Business is the practice of making one’s living by engaging in commerce while the work is the place where one engages in such activity. (Reference from Webster dictionary.)


Somehow when business wants in your place, I place my bet in living as well. In fact during my stay now in business, I’ve been working hard to regain what I lost last year. But then again, when you start in a small business. Always find a place you have to commit yourself to income your money. Money is always the root for working hard. Money always invest in a small way of living interest, investment, time and management somehow.


Look at myself, I do not know how to say this neither how I will explain this. Business is all matters you can grow your interests and investments as well. I didn’t study in some business courses in some college or universities. From I know that I learn from networking, business is all your price in your mind and passion. When you create one business, then you should know how to leverage this as well. For example, the fast food chain Jollibee started along time ago in 1978 where Tony Tan Caktiong, the president and the CEO of Jollibee, built in a small commercial space in Quezon City. Business started with a small investment in a franchise business. That is where it blooms and starts to create the leverage of franchise as well. Now the Jollibee has thousand outlets around the globe and around the nation as well.


Jollibee is always for the example for us, the Filipino-Chinese genuine who created million of jobs today. Business is always a matter of price when you need to know the leverage of the business.  When you know the simple math, simple economics and simple history, you can create your own way of business. Like I don’t have much more experience that long. But in a culinary world, somehow you need to know also the value of culinary business. There are many kinds of business as well. When you go in and once you step in a business world, you already are the entrepreneur. Then it will becoming you later as an businessman as well.


There are two kinds of business: the franchising and the multi-level marketing. Both of them need of leverage. When it comes to a business knowledge, then you have to learn on your own. I really didn’t study of this but gained the knowledge when I was in networking company. But to tell you the networking is related  to as multi-level marketing. I really am not offending the word of networking, besides all of the businesses sometimes comes from the multi-level marketing. Well most of them, and least that I know is none. All kinds of business comes from multi-level marketing. Marketing your ideas is the main ingredient in the business. When you build them, then you share with the employees you are creating the employment jobs as well. How the Filipino-Chinese clans do this all the time? Well of course, mostly that I know about the Chinese is that they are economic-minded and very hands on their business. No Chinese in the history don’t do that way to serve as an employee. Well of course I come to offend you, then I am so sorry about that.


Multi-level marketing is a marketing strategy in which the sales force that is really personally generating the money (from wikipedia) in the first place. Then some of the sales in which they recruit, somehow it manages the distributors, retailers and a multiple levels of knowledge as well. I didn’t copy all the words from the wikipedia. Somehow in the field of business I know, marketing is very important in the business. You recruit the jobs and let them to study in their own works. Then if they didn’t know in the first place, you have to supervise them as well. In the contact center world, without supervisors and quality assurance officers, sometimes the customer service representative (or CSR) or the technical service representative (or TSR) didn’t know what to do.


So in my opinion, if they didn’t learn in the first place, they won’t get promotion ahead and they won’t get a higher wages. Marketing a representative is the same in multi-level marketing or somehow I realize if I get wrong ideas as well. Studying in your work is the best practice to gain the marketing knowledge. Without it, you cannot learn from your own. But sometimes I know in contact centers may be some harsh for you. But let me give you a straight answer of this, practice with your language before entering in contact center as well. Of course, nobody in the field is very compensative in the language. I like the idea going in the contact center in the first place. But somehow, my idea going in sometimes improves more of my practice in english as well.


Franchising is also the same in the business field. When you leverage some of your ideas, you need to know where you can profit them in the good hands of the ownership as well. Then you need to branch out the supervisors, branch managers and some of that I have back of my head can’t remember the positions in franchising as well. You have to meet the expectations and the deadlines as well. Well of course, I have been in culinary world when I start as a chef in the first place. The knowledge in food sometimes you can learn more also in the marketing as well. Without knowledge, you cannot learn from anything ideas you can learn about. Fresh ideas are more important tasks to learn. First thing first, when you need to branch out the franchising business. This is the important idea. You really have to go in the area if this is very marketable in the area as well. Look around first when there are many people in the public. See it first in the public whether it’s school children, offices or business as well. When you know about the fresh ideas. Then you can go ahead to franchise the place you can put it your franchising area as well. Then again, I didn’t learn this from entrepreneurship certificate as well. I learned this from the culinary school where I studied the aspects of being as chef and as entrepreneur as well.


Investment is also the four ideas of business in the field. Without investing a money in the field, you cannot create more generating fund incomes, net incomes and as well in the profits. Then again, I didn’t get to experience of this idea. But I learned this from networking. Networking knowledge is very helpful to me. But somehow I am applying to gain more in the knowledge as well. Investing money is the hardest to gain in the market. Somehow you loses some stocks and shares. Then you have to look again with something you can gain for. Losing a money is not win-win situation. In the stock markets, some investors always seek of this important ideas as well.


In the first place, these fresh ideas of mine can’t prove some much more about it. But I leaned from my experiences and gained the knowledge as well. Without writing of this article somehow didn’t get in my way. I want them to have written and unique bold ideas that I have. I do not go to the management courses, entrepreneurship courses, business courses or neither some of other courses as well. I gain this knowledge from multi-level marketing. But then again, I study them in my own knowledge in the internet and real life experiences as well. I didn’t own the ideas. Somehow my uniqueness gets nothing but a simple ideas that I have.


Working in the business is different from what I have study. Somehow their differences can tell you. Working in recruitment agency somehow can track you to get a job whether it’s local or abroad. But let me remind of you when you are in abroad, don’t think that this is too easy to grab the opportunities. Think thrice. Always learn and study the benefits of working in the overseas jobs. When you are already in the new area or location, study first their language. This is the best example like in the contact center world. Always study their language at the start. When you know how to use them, use them properly. Do not use in inappropriate words in some words they are shouting about. Share with your story with their employer if they have time to open the conversation. Somehow in the Middle East countries when I chat some of my relatives, friends or someone new, I always encounter that they are finding too hard to explain in their employer as well. Easy for to say, but to act a nicely conversation is my least example.


Working alone in the overseas is very hard to explain. My relatives once told me that life working alone without a family in the overseas countries somehow is the hardest you can achieve. But to gain their knowledge and experiences can improve your livelihood as well. Always solve in your own problems. When you are thinking something is very bad, do not attempt to go suicide. Always ask for the consultation from your friends or relatives in the area as well. But my ideas aren’t speculating in the field of working alone in the country. I always ask myself whenever I am happy, I have to stay and believe in the religion as well. Without believing yourself that you cannot do somehow it can creates you a depression feelings or emotions. Also in the part of working in the business is not bad idea to make your own move if you are eager to learn. Remember when we are still children, we are always hungry for education. Now we are grown-up adults. I am always saying this to myself. No matter how old I am, I will still learn the value of learning knowledge, the history, economic or some fields in my back of my head as well. You can still learn on your own when your supervisors are always there or your bosses in your work. Work in your time. Work with your related knowledge that you are in the field.


In my age, I do not ask money from my parents. I said myself that if I ask for money, I will consult and find an advices from them. They are still your parents. Somehow the strolling away is not a good idea to prove that you can depend in your life. That is because many people are doing the same mistakes. I do not say all of them and I am just saying some many people. Well of course, when asking for money, open up with a small conversation and branch out your ideas to your parents. Allow yourself first to explain, then you allow them to answer back once you are finished. Somehow in my experiences with my parents are very hard to reach. Of course, my parents are still working in their early 60s. When they comes in a retirement age, you need to adjust a little bit in your life. Then in my opinion again, I am just extraordinary special person with an ability to write this article and have to come up with some issues as well. I have down syndrome. And I do not have sickness. It’s the ability to control your emotional and physical out of being an adult down syndrome as well. It’s in fact, I always know that I am happy what I am doing. Loving yourself is the best practice before loving to others is an example. But too much of loving yourself sometimes can hurt other people. Always ask for the price of the knowledge whether it’s business or work you are entering before you are graduating in high school or college as well.