Thirtieth-Fifth Tagalog Quote:


Sa mundo ko’y lumalakas,

lagi ako may mali

sa mundo mo’y humihina,

lagi ka nanalo sa lotto,

purihan mo ako na

di dapat mahagkan.


Lalakad ako mabilis,

lagi na lang huli ako

lalakad ako ng mahina,

lagi nauunahan sa tsamba

puro na lang may katiwalaan.


Liliit ang paligid sa

mga mata ko nakatingin,

sapat ba yun,

liliit ang mundo kung

malaki ang pangarap mo,

di lang sapat sa lahat.


Tuwing ako gagawa ng tama,

puro laro nasa isip ko,

tuwing mali minsan,

puro na lang tago ng tago,

lahat ay magkakamali.


Nagbabalik ang lakas,

na dapat tinuturing matino,

nagbabalik ang mahina

na dapat tinuturing manloloko,

nariyan ka ba kung

kailangan ang lakas ng loob.


Puno lagi ang kuwarto

ng misteryoso,

di naman sinasamba

puno lagi ang kuwarto

ng mahiwaga,

nagbabalik ang nagmamahal

sa laging walang hanggan

na kamatayan sa pag-ibig.


Thirtieth-Sixth Tagalog Quote:


Kung titingnan ang lugar,

hindi dapat makalimutan

ang kinalakihan,

minsan di sapat ang turo

sa atin,

pero dapat galangin ang mundo.


Kung babasehan ang

tao maganda,

dapat ito ay mabait,

tularan na parang kapatid,

pag maganda ang hangarin,

maganda ang kinabukasan.


Mga ninuno natin ang

gumawa ng daan,

patungong sa magandang araw,

pero akala hindi nararapat.


Malaki ang mundo

pero ang lugar kinalakihan mo

dapat sundan ang nasa

puso mo,

at hindi dapat nilalaro

ang isip,

na yun na pala ang

kapalaran magbubukas

sa iyo.


Huwag ka na lilingon,

huwag ka na lumiko,

huwag ka na bumalik,

sapat na mga kaalaman mo

na dapat itulak sa

magandang kinabukasan.




There are many things in our lives that are miserable and sometimes are in order. You may never know that this is the only thing you can recognize your talent in the field. Maybe I was too much confused when I was still afterlife of college. But I realized that this is may be not too late for me, because there are lots of opportunities that can open for me.


In this series of episodes of my Filipino literature, these two quote poems has different meanings towards in our lives. There are many doubts in life, yet you can solve for something you really like. But for me, it pushes me more to look other opportunities as if there is thousands of hopes and faiths.


In 35th Tagalog quote poem, this is something you can look for dreams. Dreams are everlasting imagination, yet there are more doors to open. I don’t know why, but it does matter for me. Although I am more often reading other materials in the internet. I learn there are more doors opening in the future. Just this recently, this opportunity is very rare and yet it happened. Because our clan has opened a big celebration next year to celebrate our get together party. We celebrate that we are already more than 400 years of history in our clan. And I owe it for something it really happens.


This time that I am really looking for is to meet my relatives in my father’s side. Which it’s that I am really excited to go next year for our clan get together party. I hope I can meet everyone there, because it is really huge clan we have. I think there are more than 3,000 relatives in my father’s side because of the clan endeavors. I’m still looking forward to meet them.


While in 36th Tagalog quote poem, this is also somewhat related in 35th Tagalog quote poem but it has different meanings. This particular quote poem says it all about the youth of our childhood days. I remembered how I was happy and yet I discovered the true meaning of my second nickname is. But what I really like the best is that the dreams will about to open other doors for me. In the past haven’t had do with me. Because when you’re in pain, you are surely hoping to heal itself. Then I thought it wasn’t luck to heal. Instead there are more outside. Just like this the other day, my day wasn’t good. But I can feel the youth of my childhood days before. I must say this is really something to do with me.


I went to the mirror room which it’s the bath room. I asked myself in the mirror, “why in the first place I cannot achieve for something that lacks of knowledge?” It’s because I already did in the past. When you are in the place already, you have to do with your skills. The skills will improve you if you can talk to other people or to think other things, just like when you are thinking your family. My life isn’t perfect like anybody else. And I owe it for my aunt that can give me fruitful hopes. And I am pretty sure that she is happy for me now today.