Staring Yellow Eyes

I’m staring at you!
Jumping dogPlease master, I’m willing to catch!

Please beg me!

Please beg me master, don’t look me like that!
Snubbles047I’m tired, can’t you wait for me to wake me up again?

She barks!I’m barking at you, because you are so noisy!

Waiting for turnI’m waiting for my turn to get at you!

Looking to my eyesAre you staring at me? Because I can’t wait to look at you.

I'm so relievedI’m so relieved that I sit here. Fresh air from the fan, it’s good to be here!

I'm getting up now

I’m getting up now, sheesh, can’t you wait until I get up?
I'm sorry, masterI’m sorry, master. I can’t believe you are punishing me.

Smiling dog

I’m smiling at you, don’t you think this is funny.
I'm shy for youI’m sorry, master. I’m so shy!Is it time already?Is it time already? Man, I really hate to get up.Master, where are you?Master, where are you? I’m looking for you.There you are, master!There you are, master! I finally found you.No, master, no tickles please!No more tickles, master, that is enough to scratch me.Are you looking for me?Are you looking for me, master? I can’t get up.Fine, leave it as it is!That's enough, master!Master, that’s enough! Don’t get push my back!I'm praying, can you wait to turn?I’m praying, master. Can’t you wait for your turn to pray?
Heh, as if, master.Heh, as if there is a mouse running around the house.Ready to sleep.I’m ready to sleep, master. Can’t you get wait me to wake up again? I’m really tired.What are you looking for?What are you looking for? I’m getting to get you!Can I get a haircut?Can I get a haircut, master? My hair is so furry!Look, master, I'm done cleaning the leaves.I’m done cleaning the leaves, now it’s your turn to throw away these leaves!Are you staring at me?Are you staring at me? Because I believe that you are staring at me!Is it really that you?Oh, that it is. Is it possible that you really are the same person?Look master, I'm posed to be a modelLook master, I’m good to be posed as a model. Who’s next?No, I don't want to do it.No, I don’t want to do it. You are scolding me again!Is it ready for supper?Where’s my supper? I’m hungry, really, really hungry to eat.I'm getting at you.I’m getting at you. So you can rub my belly and pat with me, master.Yum, that doesn't taste good.Yum, yeeechh, that doesn’t taste good. It tastes like a bee stung in my nose.I'm tiredI’m tired, master. Go away and I’m going to sleep.Achooo!Achooooooooo! Yeeeeech, that doesn’t look so good!

Master, look, I’m scratching my back to this plant. Man, I look like a bear here.I'm scratching my back to this plant

This is the life of my dog. Let’s begin for another adventure. Now my dog is really starting to like to his journey. And this is really must say, that this is good!