This is one thing I should like to do before I can do achieving other things in my life. Without it, it must be other concerns which I can lend my hands to help them. And of course, affiliations or someone will lend their hands to help me as well. There are many things I would achieve in my life, so I would give my advocate to this children before I can do things for me.


1. Affiliation


I still don’t have affiliation yet which it is why I want to put some therapies for the down syndrome children, to help them, to educate them and to nourish their knowledge. So they would help themselves for their parents to be proud of them. I am still not a member yet in Down Syndrome Association of the Philippines (or DSAPI). But I acknowledge them to welcome me in their association as well. Well of course, I am proud for what I am now for being to be educated in a special school. I learned everything almost in the school. But of course, I also need to help other parents to help their children with special needs. Because in the first place, what I can do to accomplish if I cannot help the parents without my help. So I thought this during I was in multi-level marketing and left the company without they are noticing about it.


Last year was a change for me when I entered the multi-level marketing company which I decided to change my fate. But that fate doesn’t prove anything to be worth it. I said to them I never said never to quit. Instead of that, I promise to do something most important that can change me somehow. That is because I realize I am now responsible person with special needs also. In the first place, I don’t allow bad things to do in my life in the future. But I am willing to help the parents of their children with special needs. Myself alone can afford also to their needs in terms of helping them. It will secure my life in the future to have knowledge with the parents.


2. Accompanying


This is where I want to start to be someone who will be accompanying me in the first place. When I found out my lineage from both sides of my parents. My father’s side is where I am focusing to know their roots better. I realize things are different when you meet someone. Meeting to both of sides from my parents is where I start to learn about my family roots. My mother’s side are partly Chinese which their great grandfather is a half Chinese. And to my father’s side are partly Portuguese. It is that I learn so much from my father’s side. My relatives are so welcome to be in touch in the social network of facebook. When I learned about some part who are politicians and show business as well. I will not name them here in my special article.


3. Assistance


If the things are getting to plan, I need to put my schedule between my spared time and my busy time also. Being with to assist is also hard to know about. Being care and temporarily under responsibility is also what I am afraid of. But to think of that, it is not my type of duty. I am willing to pay my responsibility to look for the things.


4. Responsibilities


I know this is the hard for the decisions to make. Being responsibility in the first place is very challenging for me. To make it this straight-hand, I would like to oblige myself to be a better person inside and out. Of course, “with great powers comes with responsibility” is the famous quote from the Spiderman movie. To mean of that, you really need to focus what you need are accompanying, assistance and affiliating to be somewhat you really take care of the situation. No one in the first place can create a new foundation program.


5. Teaching and Parenting


Teaching and parenting are the same. When you are at home, you take care of them and to help them with their special needs. At school, the teachers are the second parents. They need to teach the children with special needs of their inabilities to do like how to read the book properly, how to speak properly and other to mention programs to be needed in a foundation program.


6. Volunteering


If the country needs a job you can do about, you can also look for another option in your life and that is volunteering will come in the situation of down syndrome foundation program. Without it, you cannot build for another foundation. But being that, there are numbers of parents who have children with special needs such as autism and other disabilities that have to be concern about. People nowadays don’t have jobs, this is the place you will need to teach, to assist, to help and to parenting their special needs. Program like this you all need have to do is cooperation.


7. Fundraising


I don’t have money to raise for the unfortunate people. But to tell you that, this is the perfect time to tell about the fundraising. Fundraising is all about in-kind donations and money that operate the foundation program for the special needs. I, myself, of course have also the special needs to be concern. But to tell you that, there are many kinds of fundraising. There are many things you need to know about. You can tell your friends by telling them to buy the tickets. And the tickets will eventually to raise the fundraising for the people who are in special needs.


8. Knowledge


You don’t have to be intelligent to become in order to help other people’s needs. My experiences are the key to explain what the knowledges can learn from and for the parents and the children with special needs. Knowledge can be the key to help the children when and where their children is having their difficulties to learn. I don’t want to be alone in this world without knowledge. Hungry to learn is always I think about to feed my knowledge goes up. When I don’t do anything, sometimes my mind is doing some idle. And I don’t want to be like that in the first place.


9. Cooperating


All things are sometimes difficult, when the child is doing something wrong. The child is learning wrong also. You need to be cooperating their special needs in the first place. Cooperating with the special children is very hard task to do. All you need with them is to be patience all the time. Without patience, you will eventually falling into parts of your problems.




In my two years of existence, my parents are looking for the things that I have to learn. I don’t know why in the first place they need me to go to the hospital or somewhere I can learn to walk and to talk. They are pushing hard for me to learn. When they put in the first school Cupertino, I eventually learned from the teachers that I can able to talk properly. Yet the therapies are too much expensive for my parents to learn. They transferred me to a better school which the preschool teachers personally taught me some valuable things in life. After a long four years, I eventually entered first grade in 1989. The long journey I have had there was very personally trainable for me. I learned how to deal with the people now. Eventually I learned how to speak properly with the words I have to speak.


In 1996, I was supposed to be in high school already the year of 1995 but it came a tragic for me. I got an incident from the jeep bumping my shoulder bones to break. That is why I entered high school with sixth graders. I, alone, became the last and only seventh grader in Montessori Integrated School of Antipolo. It was a heartbreak for me. But I learned more in my sophomore year when I found out that I have down syndrome from our biology  teacher who also became my second parent. The biology teacher is my classmate’s mother, which it sometimes I went to their house when the time I stowed away from home. Eventually I became a better person. I learned from home economics which until now I am still applied my basic knowledge to stitch my pants and some other clothes to stitch. Well of course, that doesn’t end there. That time, I didn’t accept myself that I have down syndrome. It is very hard for me to learn things I can cope from the lessons in school.


March 2000, the month of graduation of high school, my school offered to my dad to be a guest speaker in the graduation. My dad told everything that I am proud to be as a Montessorian. Believe me if you are there, you will be also giving a loud applause from the audience that our valedictorian didn’t give any of appreciation. Instead they audience gave a loud applause when they called my name. Everyone in the audience including my elementary friends were also there for me. I became the first person to graduate without the honors but to bring the school’s name to have the first special person to graduate in the school in the first place. I entered later in two schools to go for the entrance exams. The first one came with a highest 88 in my entire life. I didn’t accept it because I followed my sister’s advice to go in culinary school instead the passing grade of 75. Which it reminded my hardship of my entire life.


The three years in culinary school in Center for Culinary Arts is very hard task to do. Because that’s my highest dreams when I was still in high school years. I delivered all I got to promise just to finish the term from my school. With the 8 months leave of absence during supposed to be 2 year culinary years, it expanded to 3 years to stay in culinary school. The standards there are very strict. But I learned I can study how to cook properly in the kitchen as well. I can’t believe in the first place that I achieved in the difficult times before. I made some many friends in culinary school with the celebrities like Danica Sotto and Diego Castro (first cousin to Rico Yan). I didn’t learn how exactly what my world looks life when I finally graduated from the college. I felt empty and embracing some loneliness.


I have encountered how to date with the girl and how to be in love in the first place. It is the reasons why I have down syndrome in the first place. Eight years exactly after my graduation, my life is so miserable. In the kitchen I didn’t know how to handle my emotional and my eagerness to talk with somebody. I even can’t resisted to talk someone I really need to. Of course, being with down syndrome is unacceptable for me. But last year, I realized I was wrong. I found that the courage I have is to find the perfect people with special needs also. That is when I learned the Down Syndrome Association of the Philippines through my relatives. During that time, I was in multi-level marketing or networking. I didn’t need to go rich just to help other people. You only have to be in your own needs. When I finally encountered people of Down Syndrome of the Philippines this February 2012, the founder of the organization finally amazed with my abilities I have. I can offer many things for the people’s needs. This year is a turn-around for me. All I need to do is focus for my dreams to wait for me and to be able in order of my plans to achieve.


The foundation program doesn’t need a perfect condition. All I need is to help with my desire dreams to help other parents of their children with special needs. And of course, one of dreams will change my world to achieve.