There was a soldier who came from France. And his name was Sir Andrew Julien. His name was not popular by some many soldiers out there, yet he still want to build his name in the history of France. Together with his friends, Sir Howard Cullinger, Sir Thomas Aldrin and Sir William Gunningham, were part of his journey.


Sir Thomas have stepped inside to his straw house made in wood and blocks that can be sheltered for him. Then he amazed what he saw from Sir Andrew’s bed, a messy bed filled with full of anything unimportant things in his bed. Sir Andrew have been reading of his favorite book called, The Lion with his pride roar. As he sits on the stool chair and asked Sir Andrew, “What can we do to help for you, my old friend?” He stopped reading, put his book to his right and sat up straight and said, “I come to look for a job in a next town but there is no one offering me for their services.”


Sir Thomas, with his a mustache in his face have flickered, stood up and said, “get up, my friend. We have assignment to protect the princess that someone is really need our help. And that’s William, Howard and I came to look for you to join us in this assignment.” Sir Andrew jumped off his to his bed and pulled out his boots to wear in his feet. Then he exclaimed and said, “Okay, my partner in crime, let’s do the assignment.” Sir Andrew, Sir Thomas, Sir Howard and Sir William left Sir Andrew’s house with their horses they were riding have strolled through the forest. Coming off from two hours of travel alone going to the kingdom, he looked each of people in the marketplace, filled with beggars, chemists, physicians and some vendors were asking to help them. One old lady have stopped the horse where Sir Andrew pulled the strap of his horse and stopped his horse where the old lady stood by and said, “Come on, old lady. Can’t you see we are coming to the castle?”


“My boy, you are really grown up well. Is Lady Serena have told you to go here,” the old lady asked Sir Andrew and he went down to his horse and answered, “You knew my mother’s name. And what did you know about my mother’s name?” Then at the height of many horses were coming through behind Sir Andrew and his friends. His friends also went down to their horses when the king has arrived with his daughter, Princess Elizabeth, going to the castle. They bowed down to the king and Princess Elizabeth have stopped her parade’s arrival in the kingdom just to see Sir Thomas. She opened the curtain and asked Sir Thomas, “Where and who is the man I am looking for?”


“My highness, Princess Elizabeth, this is the man you are looking for, Sir Andrew Julien, our bravest and strongest friend we have,” Sir Thomas answered to his fine voice. “Sir Andrew Julien, please come with us to our castle,” Princess Elizabeth have favored to ask his friends and Sir Andrew to come to Princess Elizabeth’s castle together with her father, King John V. As Sir Andrew and his friends went up from their horses, they have been followed the parade and the highness of the kingdom. As they reached to their castle, King John V, the fifth king who followed the footsteps of his deceased father, King Leon II. King Leon II and Sir Andrew’s father were once a friends a long time ago to battle the brute force in Lyons. But upon Sir Andrew’s knowledge, his father haven’t told his wife to speak about him. Less about Sir Andrew didn’t know that his father and King Leon II were friends before. When Sir Andrew and his friends entered a full of golden room where Princess Elizabeth and King John V were waiting for them.


Sir Andrew and his friends have knelt from their knees just to honor King John V and his daughter Princess Elizabeth. Then King John V waved his hand to let them up from their knees. King John V asked a favor in his well-mannered voice, dressed in red coat, golden crown in his head, and have two golden rings in his middle finger and ring finger both of his two hands and said, “My boy, you grown up well. I know your father very well here in our kingdom. He is once also the bravest and strongest man in his time together with my father, King Leon II. My daughter, Princess Elizabeth, have offered you to get the job and just to protect her with your all mighty shield.”


“Of course, majesty, I will be the honor to grab the opportunity to protect her with my shield and my father’s sword as well,” Sir Andrew answered properly in his voice looking to Princess Elizabeth’s eyes and Princess Elizabeth blushed her cheeks with a little reddish in her cheeks. “Can you stay for our dinner have to prepare tonight and I am willing to pay your services,” King John V asked again to Sir Andrew’s attention. “Yes, my majesty, I would be honor to stay,” he answered with a mild voice. He and his friends walked down the aisle where the guards and the butlers guided to their room to stay. As the guard opened the door, Sir Andrew and his friends have finally entered the room filled with golden things. The chandelier in the ceiling lit up well the room. The cabinets were filled with trophies and the pictures of Sir Andrew’s father were still there. Sir William looked to the picture and said, “What a dazing handsomest father you have, Andrew. This is your father’s room before. I cannot expect we have the room where your father used to stay here before.” “Maybe you haven’t told us your real father is. I am sure of it you can-” Sir Howard suddenly stopped with his husky voice when Andrew held up his green shirt.


“Did I ever tell you that I did not remember my father well? And of course, I can’t remember my mother also,” with his angry voice, Andrew tucked his hands away from Howard’s shirt and kicked down the stool away from the table. “I never knew you along you have to say all of this things, Thomas? Why did you ever tell me this has to be our first assignment where my father never told me about.” He kicked again the stool and finally stopped when Thomas calmed him down. Andrew sat to the bed and Thomas brushed his mustache and said, “Look, my friend. I also don’t know this first assignment. One of closest friends of Princess Elizabeth came to me and asked our services just to look for you. After all, we have been friends through 33 years from now.”


“I really love to see Princess Elizabeth now and nobody stop me here. And don’t come near me, or your throats will cut off from your heads,” Andrew fumed to his voice as he opened the door and closed the door slamming to the walls. Sir Andrew have stepped out of the castle and strolled down the garden looking for anyone who can talk to. And finally, he stopped getting angry and sat near the fountain where his hands touched to the fountain waters. He began to hum and sang, “It’s a beautiful night and coming home from the forest, I sleep and lay down to the fountain nearby. And I hope I can meet another human to fall in love with me. Together with my heart, and I feel alone.” He suddenly stopped when the princess came by and heard Andrew’s voice and continued to sing Andrew’s song, Together with my heart and, I feel alone. Singing my voice gazed off the beautiful birds. The night sings my day all alone.”


“How did you know the song I was singing,” he stood up from where he sits when Princess Elizabeth held Andrew’s hands and said, “Your mother was once my maid before. But I didn’t know where she is now.” From Andrew’s eyes filled with loneliness, the princess swayed Andrew’s long hair and he asked, “I guess I never know my parents a long time ago. Have you seen her lately?”


“She was in the market buying for the needs for the castle. You must stay here and protect me. Your mother is the one order you to go here to meet with you.”


“I was right, my highness. It’s okay not to tell other details. Maybe I will be the one who will tell you what really happened to King Leon II and your father, Sir Arthur,” with the old voice coming from the bushes came in the light. Princess Elizabeth, Sir Andrew and long-lost Andrew’s mother were closer to walk in to their conversation and said, “We have met already in the market, my boy. You just looked like your father.”


“Mother, how come you never go and have to look for me,” with his confused voice and he constantly brushed his hair with his hands. He stopped brushing stroking his hair and asked, “If you are mother, when is my birthday?” “Can’t you see King John V is preparing the feast for your celebration today. And today is your birthday. Let me tell you your story a long time ago when your father and I met,” the old lady told her story between Sir Arthur and Anne, Andrew’s parents. Arthur was once an apprentice soldier in the front line making to wave with his wooden sword together with his friends in the forest. When Arthur and his friends stopped practicing their swordmanship, they heard the poor girl screaming for the help. Three bandits were after Anne just to play with her. When Anne saw five young men, she hid on Arthur’s back and asked for help and said, “Please help me. These three horrifying men are after me.” “Okay, my lady. We will do the honor for you” with his braved voice, he fought three bandits together with Leon. Leon and Arthur were the best apprentice soldiers in the town and defeated the three bandits.


After a fight with three bandits, Anne looked to Arthur’s eyes and asked, “Thank you for rescuing me. May I know your name?” “My name is Arthur, the best apprentice soldier in the camp,” he answered Anne’s question and bowed down to Anne. “Stop it, Arthur. You don’t have to do that. She is not princess,” abruptly with the childish voice Leon have said. “Actually I am Anne, daughter of best knight of this town, Sir Garfield.” With Leon’s ears began filled of joy and excitement and said, “You are Sir Garfield’s daughter. I am glad to meet you, Princess Anne. My name is Leon.”


“Don’t call me princess. I’m just an ordinary maid who taking charges of the daughter in the kingdom. I should go back now,” she said as she left Arthur, Leon and three of their friends. But all of them embarked to their first assignment to do is to protect Arthur’s future wife. Ten years fast forwarded, Leon was pronounced as the best knight of the kingdom where he proclaimed the next king to the throne of the kingdom. Sir Arthur, the best knight, became the elite soldier battled with his bravest and strongest sword he have wielded from the blacksmith. He got married with Anne, a few years later, then Anne gave a birth to their first son. She named him, Andrew, the next strongest and bravest soldier who will follow his father’s footsteps someday. But a tragedy came closer to Leon and Arthur when their enemies were closer to their kingdom. Leon, Arthur and their three friends have fought with the enemies. Struck down from the horse, Arthur fell down with a wounded left chest. Leon in his part helped his friend to recover from the wounds. Then days after, Arthur lost his life in the infirmary in the kingdom when the day Leon proclaimed the king of the kingdom.


“And that’s what happened between your father and King Leon II battled in the battlefield just across two miles south from here,” the old lady have finished already her story when Andrew felt alone and disarrayed from his life. He never thought he would see his mother again. He asked and said, “When is the time you are not looking for me?” “I asked Thomas, your friend to get you and took care from you with his mother in the next town. I never want to look you with my handsome child I have,” she explained further when somebody called the old lady to go in the kitchen. “I must go now and we will speak again, my child,” she gave a wide smile and waved her hands to Andrew when the old lady went to the kitchen behind the castle. Then Princess Elizabeth have asked a favor and said, “Andrew, I want you to marry me for my father will be dying soon in the next battlefield.”


“Of course, my lady, I will be honor to marry you. But in these terms the next war is coming. I won’t promise I won’t live furthermore, for this is my sailor’s code with my friends, Thomas, William and Howard,” he explained with his grin smile in his face but Elizabeth offered one more to Andrew and said, “Please reconsider this as the engagement. We will be married the next day. I already made my decision and asked from father’s advice.”


With the promises Princess Elizabeth have asked to Sir Andrew Julien, he knelt down to his knees and accepted the princess favor. Then the next day, Sir Andrew and Princess Elizabeth got married in the chapel where Sir Thomas Aldrin, Sir Howard Cullinger and Sir William Gunningham were also there. The old lady, Anne, Andrew’s mother, gave blessings to Princess Elizabeth and Sir Andrew. King John V also gave his blessings to her wonderful daughter, Princess Elizabeth with Sir Andrew. The next few years, Sir Andrew also became the chief soldier where his first baby son was born that Princess Elizabeth gave their first baby son to be born. Sir Andrew and Princess Elizabeth agreed to their first baby son’s name and that will be Charles Andrew. At the very day, they cherished their moments together with a wonderful family. Following a year after, Princess Elizabeth gave another to a birth, their first born daughter, Alyssa. People in the kingdom celebrated their celebration when they found out that Princess Elizabeth gave another birth, their second child Alyssa. The repeat of the history have followed, King John V died in the battle field where Sir Andrew held King John V to get up. Not knowing that King John V is already sick in his old age, Andrew proclaimed the next king the next day.


People celebrated for King Andrew and Queen Elizabeth with their children, Charles and Alyssa. Anne died shortly after King John V died when she rested in her bed. Many people have rejoiced that the new era of generation have finally accepted to create their barrack’s name, Sailor’s Code. From King Leon II have died before and King John V have died in the battlefield, King Andrew was the 19th king of Lyons together with his family Queen Elizabeth, Prince Charles and Princess Alyssa.