First of all, when it comes to business, you have to be business well-minded being. In case you don’t have one mindset, then you can’t go in the business as well. I have been experienced and exposed to some of the businesses today. So what do I need is the list that I can enlisted down for my tips of “where to shat to have business?”


1. Study the place first.


If you are coming in the right of the market, make use if you can spot somewhere you can put the store you want. Don’t make use of it since this is the first step.


(a) Location – When you are making the location’s map, make sure the public market is very huge. If it’s little public market, don’t make to hesitate to put the shop there. For example, the shop you put near the hospital is very profitable in the area. That means the hospital guests are getting to buy your food products. If it’s in the village, for example, of your shop, it will eventually drop from your shoulder bill of electricity, the rental fee and the water bill also. You will end up losing your business in the area.


(b) Time – Time is essence for the business. If you can take a look of many people passing of your store and buys from your product. Then that’s the peak of the hours that many people rushes to get to buy the product purchases. If the time is off-peak, that is very crucial since it is very few people are passing from your store and hardly to get to buy your product purchases.


And (c) Peak / off-peak season – This is one of the crucial and very important for every businessman, retailer, owner or you can be anything in your position. This is because I’ve experienced when I am still a high school student. Many people come and go just to buy your product. For example, from July to November is wet season, so that means people are in the mall, getting off from being wet and will buy your product (your product for example is coffee). Then if it’s December to February, that season is already a cold season which it will take part of your chance to know your products is still moving purchases. And from March to June will be the hot season. You will have a chance to experience the lowest fraction of lowest sales for your month.


2. Study the management without helping from your supervisor.


This is the best example if you are getting to started to get the business well done. After all, I’ve been experienced this too when I was still in college years. Being as a commonly young college entrepreneur selling some food products is the crucial for every business success. This is about your relationship between you and your supervisor (more or less this is your boss or you could be in the quality supervisor or could be the floor manager). The bond of between of you doesn’t end here. Because he or she is giving you a test if you could do it by own yourself without of his or help. For example, two weeks my boss went for his province vacation. Then some of the products were spilled, some of them were overpriced and some of them were too exact from your petty cash voucher to be good to exchange with your money. Never ever leave the shop alone if it’s there no one to help you if you’re alone in the store. After my boss came from a vacation, I have explained the details of situation. He was surprised from my satisfaction of my job, meaning that I can do it by all alone. Then the next day, he already hired another one so I can train the new employee he hired.


3. Study the value of your money.


This is what I am telling about my mother of things cannot go worse. I have been selling stuff from her store which it’s the scent candles. Then suddenly, her money is about a large sum that cannot go to be exchanged in a smaller money. Money is important for the business. Always have an exchanged cash in the petty cash. Or else, you will have to look for your friend from other store just to exchange the money in a smaller bill. That is because I have been studied the value of the money. For example, your products are expensive shoes for about 3,375 pesos.Then your customer has only 4 thousand pesos for her wallet. When the saleslady found out that they haven’t exchange the amount of the money, the customer eventually loses her patience and went away. Your value with the customer have been getting away from your cashier drawer. HOT TIP: Always exchange your bill with the smaller amount of money in the bank before you are getting to your business premises. No matter what the cashier says that your business have finally paying off your shoulder bill.


4. Understand the situation of the business.


The situation of the business is always happening everywhere in the area’s location. For example, your shop is in the mall and the store you are in is beside the bank. Do not hesitate to wait the robbers are coming in the bank. Close the shop immediately, lock with it padlock  and leave the mall premises. This is not my first time to explain this since I have been telling to my friends also about the situation of the business. And I’ve experienced also this from Harrison Plaza in Manila. My maid is our the employee in the store. We heard the gunshot from nowhere inside the mall. She said to me, pack all the things inside your inventory’s list, lock with the padlock and just in time, we left the building already. The history is already there. It was the hoist from the bank. They are stealing some money that the thieves are after. One example is from the island of Boracay, my cousin told me about this since they have a business there. Then there’s a tape-shooting in your resto-bar. The time they have been held is about five hours. Your business is very quite expensive to take the shoulder bills. You should have to exchange the communication with the director, producer and the writer as well in the set. The moment they have been set in your area, you should have already an extra people just to buy the time of the tape-shooting. And there’s another example of the situation of the business. No matter what it is, don’t exclude this from your list. You should know the whereabouts of the matter’s problem as well.


Well, there are the main four tips for to start the business. First of all, I’m no writer to tell you about this. Just in fact, I have notice in small, medium and big businesses have happen already from the past. I was just a high school student before, then my mother asked me if I can work for her just to gain the exposure from her business. I called it, “tiangge” or just simply called, the flea market. The flea market before is really tough in situation. Many people are buying for their wants and needs for their children, relatives or friends just to show they have gifts to them. I have many experiences, in fact of them were true real stories when I was in Harrison Plaza. It was so real scary to me, just to fact many people are fleeing the mall too. Whatever it happens today is what I have seen already in the past. Or maybe it’s not a coincidental that many incidents happened today. My main goal here also is to help some of the young entrepreneurs today whether how young your age is. I was seventeen years when I got exposed in my mother’s business and yet, I helped just to gain the experience also.


My life before was much different than today. The generation has begun to started to have computers. Then the cellphones on the part just to show up that you are rich. No matter what you are, don’t compare to others what you really have. Envying is one of the seven deadly sins. Back then, I used to buy some pirated cd’s in the flea market. As the time flew by, I already stopped buying pirated. It is because I believe when you are pirating for something else, that’s already a crime whether it’s cyber crime or any crime that is. For me, being an artist and a writer is much very appreciate what I have in my talented. I never run out of telling stories. In fact I don’t know why where the imagination from the back of my mind really come from. People are understanding why the money is also the value in the business. Have you seen already the fast food restaurant gone for a short money? Just it is because they have larger bills. The area manager always asked to the rescue, in fact I noticed to some of the restaurants I go to.


Life is always money whether it’s business or work. But all I can say is the matter of the business. After my college years, my jobs were just more like a contracts for me. A group of information you have in your resume may not satisfied in the employer’s mind. But to tell the truth, many employers are somehow I find is very discrimination. Let me you a story about this. I got five friends in our batch just to apply. All of us went from directions from the school. One of them is from La Salle, Ateneo, UP, FEU and UST. And I was just come from the culinary school. Being part of that, we went to the same room. The interviewer sometimes is listening to the voice instead from your performance in your story. Somehow you don’t have to be a full-story answers. You have to come up with best answers, a spontaneous answers. Just like somewhat this, “what are your shorter dreams?” Then I said in an appropriate answer with a spontaneous kick, “I’m able to work in your job just because I want to prove everybody to respect me as well.” In my thoughts, maybe that wasn’t my best answer but I did. When the interview part is done, we, the six people, stepped in again in the interview room. He just said that you have to work harder to find a job. This wasn’t for you. Maybe the instructor before told me before it’s a matter of luck. For me, it’s not a matter of luck. Somehow I find curious answers from the interviewer. So I left the building with my six friends. After being from the work before, this inside of me somehow is calling me to get up and go back where you come from.


Then I realized something it wasn’t worth to wait for. I looked options for other opportunities. Then I asked myself that I will write up about something I like since I’ve been stop writing for about seven years already from blogging. I asked myself then I made a start-up blog in wordpress. But I know that I realize something deep inside of me, I can do write about anything. A world is talking about anything, a limitless. Business from my experiences and my knowledge found my deeper relationship with my unique ones. I started to revving up some a good idea for my site as well. Then I thought that someday the time is willing wait for me. Business alone when you are starting to make one, just to make sure you go to the area. Observe people at first. Secondly, scout the area. Look what kind of market you have. Is it a students? An office mates? Or just simple commuters everyday? Besides when I started my own business before, I was lack in knowledge also in the past. Just because I’m new in the industry as well in the business. Business is bigger opportunities, a variety of any kind of business you can go in. But be careful when you go in, don’t go in a wrong direction. I used some of my time just to make another interesting business tips. Well of course, being as an entrepreneur became my knowledge as well just to learn the basics and the principles that I learned from my experiences. I just didn’t get this from the success of John Calub or Chinkee Tan. I’ve never attended the seminars in the first place. It’s just I’ve been through multi-level marketing experience attending free training sessions.


Somehow that business-minded is worth to be gain to be a knowledge in the first place. But I didn’t agree for something that doesn’t related to the business. Also one more thing, be more productive and be more to market your business as well. Marketing is also part of the nature of the business. Without marketing, the business will fall just like the pieces of paper burning. I am not telling just to scare you off. It is just only a reminder. And I think the worth in the business will make you more knowledgeable. Let me know if there is more you can ask me, just feel free to comment anything. And I will be gladly to help my best answers just to help you.