I always think happy, always laugh at own risk and always goofing around. That is me and I like to be. I don’t pretend to anyone else that you can tell me. Because of what it matters to me, I always be happy for you and happy for everyone as well. This is how I would like to explain where, when and why did I get the name of Mikki. Let me explain about my life first before telling you the secret behind the name of this.


It always started as a crying baby since it started my life before. I couldn’t spoke too much of my time. I couldn’t walked too much of distraction. It is because what my characteristics are been unrevealing today. I spoke too much of phrases. I was stow away many times. Yet no matter it was before, now I am triumph my own problems. This is what it feels like to be a happiness person. I was a kid with down syndrome at the age of my birth. My parents wondered why and my two sisters as well. Dazing off from my face, it really looks like that there are something really matter for me. My eyes are very slant as chinese eyes. But to think what it is, so my parents took me under their care. And they brought me to our family doctor in Makati Medical Center and also from Capitol Medical Center.


It is always so bright as the sun glares me in my eyes. Barely I cannot see how they react what will I become for their future. Then my parents kept me in therapies, the speech therapy and the physical therapy. They paid a laboratory test for me to find out why my features are all about. Then they found about my karyotype. (Karyotype is the characteristic chromosome complement of a eukaryote species. The preparation and study of karyotypes is part of cytogenetics. In normal diploid organisms, autosomal chromosomes are present in two copies. They are homologous, from the parents, which should not be confused with replicated chromosomes that are identical. There may, or may be, be sex chromosomes. Polyploid cells have multiple copies of chromosomes and haploid cells have single copies. The study of whole sets of chromosomes is sometimes known as karyology.) Then they found that I have down syndrome. (Down syndrome, Down’s syndrome or trisomy 21 is a chromosomal disorder caused by the presence of all or part of an extra 21st chomosome.  Down syndrome or DS is the most common cause of mental retardation and malformation in a newborn. It occurs because of the presence of an extra chomosome. It is named after Dr. John Langdon H. Down.)


Years after I was a child, no matter I am born bringing joyful and energetic experience of laughter. So much free to move and so much loved to be enjoy sometimes brought them in a new life with me. As I grew up, no matter what the constant changes I have then I will face on my own fears. They brought me to Disneyland, the joy of bringing of excitement and eager to see a lot of happiness memories. Then I thought today that how come I didn’t remember them all. I was mere child before, because of the experience of happiness. Yet I still lack of my own knowledge. My grades and my performance somehow graduated from the first school I went in is Cupertino. Yes, I enjoyed much of the experiences is. But I was taught in Ateneo de Manila University to swim together with the swimming instructor which he was my cousin. I sought after when I asked my parents why the difference I could make from any other normal children. My behavior sometimes was crazy. Day in and day out, somehow I managed to be freely thinking of no worries. A child must portray to be example of excitement and laughter. People have had said that no matter the problems are, sometimes it loses in the sight and goes back a little to remember. But there were the times I was still a child.


The moment I was aware from my sight after the incident of electrocution. My parents rushed me to the hospital and said that I was important to them. So I succeeded on my own. Then the only I remembered during the times, there was an old lady and said to me, “How old are you?” I answered back, “10.” With her abruptly voice said, “you are acting like a 2 year old child, my dear. Respect the peace of the house of the Lord.” I was shocked when she said that to me. Yes, of course in fact, that’s the only one I can remember that I have to change. From that moment of my life, my life changed rapidly when I got into fourth grade. I was wearing everyday with the pants up on my belly and there it was that I have eyeglasses. Thinking my classmates thought that I was transformed easily. It’s because they didn’t know the truth the incident happened during the summer.


I fell in love in the subject of Science. And I fell in love with the Science teacher that I have to pursued about what I really like in the future. Until now, I am still thinking about her. Then to think about that, my life changed again when I reached fifth grade. The time I already have no glasses and I regained the sight I could remember my elementary friends until today. They were my first friends I have in my life. Enemies that I have transformed them to be friends with me. I became the social person at the age of 12 years old. The year of my life rapidly improved my lifetime before. I was so happy that I met them. I was not worried that I haven’t met some of my elementary friends from first grade to third grade and even my preschool days. What is really makes me happy that I remember and care about of them.


Before moving to sixth grade, I have had my first crush that she knew already when we met again in our get together party before. She knew along right on the spot we made fun to ourselves. Then about I was at the stage of teenage years. The life changed me again. I also became falling in love with the subjects of arts and music as well. But no matter what I am happy about is that I am really special person inside and out. I found that I have skills in drawing. Back then when I was in seventh grade (I’m the only one remaining seventh grade back in elementary days), I often too found another I admired about. It’s because of my valedictorian classmate who became my admiration. She reminded how can I love her so much. Instead that, I failed to capture her heart for me. The trust for us remained unknown and silent. I was curious what the intelligence person could have in their minds. Thinking in their place, I would probably end up as the top of the class. But I always remained the bottom of the class. But still, I was still happy of that.


After moving to high school years in freshman year, my subjects became too much of attention for me. I gained myself as a top student in the class. To be a confidence person is how we are special people about. But sometimes, my life couldn’t handle of much situation in every aspects of my life. Momentarily when I found out that my Biology teacher said that I have down syndrome when I reached in sophomore year. I came off from the school with my three sisters and walked directly to my parents. They said to me that I have down syndrome. It wasn’t fate that my life is so cruel. I didn’t manage to control my emotions are. I cried every night just to make up how the world managed to keep me alive. I already made some attempt to go suicide. Then my sister rescued me from the moment she said, “it’s not that good you go die, because you eventually go to hell.” Then I realized when my sister did saying to me. I was still curious, confused and dazed off of my life. Too much attention what would my life become in the part of my college years.


Before I was stepped out of high school years, the principal of the school and also the owner of the school have had said that my father wanted to be the guest speaker for the graduation rites. My father that I am proud because of him. He really made me so special for my family. Against all odds and problems through my life since the time of my birth, my preschool days, my elementary days and my high school days, my father explained how the school transformed to become a better person and become how to be called as a special person. All of my siblings went to the same school I went in preschool. Then I never thought cried, confused and excited at the same time I was about to graduate in high school. When my name was called, all of the people in the auditorium applauded to the reaction of my father’s speech. They gave a loud applause giving me the best student and improved student in the school. Because that was made so special my father told me that I really am a special person with down syndrome in my life.


After graduating from high school, the tests given during summer. I was given where to choose the university, college or wherever I can choose a school. I asked my mother that I always wanted to join in University of the Philippines in Baguio. Because of that, I was inspired by this one person and that was Rico Yan. It seems my mother didn’t want to go in her school just for me. Instead, my parents enrolled in the nearest college, and that is Montessori College. Eventually I got a high score of 88. My sister said to me that it was lucky to know the knowledge of high school and elementary years. But I rather chosen of culinary certificate in Center of Culinary Arts. From that very moment, I made some friends what to choose from the good and the bad ones. I jumped to another batch where I became friends of Diego Castro and Danica Sotto. But it didn’t matter to stay there because of that, I jumped to another batch again. This time, I joined in the batch of hopefuls that my grades have to manage to stay 3.0 average or above. Rarely in occasionally came not stronger to me. It’s because I jumped to another batch. I left the school for about 8 months just to study well in culinary knowledge. Somehow it really surprised me that I surpassed my third attempt in the Breakfast  course. I was happy that I succeeded. Then I enjoyed the rest years staying in culinary college.


To me, my goal before college is about to finish the college. That is my biggest dreams that ever achieved when I graduated in Center for Culinary Arts. So much to say that is eventually a calling for me to achieve. And I have never mentioned that I was happy all the time during my high school and college days. It is because I already achieved from the defeat of loss not to continue. I struggled from my problems and yet I approved them they were wrong about me. I faced all the challenges before, even the mightiest problems or merely like a small ant’s problems. I was happy and because I defeated the loss of sadness and have to carry on my shoulders with an exact strength I have. Which it is why I built the name of happiness in my life.


But the life carried me on after college. I lost one job to another job. Two months from my first job, then another came of three months contract of my second job that I lost again. After the third job lasted again for two months, my strength faded away. It seems my life deserted my happiness away. I was defeated by the sorrow and sadness through my years before. Then I thought that it was first time I held my first business and that is the cellphone loading business back in the year of 2006. My hopeful prayers answered me that time. It’s because I want to earn the experience of having a business. I was careless many times, somehow I spent some of my money playing in the internet online games. My mother scolded me many times, but ever since it became to my life that I have to stand up for reasons why.


After the brutal of 5 years of losing pain, hatred, confused and didn’t know what to do. Just like Sam in the movie of I Am Sam, I was confused whatever it takes in my life. I managed to get up last year and fought along the way just to prove I wasn’t worthy. I am worthy person that in fact I am extraordinary special person with talented skills. I joined the bandwagon of networking or multi-level marketing business last year. It changed my life so much. The verse of Jeremiah 29:11 said, “For I know the plans that I have for you says the Lord, plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give a future with hope.” Then another from the bible I really liked about is the Philippians 4:6 said, “Do not worry about anything, but in all prayers ask God for what you need, always asking Him with a thankful heart.” Two of the bible verses came stronger my faith and my hope with God is very exceptional for me. I was drained in the sorrowful and sadness years before, but now I gained much of my experiences and teachings from the knowledge I have had.


One of my mother’s friend said to me that I was really a special person with a kind heart. Not to weak people, but to make happiness for them is somehow my motto in my life. But I couldn’t care what I am saying. It’s because the last year is the biggest lessons I have to stand. Right before my aunt died, she came in my dreams and said, “Do not worry, my child, for I am here with you and eventually I will lead you to a brighter future to your prosperous life.” I asked myself why my aunt said that to me. Because until now, I couldn’t care much of myself and I know she is right beside of me thinking what I am doing good for somehow. I betray my own self to sorrow and sadness before. But now, I enjoy most of my life just to see how much of happiness would bring me back this year.


Oh yes, I remember now. The meaning of the name of Mikki doesn’t me end to write here. Mikki is the root word of happiness, or in the meaning of Mickey Mouse. I have minus the letters of -ckey and add with -kki. Then it delivers the name of Mikki. And how it begins with the name of that? I will show you of another story behind that.


Aside from playing addicted games of Ragnarok inspired me somehow after my college years. I am hooked in playing games of Ragnarok. Thus it came the hardcore online gaming called Khan Online and later it became, Khan Siberia. It was released by this Korean online game platform in Korea. They launched here in the Philippines about August 2003. I was still playing Ragnarok that time in the internet cafe. So the moment this cute and beautiful young lady stepped right beside me and said, “Want to care playing this game?” With my smirk on my face then I said, “Yes.” At the first glance of my stare, I was curious at her face. Her body curves a lot to me and I thought wanting to play the game. At home, I registered in the registration form of Khan Online. Somehow I couldn’t much thinking of unique name. Then I saw one beautiful character in the site and that was the Micko. The character Micko portrayed as the archer and the healer as well in the gaming platform. Then I renamed it into Mikki90. Somehow my character reached the built of characteristics of the character as well. The stamina, the agility, the intelligence and the mana itself increases rapidly every time I played the character. Then I joined in the guild clan called Renaissance. Somehow they saw me with my unique skills of the guild. I was addicted every time I logged in. Even the times I was about to go to the job, I woke up around 2 am in the morning and logged in. After one hour and a half, I closed the computer. Then I planned myself with a better bath and a better scent. That was the time I became addicted. Then it came to my life of having a load business during the month of June 2006. I used the business for the purpose to build the character’s statistics have to shoot up. Eventually the ranking in intelligence, I became in the list thinking that I have to heal more of other’s characters such as assassin, knight, cleric, and fellow healer-archer as well.


It is how it became the known of history of the name of Mikki. After that, I continued to use the name for deviantart.com as well. The dominant art site became the field of interest made my way to become an artist and also being part as a writer. Struggling by own history, I used many times in Flyff Online game, Perfect World and other few online games that I played in the past. But in Flyff Online game is my last online game I’ve ever played before then I semi-retired quitting to play the games. Somehow it returned the favors of the name, I kindly like the name of Mikki since the very beginning of 9th day of August, 2003 and that was Saturday afternoon, I still remembered up today. The name of Mikki struck to my head sometimes. Somehow I used that name to protect of my real identity is. Then it stuck through my whole life. Thus it became my second nickname because of me real name. I know it’s kindly hard to explain. But I don’t want to mention too much of my details about my profile. Since then, the name Mikki deserves the spot for me and has the meaning for me.


That is because I am so happy for my own success and I finally accepted my fate last year with the down syndrome I have is because of the name of Mikki. Mikki means so much to me. All the time I hear about the nickname I create is to make fun of myself to be a happy person. And I assume that is the goal of my life. The real elements of my site is very simple: artistic, unique and easy-to-read stories. It has always to be there with Art and Literature, Literature (English, Filipino and Spanish Literatures), Short Stories, Love Stories and other stories will have to unfold the real elements of the site of Itsmikki Studio. Why did I add the certain features of News article (business, entertainment, history, music, news, science, sports and technology) Other articles (agriculture, book, education, family, fashion, food, game, garden, holiday, movie, relationship, television and travel) and Special articles (family tree, Insensitive side of me series and wish list)? It’s because I want you to explore about feature articles I did some of my researching tools (including websites and other resources). And about that, I also added Life diary for you to recognize me as well knowing me better that I am really an extraordinary person with talented skills in writing, drawing and picturing as well. I really have down syndrome. No matter what sides you are looking at my face, it’s because I do have characteristics of down syndrome. And I am so happy that I will enjoy about this features as well. This is really what my future will unfold about my talents.


This is the another journey of my another story together with my site Itsmikki Studio.