Fiftieth-Ninth English Quote:


You count the night

filled with hope of everlasting dreams,

every count of endless sleeping sheep,

the way it sparkles the stars,

it won’t go away.


One dream has to stay,

two people wants to wish

all the way,

three never ending wishes

it needs to say.


Three kings following the shining star,

dreams are forever since the day

and night has formed,

man and woman has made

in the soil of love by God,

and the dreams won’t fade away

that has to be remained a mystery.


Hundred of every day’s dreams,

people come and go,

people work for their dreams,

sometimes it needs the better

hardworking or the

dreams will work in your way

to earn-

-the everlasting dreams you are working.


Sixtieth English Quote:


Believe in some many ways

that you want to believe,

dreams never last in some occasion

that sometimes it’s a matter of fact.


Dreams are everlasting forever

that you need to remember,

as long it’s far as I can run,

to take another leap of lifetime.


You count when it seems it’s

cannot hold on,

as if the life time cannot give up,

and you know the dreams are sure,

when you believe.


And yesterday is your part

that becomes what you are today,

and tomorrow never lasts.




You never know what it likes has to be same, sometimes I get carried away in my dreams. Who never knows if I stay more in the line that has to make. But in some other words, it can make a shorter version of quotes. Many poets in this generation doesn’t know how to create a poem, a sonnet or a song that has to be have a story. But in my side, it always have a story version. It always has to be same meaning and always have to be in many other sayings.


Dreams are forgetting when you know that it is hard to believe. But somehow I am forgetting dreams sometimes are unreachable. You have to know what it feels like to be uneasy and not difficult. Sometimes it mixes with your emotions telling anything. In this part of episode here in quote poems, I can explain how these wonderful quote poems are made since February.


In 59th English quote poem, this poem tells you about the hopes and patience of your dreams. When you are making a plan, sometimes you need an extra little effort to create a little plan. Smaller dreams somehow are creating a wide vision and it can tell your dreams how will work out. Dreams like how to get the expensive cellphone. You don’t have to ask your parents or your godparents or to any of your relatives and siblings as well. My life before is very example to this part. I don’t have computers and cellphones as well. My two sisters have it to work for their dreams. Then after they have done, they are rewarded to get it. Once you get something you like, sometimes you need to pray over your dreams to work and ask if it’s really important for you.


I do have cellphone before and it’s way back since college days during from 2002 to 2003. Before I was graduating, I always told myself that I have to hold my dreams in the long term. I do not have my own computer as well. I don’t go to work after my college and that is because it’s really hard also to get in a new job you have to keep. Sometimes I got 3 months contract in a job or less 3 months as well. So I don’t even get a nice and expensive cellphone. My life is very odd but it has the meaning. The meaning of how to get your dreams as well.


Now in a long term, I have my own temporary laptop and my permanent cellphone. But dreams made when I have to wait for the christmas wish I always have to wait. Wishes sometimes didn’t work that way. You have to pray and to work for your dreams as well as mine.


In 60th English quote poem, it always have to be a meaningful dream quote poem. When you know it’s very hard to reach sometimes you really have to grab the opportunity in your hands. Likewise what I have else earlier, dreams are somehow worth to be waiting. The more I want sometimes it’s always there but somehow it breaks when you don’t grab it. Like something you want to earn the car, now that’s a long term dreams. Dreams are sometimes when you are looking for the important in your life, somehow it changes the time when you need it one. And besides, it always look to be positive way.


When you know you believe in positive ways, you always believe the dreams will prove in your way. Like me, I am always positive in my life and always ask myself in the mirror if I can get the opportunity in the future. And it did happen to me. When you believe the dreams, the dreams are worth to take the risks for anything you like. Like last year, I was this in conquest. I joined in the bandwagon of networking, somehow it lost me in the way to get my dreams in track. It breaks me somehow in the way. But when I came back in load business, somehow it restarted my life in dreams.


This year is very lucky year to me. But somehow it loses my chances to get opportunities as well. In the start, it’s very hard to believe. But in the long run when you always believe in positive and dreams, it always get you in a better road of dreams. Some of my dreams proved that I got opportunities as well. I got my own domain name without asking from anything. I didn’t ask the computer or laptop to exchange what you need to do. Somehow I always get excited.


Now you all need to do is to dream more. And dreams are always possible to achieve. When it comes to a relationship, to get a job, to your family or somewhat you are believing into your hopes. And hang on to it your dreams. And always believe.