Spanish Fifth Quote:


Cuando los tiempos se velan

a veces no puede romperse

en la vision de la luz o

de la oscuridad que puede ser



Mirando afuera

de la ventana usted han visto,

usted mira siempre tristeza

entre las noches

y se han pasado los dias.


El dolor colorido y las almas grises

han sido juntos una vez que

tengan convertido si mismo,

el nunca no se ha separado

o algo que usted no puede ver que

se separaron de antes.


La vida es dificil y estoy siendo

siempre diciendole que que no este

la usted no puede usted

puede romperse libremente

de su libertad,

el amor no es el rompercabezas

y no puede romperse.


Sueltelos para controlarlos

y para soltar en su mente

si tengo que permanecer

o irme sin usted.


Spanish Sixth Quote:


Soy realmente carinoso usted

no importa que

se han dicho a usted,

yo realmente no cuido a mucho

de ellos para decir en medio de nosotros.


La libertad a hablar,

libertad a pensar,

libertad para hacer cualquier movimiento

que puede apenas nosotros puede caminar,

mitad de la milla,

mitad de una segunda

mitad a hacer si

no tiene nada decir

en medio de nosotros.


Usted pierde ya

 su control y

nunca le he estado lastimando

en un rato mas largo de mi vida,

usted gana ya

en su situacion y mi

volutnad que lleva siempre

el dolor que usted puede llevar

de mi parte posteriora.


Le perdi,

yo pense de usted,

I que se rompia siempre libremente

o I que le satisfacia

a partir del momento que

cuidamos de uno a.


Hoy no se significa para

en medio de nosotros,

tengo ya aviso

que este dia mismo del momento

vendra a nosotros

y prometo que

entraremos lejos en la isla

sin nadie podemos vernos

el romancing en

la isla del amor.




Fifth quote poem:


This fifth quote poem is said to be hurting to be someone you really don’t know the person in the first place. But to tell you the truth, I have never hurt someone in my life. But realizing the fact I have been there are some of my friends. Maybe once or twice already, I  have seen people hurting to someone else. Isn’t that really bad thing to do? Of course, that is really meant to hurt someone. In any case, you should not hurting someone that might you really know the person of this.


This quote poem have a story on its own. It’s the guy who makes fault all the time. And his mother blamed him for marrying the girl that breaks into her. Knowing that the fact of this girl he married is the one who can breaks his mother’s intention. Just let me give the example. When you decide to hurt someone, you have not notice yet the girl’s intentions to marrying her. Instead, she usually reads your mind and wants to breaking up with the family. This is already happen in real life. And I haven’t see this in television but heard from my friends as well.


Being despite you really love this girl is someone you really have to know about her. When you are getting married, make sure all the plans are there. When you are asking some of few questions, you already are doubting the girl you want to get married of her. Well in that case, it isn’t my fault to do this. It is a matter fact between the story and the literary works I have been writing all the time. Literature is my life and I can do anything for the story unfolds between the meaning of the poem. Or sometimes I put them in hold whether it is safe to read that it can hurts to be someone else. Maybe I put them too much in trouble, don’t you think? Or maybe I am too curious about it. Anyway, this is the wildest story I have been putting in this quote poem.


Sixth quote poem:


From here of sixth quote poem, this quote poem has meanings of love version and hate version of quote poem. You may hate the one you love, or you may love the one you really love that sometimes it is mistaken the situation of the story ends. And yes of course, there is a story behind here also in the quote poem. This is a between the guy and the girl back in their teenage lives.


This guy seems laid back and loves to hear music from his cd player he always brought to his small bag. Then this girl seems very geeky and loves to study all the time in the class. She loves to go to the library after school. Then one time, when the guy entered the library, he saw the girl fighting with the boys that doing nastiest to her. He eventually stopped between the four guys ruining of the girl’s study. Instead, he rescued her from the four guys. Then the librarian eventually showed up and made him going to the detention. And the girl doesn’t showed appreciation to say thanks to the guy. After the day have passed, the girl was looking for him. But it seems he was already transferred to another state where he and his family were really moving from the school behind.


Three years have passed, the girl has graduated with the honors into her name. She even held the valedictory honors in high school graduation and moved to the university. Her looks have changed from the last time she was in the high school. Her face began blooming and her geeky eyeglasses have been removed from her face. Because she was given a treatment in her eyes. And her transformation began from her senior year that she became the prom queen for the night. When she entered to the college, she saw the guy again from her high school. Then upon she have introduced herself, the guy saw surprisingly her as a beautiful lady. They have started to date after school. After their college years, their relationship didn’t last when she broke up with the guy she really in loved with. Instead, the guy asked her to married, but the girl insisted to get married.


Fast-forwarded to six years in time, the girl was still a single after breaking up with the guy she loved. She was now a manager from her work in clothing line in New York. And when she rode from the taxi, she met the guy again as now as a taxicab driver. Eventually their fate have met them again. The girl didn’t showed respect from the guy and eventually dropped off from her place. When the guy saw her every time in New York after office hours, he dropped her to her place. Then one night, the girl asked the question all the time why she have been picked up and dropped off from her office to her place. Then the guy have said, “I’ve been missing you a lot. That’s why I never became successful just to see you everyday in your office.” Then after the longest time, they ever got married when the guy asked her to marrying him. They have had now three children, two girls and one boy. And they also had a pet dog that was the labrador. And the guy have been happily got to have a nice job and eventually he became the president of the biggest name bank in New York.


Fifth Spanish quote is translated from English version:


When times are blurred

sometimes it cannot break

in the vision of light or

darkness that can be seen.


Looking outside from the

window you have seen,

you always look sadness

in between the nights

and days have been passed.


Colorful sorrow and grey souls

have been together once

they have become one itself,

it has never been separated

or something you can’t see them

separated from before.


Life is difficult and I am always

been telling you that is not

the one you cannot you

can break free from

your freedom,

love is not the puzzle

and cannot break.


Loose them to control

and loose them in your mind

whether I have to stay

or to leave without you.


Sixth Spanish quote is translated from English version:


I am really loving you

no matter what they 

have been said to you,

I really don’t care much

of them to say between of us.


Freedom to speak,

freedom to think,

freedom to make any move

that can barely we can walk,

half a mile,

half a second

half to make whether it

has nothing to say

between of us.


You already lose

your control and I have

never been hurting you

in a longest time of my life,

you already win

in your situation and I

will always carrying the

pain you can carry

from my back.


Did I lose you,

did I think about you,

did I ever breaking free

or did I satisfying you

from the moment

we care from each other.


Today is not meant for

between of us,

I have already notice

that this day of very moment

will come to us

and I promise we

will go far in the island

without no one can see

us romancing in the

island of love.