Sixtieth-Third English Quote:


My eyes soak in wet,

my lips tastes like cherry,

and my ears listen to

your beautiful voice.


Sometimes my book covers

with beautiful words

and pictures that amazes us,

the book may be not interesting,

but in the end you understand.


My life depends to open

like a chapter,

pages tear down on you,

when mistakes is vulnerable to you,

but when you go back in the page,

you may not redo what you did.


Times in the past

that corner you to the depth

of an ocean,

times in the present,

that finds you to modern age,

and times in the future

that your book will complete

the true meaning

the good inside of you.


Sixtieth-Fourth English Quote:


One dream

one star

one hope

and one everlasting wish,

people who find you attractive,

only from outside

but people have to understand you

if only from inside.


To meet

to walk

to be with you

and to have time with you,

people wishes you to know

you personally

only to walk with,

but people misunderstand clearly

if only few steps to come forward.


New chance

new faith

and no one come to steak

new beginnings,

people find a whole lot

about you

only you are nice to them,

but people might be aware

if you are jealous

what you accomplish.


Don’t forget two things

in your life:

to be someone’s else

and to be need to be loved.


Now you are feeling me

if I do telling you

that I am more welcome

to be in our group.


Be loved

be an everybody’s friend

and be like the shepherd.




There are two things in above: to be in loved or to be independently loved. Either of these two things are exactly the same. But it has different meanings. Although I really love to dictate how to compile the beginnings, I always have to think that there are more love about this.


The more you give is really meant to receive for the unfortunate people who all don’t deserve to their lives. Every time I open my heart, I always think about the people when and where to begin to help them. From this series of English literature, I have open another two of my best English quote poems which it open to another cycle of series.


In 63rd English quote poem, it is said there, “my life depends to open like a chapter.” Which it means you are deciding whether you can open or not your chapter to some people you really know. Like mine, it is much different. I want to share to some of you if I have meet all of you. But in that case, in Sunday I will be going to San Carlos Seminary which I have to decide to share my story in front of all parents which they have special children. Like me for all the parents they know, I just want to give some of my life details in case anything they would like to know about me.


Anyway back to the quote poem, “sometimes my book covers with beautiful words” have said a lot of different meanings. Meaning that I will become more to be responsible and getting ready for the adulthood. Because I wasn’t ready for the adulthood when I turned 21 years old before, it was the hardest challenge that comes to me. Of course, my life won’t change if it changes for something different. Instead, I already accepted my conditions last year. It was really hard for me to move at the start. When I found that I have down syndrome before, I really don’t know what to do. Even after the high school days, some of my batch mates teased a little about me. And I don’t know how to explain to them. As they grew from their maturity age, I also grew for my maturity age when finally I really have to accept my conditions last year. I am not a normal person, but an extraordinary person with extraordinary talents.


While in 64th English quote poem, it is actually a song-like poem for me. When I read them carefully, it really sounds like that I am really singing this poem. It really turns something like a christian song for me. Read the last paragraph of the poem and it said, “be loved, be an everybody’s friend and be like the shepherd.” It really sounds like a christian song, but to tell you the truth, it may sounds like a christian song. It contradicts the verses when I wrote this two months ago. It wasn’t that old much and not new much. When it comes for me writing like this kind of literature, it really literally comes out of my back of my head and starting to write a pen or type in the notepad. All of that really comes from my cellphone stored inbox where I placed for the inbox waiting to send it again for another batch. People I really find some of their colors, sometimes it may touches in their hearts and tells me if it’s written from my mind and my hand of course. Then yes, most all I write is come from my heart and my back of my mind as well. This is much of my type I’ve really like to write it down.