What is the difference between art and literature?


The difference for me is the best examples of Jack Kirby writing for his drawing workshops, then Stan Lee came in to help. Basically, it’s really different at the start. I may be too excited for this to work it out. Since I am also an artist, that is why I am promoting my site different from others. Being in literature to mix up in arts is the best way to conceptualize how your story will flow in the art making.


Art means the quality, production, expression or realm of what is beautiful, or of more than ordinary significance while literature means the writing regarded as having permanent worth through intrinsic excellence. (Through the dictionary as my reference.)


Without art and literature have no life telling how you can be manage a studio without a concept. Somehow I am running as a one-man show here in my studio site as well. The real concept here in Itsmikki Studio is to mix arts and literature. That is why I am putting some of my efforts to add some elements in my site as well. There’s literature category which it falls for my english literature, filipino literature, short-story article and spanish literature. Since my profound talents is more in literature and arts as well. I may add some elements for this.


Well some of my studio contains a lot of expressive articles such as news articles (business, history articles, music article, news, science article, specific article, sports articles, technology and my tribute article for Rico Yan), special article (family tree, my small project of my autobiography Insensitive side of me, remembering her, another small category of special article and wish list), and another element of other articles (agriculture articles, book articles, education articles, family articles, fashion articles, food articles, game articles, garden articles, holiday articles, movie articles, relationship articles, television articles and travel articles as well).


It sounds serious to me. Well in the first place, I wouldn’t think of this way if I cannot name as the studio writer. Since the name of my site Itsmikki Studio: An inspirational studio writer is serious that I am taking my part. This might be sounds like a running CNN, or somewhat social writer to me. In the first place, I am never to dream to this in my life. In fact, my interpretation in field of arts and literature is very conceptual. But what I mean is to follow my heart. No matter what the smaller challenges will come to me, whether failures are coming in is that I will accept the defeat or loss. Because that’s the nature of this reality. No matter how you are greater, you are always winning in your dreams. No one can take my dreams alone. So in fact, I’ve never imagine that I have my own laptop. I never ask my parents to give me something to return. This in fact is already my fate, or destiny that is called.


Dreams can really wait for me. Although the journey of my literature started when I was high school student. I was terrified and shaking in the classroom. Without trembling in my feet, I started to grab a pen and start writing a poem in my one-arm desk chair. That was Thursday lunch time. After the day it was, it all began a long time ago since the birth of literature of 10th of December 1998. Well most of it, I really love literature that it starts my whole life. Imagine this, I couldn’t talk of much when I am 2 years old. My parents, of course, are worried of me. I cannot write of much longer sentences. In this reality life, yes I do have down syndrome. I do have developmental problems when I am still a kid. That’s where it all begins at my earlier life. I’ve been through therapies: including reading, writing, talking and anything you can think of therapy. Until today, I’m imagining my life what will be exact moment if I cannot control my life today.


Arts is a perfect talent for me. And it started before my life discovered as a down syndrome teenager. I am so special about this. It always referring to my head whether I have to continue about this. I was going in to the 4th grade, months ago I came from an incident of electrocution. That was summer. My parents explained this to me, so I have to tell you a short story of my life. After a bicycle fun from Quezon Memorial Circle, we went home but it’s still dark that time. It was still Corazon Aquino period of her presidency. Then it came for me without knowing about it. I stepped in a cold and wet area when I plugged in the charging florescent lights. It is still somehow, a big hit that time. With some charging lights, you can still plug everywhere you can charge. But I held the plug metal to the wall and poof, my parents carried me to the hospital. That was the time of my first incident.


Before jumping to another story, I sat this to table sitting beside another classmate of mine. We shared the desk-table which it only occupied two persons with something you can keep the things inside the desk-table. Then our homeroom teacher is also our Science teacher. I became in love in Science as well. Without knowing how to study well, I learned eventually on my own through the teaching of our teacher. After two years when I was about to graduate in elementary in sixth grade, many of my classmates really amazed of me. I became sociable and very reliable to society as well. Because of that, I instantly knew how to draw well in Science projects. I draw a lot in advanced drawings. In fact, I realized that I am born talented in arts.


Before graduating in sixth grade, I am supposed to go in high school already at the age of 13. But another in my life came unexpected, I have to cross in the road with my half-asleep mind and half conscious mind as well. And bam, I was hit by this transportation (jeepney) that breaks a little in my shoulder bone. Then I was rushed to the hospital again for the second time. This time is the road accident. I even didn’t know why but somehow I managed to survive. It is because my angels and the saints inside my mind telling that I have to go back in real world. I still have unfinished business. I have to do something serious for my life though. It comes to my mind that I’ve really graduated in sixth grade, but to moved as lone seventh grader.


(True facts of education: In America alone, they have the education system which they have also eighth grade then coming in high school as ninth grade, tenth grade, eleventh grade and twelfth grade which are suppose to name as freshman, sophomore, junior and senior high as well. That’s why also the Philippines have to follow the good education as well in America. Which I believe many talented students will shine in their own of talents.)


Well of course, it happened already for me. Then little I know, I started to like basic mathematics in elementary, but in high school math won’t applying in my head. I am more like a Science-art-history-literature geek. But my average grades that time improves a lot. I’ve never made to the top of the list although I am an improved special student that time. So here I am, full of surprises to wait. I am still eager to work for my site although it lacks of my articles in different categories and semi-categories as well. I might never be a great writer, but I am willing to change to society to follow the dreams to make. Dreams are really important when your career might be shifting or changing courses as well. I like writing of course. During my college years and after that, I’ve never imagine to write this a not perfect article. Although I realize I can still manage to study again in literature more of it and the history as well.


Of course, arts and literature are my semi-realistic life. When you write something, then you have to write something different in your site same as my other elements have added in my site as well. I may never know what life will be coming for me. When you hear something different and this is the one. Although I am no ordinary person, I am the extraordinary special person who happens to be that I have down syndrome. With this special skills and talents I have, this is only way to express and to be inspired as an inspirational studio writer.


Kindly like my page as well in my facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/ItsmikkiStudio. More surprises will come in my site as well to wait.