What I know about Javier? The journey started in 1914 when my great grandfather Daniel Falcon Javier, a former teacher and principal of Cebu Normal School in early 1900s, came in the land of Bugho, Leyte. Little did I know that he was great grandfather. But I don’t know much of his background. And I even didn’t interview my grandfather who is the son of Daniel F. Javier.

I guess that I have to write an article according to the Philippine history as well. I may be not a historian, but I have little extra idea in my back of my head to write about Javier history. It seems my grandfather is a native in Consolacion, Sogod, Southern Leyte. He may be having a little weird explanation sometimes because I am also happen to be Javier in my blood. And it is that I’m Javier as well. I’ve never gone to the province yet. But if the financial goes well in the future, I might go there as well. And until now, I’m still unregistered voter. And I want to register in Javier, Leyte. But I have been residing in Manila for almost three decades since my birth.

You may know Danny Javier, the singer in Apo Hiking Society. I know him well although every time that my grandmother has to celebrate her birthday or my grandfather’s birthday, usually they come in my grandparents’ house just to celebrate. Because their Danny’s parents were already in heaven. His compositions Show Me A Smile (1976), Pumapatak Ng Ulan (1978), Kaibigan (1978), Kabilugan ng Buwan (1980), Di Na Natuto (1988), Paano (1991), Just A Smile Away (1991) and Isang Dangkal (1999) contributed the songs in the part of Apo Hiking Society. Well Jim Paredes and Buboy Garavillo was in the part also. Although some few years back, the Apo Hiking Society somehow already retired in 2010. From what I have heard in my relatives, but I don’t know sure if they will come back to perform once again. It’s very taking so long in many years since they have started in 1969 during their peak of Marcos regime. Well, that’s my uncle I am talking about.

Also in the part of my family tree of Javier is Dyords Javier. He is Danny’s younger brother. What I know about him? He is very funny comedian that plays a lot of mischief way back in his Ateneo days. His famous acts are also in the show business although their family have very active whether it’s sports, politics or entertainment. And I even don’t know about him as well in the past. What I write is surely you can come up with your article as well.

Dyords and Danny were brothers. Although they are my uncles, it came to my life when I met them during my high school years. I wasn’t very active in school but some in very beginning, I become very sociable as well. But I am not as a social climber. I knew them at the very start when I met them through my grandparents. They are family as well. Without knowing it, I may not discover myself either I am having down syndrome.

Andok’s is the franchise business that my uncle talks about in the business although now he is serving as a mayor in Javier, Leyte as well. Andok is short of Leonardo Javier, Sr. who happens also to be my grandfather. He is the brother that our grandfather I am talking about. My name is written in my grandfather’s name. Well mostly some of the looks, I don’t have idea as well.

The only I know in the family tree in Javier is about us. Including in the part of Javier history is the family that runs the Fernwood Garden. The De Veyra family who happens to be their grandmother is part of Javier tradition as well. I may not saying all the details furthermore it there happens to be something I don’t like to share about. Because they are my relatives. I know my limitations as a writer that writing sometimes inflicts with some controversies. But, from myself, I’m only part of what I need to know in family tree as well.