Sixtieth-First English Quote:


When two souls are combined

half across the universe

is where we met,

far beyond ours reach

to the limitations,

and I can’t be hope

where I come from.


I stood what I want,

and never collapsed in

own feet,

for sometimes I can’t

tell every single detail,

that each day, month or year,

I can surpass each stage

I can do.


Every second that I breathe,

every moment that it takes,

no matter what shape it was,

no matter what you are,

the goodness is still

inside of you,

and it remains a good heart.


Smaller or taller,

old or young,

wise or stupid,

it’s neither them how to

step forward nor

whatever it takes.


The love still impacts,

inside of your heart

and forever that loving

is mutual understanding,

it is eternal life

that He chosen us to live,

that we sacrifice for Him above.


Sixtieth-Second English Quote:


The love serves no right to justify,

whether it’s dignity – 

hope or faith,

love maintains to secure us,

neither to hate nor to humiliate.


You care me,

take me unconditionally,

laugh with me

when sadness tears goodbye away.


I stand in the door waiting patiently,

that’s what I really understand,

the meaning of true love is.


I’m bound to seek a new faith,

then to love one another,

and have a great plan

to prosperity life,

with a new family that creates,

in God’s care and

unconditional love we have now.




“Love can take us apart, love sometimes tears us breaking apart, but somehow we grow in our maturity heart in terms of loving unconditionally.” Sometimes when I pray, I pray for the goodness we have today. When I also love to beloved, I grow my heart with a deeper relationship with Him above. In this two episodes of greater love, the perspective point of view of life will grow our relationship as friends, or family, or relatives.


In 61st English quote poem, it tells us how to grow up in our emotional, physical and integrity we have with Him above. Basically it’s none of us how to begin with the love we grow today. But somehow I create new love together I have discover, and that is how we teach ourselves building our lives away from insecurities or envying from others. It is just how we teach yourself to be a better person. To be a better person is how we create our inner self to be an outcome in outside as well. Which it reminds me when I was in high school, I was usually alone and not to be friendly for anyone I can talk to.


Years later when I found the true love is, somehow I connect myself with Him. And I open myself with a brighter version of new doors to open. When I realize, somehow I look myself in a better positive life. That means that you have to build your personality to be a positive person. Without it, somehow I lost myself in the way I cannot look myself in a better road.


In 62nd English quote poem, this one is a better example to create yourself a relationship in a new life. When I create relationship, somehow I loses my way to be friends with some of my old friends. In the past, I have enemies. When I forget that I have enemies, instead I give themselves a special relationship building a new friendship.Yes of course, anyone can have enemies. But somehow when you have enemies, you create a new diversion to love them unconditionally. It is better way in a new life as a better person.


And I really like what I am now today. Stress-free with no worries about worrying enemies, I feel somehow that you cannot grow another hatred in your life. Well, of course, I have problems. You don’t have to hide your problems too. You pray your problems to fade away. But sometimes a smaller problems can create a new bigger problems. Let me give you an example behind that. Have you seen the video of Senator Miriam Santiago saying all her enemies not to molest her, instead she calls them with a m word? Which it’s exactly creating a new problem is still problem for her. She doesn’t know how to handle her enemies as well. Creating a new enemies, of course, finds you a new problem. And that’s how you need to find yourself not to recreate another set of problems.


This is the kind of two episodes of either the powerful explanations I could bring about. For me, it doesn’t give that worries. Praying is also one of the powerful to give for the Lord that can exchange you for good. But sometimes not all of our prayers doesn’t answer right away. It needs you to be patience waiting for you in the right time. For an example, when you need a job right away, it doesn’t need to be answering right away. It is just you have to wait for the right time and right place. It is because He will guide you in a prosperous life as well.