Different meanings of the Art:


Art means (1) the quality, production, expression, or realm, according aesthetic principles, of what is beautiful, appealing, or of more than ordinary significance, (2) the class of objects subject to aesthetic criteria; works of art collectively, as paintings, sculptures, or drawings, and (3) a field, genre, or category of art.


Different meanings of the Literature:


Literature means (1) writings in which expression and form, in connection with ideas of permanent and universal interest, are characteristic or essential features, as poetry, novels, history, biography and essays, (2) the entire body of writings of a specific language, period, people, etc., (3) the writings dealing with a particular subject, and (4) the profession of a writer or an author.


(Reference from http://dictionary.reference.com/)


Literature describes me the best deal of my life, for somehow reasons why I cannot explain I am doing this. First of all, I’m not that kind of good writer or as author as well. I’m writing because I love what I am writing down each word by word from every sentences I make. But to tell you, literature for me is a good practice for all of us making to improve my sentences every time I write about an article. Being a writer is not an easy job, then you have to make the perspective point of view, or some juggling ideas out of the back of the mind. For somehow, writing for me is easily done with my fingers.


I like literature from the start of my journey way back in 10th December of 1998, Thursday lunch break afternoon. It was so dull and boring day. Then I have to wait for my classmates to go back and our subject teacher as well. And of course, somehow when I am looking for something I want to look in the blackboard (the green blackboard, not the white board), easily my eyes imagine some words are popping out of the blackboard. Then one word comes out of mind and that is the poetry. Poetry makes me interesting to learn in our daily lives or our routine as well. Without literature, we won’t make fuss about the newspaper everyday delivering in our doors, in the gates or sometimes to the person they are reaching. Simple tasks as a poet makes so simple. You have to make some paragraphs and a shorter lines. Then out of nowhere you have to think another verse of a poem’s paragraph. Sometimes I write about where I can think about from songs or a particularly subject I am thinking. That subject is a person.


When I think of one person, I simply amazes her talent, her beauty or her profession because of her intelligence. The intelligence somehow discovers me if she is really that smart enough. Or was it she thinking about me, it’s like vice-versa thinking of creating the poem. In the sonnet when I am making, it started during my summer time. On the day of 27th of May of 1999, a week before the school year starts our graduating senior year class, that very day of Thursday, I simply got out of piece of paper and started to make some words from the back of my mind. One by one and word by word, looking in a boring day with the sun sets to my room and breezing branches of a tree somehow came to my mind, then I finished writing down a sonnet. It was my first sonnet. I have had managing to finish my first sonnet waiting for the school year starts. Then it comes to my amazed mind, it dreams for me suddenly I wake up. The girl I am chasing for is that she is already taken. Somehow I lost my way, and to create another sonnet, a devastating sad sonnet.


Wide awaken from my eyes to think, looking for a change subject creates me another set of words. I write about of this song. Then I thought about it is to write a song. I was a music lover listening to the music every time I open the radio loudly from my room. Sudden from the burst out of nowhere, our maid downstairs suddenly said to me that I have to lower down the volume I was listening to the music. I laughed to my sickness laugh. With that laugh somehow it whispers me back to think about of that song. And that song is about the hate and love. I often know what to do and what to think about. I cry for somehow reasons why when I am creating the song. For about a half of an hour, I just finished my lyrics song without a tune. I simply create with my own lullaby and of course, the tone of my song. There it was, sometimes it amazed me of my life being as a singer or a songwriter.


To tell you about, this is the crazy of my journey as a poet. I didn’t realize that I have talents in writing. After so many years passed in the year of 2005, my life was dull, boring and never to do anything so stupid about it. But to create another mischief of my life, I suddenly stopped thinking playing of nonsense of online games. But I was timid and stubborn as I continued to be an avid online gamer playing some of the online games, which it’s the Khan Online. From out of nowhere when I came home, I pulled out of blank sketch pad and drew the character from the Khan Online. I drew about the assassin and of course, without notice I made some of numerous character designs for my trilogy comic novel books The Anthology of Firelava, The Anthology of Fireice and The Legendary of Fireice.


When I was creating them, I was knowledgeable about the literature. Literature comes crossing to my artworks of character designs. Then to think, without a good story of a character somehow cannot complete with a perfect idea in the literature as well. I laughed to my ideas and instantly I said “Yes, I can!” I brought my artworks in to the life. In the very start of the story, I have to think about the past. Then to think my venture about volcanoes, I have started to write my own version in japanese anime characters against the X-men series, the western drawings. What a laughter I started to write, somehow I created them in the first place. Without an idea can’t cross from the story.


One word from another and one move to create the perfect character design comes to a writing contest. I created the finish version of the first comic novel book The Anthology of Firelava in the paper. Then I transferred them later in the computer to be rewritten as well. I can’t imagine my whole life just to finish the first comic novel book. Then when about the underway of my second comic novel book The Anthology of Fireice comes of another adventure after the death of Firelava giving birth to Fireice. The moment I was waiting for me is to create another waste of story and that it came to me the version of Dragon Ball anime in the television. I called them, the game platform look-like anime comic novel book Negaza. The word Negaza came to my attention and where the hell of that word came from. I started to write 10 chapters, then drew some of the character designs as well. When my mother told me about some negative thoughts all the time during 2007 to 2008, that word of negative transferred to my back of my head. From the root word of negative, means nothing or zero, I deleted the letters of -tive from the negative word. Then to add from the nega is the letters of za means zero. The letter a is out of nowhere as it looks like the word from the Japanese dictionary. And then I called it on my version of Dragon Ball series, the Negaza. It is way look stupid that it is.


Negaza came across to my attention the year of early 2008. From the game character names I used from the online game of Flyff Online game, three of them comes alive in my story of Negaza. As the story unfolds in the next 10 chapters, I stopped right there just to add some elements and that is the mix of the alchemist story from Full Metal Alchemist. The story there is about two brothers. Well, in my story revolves with the twisted insane story, with the cloud riders as well. From my idea of making The Anthology of Fireice, that characters from there double my imaginations as if it happens the cloud riders in real life. Zooming in and zooming out and flying down or flying up, and of course my imagination goes unimaginable things in the story as well. Sweeping from the clouds or just diving from the skies suddenly appears her clouds to her feet creating a cloud riding. Then to think about that, I came up with a simple game platform version of it. That is why it never makes a dull and boring story if there is no twisted or another come up of ideas as well. Negaza is about the three sisters plus their mysterious brother who comes up for the rescuing part of the end of the story. Aside from the story there is the cloud riding girl and her long-lost brother who is the next alchemist of all time. The legendary cloud riding and the legendary alchemist are also added in the story elements. Which it’s really hard to explain how to create a massive perfect story.


And of course, if it’s the same for me to continue the longer version of chapter of Negaza series. The containing of the story is very peculiar although it has the elements in Dragon Ball and Full Metal Alchemist series. Laugh all you can if you are not serious to read my comic novel books. It will take me for few years to complete or months maybe if I am more productive this year. And for the trilogy comic novel books, The Anthology of Firelava, The Anthology of Fireice and The Legendary of Fireice will be there in no time. The first two books are already done, but it has to be added some of few infamous characters in the trilogy comic novel books. When I am about to finish all of four comic novel books in years or months (if I am more productive), I will update you. This is the first books I’ve written about since 2006 up to the present times.