I had been traveling outside of the Philippines many times in my life. I went already in Canada where the places I’ve been through already like Toronto, Edmonton and Vancouver as well. That was only the time during when I was a kid. Also in United States I had been through already like in Los Angeles, New York, New Jersey, Orlando and Miami as well. But that was the time I was only a kid back then. To realize because of that, I do want to fly in other countries as alone. But being as an independent person, I wouldn’t do that because I was still afraid losing on my own.


Later in my life, I also went to other countries during my teen years like Taiwan. It was purely a business trip with my father there in Taiwan. But the remembrance I went to were Hong Kong, Thailand and Singapore. The only thing I went to some of the places before. I also want to discover some other places in the Philippines. There are thousand tourism spots around in the Philippines. We went already in Ilocos region during my high school years where we visited the Laoag of Ilocos Norte, Batac of Ilocos Sur and Baguio of course. They were the places I’ve been through already. But to tell you, I am more like a science geek guy who wants to take pictures of volcanoes. My dreams before was to be a volcano photographer. I wish I want to do that more now that I have a low quality gadget which it’s the camera cellphone.


Camera cellphone is all that I have in my life. It will turn four years old this coming of December, the birth of Christmas. So to ask and so to say. But I didn’t know what to do with the dreams I have. I want to go in Bicol to picturing Mt. Mayon where my first story started in trilogy comic novel books The Anthology of Firelava, The Anthology of Fireice and The Legendary of Fireice. Then to some of the Philippines I also want to travel like in Camarines Sur. And the hometown of my family name in Leyte also I want to visit in the future, the Javier, Leyte.


Cebu was also the part of my lineage of my father’s side where my relatives were living there. Aside from that, the Negros Occidental’s city of Bacolod I also want to visit because of the sugar plantation. I was sure there were still living business in Bacolod. Aside from Bacolod and Cebu I want to visit, name other places of the Philippines I want to visit. The Davao City of Davao province is also in my list to visit where other of my relatives were also living there. One of the best places I want to visit are Palawan and Boracay.


Of course, I forgot to tell you that I’ve been to Puerto Galera in Mindoro. That was the time I was already in my adult age. Fear of these times I might get to lose interest traveling around the world is your homeland. The Philippines is very rich in tourism spots where you can count the countless spots in the Philippines. I like Philippines very much and I hope to go around the nation as well.