language, “We are looking for Marina to return. And we are deeply want her by Diego’s side and raise his family as well in this island of Maktu.”


Datu Saman said, “This is not the island of Maktu. We are the tribe natives of Mactan. And we are proclaiming for you to leave this island.” Then Don Andrew answered in his appropriate voice, “Sorry, my highness. But I cannot do that. We have found the way to cooperate with you. We will trade you our knowledge and teach you the values under the religion we have.” The tribe chief swayed to the left and to the right. He ordered to the native tribesmen to hang down the foreigners. Soon after Don Andrew and Diego were untied to their hands. Don Andrew taught the native tribesmen to understand their language the very next day.


People in Mactan island were said to be the generous people they have found. Don Andrew, Diego, Marina and Diego’s son Mark were settled peace with the tribesmen. After two years later, Mark played with the chief’s daughter, the five year-old Lau Seen Hya. Lau and Mark played together near the tribe. When San Hya were hunted together with Don Andrew, their knowledge in hunting became a bonding friendship. As the sun goes down, the moon lit up in the night. The natives were happily watching Lau Seen Hya and Mark dancing around the fire. Marina stayed near from her son Mark together in the tribesmen.


When the war broke near the Mactan island, another Portuguese explorer and his men fought with Lapu-Lapu in the year of 1521. Marina’s son, Mark, was already a teenager already at the age of 14. Datu San Hya became the next datu when his father died five years ago dying in his sickness. Datu San Hya helped with Lapu-Lapu defeating the Portuguese sailors in the island. Ferdinand Magellan saw his friend, Don Andrew Lapid. But because of the war broke, the other islands were colonized by the Spaniards and Portuguese traders. Lau Seen Hya and Mark became more than friends but as the lovers instead. Mark and Lau Seen saw what the battle near the hills. One by one dropped in the sand. As the Portuguese were defeated in the island. Datu San Hya and Lapu-Lapu became winners in the Mactan island. But what they didn’t know that other Spaniards already colonized the Cebu already and ready to colonize the Mactan island in the future as well.


Mark led with the exploring team together with his father, Diego, in the Cebu island. They saw the improvements of the island. But what they saw is their relative, Miguel Lopez de Legazpi. Don Andrew, Diego and Mark sighted the land with rich in soil plants. They discovered the beautiful Cebu. But when Don Andrew and Mark went back to Mactan island by the raft boat they built, Mark saw his mother’s illness lying in the tribesmen’ wooden house. Mark and Lau Seen Hya became worrying their start of the changes of the island. As they became each other, Mark and Lau Seen Hya became a newly-wed couple. Mark was already at his age of 22 and Lau Seen Hya was at her age 25 years old. Two of them became the sun and the moon of the island. But their problems between the tribesmen and the foreigners were not enough to fight each other again.


Soon Diego fell to the tribesmen’s trap, he was caught dead with the poisoned arrow stuck in his left arm. Both parties of tribesmen and the foreigners exchanged in the brutal fight, Don Andrew was the only survivor in their camp near the hill slopes have left the island. Mark was left all alone with his new wife, Lau Seen Hya in the tribesmen’s wooden house. Both of them knew that Mark won’t be lasted in the island as well. As soon as it goes, Lau and Mark have fled away from the Mactan island. Their lives became peace in their minds. As they reached the Bohol’s soil, Mark built a better home for both of them. Lau Seen Hya was the only daughter of Mactan’s hope but eventually left the island for the hope she joined with her new husband as well. But the driven anger grew every day and night in Mactan. Datu San Hya searched for his sister’s safe with the Mactan’s hope and destiny.


Mark replaced his wife’s name from Lau Seen Hya to Laura Cecilia Ruiz when he baptized Laura in the river. Laura and Mark became silent and peace in the land of Bohol as they raised their little three children. Their eldest son, Anthony became their cook for his family. While the two daughters of Laura and Mark were Celestine and Maria, after Mark’s mother died surviving in her sickness of unfound sick. Mark and Anthony were scouted the area near their home. Laura became relentless when the father and the child stopped for the while and returned to their home. When the Cebu was settled at peace and also the Mactan island, Datu San Hya ordered his tribesmen to scout in the southern island called Bohol. Five years later, Laura and Mark grew their family into six wonderful children. Anthony was already in his teenage years and Celestine became the maiden of the house. The six year old Maria did her part as she cleaned around the house. Two sons, Brian and James were born after Maria’s birth. Then another daughter Sarah was the last child Laura could bring for the family.


When Datu San Hya’s tribesmen found Laura in the settling house along the public dirt road, they quickly recommended Laura to return in Mactan’s island as Laura discovered her brother was already sick. Mark and together his six children, Anthony, Celestine, Maria, Brian, James and Sarah were stopped before Laura’s decision to come. But Mark and his children also came with Laura in the Mactan’s island where the tribesmen also accompanied them. At Laura’s sight, she saw Datu San Hya was joking for his illness that Laura came. Datu San Hya was the chief’s son after all. But she explained why she left Mactan for good to raise her six children. Datu San Hya saw his beautiful nieces and handsome nephews as well. Although he’s not agreed to his terms, Anthony, the eldest child of Mark and Laura stepped in as he said to his tone of his voice, “If my mother won’t allow with such of your foolishness, I will not accept either of your funny jokes that you are sick. You are the father’s son who raised to be just like him. We will go now.”


Datu San Hya was impressed to Anthony’s attitude. Anthony got from Mark’s father attitude to be burden from the mother’s promises. Then Mark, Laura and their six children left the Mactan island and went back to Bohol. Laura became older in Bohol when Mark learned the illness from Mactan and Bohol. He quickly told his Don Andrew’s friends to go in Bohol. As the Portuguese traders came in Bohol, few of them cured Laura’s illness. But eventually Laura died after six months with her illness spreading from her body. Mark and his six children went back to Mactan island to return to Datu San Hya’s sister to them. But the six children remained in the island as well. Datu San Hya accepted the knowledge that Mark will allow to teach other tribesmen to their teachings. As the community of Mactan island grew and grew, the star was already born because of Mark’s six children. And because of that, Mark’s children gave another birth of another generation.


Anthony became a friar becoming the first priest of Mactan island. Celestine gave birth to five children, Celina, Jose, Leonardo, Samantha and Philips. Maria married the richest man of Cebu, Don Antonio and gave birth to four children, Sandy, Mark Jr., Nympha and Ferdinand. Brian was also given as the friar’s apprentice and also became as the priest. James married the Portuguese politician, Ingrid Vasquez and Ingrid gave birth to five children, James John, Joshua, Isabelle, James Jr. and Indielle. Mark’s youngest child, Sarah died at the age of nine because of the sickness of unknown sick. The future of star’s generation lies between Mark and Laura that will come the new generation as well.


Many people believes that the friendship between the foreigners and the tribe natives are not becoming one of us as Filipinos today. But we learn the value of friendship. Many of us have betray in their homeland. And some of us returns to their homeland. One shall go and one shall return. The value in the lessons of this story comes to an end. It is how we encounter new friends and we make enemies. We do not make enemies at first, but instead they become our friends in the end. Many of us didn’t enjoy the happy ending. But what I write here in this story is the value of the friendship between the foreigners from Portugal and Spain and also the tribesmen that we called it the Filipinos of the Philippines. These fictional characters are not intentionally to get in your real lives. In fact, I have added Magellan, Lapu-Lapu and other historical names as the only true people who discovered the Philippines. I, the author of the short story, come up with a little short story with these fictional characters.


(Note: It takes me six days and five nights to create the short story and that it finished today in afternoon lunch. This was started last Saturday and finished today.)

Different meanings of the Art:


Art means (1) the quality, production, expression, or realm, according aesthetic principles, of what is beautiful, appealing, or of more than ordinary significance, (2) the class of objects subject to aesthetic criteria; works of art collectively, as paintings, sculptures, or drawings, and (3) a field, genre, or category of art.


Different meanings of the Literature:


Literature means (1) writings in which expression and form, in connection with ideas of permanent and universal interest, are characteristic or essential features, as poetry, novels, history, biography and essays, (2) the entire body of writings of a specific language, period, people, etc., (3) the writings dealing with a particular subject, and (4) the profession of a writer or an author.


(Reference from


Literature describes me the best deal of my life, for somehow reasons why I cannot explain I am doing this. First of all, I’m not that kind of good writer or as author as well. I’m writing because I love what I am writing down each word by word from every sentences I make. But to tell you, literature for me is a good practice for all of us making to improve my sentences every time I write about an article. Being a writer is not an easy job, then you have to make the perspective point of view, or some juggling ideas out of the back of the mind. For somehow, writing for me is easily done with my fingers.


I like literature from the start of my journey way back in 10th December of 1998, Thursday lunch break afternoon. It was so dull and boring day. Then I have to wait for my classmates to go back and our subject teacher as well. And of course, somehow when I am looking for something I want to look in the blackboard (the green blackboard, not the white board), easily my eyes imagine some words are popping out of the blackboard. Then one word comes out of mind and that is the poetry. Poetry makes me interesting to learn in our daily lives or our routine as well. Without literature, we won’t make fuss about the newspaper everyday delivering in our doors, in the gates or sometimes to the person they are reaching. Simple tasks as a poet makes so simple. You have to make some paragraphs and a shorter lines. Then out of nowhere you have to think another verse of a poem’s paragraph. Sometimes I write about where I can think about from songs or a particularly subject I am thinking. That subject is a person.


When I think of one person, I simply amazes her talent, her beauty or her profession because of her intelligence. The intelligence somehow discovers me if she is really that smart enough. Or was it she thinking about me, it’s like vice-versa thinking of creating the poem. In the sonnet when I am making, it started during my summer time. On the day of 27th of May of 1999, a week before the school year starts our graduating senior year class, that very day of Thursday, I simply got out of piece of paper and started to make some words from the back of my mind. One by one and word by word, looking in a boring day with the sun sets to my room and breezing branches of a tree somehow came to my mind, then I finished writing down a sonnet. It was my first sonnet. I have had managing to finish my first sonnet waiting for the school year starts. Then it comes to my amazed mind, it dreams for me suddenly I wake up. The girl I am chasing for is that she is already taken. Somehow I lost my way, and to create another sonnet, a devastating sad sonnet.


Wide awaken from my eyes to think, looking for a change subject creates me another set of words. I write about of this song. Then I thought about it is to write a song. I was a music lover listening to the music every time I open the radio loudly from my room. Sudden from the burst out of nowhere, our maid downstairs suddenly said to me that I have to lower down the volume I was listening to the music. I laughed to my sickness laugh. With that laugh somehow it whispers me back to think about of that song. And that song is about the hate and love. I often know what to do and what to think about. I cry for somehow reasons why when I am creating the song. For about a half of an hour, I just finished my lyrics song without a tune. I simply create with my own lullaby and of course, the tone of my song. There it was, sometimes it amazed me of my life being as a singer or a songwriter.


To tell you about, this is the crazy of my journey as a poet. I didn’t realize that I have talents in writing. After so many years passed in the year of 2005, my life was dull, boring and never to do anything so stupid about it. But to create another mischief of my life, I suddenly stopped thinking playing of nonsense of online games. But I was timid and stubborn as I continued to be an avid online gamer playing some of the online games, which it’s the Khan Online. From out of nowhere when I came home, I pulled out of blank sketch pad and drew the character from the Khan Online. I drew about the assassin and of course, without notice I made some of numerous character designs for my trilogy comic novel books The Anthology of Firelava, The Anthology of Fireice and The Legendary of Fireice.


When I was creating them, I was knowledgeable about the literature. Literature comes crossing to my artworks of character designs. Then to think, without a good story of a character somehow cannot complete with a perfect idea in the literature as well. I laughed to my ideas and instantly I said “Yes, I can!” I brought my artworks in to the life. In the very start of the story, I have to think about the past. Then to think my venture about volcanoes, I have started to write my own version in japanese anime characters against the X-men series, the western drawings. What a laughter I started to write, somehow I created them in the first place. Without an idea can’t cross from the story.


One word from another and one move to create the perfect character design comes to a writing contest. I created the finish version of the first comic novel book The Anthology of Firelava in the paper. Then I transferred them later in the computer to be rewritten as well. I can’t imagine my whole life just to finish the first comic novel book. Then when about the underway of my second comic novel book The Anthology of Fireice comes of another adventure after the death of Firelava giving birth to Fireice. The moment I was waiting for me is to create another waste of story and that it came to me the version of Dragon Ball anime in the television. I called them, the game platform look-like anime comic novel book Negaza. The word Negaza came to my attention and where the hell of that word came from. I started to write 10 chapters, then drew some of the character designs as well. When my mother told me about some negative thoughts all the time during 2007 to 2008, that word of negative transferred to my back of my head. From the root word of negative, means nothing or zero, I deleted the letters of -tive from the negative word. Then to add from the nega is the letters of za means zero. The letter a is out of nowhere as it looks like the word from the Japanese dictionary. And then I called it on my version of Dragon Ball series, the Negaza. It is way look stupid that it is.


Negaza came across to my attention the year of early 2008. From the game character names I used from the online game of Flyff Online game, three of them comes alive in my story of Negaza. As the story unfolds in the next 10 chapters, I stopped right there just to add some elements and that is the mix of the alchemist story from Full Metal Alchemist. The story there is about two brothers. Well, in my story revolves with the twisted insane story, with the cloud riders as well. From my idea of making The Anthology of Fireice, that characters from there double my imaginations as if it happens the cloud riders in real life. Zooming in and zooming out and flying down or flying up, and of course my imagination goes unimaginable things in the story as well. Sweeping from the clouds or just diving from the skies suddenly appears her clouds to her feet creating a cloud riding. Then to think about that, I came up with a simple game platform version of it. That is why it never makes a dull and boring story if there is no twisted or another come up of ideas as well. Negaza is about the three sisters plus their mysterious brother who comes up for the rescuing part of the end of the story. Aside from the story there is the cloud riding girl and her long-lost brother who is the next alchemist of all time. The legendary cloud riding and the legendary alchemist are also added in the story elements. Which it’s really hard to explain how to create a massive perfect story.


And of course, if it’s the same for me to continue the longer version of chapter of Negaza series. The containing of the story is very peculiar although it has the elements in Dragon Ball and Full Metal Alchemist series. Laugh all you can if you are not serious to read my comic novel books. It will take me for few years to complete or months maybe if I am more productive this year. And for the trilogy comic novel books, The Anthology of Firelava, The Anthology of Fireice and The Legendary of Fireice will be there in no time. The first two books are already done, but it has to be added some of few infamous characters in the trilogy comic novel books. When I am about to finish all of four comic novel books in years or months (if I am more productive), I will update you. This is the first books I’ve written about since 2006 up to the present times.

What is the meaning of Down Syndrome?


Down syndrome or DS is the most common cause of mental retardation and malformation in a newborn. It occurs because of the presence of an extra chromosome. It was first described in 1866 by Dr. John L.H. Down (1828-1896) an English Physician. Down syndrome occurs about once in every 800 births. It is estimated that about 6,000 children are born with DS each year in the United States.


About John Langdon Haydon Down (18 November, 1828 – 7 October 1896)


John Langdon Haydon Down was born in Torpoint, Cornwall. He was descended on his father’s side from an Irish family, his great-great grandfather having been Protestant bishop of Derry. His sister’s daughters eventually married into the Adrian, Darwin, and Keynes families. John Down went to local schools including the Devonport Classical and Mathematical School. At age of 14, he was apprenticed to his father, the village apothecary at Anthony St. Jacob’s. The vicar gave him a present of Arnott’s Physics which made him determined to take up a scientific career. At the age of 18, he went to London where he got a post working for a surgeon in the Whitechapel Road where he had to bleed patients, extract teeth, wash bottles and dispense drugs. Later he entered the pharmaceutical laboratory in Bloomsbury Square and won the prize for organic chemistry. He also met Michael Faraday and helped him with his work on gases.


In 1866, he wrotye a paper entitled “Observations  on the Ethnic Classification of Idiots” in which he put forward the theory that it was possible to classify different types of conditions by ethnic characteristics. He listed several types including the Ethiopian type. He is most famous for his classification of what is known as Down syndrome, named after him, but which he classified as the Mongolian type of Idiot. As a result, Down syndrome was also known as Mongolism and people with Down syndrome referred to as Mongoloids.




Karyotype or from the Greek word, karyon, or kernel, seed or nucleus, is the number and appearance of chromosomes in the nucleus of a eukaryotic cell. The term is also used for the complete set of chromosomes in a species, or an individual organism.




Causes and symptoms of Down syndrome:

Babies with Down syndrome tend to be overly quiet, less responsive, with weak, floppy muscles. Furthermore, a number of physical signs may be present.


  • Flat appearing face
  • Small head
  • Flat bridge of the nose
  • Smaller than normal, low-set nose
  • Small mouth, which causes the tongue to stick out and to appear overly large
  • Upward slanting eyes
  • Extra folds of skin located at the inside corner of each eye, near the nose (called epicanthal folds)
  • Rounded cheeks
  • Small, misshapen ears
  • Small, wide hands
  • An unusual, deep crease across the center of the palm (called a simian crease)
  • A malformed fifth finger
  • A wide space between the big and the second toes
  • Unusual creases on the soles of the feet
  • Overly-flexible joints (sometimes referred to as being double-jointed)
  • Shorter than normal height.




Down syndrome stages I’ve been through:


– It happened to me when I was a child. I’ve been not talking much of my 2 years since birth neither I can walk.

– Speech therapies I’ve been through for some I’ve been not talking very much at the age of my early childhood stages.

– Physical therapies: not walking since the start of my birth.

– Physical therapies and speech therapies have been through my childhood days.

– I entered in a special school Cupertino and graduated from moving away from the special school.

– I remembered that I was taught in Philippine Children hospital to color and to teach what is the things important.

– I entered Montessori Children Haus, Inc. in Panay Avenue, Quezon City and graduated there in special school.

– I entered Montessori Integrated School of Antipolo in 1988 and graduated elementary in 1996 and graduated in high school in 2000. I’ve been applauded and respected by some of my school mates and my elementary friends there.

– I entered Center for Culinary Arts, Katipunan in front of Ateneo de Manila University and beside Kostka school, Quezon City and graduated with culinary certificate in July 2003.

– I entered several speech therapies since elementary and high school just to improve my english language and filipino language.

– I entered once in Ateneo de Manila University high school during summer before entering in third year high school.

– Recently I entered again in speech therapy to speak clearly about the english language in free call center training last 29th of February to 13th of March 2012 in People2Outsource.


Unique skills I have (or abilities)

– My favorite sports is golf.

– I love to write, to draw, to dance and to sing.

– My favorite color is red and blue.

– My Chinese new year is metal Rooster in 1981.


Advices that you can free to do:


– Find something educating tools like ABC decks and numbers deck you can teach them when they are free to do.

– Watch the kids in an educating channels since their hearing is very knowledgeable to most of the problems of your kids.

– Read them a book especially if they love to hear some children books.

– Find a time to bond with your down syndrome child to open in your open conversation.

– Teach them with your language and practice them to walk them everyday (this is for the babies with down syndrome).

– Find a time with your children in the age bracket of teenage to do some activities.

NBA Dynasties

Loving a sports is always an enthusiasm activity to in our routine lives. Somehow I exchange them to write it down instead playing some indoor or outdoor games as well. One example is the NBA. I love watching NBA (or National Basketball Association) all the time before and until now. What are my favorite teams in my generation. Our living legend is Michael Jordan, the greatest all-time basketball player in the NBA franchise history. Somehow I always look in the mirror whether I will watch some basketball games or not.


Every day we don’t have newspaper in our gate, my parents decided to leave on buying a copy in case of they wanted to buy. But I, for myself, cannot live without newspaper. Reading a newspaper is somehow my reading material. When I read some articles, I read sometimes in the headline news, the entertainment news, the sport news and of course, the important is the business section as well. Without a business cannot limit yourself having an income or a fixed salary net as well.


I am talking about today, the NBA team legends today. The NBA team dynasties I will explain furthermore in the details. Who can forget the Boston Celtics in the old-time team before until now. But added from that, the Los Angeles Lakers, Chicago Bulls and San Antonio Spurs are the leaders in the championship titles. Remember how the Boston Celtics proved they are worth of the team, which it’s because they have had already 17 winning titles. And one  championship title from LA Lakers would become the second team that has also the same winning titles in NBA history. Of course, I love LA Lakers and Chicago Bulls. And who could forget our favorite player in my generation as well? Only Michael Jordan is the person can achieved and led Chicago Bulls in winning two three-peat championship titles.


According to my review about NBA, it is all started in June 6, 1946, the BAA (Basketball Association of America) league only has 16 teams before. The America Hockey League president Maurice Podoloff  was appointed to be president of BAA, becoming the first person to lead two leagues at the same moment. Well, the first 11 teams were Washington Capitols, Philadelphia Warriors, New York Knicks, Providence Steamrollers, Boston Celtics, Toronto Huskies in the Eastern Division and Chicago Stags, St. Louis Bombers, Cleveland Rebels, Detroit Falcons, Pittsburgh Ironmen in the Western Division as well. In their first seaon of BAA, Philadelphia Warriors (also known today as Golden State Warriors) belted the first championship title in 1947. Their players Howie Dallmar, Jerry Fleishman, Joe Fulks, Matt Goukas, Art Hillhouse, Ralph Kaplowitz, John Murphy, Angelo Musi, Petey Rosenberg, Jerry Rullo, George Senesky and Fred Sheffield led Warriors to have championship title against Chicago Stags in 1947. This is the first team that have won through BAA and NBA history as well. As you know that these guys held their winning standing with 35 wins and 25 losses against the Chicago Stags with 39 wins and 22 losses. Also that scoring leader of the year was Joe Fulks, the legendary player who has 1,389 points and 25 assists as well. Howie Dallmar held the first record in assisting with 104. They really played that team though it’s a small league in the past. The league has no rebounds that time, or either of the three point contest as well, and blocks and steals in the first place. Edward Gottlieb became the first coach that led Warriors in their first championship title.


But time in 1948, the league downsizes to 8 teams left remaining and have 48 playing games. They are Philadelphia Warriors, New York Knicks, Boston Celtics, Providence Steamrollers, St. Louis Bombers, Baltimore Bullets, Chicago Stags and Washington Capitols. That year, Baltimore Bullets (also known as Washington Wizards) have won also their first championship against the challenging Philadelphia Warriors. In Baltimore Bullets roster, John Abramovic, Mike Bloom, Herm Fuetsch, Elmer Gainer, Kleggie Hermsen, Paul Hoffman, Buddy Jeannette, Johnny Jorgensen, Herm Klotz, Grady Lewis, Chet McNabb, Carl Meinhold, Chick Reiser, Irv Rotheberg, Jerry Rullo, Dick Schulz, Paul Seymour and Connie Simmons led Bullets in their 1948 championship title. Although the league has only 48 playing games that year, they still managed to get the scoring leader and the assist leader as well. Kleggie Hermsen has scoring 575 points and Buddy Jeannette delivered 70 assists in 48 games where he also played as a team coach.


The following year of Basketball Association of America 1948-1949 season, the third team that won in Basketball Association of America was none other than the Minneapolis Lakers or known as Los Angeles Lakers today. It was the Lakers who have the best team in BAA league with their players, Don Carlson, Arnie Ferrin, Normie Glick, Bud Grant, Bob Harrison, Billy Hassett, Tony Jaros, Slater Martin, George Mikan, Vern Mikkelsen, Jim Pollard, Herm Schaefer, Gene Stump and Paul Walther. The BAA third season has resumed back to original 60 playing games with the added teams were Minneapolis Lakers, Rochester Royals, Fort Wayne Pistons and Indianapolis Jets. George Mikan was selected the scoring leader of Lakers with 1,698 points  became the first Lakers player who held with 218 assists.


On August 3, 1949, the BAA ended with their league and have to merge with NBL, creating the National Basketball Association or also to be known as NBA today. It was sad for the BAA to leave in their league but to created another league together with NBL at the start. From what I have read in the internet, this has to be gone through the famous NBA today.


The following year with the successful NBA has formed and created in the first season of NBA 1949-1950, Minneapolis Lakers once again challenged other teams with the 7 added teams in a contest of 17 NBA teams. Indianapolis Olympians, Anderson Packers, Sheboygan Redskins, Waterloo Hawks, Denver Nuggets, Syracuse Nationals and Tri-Cities Blackhawks were 7 added teams in NBA league that Minneapolis Lakers became the first in NBA champion and second title after BAA league with 51 wins and 17 lose. George Mikan again snatched 1,865 points that became the Lakers scoring leader and Jim Pollard with his best 252 assists in the 60 regular games.


The NBA second season 1950-1951, the NBA teams downsized again with 11 teams with 66 playing games. In a NBA second season contest, the seconded seed Rochester Royals (also known as Sacramento Kings) in Western Division contested the championship title to a win against New York Knicks. Royals has 41 wins and 27 loses in second NBA season. Their roster Arnie Risen, Bob Davies, Jack Coleman, Bobby Wanzer, Arnie Johnson, Bill Calhoun, Red Holzman, Pep Saul, Paul Noel, Joe McNamee and Ed Mikan led the Royals, the NBA champion in 1951. Royals became the fourth team to gain 4th champion in NBA and BAA history. Arnie Risen became the scoring leader in Royals with 1,077 points and held 798 rebounds. Bob Davies has best 287 assists. Les Harrison was the coach that led his team in championship title.


The BAA franchise team Minneapolis Lakers captured the three-peat championship titles in 1952, 1953 and 1954 and became the first team to win third, fourth and fifth in their three championship titles against New York Knicks (in 1952 and 1953) and Syracuse Nationals. George Mikan scorched 4,271 points and grabbed 2,901 rebounds in back-to-back three seasons in NBA 1952, 1953 and 1954. Slater Martin saved the Lakers’ camp in assists that recorded him with 752 assists in three seasons leading the Lakers in championship titles. John Kundla led the Lakers to another three peat back-to-back championship titles in 1952, 1953 and 1954 that he also became coach.


The following year in sixth season of NBA 1954-1955, Syracuse Nationals answered back and captured the championship title in 1955. Nationals have beated the Fort Wayne Pistons (also known as Detroit Pistons) in the sixth season. The Nationals roster: Dolph Schayes, Paul Seymour, Red Rocha, Red Kerr, Earl Lloyd, George King, Billy Kenville, Dick Farley, Jim Tucker, Wally Osterkorn, Bill Gabor, Jackie Moore and Connie Simmons did their performance as a team in 1955. Dolph Schayes drained 1,333 points and boosted in 887 rebounds. Earl Lloyd spawned his all-time assists with 491. And Al Cervi did his best as the coach together with the Syracuse Nationals.


Philadelphia Warriors bounced back in NBA when they became again as the championship team in 1955-1956. Warriors scoring leader Paul Azirin came to rescue with his team mates Neil Johnston, Joe Graboski, Jack George, Tom Gola, Ernie Beck, George Dempsey, Walt Davis, Larry Hennessy, Jackie Moore and Bob Schafer. Along with Warriors coach George Senesky (who became the coach of the year), Paul Azirin scorched 1,741 points in his 72 games, Neil Johnston delivered 872 rebounds and Jack George dished out with 457 assists. Warriors became the second team that led to two championship titles after the NBA leader Minneapolis Lakers in championsip titles.


Boston Celtics in their part started their journey with the legendary coach Red Auerbach. Celtics won their first championship title in 1957. Together with the Celtics players, Bill Sharman, Bob Cousy, Tom Heinsohn, Jim Loscutoff, Bill Russell, Jack Nichols, Frank Ramsey, Dick Hemric, Arnie Risen, Andy Philip, Lou Tsioropoulos and Togo Palazzi became their part in Boston Celtics history. Bill Sharman showered 1,413 points, Bill Russell bombed out in rebounds with 943 and Bob Cousy delivered assists with 478. Celtics delivery with Russell and Cousy did their best in NBA league.


St. Louis Hawks grabbed their first championship title in 1958 which they beat the best Eastern division team Boston Celtics. Bob Pettit led in scoring and rebounding for the Hawks with 1,719 points and grabbed 1,216 rebounds in 70 playing games. With the help of Hawks, Cliff Hagan, Ed Macauley, Slater Martin, Chuck Share, Jack McMahon, Win Wilfong, Jack Coleman, Med Park, Walt Davis, Frank Selvy, Red Morrison and Worthy Patterson also did their team work for the Hawks. Jack McMahon also delivered his all time best with 333 assists.


Boston Celtics returned in 1959-1960 that they captured their eight championship titles until 1965-1966. Celtics became the first team with eighth championship titles under their coach, Red Auerbach. Sharman, Havlicek, Cousy, Heinsohn, Russell, Ramsey and Jones have all did their same way to become the best team leaders in NBA. Bill Sharman led as the scoring leader in 1959-1960 with 1,466 points, Bill Russell bombed out the rebounds with 1,612 and Bob Cousy with 557  assists. Tom Heinsohn did his all time career in 1960-1961 with his best 1,629 ponts, Bill Russell again bombed rebounds with 1,778 and Bob Cousy again dished out the assists with 715. Tom Heinsohn led again in scoring in 1961-1962 and 1962-1963 with 3,241 points. Sam Jones led Celtics in scoring title leader in 1962-1963, 1964-1965 and 1965-1966 with 5,146 points. John Havlicek came in to step as one-time scoring leader in Celtics with 1,595 points in 1963-1964. Bill Russell did all-time in rebounds where he proved he is the best rebounder in NBA league from 1961-1962 to 1965-1966 with 11,088 rebounds. Bob Cousy delivered 1,686 assists from 1960-1961 to 1962-1963. KC Jones exchanged his all time 1,347 best assists with Bob Cousy in 1963-1964 to 1965-1966.  And Red Auerbach gave 9 championship titles before he retired from NBA in 1965-1966.


Philadelpha 76ERS or Sixers (formerly known as the Syracuse Nationals), became the best for Wilt Chamberlain to arrive in the team besting in scoring, rebounding and assisting. Alex Hannum was the coach for the 76ERS. Chamberlain bolted 1,956 points, bombed 1,957 rebounds and delivered 640 assists in NBA season 1966-1967.


Boston Celtics returned to capture again for their 10th and 11th championship title in 1967-1968 and 1968-1969. Bill Russell led in rebounding and played his part as coach-player that he led the Celtics in 10th and 11th championship title with 2,935 rebounds. John Havlicek drained 3,471 points and dished out assists with 825.


New York Knicks became the 9th team in NBA winning the championship title in 1969-1970. Red Holzman did his best as the coach for the Knicks with 60 wins and 22 losses in 82 games. Knicks roster: Willis Reed, Walt Frazier, Dick Barnett, Dave DeBusschere, Bill Bradley, Cazzie Russell, Dave Stallworth, Mike Riordan, Nate Bowman, Bill Hosket, John Warren and Don May came to play to winning team New York Knicks. Willis Reed led in scoring and rebounding in Knicks with 1,755 points and 1,126 rebounds. Walt Frazier dished his all time career in 629 assists. Reed, Frazier, Barnett and DeBusschere led the Knicks team to their 1st championship title.


Milwaukee Bucks in their NBA franchise team became the 10th team to win the championship title in 1970-1971 with Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Oscar Robertson, Bob Dandridge and Jon McGlocklin with their coach of the year Larry Costello. Greg Smith, Bob Boozer, Lucius Allen, Dick Cunningham, Gary Freeman, McCoy McLemore, Bill Zopf, Jeff Webb, Marv Winkler  and Bob Greacen played their part as the Bucks celebrated their first championship title. Kareem Abdul-Jabbar exploded his scoring title in Bucks with 2,596 points together with his astounding 1,311 rebounds. In Oscar Robertson‘s play, he dished out 668 assists in 81 playing games.


Los Angeles Lakers (formerly known as Minneapolis Lakers) returned in their NBA championship title in 1971-1972 to capture their 6th title in NBA league after Boston Celtics with their 9 championship titles. Bill Sharman, as the formerly Boston Celtics star who also part in his Boston champion, led the Lakers back to the NBA league and became the coach for the Lakers team. Gail Goodrich delivered 2,127 points in his scoring leader of Lakers. Wilt Chamberlain pulled up his best all time rebounds in Lakers with the best 1,572 rebounds. And Jerry West took control in assists as the Lakers assist leader delivered with 747. Along in the Lakers roster were Jim McMillian, Happy Hairston, Flynn Robinson, Pat Riley, Leroy Ellis, John Trapp, Elgin Baylor, Jim Cleamons and Keith Erickson.


New York Knicks returned again and captured their 2nd championship in the NBA 24th season in 1972-1973. In their line-up, Walt Frazier, Bill Bradley, Dave DeBusschere and Earl Monroe were the Knicks key players with also in their team were Willis Reed, Phil Jackson, Dean Meminger, Henry Bibby, Dick Barnett, John Gianelli, Tom Riker, Harthorne Wingo and Luther Rackley. (NOTE: Phil Jackson is the first coach to have 11 championship titles to his name surpassing Red Auerbach‘s 9 championship titles.) Walt Frazier gave his best performance with 1,648 points leading the Knicks team and delivering 461 assists. Dave DeBusschere grabbed his performance for 787 rebounds.


Boston Celtics did it again for their winning championship in 1973-1974 bringing up the 12th championship title. Somehow this Boston Celtics are proven to be the best team in the NBA league. Tom Heinson did his job as a Celtics coach bringing their 12th title where he also retired from the same team as well. John Havlicek together with Dave Cowens and Jo Jo White came to team up their success bringing their team into a success story. Havlicek, Cowens and White contributed the most points for the team. Havlicek catapulted some 1,716 points, Cowens brought the team with 1,257 rebounds and White delivered 448 assists in Celtics. Cowens also slammed some 101 blocks for his 80 playing games, the added statistics in the board as well. In White‘s performance of 82 games, he snatched 105 steals, also been added in statistics as well. Along with their team mates were Paul Silas, Don Nelson, Don Chaney, Paul Westphal, Steve Kuberski, Art Williams, Hank Finkel, Phil Hankinson and Steve Downing.


Golden State Warriors (formerly as Philadelphia Warriors) went back to snatch their 3rd championship title together with the Warriors coach Al Attles in 1974-1975 beating Washington Bullets. Warriors improved in 48 wins and 34 loses in NBA standings as the Western conference champion. Rick Barry was the key player bringing their team into championship with 2,450 points, 492 assists and 228 steals in 80 regular games. Clifford Ray grabbed 870 rebounds among the Warriors players. Together in the team were Jamaal Wilkes, Butch Beard, Charles Johnson, Clifford Ray, Derrek Dickey, Phil Smith, Jeff Mullins, George Johnson, Charles Dudley, Steve Bracey, Frank Kendrick and Bill Bridges contributed the Warriors in their winning performance as the 1st team grabbed in BAA league.


Tom Heinson, the coach behind the Boston Celtics, snatched again for their winning performance in their 13th championship title in 1975-1976, NBA’s 27th season. Celtics finished their job beating the Phoenix Suns in NBA league in the NBA Finals 1975-1976. Jo Jo White, Dave Cowens, Charlie Scott and John Havlicek contributed the most points in the Celtics team. White contributed the most points with 1,552, delivered 445 assists and have 107 steals in 82 regular games. Cowens powered the rebounding in Celtics with the most 1,246 rebounds along with Paul Silas in his 1,025 rebounds as well. Along with some team mates were Don Nelson, Glenn McDonald, Kevin Stacom, Steve Kuberski, Jim Ard, Tom Boswell, Jerome Anderson and Ed Searcy.


Portland Trail Blazers coach Jack Ramsay scorched their first ever championship title and became the 11th team earning a championship title in 1976-1977 season, NBA’s 28th season. The Blazers rallied with 49 wins and 33 losses in a regular season. They knocked down the Chicago Bulls in first round, tumbled the Denver Nuggets as they clinched the conference seed and won a Western conference against Los Angeles Lakers. They earned their spot against the Philadelphia 76ERS and won their first championship title. Maurice Lucas, Bill Walton and Lionel Hollins contributed the most points for the Blazers. Lucas rallied with 1,599 points leading in scoring, Hollins held up with the most 313 assists and have 166 steals and Walton swapped down some 211 blocks in his 65 regular games that also made him the rebounding leader in Blazers. With the help of team mates were Bob Gross, Larry Steele, Dave Twardzik, Herm Gilliam, Johnny Davis, Lloyd Neal, Robin Jones, Wally Walker, Corky Calhoun and Clyde Mayes also contributed to help their team to first champion title.


Dave Motta, the coach behind of Washington Bullets (formerly as Baltimore Bullets and also known as Washington Wizards), also gained their first championship title after Trail Blazers and also became 12th team earning a championship title in 1977-1978. The Bullets has 44 wins and 38 loses in a regular season. They surprised the Atlanta Hawks earning their spot and moved to Conference semifinals. When they beat San Antonio Spurs in semifinals, they moved clinching Eastern conference winner against Philadelphia 76ERS. And they won against Seattle Supersonics in the NBA Finals 1977-1978. Five great players from the Bullets team contributed in most of the points, blocks, steals, rebounds and assists. They were Elvin Hayes with the most 1,598 points, also has 159 blocks in 81 regular games, and powered with 1,075 rebounds. Bob Dandridge was the steals leader with 101 and Tom Henderson brought with the most 406 assists. With the help of Kevin Grevey, Mitch Kupchak, Larry Wright, Wes Unseld, Phil Chenier, Greg Ballard, Charles Johnson, Joe Pace and Phil Walker contributed helping Bullets to their first championship victory title.


Lenny Wilkens, a former St. Louis Hawks (also known as Atlanta Hawks) player has 17,772 points, 5,030 rebounds and 7,211 assists, led Seattle Supersonics to their first championship title as a coach after Washington Bullets and Portland Trail Blazers in 1978-1979, NBA’s 30th season. Seattle Supersonics became the 13th team capturing their first championship title. Wilkens led the Supersonics with the impressive 52 wins and 30 losses after showdown against Washington Bullets as the reigning champion last year. Gus Williams led as a scoring team leader with the most 1,457 points and also has 158 steals in 76 regular games. John Johnson rescued and led in assist team leader with the most 358 assists. Jack Sikma showed down with his impressive 1,013 rebounds as the rebound team leader. Dennis Johnson led as many blocks with the impressive 97 blocks. Also in the Supersonics team were Fred Brown, Lonnie Shelton, Paul Silas, Wally Walker, Tom LaGarde, Joe Hassett, Dick Snyder, Dennis Awtrey, Lars Hansen and Jackie Robinson.


Jack McKinney led the Los Angeles Lakers as the team got 10 wins and 4 loses before giving his term as a coach to Paul Westhead. Westhead did his performance job as the Los Angeles Lakers caught up with an impressive 7th championship title in 1979-1980. With the entry of Magic Johnson as a rookie, he contributed 187 steals and shot with the .226 in 3-point range percentage. Kareem Abdul-Jabbar brought the Lakers with the impressive 2,034 points, 280 blocks and grabbed 886 rebounds. He was also named as the MVP award of the year making him six-time recording some of the points in NBA history. Norm Nixon led in assists as the assist team leader with 642 assists. Jamaal Wilkes, Norm Nixon and Magic Johnson contributed with the some of the points as well in the Lakers roster. Along in Lakers roster were Jim Chones, Spencer Haywood, Michael Cooper, Mark Landsberger, Don Ford, Brad Holland, Marty Byrnes, Ollie Mack, Ron Boone, Kenny Carr and Butch Lee. The 3-point shooting was also introduced as the added statistics in the NBA League.


Bill Fitch became the 4th head coach of the team Boston Celtics won again in their remarkable success with 14th franchise championship title against the Houston Rockets in the NBA Finals 1980-1981. With the entry of Kevin McHale as a rookie and Larry Bird as a sophomore player in Boston Celtics that made Larry Bird as the scoring team leader with 1,741 points and has 161 steals in his 82 regular games. Bird also grabbed with the most 895 rebounds. Robert Parish powered in blocks making him as the block team leader in Celtics with 214 blocks. Tiny Archibald also played his part as the assist team leader with the most 618 assists in his 72 regular games. Chris Ford was the improved Celtics player with the most 3-point percentage in the 3-point range and has .330 3 point percentage in the field. Along with the Celtics roster were Cedric Maxwell, Rick Robey, Gerald Henderson, ML Carr, Eric Fernsten, Terry Duerod and Wayne Kreklow.


Paul Westhead, led the Los Angeles Lakers in 7 wins and 4 loses before Pat Riley came in to rescue to coach the Los Angeles Lakers that made them into another 8th championship title in 1981-1982. Lakers finished with 57 wins and 25 loses in NBA standings as the Western conference winner against the Eastern conference winner Philadelphia 76ERS. Lakers have swept Phoenix Suns and San Antonio Spurs in 4-0 wins in Conference Semifinals and Western Conference Finals respectively. Kareem Abdul Jabbar lost to MVP contest to Moses Malone of Houston Rockets. But he gave his performance with 1,818 points as the team scoring leader and slammed 207 blocks. Magic Johnson became the most improved player as he contributed the Lakers team with the impressive 3rd leading scorer of the team. Johnson has 1,447 points, 208 steals, 743 assists and 751 rebounds. Norm Nixon has the most 3-point percentage in the field with .250. Aside from the Lakers roster were Jamaal Wilkes, Michael Cooper, Bob McAdoo, Mitch Kupchak, Mark Landsberger, Kurt Rambis, Eddie Jordan, Mike McGee, Jim Brewer, Kevin McKenna and Clay Johnson.


Philadelphia 76ERS returned in 1982-1983 when they grabbed their 3rd championship title making them the 2nd team has three championship titles that is also tied with Golden State Warriors. Billy Cunningham led the 76ERS team as their head coach with the best 65 wins against their 17 loses. Cunningham was the former player of Philadelphia 76ERS and eventually led his team to their 3rd championship title. 76ERS swept New Yock Knicks in the Semifinals and beat Milwaukee Bucks to gain as the Eastern Conference winner against the Western Conference winner Los Angeles Lakers. Moses Malone finally won his first championship title together with 76ERS. He led in team scoring, team blocks and team rebounds. Malone has 1,908 points, 157 blocks and 1,194 rebounds. Together with Julius Erving, Andrew Toney and Maurice Cheeks, Erving is best with 3rd scoring leader for the 76ERS. Andrew Toney has the best 3-point percentage in the field with .289. And Maurice Cheeks dished out 543 assists for making the 76ERS chemistry. In 76ERS roster line-up were Bobby Jones, Clint Richardson, Franklin Edwards, Marc Iavaroni, Earl Cureton, Russ Schoene, Clemon Johnson, Reggie Johnson, Mark McNamara and JJ Anderson.


KC Jones, the former player of Boston Celtics‘ 8 championship in his name, came forward to coach the Boston Celtics in another remarkable 15th franchise championship title against the Los Angeles Lakers in NBA Finals 1983-1984. Larry Bird once again became the second time around winning the championship title. Bird controlled 1,908 points, saved the ball for 144 steals and the assist team leader with 520 assists. His rivalry with Magic Johnson contested points in NBA Finals. Robert Parish was the team rebounder for the Celtics team with 857. Kevin McHale slammed 126 blocks that he also held the highest 3-point percentage with .333. Together with Bird, Parish and McHale were Dennis Johnson, Cedric Maxwell, Gerald Henderson, Danny Ainge, Scott Wedman, Quinn Buckner, ML Carr, Greg Kite and Carlos Clark.


Once again Los Angeles Lakers contested with Boston Celtics in a showdown of championship titles. Los Angeles Lakers head coach Pat Riley improved to their NBA standings with 62 wins and 20 loses. The Lakers edges the Celtics in NBA Finals 1984-1985 with four wins and two loses in order to win their 9th championship title. Kareem Abdul-Jabbar once again lost to the MVP contest to Larry Bird of Boston Celtics. Abdul-Jabbar got an impressive team scoring leader with 1,735 points, powered in 162 blocks and led 622 rebounds. Magic Johnson once again claimed his team steals leader and team assists team leader with 113 and 968 respectively. Byron Scott has best in the 3-point percentage in the field with .433. Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, James Worthy, Magic Johnson and Byron Scott were the key players of the Los Angeles Lakers. Along with the Lakers roster were Mike McGee, Michael Cooper, Bob McAdoo, Larry Spriggs, Kurt Rambis, Jamaal Wilkes, Mitch Kupchak, Ronnie Lester, Chuck Nevitt and Earl Jones.


When Boston Celtics lost to Los Angeles Lakers last year, Boston Celtics head coach KC Jones and his team once again captured their 16th championship title in NBA Finals 1986-1987 against the Houston Rockets. Jones rallied the Chicago Bulls, led by the scoring leader Orlando Woolwidge and the soon-to-be famous player Michael Jordan in his sophomore year in Chicago Bulls, in the Eastern Conference First Round. Celtics rampaged Atlanta Hawks in Semifinals and swept Milwaukee Bucks to capture their Eastern conference title. When they confronted Houston Rockets in NBA Finals, they won their championship title again for their cruising 16th championship. Larry Bird once again became the MVP award having with his outstanding play in his 82 regular games with 2,115 points, 166 steals, 557 assists, 805 rebounds and his improving 3-point percentage in the field with .423. Kevin McHale delivered with his performance as team block leader with 134 blocks. With his team mates were Robert Parish, Dennis Johnson, Danny Ainge, Scott Wedman, Bill Walton, Jerry Sichting, Rick Carlisle, Sam Vincent, David Thirdkill, Greg Kite and Sly Williams.


Los Angeles Lakers head coach Pat Riley have had his team cruised to their head-to-head two championship victory titles in NBA Finals 1986-1987 and 1987-1988 having their 10th and 11th championship title. Magic Johnson led his team with his performance cruising his 1,909 points, delivering 977 assists and having 138 steals in 1986-1987. AC Green boosted his rebounding skills as the team rebounding leader with 615 rebounds. James Worthy, Byron Scott and Kareem Abdul-Jabbar also delivered 1,594 points, 1,397 points and 1,366 points respectively. Kareem Abdul-Jabbar became the Lakers block leader with 97 blocks. Byron Scott also improved as the team 3-point leader with his .436 3-point percentage in the field shooting 65 out of 149 3-point field. But Michael Cooper also has his 3-point percentage in the field with .385 shooting 89 out of 231 3-point field. Together in Lakers team were Kurt Rambis, Mychal Thompson, Wes Matthews, Frank Brickowski, Adrian Branch and Mike Smrek.


In their second championship title in 1987-1988, Los Angeles Lakers star Byron Scott led in team scoring leader with his performance 1,754 points, 155 steals and with his 3-point percentage .346 in the field shooting 62 out of 179 in 3-point field. Kareem Abdul-Jabbar once became again as the Lakers team block leader with 92 blocks. Magic Johnson delivered his all time best team assist leader with his performance 858 assists. AC Green led as the team rebound leader with 710 rebounds.


Chuck Daly, the head coach of Detroit Pistons (formerly as Fort Wayne Pistons), returned in NBA Finals for their second time and captured their second championship title in 1988-1989. Pistons became the . Pistons star Isiah Thomas scorched 1,458 points as the team scoring leader also with 133 steals and 663 assists. Bill Laimbeer bounced 776 rebounds as the team rebound leader that also has grabbed 100 blocks as the team block leader in 81 regular games. Joe Dumars shooted 14 out of 29 shots in 3-point percentage field with .483 as their 3-point team leader. Along with their team mate Pistons star Vinnie Johnson contributed 1,130 points as the fourth key star player of Detroit Pistons. With their championship team mates were Adrian Dantley, Dennis Rodman, Mark Aguirre, James Edwards, Rick Mahorn, John Salley, Micheal Williams, John Long, Fennis Dembo, Darryl Dawkins, Jim Rowinski, Pace Mannion and Steve Harris.


Detroit Pistons returned in NBA 1989-1990 after second championship grabbing again their third championship claiming their third championship title. Chuck Daly and the Pistons rallied with their best performance 59 wins and 23 loses claiming their Central Division winner and Eastern Conference winner. Pistons became the third team that tied with Philadelphia 76ERS and Golden State Warriors having three championship titles. Isiah Thomas, the team scoring leader, gave a rocketing 1,492 points, scratching some 765 assists as their team assist leader and 139 steals as their team steal leader. Bill Laimbeer once again stumbled and got 780 rebounds as their team rebound leader. Joe Dumars shot 22 out of 55 in 3-point in the field having his best .400 3-point percentage in the field. James Edwards and Mark Aguirre also contributed 1,189 and 1,099 points respectively in Detroit Pistons. John Salley astounded in the blocks by grabbing some 153 blocks as the team block leader. Along side with the Pistons team were Vinnie Johnson, Dennis Rodman, William Bedford,Gerald Henderson, Dave Greenwood, Scott Hastings, Stan Kimbrough and Ralph Lewis.


Michael Jordan and his team mates Scottie Pippen, Horace Grant and BJ Armstrong brought Chicago Bulls come alive as the 14th team has reached the NBA Finals and won their first championship title in 1990-1991. The head coach of Bulls, Phil Jackson, became the first coach for the Bulls to reach and cruise their first championship title. Also Michael Jordan became again as the 2nd Most Valuable Player award as he shot 2,580 points and had 223 steals to achieve his 2nd Most Valuable Player award. Scottie Pippen the team block leader as he powered 93 blocks. Horace Grant grabbed 659 rebounds to become as the team rebound player. And BJ Armstrong came strong shooting 15 out of 30 3-point in the field with .500 3-point percentage in the field. Along side with the Bulls roster were Bill Cartwright, John Paxson, Stacey King, Craig Hodges, Cliff Levington, Will Perdue, Dennis Hopson and Scott Williams.


Chicago Bulls came stronger again with their head coach Phil Jackson capturing their second championship title in NBA Finals 1991-1992 beating Portland Trail Blazers. Bulls became the sixth team capturing their second championship in a second victory. Bulls swept Miami Heat with three wins in Eastern First Round by advancing to the Semifinals. When they beat New York Knicks in the do or die match in Semifinals, they advanced to in Eastern Conference Finals. Jordan and his team mates rallied the Cleveland Cavaliers and won that they became again as the Eastern Conference winner. Michael Jordan delivered 2,404 points as their team scoring leader and added 182 steals as the team steals leader. Scottie Pippen came strong again as he powered in the floor with 572 assists as the new team assists leader. Horace Grant came unbelievable grabbing the all-time rebounds with 807 taking Pippen’s place last year as the new team rebound leader. Will Perdue came unexpected as the new 3-point percentage leader in 3-point in the field with .500. Along with the Bulls team mates were BJ Armstrong, John Paxson, Cliff Levington, Craig Hodges, Scott Williams, Bob Hansen, Mark Randall, Rory Sparrow, Dennis Hopson and Chuck Nevitt.


Phil Jackson celebrated again in Chicago Bulls performance as the third team reached with three championships in their three-peat victories aside along with the Boston Celtics and Los Angeles Lakers. Michael Jordan, Scottie Pippen, Horace Grant and BJ Armstrong came celebrating their third championship in 1992-1993 before Michael Jordan retired from basketball career. With 57 wins and 25 losses in regular season, Michael Jordan came best with 2,541 points and the highlighted with 221 steals becoming again as the team scoring leader and the team steals leader. Scottie Pippen delivered with 507 assists as the team assists leader. Horace Grant powered in the team with 729 rebounds gaining again as the team rebound leader. BJ Armstrong returned as team 3-point scoring percentage leader with .453 shooting 63 out of 139 3-point in the field. With Scott Williams, Stacey King, Trent Tucker, Bill Cartwright, Will Perdue, John Paxson, Rodney McGray, Corey Williams, Darrell Walker, Ed Nealy, Joe Courtney, Jo Jo English and Ricky Blanton came to help Chicago Bull‘s three-peat performance victory titles.


Houston Rockets stepped up in the challenge with head coach Rudy Tomjanovich cruising their first championship title victory as the 15th team snatched a championship title in 1993-1994. Hakeem Olajuwon stepped up as the new Most Valuable Player of the NBA regular season as he powered as the team scoring leader, team blocks leader, team steals leader, team rebounds leader and team 3-point percentage leader with 2,184 points, 297 blocks, 128 steals, 955 rebounds and .421 3-point percentage in the field. Vernon Maxwell powered on the floor as the team assists leader with 380 assists. Otis Thorpe and Vernon Maxwell also delivered in the scoring paint with 1,149 and 1,023 points respectively. Along side with Houston Rockets team were Kenny Smith, Robert Horry, Mario Ellie, Sam Cassell, Scott Brooks, Carl Herrera, Matt Bullard, Eric Riley, Richard Petruska, Chris Jent, Larry Robinson and Earl Cureton as the help and assistance of the team.


When Michael Jordan returned in NBA late in the season of 1994-1995 coming from his first retirement , Houston Rockets once again proved snatching their second championship title and becoming eighth team with two championship titles. Michael Jordan played 17 regular games as the Chicago Bulls came alive and finished as the third spot in Central Division with 47 wins and 35 loses. Jordan has 457 points in the field and a remarkable 3-point percentage in the field with .500. Houston Rockets placed third spot in Midwest Division and rallied in a do or die game against Utah Jazz with 3 wins and 2 loses in Western Conference First Round. Rockets rallied again in Semifinals as the champion team beat in a seven games series against Phoenix Suns with 4 wins and 3 loses. As the Rockets advanced to the Western Conference Finals, they gave their best and beat San Antonio Spurs with 4 wins and 2 loses. Houston Rockets became the second time Western Conference winner and swept Orlando Magic in NBA Finals 1994-1995. Hakeem Olajuwon powered in the Rockets as the team scoring leader, team blocks leader, team steals leader and team rebounds leader with 2,005 points, 242 blocks, 133 steals and 775 rebounds. Sam Cassell took in charge as the new team assists leader with 405. And Kenny Smith also took in charge in 3-point percentage field as the new team 3-point percentage leader with .429 shooting 142 out of 331 in 3-point percentage in the field. Along with Olajuwon, Cassell and Smith in Rockets team were Vernon Maxwell, Clyde Drexler, Mario Elie, Robert Horry, Otis Thorpe, Carl Herrera, Pete Chilcutt, Chucky Brown, Tim Breaux, Scott Brooks, Tracy Murray, Zan Tabak, Adrian Caldwell and Charles Jones.


Chicago Bulls got stronger that they improved to 72 wins and 10 loses snatching fourth championship title victory over Seattle Supersonics in NBA Finals 50th season 1995-1996. Bulls became the only third team leader in NBA history having their four championship titles. Boston Celtics led with 16 championship titles and Los Angeles Lakers with 11 championship titles. With added Steve Kerr in the Chicago Bulls line-up since 1993-1994 and acquired Dennis Rodman from San Antonio Spurs and former two-time Detroit Pistons champion player and the sophomore rookie Toni Kukoc, Chicago Bulls became the undisputed third team becoming to have fourth championship title. Michael Jordan led as the team scoring leader with 2,491 points and as the team steals leader with 180. Michael Jordan became 4-time Most Valuable Player award in 82 regular games behind Kareem Abdul Jabbar with 6-time Most Valuable Player award of all-time NBA history. Jordan scorched 2,491 points and 180 steals as the team scoring leader and team steals leader. Scottie Pippen also contributed 1,496 points and delivered 452 assists as the team assists leader. Luc Longley slashed in every window as the new team blocks leader with 84 blocks. Dennis Rodman powered in the court with all-time best 952 rebounds as the team rebound leader. Steve Kerr gave his performance in 3-point percentage field with .515 shooting 122 out of 237 in the 3-point field. And Toni Kukoc as the third leading scorer gave 1,065 points as the sophomore forward in Chicago Bulls team. Along side with Bulls roster were Ron Harper, Bill Wennington, Jud Buechler, Dickey Simpkins, Randy Brown, Jason Caffey, James Edwards, John Salley and Jack Haley.


Head coach Phil Jackson and his Chicago Bulls returned in 1996-1997 coming from fourth championship title bounced back as they grabbed fifth championship title in NBA history. Chicago Bulls has now 5 championship titles behind the second leader Los Angeles Lakers‘ 11 championship titles. Bulls have swept Washington Bullets in First Round, took over control over Atlanta Hawks in Eastern Conference Semifinals and Miami Heat in Eastern Conference Finals. And they faced Utah Jazz in NBA Finals 1996-1997 and became their fifth championship title. Returning to the line-up were Michael Jordan, Scottie Pippen, Toni Kukoc, Steve Kerr, Dennis Rodman and Luc Longley with their added in the line-up was Robert Parish, a former three-time Boston Celtics champion player who joined Chicago Bulls for his 20th season at the age of 43 before his retirement in the team earning him the fourth champion player from 3-time Boston Celtics and Chicago Bulls. Michael Jordan and Scottie Pippen exchanged in scoring board with 2,431 and 1,656 points respectively. Luc Longley powered as the team blocks leader with 66 blocks. Scottie Pippen returned from Jordan‘s favor as the new team steals leader with 154 steals in 82 regular games and rescued the ball with 467 assists as the team assists leader. Dennis Rodman powered back as the team rebounds leader with 883 rebounds. Steve Kerr placed again as the team 3-point percentage leader with .464 shooting 110 out of 237 in the 3-point shooting range. And Toni Kukoc became their team third scoring leader with 754 points. In Bulls line-up were Jason Caffey, Ron Harper, Randy Brown, Bill Wennington, Jud Buechler, Dickey Simpkins, Bison Dele and Matt Steigenga. Robert Parish finally reached his retirement age with his all-time best 23,334 points, 14,715 rebounds, 2,361 blocks, 2,180 assists, 1,219 steals and 1,611 playing games.


With the astounding Chicago Bulls beat Utah Jazz in NBA Finals 1997-1998, Chicago Bulls clinched their sixth championship title. Head coach Phil Jackson have had already six championship titles in his name after the Boston Celtics head coach Red Auerbach‘s 9 championship titles. From the returning line-up were Michael Jordan, Toni Kukoc, Scottie Pippen, Luc Longley, Steve Kerr and Dennis Rodman. Michael Jordan once again claimed his Most Valuable Player award that became his fifth, one shy award from Kareem Abdul-Jabbar. Jordan finished with 2,357 points and 141 steals as the team scoring leader and team steals leader. Toni Kukoc came in team second scoring leader with 984 points and team 314 assists as the team assists leader. Dennis Rodman pulled back the all-time best 1,201 rebounds as the team rebound leader. Luc Longley proved his best blocker for the Bulls with 62 blocks. And Steve Kerr hanged time with his 3-point performance in percentage with .438 in 3-point shooting range in the field. Along side with the Bulls roster were Ron Harper, Scott Burrell, Randy Brown, Jason Caffey, Jud Buechler, Bill Wennington, Joe Kleine, Dickey Simpkins, Rusty LaRue, Keith Booth and David Vaughn. Michael Jordan announced his second retirement at his age of 34.


After 49 seasons of NBA and 3 seasons of BAA, almost every team has seen been a third lock-out and shortened in 50 games that is started in February 5, 1999. Some of the players were retired and some of the new players came in like Vince Carter of Toronto Raptors that is started this season of 1998-1999. San Antonio Spurs became the 16th team clinching their first championship in NBA franchise history in 1998-1999. With 37 wins and 13 loses under their head coach Gregg Popovich, San Antonio Spurs stampeded Minnesota Timberwolves in Western Conference First Round and swept two teams in Western Conference Semifinals and Western Conference Finals teams Los Angeles Lakers and Portland Trail Blazers respectively. Spurs never looked back and won their first ever championship title in 1998-1999 beating New York Knicks. Tim Duncan led as the team scoring leader with 1,084 points in his sophomore year, as the team blocks leader with 126 blocks, the team assists leader with 121 assists and team rebounds leader with 571 rebounds. Mario Elie, a former 2-time Houston Rockets champion player joined in San Antonio Spurs, made as the team 3-point percentage leader with .374 shooting 40 out of 107 3-point shooting range in the field. Steve Kerr also joined as the 3-time Chicago Bulls champion player to become championship title with San Antonio Spurs. Among the team best players, David Robinson, Sean Elliott and Avery Johnson were there. With the best bench players were Jaren Jackson, Malik Rose, Antonio Daniels, Jerome Kersey, Will Perdue, Gerard King, Andrew Gaze and Brandon Williams.


Phil Jackson returned in NBA to coach the Los Angeles Lakers. With the added best players in the NBA champions were Ron Harper from Chicago Bulls being as the 3-time champion player and Robert Horry of Houston Rockets of 2-time champion player. Los Angeles Lakers grabbed their 12th championship title. Shaquille O’Neal powered in the court as the team scoring leader shooting 2,344 points, slammed 239 blocks as the team blocks leader and grabbed 1,078 rebounds as the team rebounds leader. Kobe Bryant led as the team steals leaders with 106 steals and team assists leader with 323 assists. Glen Rice became the team 3-point percentage leader shooting 84 out of 229 with .367 3-point percentage in the field. With the help of Rick Fox, Derek Fisher, AC Green, Brian Shaw, Devean George, Travis Knight, John Salley, Tyronn Lue, John Celestand and Sam Jacobson, the Lakers went smoothly for their 12th championship title in NBA 54th season 1999-2000.


Coming from 12th championship title, Los Angeles Lakers returned to the NBA Finals 2000-2001 capturing their 13th championship title with the head coach Phil Jackson‘s 2nd championship title with the Lakers and 6 championship titles with the Chicago Bulls. Los Angeles Lakers rallied and beat Philadelphia 76ERS to earn their 13th championship title behind the Boston Celtics‘ 16th championship title victories earned in NBA Finals 1957, 1959-1966, 1968-1969, 1974, 1976, 1981, 1984 and 1986. Shaquille O’Neal once again proved to be team scoring leader with 2,125 points, slammed 204 blocks and grabbed 940 rebounds. Kobe Bryant came in second scoring leader with 1,938 points, having with 114 steals as the team steals leader and 338 assists as the team assists leader. Derek Fisher came to replace as the team 3-point percentage player with .397 shooting 25 out of 63 3-point shooting range from the field. Horace Grant, a former 3-time Chicago Bulls champion player, joined in Lakers roster. Along Fisher, Bryant and O’Neal were Isaiah Rider, Brian Shaw, Robert Horry, Ron Harper, Mike Penberthy, Devean George, Mark Madsen, Tyronn Lue, Greg Foster and Stanislav Medvedenko.


After cruising again with two championship title victories, Los Angeles Lakers answered back with Chicago Bulls and Boston Celtics three-peat performance championship titles. Michael Jordan returned again coming from his second retirement when he joined the Washington Wizards. He finished with 1,375 points, 310 assists, 339 rebounds and 85 steals. They won again in NBA Finals 2001-2002 reaching their 14th championship title with the return line-up, Kobe Bryant, Shaquille O’Neal, Derek Fisher, Rick Fox and Robert Horry. Lakers Head coach Phil Jackson tied with Red Auerbach‘s 9 championship title victories earning him as the Zen master. Kobe Bryant gained his team scoring leader that replaced Shaquille O’Neal as the scoring leaders in the Lakers with 2,019 points. Bryant was also the team steals leader earning him with 118 steals and team assists leader with 438 assists. Shaquille O’Neal powered in rebounds and blocks as the team rebounds leader and team blocks leader with 715 rebounds and 137 blocks respectively. Derek Fisher came in third scoring leader for the Lakers with 786 which he gave his performance as the team 3-point percentage leader with .413 shooting 144 out of 349 3-point shooting range from the field. Along with the Lakers roster were Devean George, Lindsey Hunter, Samaki Walker, Stanislav Medvedenko, Mitch Richmond, Brian Shaw, Mark Madsen, Jelani McCoy, Joe Crispin and Mike Penberthy.


Kobe Bryant and Shaquille O’Neal ended the controversies where O’Neal was headed in Miami Heat and Bryant took control for the Los Angeles Lakers. Gregg Popovich and his San Antonio Spurs returned in NBA Finals 2002-2003 earning their 2nd championship title victory. Spurs were now the 9th team clinching their championship title victory since the lock-out season in 1998-1999. Michael Jordan finally announced his third retirement and finished with 1,640 points, 497 rebounds, 311 assists and 123 steals with the Washington Wizards. Jordan finished his all-time 32,292 points, 6,672 rebounds, 5,633 assists, 2,514 steals and 893 blocks in his career in his Chicago Bulls number 23. Sophomore rookie Tony Parker rescued the Spurs from the regular season with their best 60 wins and 22 loses under Spurs head coach Popovich. Tim Duncan bested as the team scoring leader with 1,884 points, slammed all-time high 237 blocks and powered 1,043 rebounds in the court. Tony Parker finished as team second leading scorer with 1,269 points and team assists leader with 432 assists. Bruce Bowen became the team 3-point percentage leader with .441 shooting 101 out of 229 3-point shooting range from the field. Along side with Duncan, Bowen and Parker were Stephen Jackson, Malik Rose, David Robinson, Manu Ginobili, Steve Smith, Steve Kerr, Kevin Willis, Speedy Claxton, Danny Ferry, Devin Brown, Anthony Goldwire and Mengke Bateer to help their 2nd championship title.


As the original bad boys of NBA’s Detroit Pistons long gone in NBA Finals finally achieved their quest capturing their 3rd championship title victory under the head coach Larry Brown in 2003-2004. Chauncey Billups, Richard Hamilton, Taysahun Prince and Ben Wallace cruised their 1st ever championship title each among of them. Detroit Pistons became the sixth team with three championship titles together with Golden State Warriors and Philadelphia 76ERS. Richard Hamilton and Chauncey Billups exchanged in the scoring board shooting 1,375 and 1,318 points respectively. Ben Wallace powered in the board with all-time best 1,006 rebounds as the team rebounds leader, slammed the all-time best 246 blocks as the team blocks leader and as the team steals leader with 143 steals. Chauncey Billups rallied in the court as the team assists leader with 446 assists and also made as the team 3-point percentage leader with .388 shooting 130 out of 335 3-point shooting range from the field. Along with the Pistons roster were Corliss Williamson, Mehmet Okur, Elden Campbell, Rasheed Wallace, Chucky Atkins, Bob Sura, Mike James, Lindsey Hunter, Darvin Ham, Zeljko Rebraca, Darko Milicic, Tremaine Fowlkes and Hubert Davis.


Returning to the NBA Finals 2004-2005 were San Antonio Spurs beating down the last champion Detroit Pistons cruising for their third championship title victory together with Detroit Pistons, Golden State Warriors and Philadelphia 76ERS. Head coach Gregg Popovich and the returning line-up Tim Duncan, Tony Parker, Manu Ginobili, Bruce Bowen and Robert Horry cruised their championship title without a NBA Finals lose together with Chicago Bulls earning them as the seventh team best in the NBA franchise history. Tim Duncan, Tony Parker and Manu Ginobili contributed as the team scoring leaders with 1,342, 1,331 and 1,186 points respectively. Duncan was also as a team blocks leader with 174 blocks and team rebounds leader with 732 rebounds. Parker was team assists leader with 491 assists. Ginobili was the team steals leader with 119 steals. Bruce Bowen cruised as the team 3-point percentage leader with .403 shooting 102 out of 253 3-point shooting range from the field. With Spurs roster were Brent Barry, Devin Brown, Beno Udrih, Rasho Nesterovic, Malik Rose, Tony Massenburq, Nazr Mohammed, Glenn Robinson, Mike Wilks, Sean Marks, Dion Glover and Linton Johnson.


In the start of NBA’s 60th season 2005-2006, the 17th newly champion Miami Heat came forward rallying over Dallas Mavericks with their head coach Pat Riley. Heat players Dwyane Wade, Shaquille O’Neal and Antoine Walker contributed the most points for their team capturing their first championship title. Dwyane Wade came the best team scoring leader shooting 2,040 points, team assists leader with 503 assists and team steals leader with 146 steals. Udonis Haslem helped in the court by grabbing 634 rebounds as their team rebounds leader. Alonzo Mourning came to help the team with the all-time best team blocks leader with 173 blocks earning his first championship. And James Posey earned as the team 3-point percentage leader with .403 shooting 117 out of 290 3-point shooting range from the field. Shaquille O’Neal cruised his career with four championship title victories along with Los Angeles Lakers‘ 3 championship title victories earning him as the fourth. Gary Payton, former as Seattle Supersonics player, also earned his first championship title. Along with the Heat roster were Jason Williams, Jason Kapono, Wayne Simien, Derek Anderson, Michael Doleac, Gerald Fitch, Dorell Wright, Earl Barron and Matt Walsh.


Coming from San Antonio Spurs‘ best championship performance of three championship titles, San Antonio Spurs went and rallied again reaching their fourth championship title making them as the fourth team advancing to the NBA franchise history behind Chicago Bulls with six championship title victories. Spurs head coach Greg Popovich, and his key players Tim Duncan, Tony Parker, Manu Ginobili, Bruce Bowen, Robert Horry and the added player Michael Finley, the former Dallas Mavericks player rallied their fourth championship title in NBA Finals 2006-2007 sweeping Cleveland Cavaliers. Tim Duncan, Tony Parker and Manu Ginobili contributed most of the points in the team scoring 1,599, 1,429 and 1,240 points respectively. Duncan delivered from the board as the team blocks leader with 190 blocks and powered 846 rebounds as the team rebounds leader. Ginobili played the entire court as the team steals leader with 109 steals. Parker, on the hand, finished with 420 assists as the team assists leader. Brent Barry shot. 446 as the team 3-point percentage leader shooting down in the corner with 128 out of 287 3-point shooting range from the field. Along in the Spurs roster were Bruce Bowen, Francisco Elson, Fabricio Oberto, Beno Udrih, Matt Bonner, Jacque Vaughn, James White, Eric Williams, Jackie Butler and Melvin Ely.


Boston Celtics returned in NBA Finals 2007-2008 with the head coach Doc Rivers, a retired player from the teams he played in Atlanta Hawks, Los Angeles Clippers, New York Knicks and San Antonio Spurs. Celtics finished with the strong performance 66 wins against 16 loses. Celtics contested with the Los Angeles Lakers in NBA Finals 2007-2008 in the fashion 4 wins against 2 loses. With the new line-up of Boston Celtics were Kevin Garnett a former player of Minnesota Timberwolves, Ray Allen a former player of Seattle Supersonics, Paul Pierce and Rajon Rondo. Paul Pierce gained as the team scoring leader with the all-time best 1,570 points. Kevin Garnett came stronger as he grabbed as the team rebounds leader with 655 rebounds. Rajon Rondo delivered his performance as the team assists leader with 393 assists and as the team steals leader with 129 steals. Kendrick Perkins powered in the boards slamming 114 blocks as the team blocks leader. Sam Cassell, a former 2-time Houston Rockets champion player, joined in Boston Celtics earning his 3rd championship title together with the Boston Celtics earning as the team 3-point percentage leader with .409 shooting 9 out of 22 3-point shooting range from the field. Together with the Celtics players were Eddie House, James Posey, Kendrick Perkins, Tony Allen, Leon Powe, Glen Davis, Brian Scalabrine, PJ Brown, Scot Pollard and Gabe Pruitt.


Kobe Bryant of Los Angeles Lakers finally achieved his dreams as the loyalist of Los Angeles Lakers came stronger in NBA Finals 2008-2009 reaching his fourth championship title and the Los Angeles Lakers with 15th championship title. The head coach of Lakers, Phil Jackson, has finally surpassed Red Auerbach‘s 9 championship titles of Boston Celtics with 10 championship titles under his coaching skills with Chicago Bulls and Los Angeles Lakers. With the returning players in Los Angeles Lakers were Kobe Bryant and Derek Fisher. Added to the Lakers roster was Pau Gasol from the Memphis Grizzlies. Kobe Bryant powered for the Lakers as the team scoring leader with 2,201 points and as the team assists leader with 399 assists. Pau Gasol rescued the Lakers as the team second scoring leader with 1,528 points and grabbed as the team rebounds leader with 780 rebounds. Trevor Ariza, the team fifth scoring leader, controlled in the court as the team steals leader with 137 steals. Lamar Odom holded in the board as the team blocks leader with 98 blocks. And Derek Fisher, as the team 3-point percentage leader, shot 120 out of 302 shots from 3-point shooting range from the field with .397. With the rest of Lakers roster were Andrew Bynum, Sasha Vujacic, Jordan Farmar, Luke Walton (son of Bill Walton), Vladimir Radmanovic, Josh Powell, Didier Ilunga-Mbenga, Shannon Brown, Chris Mihm, Adam Morrison and Sun Yue.


Phil Jackson of 6-time Chicago Bulls head coach, earned his 5th championship title with the Los Angeles Lakers. As the Los Angeles Lakers reached their 16th championship title, a one-shy championship title away from the Boston Celtics‘ 17 championship titles, in NBA Finals 64th season 2009-2010. Lakers improved in the NBA standings with 57 wins against 25 loses. With the returning line-up of Los Angeles Lakers were Kobe Bryant, Pau Gasol, Andrew Bynum, Lamar Odom and Derek Fisher. Kobe Bryant, as the team scoring leader, came stronger in shooting range with 1,970 points, delivering the Lakers as the team assists leader with 365 assists and as the team steals leader with 113 steals. Lamar Odom powered in the boards as the team rebounds leader with 802 rebounds. Pau Gasol powered in the boards as the team blocks leader with 113 blocks. And Josh Powell shot 7 out of 16 3-point shooting range from the field with .438 as the team 3-point percentage leader. With the Lakers strongmen were Metta World Peace, Shannon Brown, Jordan Farmar, Sasha Vujacic, Didier Ilunga-Mbenga, Adam Morrison and Luke Walton.


The new surprising champion of NBA Finals 2010-2011 was the first time champion Dallas Mavericks with the head coach Rick Carlisle, a former one-time champion player of Boston Celtics in 1985-1986. Dallas Mavericks was the 18th team winning their championship title beating the Miami Heat. Dirk Nowitski powered in the court floor becoming the team scoring leader with 1,681 points. Tyson Chandler, a former Charlotte Bobcats player joined Dallas Mavericks, snatched the balls becoming as team rebounds leader with 692 rebounds and slammed the ball away as the team blocks leader with 80 blocks. Jason Kidd, a former Phoenix Suns player and New Jersey Nets (also known as Brooklyn Nets) player, returned in Dallas Mavericks as a team assists leader with 655 assists and as the team steals leader with 134 steals. Caron Butler led in 3-point shooting range as the team 3-point percentage leader with 28 out of 65 3-point shooting range from the field. Jason Terry and Shawn Marion also contributed the points for the Mavericks with 1,293 and 999 points respectively. With the Mavericks roster were DeShawn Stevenson, Brendan Haywood, Rodrique Beaubois, Peja Stojakovic, Ian Mahinmi, Brian Cardinal, Corey Brewer, Dominique Jones, Sasha Pavlovic, Alexis Ajinca and Steve Novak.


The lost team Miami Heat last year against the Dallas Mavericks finally reached their destiny as they clinched second championship title with the head coach Erik Spoelstra, the half Filipino and half American in NBA Finals 2011-2012. NBA have had almost the fourth lock-out season that started in 25th of December, 2011, the Christmas day. Spoelstra have had his first coach winning his team Miami Heat to the NBA Finals 2011-2012. With the added best player LeBron James of Cleveland Cavaliers joined the Miami Heat last year. LeBron James, the team scoring leader, scorched 1,683 points also grabbing in the board as the all-time team rebounds leader with 492 rebounds, delivering the ball in the field as the team assists leader with 387 assists and controlling the ball in the court as the team steals leader with 115 steals. LeBron James became again as the Most Valuable Player award for his 3 awards. Joel Anthony swapped away the balls as the team blocks leader with 84 blocks. Dwayne Wade and Chris Bosh also contributed in the scoring paint with 1,082 and 1,025 points respectively. Chris Bosh recently joined the Miami Heat in 2010-2011 season from his former team Toronto Raptors. Mike Miller scorched the 3-point shooting ranger as the team 3-point percentage leader shooting 53 out of 117 in 3-point shooting range from the field with .453. Along with Miami Heat roster were Norris Cole, Udonis Haslem, Shane Battier, James Jones, Dexter Pittman, Terrel Harris, Ronny Turiaf, Juwan Howard, Eddy Curry and Mickell Gladness.


Who will be take the NBA dynasty to continue in the NBA Finals 2012-2013? With the Boston Celtics‘ 17 champion titles, Los Angeles Lakers‘ 16 championship titles, Chicago Bulls‘ 6 champion titles or San Antonio Spurs‘ 4 champion titles, among them who will take the 2012-2013 championship title? Or another 19th NBA team will take the championship title? Or one of 3-time champions Golden State Warriors, Philadelphia 76ers or Detroit Pistons will take their 4th championship title aside with the San Antonio Spurs? Or one of two 2-time champions New York Knicks, Houston Rockets or Miami Heat will take their 3rd championship title aside with the Warriors, 76ers or Pistons?


Notes: It takes me time to finish this sports article since Friday, 6th of July 2012 for about five nights and four days.


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