Student is the best years that we have to study during our preschool years, elementary years, high school years (or middle school years in some other countries) and college years. Of course, you don’t want to miss the vocational years or master in degree years also. Studying for most of all us are very important. Let me get straight for the point of view.


Studying means (1) the application of the mind to the acquisition of knowledge, as by reading, investigation, or reflection, (2) the cultivation of a particular branch of learning, science or art, (3) a personal effort to gain knowledge, (4) something studied or to be studied and (5) a research or a detailed examination and analysis of a subject, phenomenon, etc.


Knowledge means (1) acquaintance with faces, truths or principles, as from study or investigation, (2) familiarity or conversance, as with a particular subject or branch of learning, (3) acquaintance or familiarity gained by sight, experience or report, (4) the fact or state of knowing, the perception of fact or truth, clear and certain mental apprehension and (5) awareness, as of a fact or circumstance.




When we were kids, we study to grow our knowledge in school such as mathematics, science, history and language as well. When we exquisite our knowledge, we opt to be sharing our knowledge to others. If commit to be a leader, it always been a knowledge that the student in fact is studying at home and at school as well. Many others are quitting to study because of the financial problems or as “I don’t want to go school” attitude. Simply ask them why they are not going to school with this simple questions: “Why do you want in the first place don’t want to go to the school” or “Do you want to transfer to other school?”


Other kids are scared to go to the school because of the family values. We share our knowledge to our children. For my age, I am already 31 years old writing down this article. I have finished going to the culinary college at my age of 19. But to tell you, in fact, many children in the Philippines I see in this generation skipping two preschool years and skipping one year of grade school. That will be the outcome of 7 years to learn in the preschool and elementary. When you sum up with the high school years, it will be total of 11 years. When I graduated from culinary college, I am already at the age of 22 years. It’s not the age competition or the age bracket is matter of. Education is the basic knowledge we have to learn from school.


Some others when they are learning from home, somehow in my ideas, suffering from family values as well. When you put to the school’s knowledge, you gain some of the important facts. For example, I went going back to my vocational course of digital because I want to gain some knowledge more of the commercial or animation facts as well. Students nowadays are sometimes going to the internet cafe after their school hours and not reporting to their parents about their failure grades. In fact, computer today are very educational programs. But do not tend the generation’s fault because of the internet age as well.


I do not blame for the internet age. In fact, I was lack of knowledge when I heard some of the schools today have computer courses in high school elective subjects. I don’t assuring to be gain but to go back instead to learn the process of education.


Failures in my life before: (1) I am not of the top average class, in fact I am under average student when I am still in elementary days, (2) back from the preschool years, my parents wanted to learn the education in writing and speaking in the language form, and (3) in high school years, my only one subject is below 80. So that means I am not that intelligent person as the average others are.


Tips for student’s life: (1) keep an eye for your child going to the school and wait for them to go inside, (2) after the school bell rings, (thanks for this generation) ask them in the cellphone where they are now and what time are they coming and (3) open up with a conversation with your child doing his or her best at the school. You might know that some of the children I see in the street going to the internet cafes nowadays. Sometimes, they ended chatting and chatting in the mall knowing their time is already up. You have also to catch up with this generation as well I do the same. But then again, I am extraordinary person with down syndrome. With this abilities to writing down an article is the best way to achieve in every person’s knowledge.


Cultivating the books is still the best way to create the student’s life for each of the parents today. It is one of the way to opt our children to read books. When your child is full in knowledge, create a short quiz for him or her. And let him or her answer if the item on the paper is correct. Somehow it doesn’t want me to do that. In my past studies, I did that already. And I asked some of my  friends if I can pass the quiz as well. Maybe somehow it doesn’t want to create a new way of life. Normally I study every day until now even I am in adult already. I always tell myself to study hard. If the children are hungry for knowledge to learn, and I am always find the way to do that and apply for my own studies as well. Studying is not that hard enough, it’s just have to be patience when you are studying. It makes no sense if your stomach is empty, let your body needs an attention to the food you eat. And go back as well to study again.


On my part, it doesn’t contrary to be that way. For my knowledge to create this article, it really evolves me and involves me the way I am studying anything I can absorb of any knowledge as well. Just ask me a comment if what your mind tells you about and I will answer the best answer I can do.