Richard Gomez went back to ABS-CBN when he played as the protector in 100 Days to Heaven. Dawn Zulueta in her part played as Magdalena in her last television series of Mula Sa Puso (From The Heart) that hits last year. Coco Martin also played as a young protector where Richard Gomez also played in 100 Days to Heaven. Julia gave her breakthrough role when she played as Clara in Mara Clara (2010) to reprising back from the original Mara Clara that ran from August 17, 1992 to February 14,  1997.


Mara Clara (1992) have had 1,209 episodes when Judy Ann Santos portrayed as Mara and Gladys Reyes as Clara. Together with Coco Martin in a new television series, Walang Hanggan (or Infinity), Julia and Coco gives the television audience the outstanding television series in this year of 2012. Together in the cast of Walang Hanggan are Richard Gomez, Dawn Zulueta, Helen Gamboa, Susan Roces, Paulo Avelino, Melissa Ricks, Joem Bascon, Rita Avila and Noni Buencamino.


Walang Hanggan


Coco played here as Daniel Guidotti (Daniel Cardenas-Montenegro in earlier part of the season), Julia as Katerina Alcantara-Montenegro, Dawn as Emily Guidotti (Emilia Cardenas) and Richard as Marco Montenegro. The story revolves from Marco and Emily, and to Katerina and Daniel. At first, Emilia worked as a maid in Montenegro’s house. When Marco returned from his land, he didn’t know that Emilia was carrying a baby. Later on, Margaret (played by Helen Gamboa) wanted to keep Emilia away from Marco at the start. When Emilia gave her first baby boy Daniel, Margaret kept Daniel away from Emilia. Later on, Emilia has sent to the jail because Margaret accused everything to Emilia. But Henya or Virginia Cruz (played by Susan Roces), kept Daniel on her hands just to raise of her grandson. Margaret didn’t know what to do of her evil plots against Emilia.


After so many years, Emilia was given by a parole and went eventually in Italy just to work as a maid. She married the Italian and even the thoughts of her husband became ill and have passed away. While in the Philippines, Daniel grew up with Henya. When Daniel met Katerina, they played and became as the love pairs of Walang Hanggan. Katerina and Daniel found the infinity ring in the middle of nowhere. That was the supposed engagement ring when Marco and Emilia have to become newly-weds before, but eventually Margaret found the way to provoke their relationship away. As Daniel and Katerina went deeper to their relationship, Daniel offered Katerina the infinity ring just to become their friendship to a relationship. Nathaniel “Nathan” Montenegro (played as Paulo Avelino), son of Marco and Jane Bonifacio-Montenegro (played by Rita Avila and later as Jean Bonifacio by Eula Valdez), and Tomas Alcantara (played by Joem Bascon) plotted to kill Daniel to keep away from Katerina. Nathan stabbed Daniel, then Daniel kept alive as he was discovered by Emilia in the road.


As the story goes on, Daniel has been alive with Emilia in Italy when they lived for about a year. Then Daniel found out that Katerina has forced to marry Nathan. Nathan played a lot just to keep Katerina in his part. Patricia “Johanna Montengero” Bonifacio (played by Melissa Ricks), in her part, has been falling in love to Daniel before they have met in hacienda. Daniel and Emily went back to Philippines just to promote their winery business. Daniel runs the winery business with her biological mother Emily. When Daniel found out that Emily was actually his mother, he accepted her despite Margaret broke their lives before. Margaret with her evil plots made miserable between lives of Daniel, Katerina, Emily and Marco. But Emily have started to make buying the shares of Montenegro company when Margaret thought it’s all about the winery business.


Soon as Daniel and Emily have reconciled Marco, and Marco started to think Daniel was his also a son between Marco and Emily. But Jane on her part, she started to have doubts about her husband Marco if Marco allowed to leave her. Marco didn’t insisting but to take Daniels’ DNA test. Emily have been starting to doubt about his assistant Miguel what was the real plot around her and Daniel’s winery business. Just before the incident happened, Jane and Emily went to the airport going to Cebu. Emily took the private plane but the flight was canceling her to leave and Jane took the threat that Miguel Ramos (played by Noni Buencamino) planted the bomb where Jane was supposed to fly. As the flight left with Jane, the private plane just took off then exploded near the shore. Daniel was even been thought a threat when Miguel gave his warning to his one of his men has been detained.


Daniel later was released in the jail by bringing him out just to clear to his name. Emily accused Margaret for her wrong-doings and eventually Marco despised her mother Margaret by doing wrong-doings. Marco was even still in love with Emily even though Jane was gone already. But Marco robbed all Emily’s money just to leave out the company together with Tomas. Tomas finally have paid off Daniel from his debts and decided to work on his own just to buy Guidotti franchise. One year later after Jane has been died, this was been Jean Bonifacio (an alter-ego of Eula Valdez’s character on Rita Avila’s Jane Bonifacio-Montenegro) coming in the scene. Marco and Emily have decided to get marry in a meantime. Emily and Daniel lost their assets to their winery business of Guidotti’s winery and have been transfered to a small house together with Henya. The scenes were getting intense as Jean sending some black flowers first to Daniel, Emily and later on to Katerina as well.


Miguel was nowhere to be found and yet, Emily and Daniel has not been stopping investigating about Miguel’s nowhere. Johanna and Tomas went back in each other as well as they grudged about Daniel. Katerina on her part wanted to give divorce from Nathan but Nathan refused to take divorce papers and instead he played as if he didn’t taking medication pills. Jean replaced and reprised her role as she replaced her alter-ego character Jane’s place at the Bonifacio bank. Daniel have been investigated the black lily flowers about who is really behind the name of black lily. When Daniel found Jean was in the flower shop, Jean said she was not the one who are keep sending black lily flowers to them. Daniel and Nathan have fought again for Katerina’s heart making Katerina wanting to make a divorce papers. Daniel wanted Katerina to go back with him. Instead Katerina has been forced kidnapping by her own brother Tomas and Tomas kept her in the safety place where anybody could see her. What will happen if Daniel has discover from Tomas and Johanna keeping Katerina in a safety place?