My own comic novel book sequels The Anthology of Firelava and The Anthology of Fireice comes an epic ending of Firelava’s death which it is composition of story written ahead of drawings since back of 2005. I find it hard to believe this will come to a brighter world in my site as well. But it’s not finished yet. It has to be improve a lot in story, and of course I will add some elements of the plot.


The Firelava, The Fireice

The Anthology of Firelava and Fireice


And have you heard the Magayon which it is literally the legend name come from Mt. Mayon volcano? I am fondly of Science facts and I have decide it to write down to my version of X-Men series. But I write it on my own concept of Immune instead of X-Men. My concept here is much different. The drawings of X-Men are western comics. Which I have to find a way to create the series. Which I called it on own my comic novel book series, Immune. Brotherhood of Magneto is different in my story although it conflicts so many villains and some added version of Transformer series is here also.


A lot of Science studies comes into my mind. Although it’s not comprehend to know about it, then I am the one you can talk about the series. I come up with this version. A group of Immune are called to be known as Immunity. In added to Transformer series, the humans here are bind to transform into a greater machines which it’s the epic story for this story. Some of the few characters I have come up in this line of Immune. And besides, I am not plagiarism here. It’s the Japanese mad anime drawings anyway and it ends up somehow my version of drawings as well. It doesn’t end up there either.


The Anthology of Firelava is the story of the immortal Firelava. When her mother died in the foot of the volcano lava, it sprouted her new immune powers and becomes the fire-lava, that’s why I am calling her as Firelava. When her mother (in alter-ego name Nonious) becomes a legend to among Immunity around the world, many significant events happened worldwide when it starts to born the new Immunes in 20th century. Many believe among the old Immune are old and immortal as well before Nonious. With the found of physics and chemistry in 15th, 16th and 17th centuries, among some of the immortals have fail to survive but somehow manage to revive later when Firelava died bringing her baby to come.


This is supposed to be my secret story. But somehow, I already tell you the plot of The Anthology of Firelava. Whether it’s not real characters behind my works, some few characters I put in are coincidental names. Such as Tungsten, the name of the Immune character, the person here in the story is the same version in real life. I am using some of my love life names in my past before. Whether it’s some different or not, somehow I don’t want this to publish. Because it has many conflicts to some Marvel readers as well. My version here is very different, in fact I enjoy drawing them and writing them in their backgrounds as well. I even do not how to recreate again the new story in Immunity story. Because the fact I write them in trilogy comic novel books, I create another one comic novel book which it is span more than 1,000 characters in one comic novel book. That would be hard project for me. But I am willing to do that, as for the sake of my story to be whether it’s published or unpublished.


While in The Anthology of Fireice is much different of story of Firelava, she continues the conquest of her mother’s death to overcome the evil wicked on her side. Fireice battles her twin clone every time she engages to every battle. But to conflict that, Fireice and Evil Fireice comes into brute fight in the future as well. They are more Immunes to appear here in the version of the story. As the story goes on, the fallen villains somehow divided in three groups and fear to be the greatest villains in the story. Much more stronger Immunes than Fireice are many believe to fear to be lost but to compete to survive in human race.


Also in the story, the series of Transformers are here also. But in my concepts, the human-alike mechanic robots can transform into huge mechanic form and embattle to Immunes. Whether some of the villains are engage to fight mechanism Immunes, somehow they are lost to them and much stronger. The Crystal planet are also in here, the version alike in Superman series. The sisters and relatives of Supergirl are hated much of Mechanism Immunes. They battle into generations as well. They can resurrect anytime they like just to fight them. But the worst part, it generates more Immunes in the planet Earth. As the stronger Immunes collects and has to be in alliance, somehow they are conflicting the war much worse.


The human race and the Immune race has to stop the invading other Immune planets as well coming to the Earth. The sudden death is awaiting them to survive in the future. With some more than 1,000 Immunes in planet Earth, they cannot kill all the Immune planets outside the universe. One of the deadly planets are Plasma planet and Black planet.


The story continues in The Legendary of Fireice when Fireice comes to battle her health bearing the same mistake of her mother as well. And that she has to give birth to twins. Fireice and Evil Ice comes to different version of original Firelava and original Fireice as well. Both of them has to work together, otherwise they won’t face together to battle the mechanism Immunes. The story hasn’t stop yet it has more room for storyboard, story plot and character designing as well. It is really conflicts with my few materials. It might take months or years to finish the final version of my story without the help of financial projects.


These trilogy comic novel books The Anthology of Firelava, The Anthology of Fireice and The Legendary of Fireice comes a big budget project deal. I have to create more characters to add the twist and epic in the story as well. This is the first project that I have to finish first. Since it conflicts some other of my comic novel book series like Negaza, Alphabed, The Legend of Fora and some many comic novel books to come. I have many worth of dreams to create, and that’s why the name of Itsmikki Studio comes in the first place.


The main base name I have to use is F.A.C.E. and it stands for Filipino Animation Center Enterprises. But I choose the name of Mikki, since it has the history of the name as well. That’s why putting up a studio name doesn’t come up alone a studio site. It has to be always an surprise element which that’s it added to the frame categories such as news articles and other articles as well. But in the same time, I am still working for my based projects which I have to promote.