The job sites are very not accurate for me sometimes. But to think when you are looking for a job, sometimes I have to look in the newspapers to correct if there is a job available as well. Maybe I wasn’t lucky enough in my recent years a jobless person. Things you can remember how to do find a job perfect that suits for you. Remember there is always an opportunities everywhere.


TIPS to look for a job:

(1) Always chin up your head first before planning and looking for a job.

(2) Be always positive and look ahead your plans.

(3) When looking for opportunities in the newspaper ads, always cross the article you are reading and review in the website also.

(4) As you’re done reviewing from the website (If you don’t have computer in your home, try asking for your friends about the company details), dress smart. You don’t have to dress a casual or semi-formal for anything to show your employer. If the employer calls you up and tells you to dress in casual, always do a casual. If it’s semi-formal, do it what he or she says.

(5) At your employer, do not cross anything from your fingers or don’t do any small gestures. (Pray in your way going to the employer or sing a song so the stress will go away from you.)

(6) Do not say uhms or any some pauses from your conversation.

(7) Always calm and give your best answers. Do not let them eat in your words. Otherwise you end up cannot go in the employer’s building.

(8) When you’re not get in the job, do not give up for the next employer. As always said, “There are many fishes in the sea.”

(9) Then again, be more productive for your ethic gestures like “good morning if it’s morning daylight, etc.” and some “thank you for having time with you and I would like to chat with you the next time we meet.” It’s more appropriate way to impress the employer as if you’re already a professional getting a job in the first place.


TIPS to look other opportunities:

(1) Always be positive at the start of your new day.

(2) Be again with your ethic attitudes like “What a wonderful day ahead for me.” That will be impact for everyone looking at you are giving example as a positive person.

(3) Start planning if you are not getting a job, and the door is always open for opportunities such as business or home-blogging as well.

(4) If you are an addict to computer, start making a blog site you are planning to get started to write.

(5) If you are needing to have business, ask and consult with your family and friends first. Let them know if you are ready for this.

(6) Start a new small capital business. Do not go to the risky business like going ahead looking for a networking business.

(7) Always remind yourself that you are always to welcome to some work and business at the same time.

and (8) Do not afraid to commit your goals in life whether it’s long-term or small-term, ex. like getting a plan to buy a cellphone.


When I first encountered out of college years, I always thought I never dream to get a job. Looking drastically and dying to get a job is not necessarily to enjoy there. For somehow reasons why if you are not getting to a job, go look for another opportunities as well. I was loaded in my years before when I came in the first place in my culinary years. And when I agree for something I really like, I do it properly with a perfect positive life. There are no short-cuts in getting a job. In fact, I have experience already that. It really hurts for me and for you to get in your way. But for somehow, I always tell myself that I am not giving up for my dreams not doing properly. I always tell that I have to stand up no matter what I kneel to my knees or fall to my knees as well. Giving up without a fight is a win-win situation. If you are losing something, then let it go. It might lead you to a deeper portion of your life. When you are handling to something a bigger opportunity, go for it and grab it instantly.


When I fail in networking business or the multi-level marketing business as well, it ends up for me not working properly. I used up for my most time chatting every day waiting for the person to get in the business. People are greedy sometimes in money. When the money is buying for MLM, it always says to me that money is not buying my happiness. So I come back and wake up in my life that this is not meant for me. So I never say that I quit, I always tell myself there are more possibilities in life you are getting a new line up for opportunities to come for me. Why didn’t I enjoy from there? Because that was my biggest lesson in my life. When I learn something, I gain knowledge from my past behind and work it properly in the future as well. The informal settlers for example, they are arriving here in Manila and looking for a better life. When they are here in Manila and stop for what they are doing, they end up already in shanty homes. I don’t grow up in shanty areas instead I gain knowledge from my friends as well. There are my friends when they need one just like me. I am not choosing rich or poor in my life. I divide them to the equality attitude. When Jose Rizal died, I weeped. When Rico Yan also died, I also weeped. When no matter what life chooses us, I instantly never give up for my life waiting for another opportunity to grow.


Instead of that, I always look for a better option and that is the better doors to open in the future. What about you when you need a job in the first place? We always want to help someone they need for money. I do not want to be greedy as well in the money. I always tell if I am going to be richer someday, I will put them in a good condition just like in your foundation program or something you can donate your money. When you are dying, money won’t bring you in the heaven. It always end up in the land feeding for some unfortunate people. Many people are jobless, well some of few that I know. I give you an example one more time, this time it’s from my knowledge as well.


Remember when you are encountering people are leaving in the Philippines because they are looking for a better option to leave the land where you are born. This is a precise example. When Filipino leaves for something better future in the foreign land, we always have to learn the culture, the history and the economy as well in the futile of foreign land. When we give our hopes for the Philippines, I always remember that there are more treasures for us. It is because my example of treasure is the land of the Philippines. There are thousand opportunities in the Philippines not knowing some of few or many people are seeking leaving the country. Thinking that I will build some you want to be success. You don’t need to own a land just to operate the company. Always seek in the bottom first. When you are in the below, you are scouting the area and learn from your improvements as well. And I always fight what is right opportunity for me is. Because there are the possible things it will come for you eventually. And believing in your dreams is very important when you are seeking.


Dreams are sometimes more than imagination just to speculate more widening in your horizons as well. People I find are very extra careful from there. People I look sometimes are not that quite easy. But somehow I find it hard to believe that many doctors today are seeking to do a job as a nurses rather nursing a patient in your office. Few people I know in my life, yet they are still seeking a job in other countries as well. When I am dreaming for something bad to happen, I don’t want to wake up but instead I tell them not to do the wrong-doing activities in life as well. Fighting a dreams is very important. Because now I already know what to do in my life and that is because the internet lives in our generation. Writing is my passion and advocate in my life. Knowing that I am going back to blogging as well is the first place I remember in the past years I have. Literature is also important for me and the language comes in the first place of literature as well. I am doing this for what my decisions are. Sometimes I find occasionally the dreams are really opening the opportunities to come. Because I live in dreams as well and I believe.


(Note: I am writing this for my experiences and learnings in my life when I am going to get a job as well. You might do the same I will do.)