After telling some of the stories where my based project is, there are more comic novel books that I have to tell you about. First of all, I won’t get any trouble by any you can steal my project anyway. But to tell you the truth, I always hand over my articles to somewhat things are getting difficult to say.


Alphabeds is the fourth book I am writing the comic novel book. But I haven’t start them to draw. Yet the explosive act is the story itself. I know some of you are addicted playing Final Fantasy VII, VIII, IX, X, XI, XII and XII. So to say, all of them have own story but the pattern of game playing are still the same. Well of course, if I am not a game addict before. I won’t be writing for all of these. The productive months will coming soon to have my hands to work it out in the story line. Better yet, it will be soon that I will create another massive character designs as well.


Speaking of character designs, of course, I will tell you about more of my Immunity cast in trilogy of The Anthology of Firelava, The Anthology of Fireice and The Legendary of Firelava. This is from my portfolio in my where I place some of my character designs. Please tell me if you really like it or not. Besides some of my drawings are a bit of older drawings. Please bear in your mind this is already old drawings. So you might get me in trouble in feedback. It’s okay for me by the way.

Sergei Ratsche aka Rumber

Character design # 1 background:


The first character design I will tell you is about this Rumbler aka Sergei Ratsche, a German native born on November 11, 1989. He is the son of Weigen Ratsche, a famous wrestler who joined the famous wrestling federation or WWE. Upon his resistance to follow his father’s steps, he hopes to create skills on his own. But in the other side of his parents, he never found that he really have had a mother, Ophran Jaschke. Because her mother died in the mountains of Himalayas where earthquakes killed 50 trekkers alone in 1990. That is why he never saw his mother in his entire life. He is torn between his blood, human or being as an Immune. Never he knew that his mother was also a Immune, but it never registered in the history as well.


Weigen was so disappointed to his son, Sergei. He really realized that pointing out that his son is not normal. Despite as a famous in his younger years at the age of 5, his antics wrestling made him famous. His favorite skill was splitting sommersault. But he didn’t know that he already killed the opponent who is younger as him. Sergei realized his fate was wrong. Despite he sent to New Zealand with his grandparents at the age of 6. His living there was quite unusual for him. He never knew his father well despite of the hectic schedule as a wrestler. But his father wanted him to do some other to do rather to follow him as a wrestler. Sergei insisted and kept continuing to enhance his skills as well. When his father heard Sergei was training in Okinawa, Japan, he never knew his life as a normal person yet born to his techniques were earthquake, splitting fire and water and also lifting or throwing ground rocks. Japanese feared the earthquake might come back. But they didn’t know that he all did for the purpose for his training. He transferred to Western China to continue his training, another earthquake came also in 1995.


When he thought about his own name and decided to call himself as a Rumbler. Everyone was thinking what are the real causes of human disaster in China and Japan, but it was all doings of Rumbler or himself. It led to thousand people alone died in 1995. Despite of his father has been hospitalized, Sergei visited and met his father again in June 1996. Weigen decided to forgive his son before it’s about the time he was dying because of colon cancer he have in his life. Three weeks later, his father Weigen died at the cold day in July 1996 when the day was almost for him.


Through his life wasn’t so sure for him to tell but despite his talents as a Rumbler, he always told himself he won’t give up in his career. That’s where he joined the ranks of Psychic‘s group, the anti-Fireice group who despised her cousin and wanted to destroy some good forces of immunes in 1997. He also participated in the 1998 war where many people feared dying in millions because of the brutal war in 1998 against Fireice and other good forces of immunes. Despite of this, it has been ritual for many immunes for their immunity survival in the world. Causing from each mechanic immunes and materialized immunes were arriving in the planet Earth just to blow the humanity and immunity race as well. Facing the extinction is their fear to survive. What will be the rage of humanity and immunity will face in their own?


There will be many character designs in the future but this will be my first entry to be devoted to post under Art and Literature category.