Consult first to your parents, relatives or your closest friends when you are seeking to choose whether she or he likes you most.


Think mostly about his or her background. Check if he or she is doing anything bad to his or her friends. Sometimes when I am choosing love, I sometimes disapprove myself how to get your love back or to get into the relationship as well. Some of my relatives goes into relationship. But some of them didn’t want to go relationship as they are proving they want to be single as well. But I can’t deny it.


People have freedom to love what they want, but when you are abusing you love someone. You end up hurting her or him. For my experiences, I went overboard already thinking that if she loves me. Love sometimes takes time in advantage how you really love this person. Seek for your parents first if they can prove you can love him / her back.


Conversation tips:

– Think first before you open the conversation. Give a look in to her or his eyes if she or he really thinks about you.

– When engaging to a fair conversation, sometimes it ends up a fight or arguing with your friend.

– Bring some of your friends with you if she or he thinks friends are welcome to aboard into conversation as well.

– If it still doesn’t prove that much, sometimes open up another topic that is related in your subject.

– When it’s time to end in a friendly conversation, shake up his or her hands. Or give a little hug. Do not attempt to steal kiss. Just a friendly little hug, that’s all.



– If it is your first date, don’t come up with an excuse. It may sometimes take advantage that your partner will know your excuse.

– Pick and find the place that is comfortable for you. Do not go alone if she or he doesn’t pick you up.

– Do not go to overcrowded area. This might be a trick that the audience sometimes amusing you when he / she allows to go in a relationship.



– Blind dating is sometimes serious when you are picking up a new date in the town as well. (Seriously, I’ve never done that before.)

– If he or she allows you to go to the mall, allow him or her to go window shopping with you.

– If he or she thinks about you, give him or her a wide smile just because you really love her.

– Love her or his time what she or he is doing mostly.

– When visiting to your love, don’t go yet to his or her place. Text him or her if he or she is available to visit. (Sometimes you end spying of him / her and you end up breaking in a relationship.)


I don’t know these tips are better for you than me. If that is the case, sometimes I really need to think what in her mind though I never know about it. Reading of his or her thoughts from his or her eyes sometimes I really the person most. I’m not psychic. But eyes are pretty to read when you are thinking.