Thirtieth-First Tagalog Quote:


Mahagkan ang hagdanan

ng maging kaibigan kita,

labis man tumakbo ang panahon,

o tila humihila sa habang oras,

kailan pa babalik ang tiwala

mo sa akin.


Araw-araw hulog ng langit

masakit ang panahon nakaukit

parang bang walang katapusan,

na muling matatagpuan,

na sana ay walang magpipilit,

ang buhay nakataya sa ngayon

kailan pa man.


Humuhupa ang lubog ng iyak ko

na sana man hindi maulit,

tumatakbo ako na

parang bang humihila

papalayo sa iyo,

bilang na ang araw,

na muli tatakda sa hinaharap.


Hanggang ngayon

o saan ang umulit ng tadhana,

pipilit na imumulat muli

ang aking mga mata,

ako ay sana mahawakan ka

sa huling pagkakataon

na ito ay huling lakbay natin

sa langit magpakailan pa man. 


Thirtieth-Second Tagalog Quote:


Muli babangon ako sa nakaraan,

maling tagpuan na akala ko

tayo’y magkikita,

pero ang saglit

na hindi muli hintayin ang oras,

na baka ak’y susundin.


Buwan na maykapal,

bituin na kumikislap,

parang bang ako’y huminto,

huminga ng malalim,

inisip ko’y baka bumalik ang nakaraan.


Sinuman ang maghahadlang

sa buhay natin,

kung ano ang sitwasyon,

at oras na nagbabago,

ika’y pumipilit,

naglalaro ang panahon,

na muling hindi makatulog

sa gabi.


Isip kong lumilito,

pagkat ang araw pumili sa atin,

sumusumpa ang naglalaro ng puso,

parang bang bola tumatalon

na muli nakatakda sa tadhana.


Piling ko’y makahanap ulit ng pag-big

na walang hangganan.



I always know what is good from right and what is wrong from worse. It is that love sometimes cannot trust sometimes it may breaks your heart. If the meaning of love portrays in your life, do not forget that you always have your family in your back and your relatives as well. Love always forget in the place of fight. When fight sometimes fails you to love back, but when the healing is processing you back. The pain inside we have sometimes forget ourselves in healing process. That is why in this part two Tagalog quote poems are really meant to do discuss what your feelings is really in the place of your life.

In 31st Tagalog quote poem, it always tells me the pain what I have to deserve to leave her in my past behind. In my past sometimes really hurts my feelings until now. But in times it heals, I always remind myself what I can do for the best for my feelings for her. Yes the girl I am talking about is that I love her during my college days. And I know, there are many fish in the sea. But this girl leaves nothing but to truth for me. We often see each other when we separate apart. I come ahead and leave her in the place she needs me sometimes. But many times I see myself to her, I’ve instantly change and forget about her. It is because sometimes we are not meant to be. Love is playing between us. When love portrays in our lives, we forget that we already have in our life is our family, relatives and other friends as well.

I don’t see much of her after my graduation that her original batch is also graduating with me. Ahead of time, sometimes I look in the past to heal. When times to heal, sometimes I forget about myself. I run away from home once and try to look her house in the night. But because I am so pain to love in her so much. I let it go of her. After many years we haven’t see each other, I see her once again. That was last year in the alumni party. I saw her that she was already pregnant. And bluntly to my tone and attitude, I left her alone already and joined to my original batch mates in culinary school. But seems sometimes what I have seen, I already forget and forgive my my heart. And the time that I’ve already let it go of her.

When many battles we lose, sometimes we stand up or to crawl ourselves in the floor. I may be want to be insane, but to grow up in my lessons as well. Being as a human is always what we deserve.

In 32nd Tagalog quote poem, this poem is much different love poem. This is about eternal love, being two persons needing to be together forever. When two worlds collides to them for the first time they meet, these two people are much different. The male comes from Hawaii to search for his freedom of love after breaking up from his ex-girlfriend. And the female apart came in Paris to look for love she is always dreaming to have boyfriend. Both of them came from broken relationship from their love before. Now together in Paris when they saw each other, the male instantly rescued her when she almost fell down in train station. He grabbed the female’s arm and eventually in the fate of love. They instantly dated in the romantic in Paris, the most expensive French restaurant. The place in Restaurant L’Atelier de Joel Robuchon that the guy dated her.

Falling in love is much harder in the second place of their heart. They opened up their stories in the table. After their dinner date, the guy came into the girl’s place. From what he saw, he broke up five months ago with the girl’s friend. In the world tearing up of their relationship, instead they have to make up in the girl’s place. They went out one more time to stargaze in the skies. Making up is not the good thing in their mind. After their vacation in Paris, both of them went apart. The girl left the details when the guy really could find her in New York. When they met again in New York, they became newly weds. What they realized from each other, they really have in common is to build their relationship. In times when his wife suddenly got ill after a month, he didn’t realize that his wife is already in second stage of her cancer. Then the guy also admitted that being falling to her is not the mistake. She also found that her husband will die soon enough. After they went all challenges in life, they battled in their sick. Her husband got in car accident that night when he broke down of his ill. In the next eternal life, they meet again. This is not really a happy ending story although the girl survived from her cancer. And she raised her two children, both fraternal twins. After fate, sometimes love is pain when leaving someone in your heart.

No one in this world want nobody is really going to die. Of course, all of us will go die once we go sick or we go old in times of changing. Anybody could run entirely to ruin our lives. But instead, fight for your love what the fate tells you about. After all, love sometimes is really an eternal love for the two people falling in love.