It all started long ago when Marina settled in the hundred islands in Southeast country. It was said the islands soon will start to become the archipelago country. With the massive 7,107 islands, Marina and Diego set foot on the island of the heart of Cebu islands, the Mactan island. Marina and Diego was sooner to expect their first baby to be born. But since their baby was expected to be born soon. Diego and his friends spent in the woods logging in the trees. Day and night, they built a house around the island. It was said that it’s the first house to be build in the island.


When the Cebu natives of saw the magnificient house near their sight at night, one by one crawled and sneaked in the house. One of the natives, the son of Datu Saman Hya, is San Hya looked in Marina’s eyes. When Marina drew shocking in her tone, Diego and his friends went back quickly to the house they were building. Diego and his friends came too late when Diego’s wife, Marina, was captured by the Cebu natives.


As quickly in the deeper forest, the half-naked natives were quickly in their feet to run capturing one of the foreigners in the Mactan island. Marina gazed down in the hill as she saw some a tribe natives dancing in their beautiful huts built in tree branches. One of the head natives was Datu Saman Hya, who looked down to the captured foreigner in their land. Datu Saman heed his members to come closer to the foreigner. As Marina spoke, the natives didn’t how to speak with the foreigner.


Days and nights, Diego and his friends went looking for Marina in the deeper forest. Then Don Andrew Lapid, a Portuguese trader, came in the island to search together for Marina. As the month passed by, Marina gave birth to a baby boy and she named her baby boy, Mark. But the natives learned their language when they sneaked out from the foreigners. San Hya said that the boy shall called the Star. Every time Marina and San argued Marina’s baby, they spent together in the wooden house. San Hya ordered to his father that Marina needs her husband in her side. But Datu Saman can’t answered from San Hya’s wishes. Soon after Don Andrew searched in the lower hills, he saw once in the night that there’s fire near the water. And the natives were found by his exploring.


Don Andrew and Diego found their way going down to the hill with the exploring team and Diego’s friends. As the foreigners were closer to the tribe, both parties came closer to a brutal fight. Then Marina stopped the fight between the natives and her husband as well. Instead, Diego, Don Andrew and the exploring team were captured in the hands of natives. Their hands were hanged in the trees as the the head tribe chief came closer. Datu Saman asked them why they are here for this island and what elements are they looking for. Don Andrew, on his part, knew Datu Saman’s language which it’s Malay language. He said in a Malay language, “We are looking for Marina to return. And we are deeply want her by Diego’s side and raise his family as well in this island of Maktu.”


Datu Saman said, “This is not the island of Maktu. We are the tribe natives of Mactan. And we are proclaiming for you to leave this island.” Then Don Andrew answered in his appropriate voice, “Sorry, my highness. But I cannot do that. We have found the way to cooperate with you. We will trade you our knowledge and teach you the values under the religion we have.” The tribe chief swayed to the left and to the right. He ordered to the native tribesmen to hang down the foreigners. Soon after Don Andrew and Diego were untied to their hands. Don Andrew taught the native tribesmen to understand their language the very next day.


People in Mactan island were said to be the generous people they have found. Don Andrew, Diego, Marina and Diego’s son Mark were settled peace with the tribesmen. After two years later, Mark played with the chief’s daughter, the five year-old Lau Seen Hya. Lau and Mark played together near the tribe. When San Hya were hunted together with Don Andrew, their knowledge in hunting became a bonding friendship. As the sun goes down, the moon lit up in the night. The natives were happily watching Lau Seen Hya and Mark dancing around the fire. Marina stayed near from her son Mark together in the tribesmen.


When the war broke near the Mactan island, another Portuguese explorer and his men fought with Lapu-Lapu in the year of 1521. Marina’s son, Mark, was already a teenager already at the age of 14. Datu San Hya became the next datu when his father died five years ago dying in his sickness. Datu San Hya helped with Lapu-Lapu defeating the Portuguese sailors in the island. Ferdinand Magellan saw his friend, Don Andrew Lapid. But because of the war broke, the other islands were colonized by the Spaniards and Portuguese traders. Lau Seen Hya and Mark became more than friends but as the lovers instead. Mark and Lau Seen saw what the battle near the hills. One by one dropped in the sand. As the Portuguese were defeated in the island. Datu San Hya and Lapu-Lapu became winners in the Mactan island. But what they didn’t know that other Spaniards already colonized the Cebu already and ready to colonize the Mactan island in the future as well.


Mark led with the exploring team together with his father, Diego, in the Cebu island. They saw the improvements of the island. But what they saw is their relative, Miguel Lopez de Legazpi. Don Andrew, Diego and Mark sighted the land with rich in soil plants. They discovered the beautiful Cebu. But when Don Andrew and Mark went back to Mactan island by the raft boat they built, Mark saw his mother’s illness lying in the tribesmen’ wooden house. Mark and Lau Seen Hya became worrying their start of the changes of the island. As they became each other, Mark and Lau Seen Hya became a newly-wed couple. Mark was already at his age of 22 and Lau Seen Hya was at her age 25 years old. Two of them became the sun and the moon of the island. But their problems between the tribesmen and the foreigners were not enough to fight each other again.


Soon Diego fell to the tribesmen’s trap, he was caught dead with the poisoned arrow stuck in his left arm. Both parties of tribesmen and the foreigners exchanged in the brutal fight, Don Andrew was the only survivor in their camp near the hill slopes have left the island. Mark was left all alone with his new wife, Lau Seen Hya in the tribesmen’s wooden house. Both of them knew that Mark won’t be lasted in the island as well. As soon as it goes, Lau and Mark have fled away from the Mactan island. Their lives became peace in their minds. As they reached the Bohol’s soil, Mark built a better home for both of them. Lau Seen Hya was the only daughter of Mactan’s hope but eventually left the island for the hope she joined with her new husband as well. But the driven anger grew every day and night in Mactan. Datu San Hya searched for his sister’s safe with the Mactan’s hope and destiny.


Mark replaced his wife’s name from Lau Seen Hya to Laura Cecilia Ruiz when he baptized Laura in the river. Laura and Mark became silent and peace in the land of Bohol as they raised their little three children. Their eldest son, Anthony became their cook for his family. While the two daughters of Laura and Mark were Celestine and Maria, after Mark’s mother died surviving in her sickness of unfound sick. Mark and Anthony were scouted the area near their home. Laura became relentless when the father and the child stopped for the while and returned to their home. When the Cebu was settled at peace and also the Mactan island, Datu San Hya ordered his tribesmen to scout in the southern island called Bohol. Five years later, Laura and Mark grew their family into six wonderful children. Anthony was already in his teenage years and Celestine became the maiden of the house. The six year old Maria did her part as she cleaned around the house. Two sons, Brian and James were born after Maria’s birth. Then another daughter Sarah was the last child Laura could bring for the family.


When Datu San Hya’s tribesmen found Laura in the settling house along the public dirt road, they quickly recommended Laura to return in Mactan’s island as Laura discovered her brother was already sick. Mark and together his six children, Anthony, Celestine, Maria, Brian, James and Sarah were stopped before Laura’s decision to come. But Mark and his children also came with Laura in the Mactan’s island where the tribesmen also accompanied them. At Laura’s sight, she saw Datu San Hya was joking for his illness that Laura came. Datu San Hya was the chief’s son after all. But she explained why she left Mactan for good to raise her six children. Datu San Hya saw his beautiful nieces and handsome nephews as well. Although he’s not agreed to his terms, Anthony, the eldest child of Mark and Laura stepped in as he said to his tone of his voice, “If my mother won’t allow with such of your foolishness, I will not accept either of your funny jokes that you are sick. You are the father’s son who raised to be just like him. We will go now.”


Datu San Hya was impressed to Anthony’s attitude. Anthony got from Mark’s father attitude to be burden from the mother’s promises. Then Mark, Laura and their six children left the Mactan island and went back to Bohol. Laura became older in Bohol when Mark learned the illness from Mactan and Bohol. He quickly told his Don Andrew’s friends to go in Bohol. As the Portuguese traders came in Bohol, few of them cured Laura’s illness. But eventually Laura died after six months with her illness spreading from her body. Mark and his six children went back to Mactan island to return to Datu San Hya’s sister to them. But the six children remained in the island as well. Datu San Hya accepted the knowledge that Mark will allow to teach other tribesmen to their teachings. As the community of Mactan island grew and grew, the star was already born because of Mark’s six children. And because of that, Mark’s children gave another birth of another generation.


Anthony became a friar becoming the first priest of Mactan island. Celestine gave birth to five children, Celina, Jose, Leonardo, Samantha and Philips. Maria married the richest man of Cebu, Don Antonio and gave birth to four children, Sandy, Mark Jr., Nympha and Ferdinand. Brian was also given as the friar’s apprentice and also became as the priest. James married the Portuguese politician, Ingrid Vasquez and Ingrid gave birth to five children, James John, Joshua, Isabelle, James Jr. and Indielle. Mark’s youngest child, Sarah died at the age of nine because of the sickness of unknown sick. The future of star’s generation lies between Mark and Laura that will come the new generation as well.


Many people believes that the friendship between the foreigners and the tribe natives are not becoming one of us as Filipinos today. But we learn the value of friendship. Many of us have betray in their homeland. And some of us returns to their homeland. One shall go and one shall return. The value in the lessons of this story comes to an end. It is how we encounter new friends and we make enemies. We do not make enemies at first, but instead they become our friends in the end. Many of us didn’t enjoy the happy ending. But what I write here in this story is the value of the friendship between the foreigners from Portugal and Spain and also the tribesmen that we called it the Filipinos of the Philippines. These fictional characters are not intentionally to get in your real lives. In fact, I have added Magellan, Lapu-Lapu and other historical names as the only true people who discovered the Philippines. I, the author of the short story, come up with a little short story with these fictional characters.


(Note: It takes me six days and five nights to create the short story and that it finished today in afternoon lunch. This was started last Saturday and finished today.)