There are many reasons why I am putting up in a new template of my Art and Literature and Literature works. Well of course, you simply have to put your contents to work it out your working habits. I know I have been struggling last month as my computer is seems struggling with me. With the windows popping in and out and the keyboard is staring to unlike me. I don’t blame for that. This is why it has been so harsh between the computer and me.


Let me get straight to the point of view. I’ve been checking out why I have been writing down so far here in articles. As you can see that I already have 28 English quotes, 19 Filipino (Tagalog) quotes and 3 Spanish quotes. I have to compile them if I have reach the 100 quotes each of them and eventually I will publish. And of course, my old notebooks are somehow that I need them to restore them for good to publish them easily. To obtain from the course of Literature works, I also gain the 3 releasing short story books which it is already publish in my site as well. They are Winter Islands, A Sailor’s Code and The Sun, The Star and The Moon.


The first short story book The Sun, The Star and The Moon is written from the history where it all started in Mactan Island away from the mainland Cebu. A Portuguese trader went with her wife in the Mactan Island after they have discovered the fertile to raise their family. Then from there, you could read through my Short story article menu where it keeps my other short story as well.


A Sailor’s Code is all about Sir Andrew Julien who never thought he could be the king of Lyons, France. He is the knight of western France together with his friends, Sir Howard Cullinger, Sir William Gunningham and Sir Thomas Aldrin. Thomas have kept away Andrew from his homeland of Lyons against some many enemies wanted to kill the son of Sir Arthur who became the elite knight of Lyons together with the late King Leon II. King John V later announced that his daughter wanted to marrying the son of Sir Arthur to regain their kingdom as well. But Andrew didn’t know about his past and returned to his homeland. Princess Elizabeth later have spoke with Anne, the wife of Sir Arthur and the maiden of the kingdom who served for King John V. Anne was the daughter of Sir Garfield. Sir Garfield was the best knight during Leon and Arthur’s time before they have met Anne. But when the kingdom deceived King John III, they dethroned King John III and later King Philip IV took the place from King John III who have killed in the castle. And King Philip IV wanted to kill all the sons of the kingdom and have to keep his position in the long time. When Arthur and Leon became men, King Philip IV thought the sons of Lyons have killed already. Many of the sons became the best knights outside of Lyon and wanted to regain the kingdom as well. King Philip IV have dethroned and been sentenced to death upon killing some daughters and sons of Lyons.


Later Leon became the 16th king of the history and it repeated again in the next generation. Sir Arthur have reminded his friend, King Leon II not to repeat the history again, but they ruled in the country just to save away from the enemies. Crucial and torn, battles went on and on. And that’s where Sir Thomas, Sir Andrew came in when they Thomas heard that Andrew’s father have killed 8 years ago and returned to Lyons again. This is a quite epic of knight’s tale although I admit it that it has to be longer version of my short story. The name of A Sailor’s Code have been renamed in their barracks of Lyons, France and thus it became the famous name in the story.


While the third short story book Winter Islands is very genuine story. It all started when the story begins five centuries ago. When Winter Winterbourne has been born and raised by Mr. Spring Pandemonium. Since when Winter has been born, the mountains have started to cover with snow, little Pandemonium knew his grandchild has come something with the mysterious power of being name of Winter. As Winter became a fine young girl, all the villagers started to dislike the elder chief’s granddaughter because of the mysterious snow in the mountains. What they didn’t know that the girl can listen to their voices away from them and somehow whenever she wanted to speak with them. The villagers have been started to keep away from the girl because her powers has been ranging from what she can hear from the people.



The elder chief of the village, Pandemonium have started to warn the villagers not to harm his daughter Winter of all the troubles have to come. When Winter heard the new baby boy born Summer has been kept in the warm and cozy home, she started going in the house. Chill and Autumn Plymouth have been worried about their son baby boy who have been array with both of them. When Winter and Summer have stayed together, the mountains have been started to getting warmer. But when Winter was out of her grandfather’s mansion, the weather have been started to snow again. The mysterious of the baby boy Summer could bring the fate between the elder chief’s granddaughter of the village and the baby boy as well. When Chill embarked to his journey to search the medicine to cure his wife and his son as well. Chill have asked from the elder chief to go searching for the medicine for the village. As Chill left the village in the top of the mountains, he never knew that the four forests he could enter was very dangerous to enter.


Down from the second forest, he began to build his wooden cabin house inside the second forest to keep him safe and sound. He stayed around fifteen days inside the forest just to get the forest. As he discovered the cave passage after the fourth forest, he never wanted to go inside because of the bats kept going in and out of the cave passage just to protect their home away from the humans who could enter the cave passage. Little the world knew about the Winter Islands when someone came out from the cave passage and have started kidnapping Chill, their first victim. Through the years Chill has spent away from Winter Islands, his promise from his wife began fading away and joined the camp of the pirates, bandits and commandeers. His hatred began filling up his emotions and killing some of the children in the next island. But Chill, inside of his emotions, have never told that someone have been living in Winter Islands.


One day, Chill drew fear and fear from his emotions. He wanted to kill Winter of the Winter Islands just to keep away the winter from his son and his wife. But when they came back, Shadow and the tribesmen have been encountered with the pirates and bandits. They lost every time they entered through the cave passage and never returned. As Winter grew as the young lady who became the teacher of the village, she saw the young boy wanted to search some medicine for the villagers away from their sickness. Because of her passionate of working hard as a teacher, she taught Summer all the time in the school spending some lessons just to keep Summer track. When she became in love with Summer, she knew that she believed him so much that the island will go back again in normal. It was only way to retrieve the medicine but their fate has been come forever.


I have been imagining Winter Islands all the time in my head as the same short story A Sailor’s Code also come to my attention. These short story books I have written is all my gift possessions that can be written. And I know how much I work for the book stories. But there is a lot of book names have to release soon in my site. I will name it for you once you read them carefully and give a little feedback from my publication stories.


Academy Girls is the largest franchise story I will write soon as you will discover these eight best friends since their childhood. The first book, Academy Girls, is about the friendship of six neighborhood girls Nina Kyle, Rose Richards, Kaye Queens, Ashley Young, Caroline Cashew and Krista Trevor when they learned about the school has coming up in the block as they received the scholarship to get in. As they discovered the Academy Private School for Girls Only, they thought they could go in just to learn the basic and principles of the school. As the story goes, they discovered Sarah McAdams, a British girl from Great Britain came to study in the Paris. The setup of this story is located in Paris, France where I have been dying to get traveling around the world. They befriended her and Sarah instantly became their part of their group. As they discovered another girl has been bullying and brutally in the aisle. Sarah and the girls came to the rescue the tallest girl who have been bullying since she was a child. Belle Lyons, the 5’6″ tall girl, who have been played in the volleyball field all the time and an adopted child of the rich family. As they left Belle for good, they never noticed Belle have been left alone in Paris and transferred in San Francisco, California. But when Sarah and the six girls have reached Belle from their hands. Belle joined the friendship of seven girls. Their friendship became a little known as the best series I will write about.


Then the second book Academy Girls: Trip to Tokyo is about the eight girls who have been traveled alone without their parents. Belle, Sarah and the five girls: Nina, Rose, Kaye, Ashley, Caroline and Krista have been consented their parents them to travel and embarked their adventures in Tokyo. When they went to Tokyo, Ashley and Kaye went part ways from the group where they went in Osaka, Japan. Ashley and Kaye traveled for their own as they discovered the twin sisters, Kara and Keira Inoue have been abandoned from their family when they have been left for good. Ashley, on her part wanted to keep the twin sisters. But Kaye didn’t want to adopt the sisterhood again in Japan as they didn’t know how to go in Paris when Keira and Kaye have to go with them. But when Ashley, Kaye and the twin sisters went to Tokyo, they found the twin sisters’ real family. Sarah and Belle teased a lot with Nina, Rose, Carolone and Krista. But when they learned Ashley’s intuitions to help the twin sisters’ adventure. They eventually joined to find the family resemblance. As they finished their adventure in Tokyo, the eight girls returned in Paris and the twin sisters have been finally found their friendship with the eight girls they have been received.


The third book Academy Girls: Lost in Wilderness is another their adventure when they went to camp in the wilderness together their PE teacher. Their PE teacher was their camp leader when they found they all have to go in summer camp. It is the prerequisite camp to go back in Academy Private School for Girls Only when they learned they have to pass the summer camp or else go to their community service around the Paris. Belle and Sarah became the tent leaders while the six girls is divided to join them. But the new two teams were sent just to pass the summer camp as well from the different school. The two teams led by Sarah and Belle have been together all the time when they clashed again with the new teams in the summer camp. The camp leader didn’t know the other school teams just to ruin the Academy Private School for Girls Only. As their new adventure set in the wilderness. What they didn’t know that their boats have been a little water inside their boats. Their boats went as far as the river flows. Sarah, Belle, Nina, Rose, Kaye, Ashley, Krista and Caroline were stranded inside the wilderness and was hoping for their survival mode. Ashley, the former Girl Scout led as the new team leader as they wanted to survive in the wilderness. Later the camp leader knew and discovered the other school’s mischievous tricks. Then later, she announced she have to rescue the two teams lost in wilderness.


The fourth book Academy Girls: Asian Cruise is a tale about of Nina Kyle‘s story as her grandparents were actually Filipinos. As another adventure goes with Ashley, Nina, Rose, Krista, Caroline, Belle and Sarah as they joined Nina in a cruise around the Southeast Asia. Their first stop was Thailand when they learned the history and the facts of Thailand. Nina never knew her grandparents all about, just because her mother died earlier when she was still four years old and her father was busy working in the mail station in Paris. Her father didn’t tell about her mother was a Filipino but she has been raised in Paris for all most of her life. Nina Kyle was the only Filipino in the story knowing that the fact of this story will allow you to unfold the story goes on. Belle, on her part, didn’t know how to swim when the girls found out that they need to teach Belle in swimming. On their second visit of the country went to Singapore when they learned the country is all about discipline and responsibility in their lives. No one in Singapore went goes with the mischief until Caroline caught walking off from the road that hit her by the taxi. Caroline has been hospitalized for about two days just to heal her broken bone in her right arm. But the rest of the girls wanted to learn the mystery of Nina’s mother. As they went to Philippines for their first time, they thought Manila was the same as Paris. But they never knew the Philippines have all historic facts since the 15th century. They went from Manila, Cebu and Davao. And their final place they could ever find was the Palawan. Nina have noticed the picture behind from her mother’s background was an actually from the Palawan. They finally revealed that Nina was part of Filipino race. Their final in Asian Cruise was Malaysia. Kaye Queen’s great grandfather was full-blooded Malaysian until she learned Nina was a Filipino. Then Kaye realized Nina wasn’t the only Asian in their friendship but she was also part of Asian blood by from her great grandfather was a great traveler that went to Paris.


The fifth book Academy Girls: Sweet Sixteen is a tale of Rose Richards and Caroline Cashew who will turn sixteen in the month of November. With Belle Lyons, Nina Kyle, Ashley Young, Krista Trevor, Sarah McAdams and Kaye Queens embarked to another tale when Caroline and Rose were the first ones to turn sixteen in their group. As they went out of the Academy Private School for Girls Only after school, they found Caroline fighting with another school girl from another school. It was only Caroline’s cousin, Jayne Cashew, who wants badly to give a sweet sixteen party to their house. But Caroline insisted from her parents that she wanted to celebrate with Rose, her one of the best girl friends of the group. Jayne, in her part, lost temper and stowed away. As Jayne left in Paris, Caroline’s responsibility has to convince Jayne going back with her and reconcile to have party with Rose. Belle, Nina, Ashley, Krista, Sarah and Kaye joined their adventures as Caroline and Rose have convinced Jayne going back to Paris and have to partying with them. Jayne Cashew was the only child of Caroline’s father of father’s brother who has only two of them carried in their names os Cashew. Nevertheless, it wasn’t fate between Jayne and Caroline. But Caroline, in her life, didn’t want to be part with Jayne all the time. Soon and later, the eight girls went far in Lyons, France as they discovered Jayne was dancing in the pub club just to survive on her own. Caroline and the seven girls found out how to win back of her Caroline’s heart.


In the sixth book Academy Girls: Love Chemistry is about Krista Trevor’s tale. When Belle have found Krista’s ex-boyfriend was one of the boys teased her a lot before. Belle insisted Krista doesn’t want to involve with James Cleveland. James was the leader of the boys before when he was the one found Belle in the aisle and beating up before. Nina, Ashley, Sarah, Kaye, Caroline and Rose joined what James have to do with Belle in the past. Belle’s other ex-boyfriends Sigrid Courtney, Justin Blooms and Patrick Adams were also there in the group as Krista gained the relationship with James. What Krista didn’t know that James played with Belle before and left Belle with the other boys. One of the group, Kevin Tishdale have been went out from the prison and returned to James’ group as the boys returned for the revenge with Belle. Joseph Bell returned as well in Paris as he was the one informed the group to resurface in Paris. Joseph Bell, James Cleveland, Sigrid Courtney, Justin Blooms, Patrick Adams and Kevin Tishdale came up with the plan as James played innocent and have met Krista in the park. When Krista fell in love with James, she never stopped visiting James in the park every day and every night as she was the only one of the group went for the relationship. Belle came to the rescue when she saw James and Krista in the park knowing James was playing to date Krista and regained with James’ intentions. But in the end, Caroline and Ashley have called the polices allegedly that the boys group return to get revenge from James’ intuition to kill Belle. The police eventually detained all of the five men in the jail but Sigrid Courtney was the only one who have been plead from the court making him going to Spain with his family.


The seventh book Academy Girls: Young Massacre is all about Ashley Young who have been killed together with her family. Sigrid Courtney returned once more in Paris as he traveled to kill Ashley’s family making him as to return for his favor to kill Ashley because his notorious mean was all for Belle Lyons. Sarah McAdams, Kaye Queens, Caroline Cashew, Rose Richards, Nina Kyle, Krista Trevor and Belle Lyons have to find clues or evidence the means of notorious group led by James Cleveland. The nightmare returned to Belle when James insisted Sigrid to return in the country to kill Ashley and Caroline as the only ones discovered calling the police to arrest all of them. Sarah played her part as the lead detective when her father was the former police who have been killed in the robbery chase out in one of the biggest bank of the Paris. Later, Sarah have discovered that James’ father was the one who have killed her father before. Caroline, Kaye, Rose, Nina, Krista and Belle gave another their adventure with Sarah leading some of the mysterious stories have to be resolve. Later, James Cleveland was sentenced to death when the court found out that James’ father was the one who have killed Sarah’s father during the robbery chase out before.


The eighth book Academy Girls: Dance Battle is all about Sarah McAdams‘ former school, St. Anne’s International School. When Belle Lyons, Rose Richards, Nina Kyle, Kaye Queens, Caroline Cashew and Krista Trevor joined for the school dance battle with Sarah, it was another adventure for them. Sarah faced her fears and have to overcome with her former friends in St. Anne’s International School. Between Sarah and her former friends, Ariel McLachlin, Sophia Rivers, Madeleine Queens, Harriet Shields, Vanessa Woods and Patrice Bearson came up with the vengeance to settle in the floor. Madeleine, the former best friend of Sarah, left Sarah in the summer camp when they were still kids. She didn’t notice that Sarah would have find her own group together with Belle, Rose, Nina, Kaye, Caroline and Krista.


The other fourteen books of Academy Girl series were Academy Girls: New Teacher, Academy Girls: Kaye’s Parents Divorce, Academy Girls: Father and Daughter, Academy Girls: Soiree, Academy Girls: Summer Camp, Academy Girls: Pajama Party, Academy Girls: Campus Queen, Academy Girls: Transferred Student, Academy Girls: Belle’s Death, Academy Girls: Sarah’s Baby, Academy Girls: Forever Young, Academy Girls: Living Dreams, Academy Girls: Last Summer and Academy Girls: Graduation Ball. The eight books Academy Girls, Academy Girls: Trip to Tokyo, Academy Girls: Lost in Wilderness, Academy Girls: Asian Cruise, Academy Girls: Sweet Sixteen, Academy Girls: Love Chemistry, Academy Girls: Young Massacre and Academy Girls: Dance Battle were all the eight books that I wrote since I have been productive this early of the year 2012.


The other books I have written in series are Aaxau: The Dreamer in four books, Age of 22nd in seven books, Allison’s Dreams in four books, Alonette: Last Guardian in nine books and still counting, Aquos: New Breed Aliens in four books and still counting, Barcodes in five books and still counting, City of Sea in seven books, College Girls in thirteen books, Crying River in six books and still counting, Dagger Denver in three books, Dormitory 312 in three books and still counting, Dual Card Master in three books and still counting, Escape Gear in nine books and still counting, Eternity in four books, Evening Ghost in three books and still counting, Fraternity: School War in five books, Game Hackers: Ambush in five books and still counting, Born of Half Beast in three books and still counting, Highwind Village in eight books and still counting, Island Kingdom in 18 books, Island Prince in six books and still counting, Jasmine in eight books, Job Galaxy in 12 books, June in 10 books and still counting, Key Backers in two books and still counting, King of Pearls in five books and still counting, Kung Pao, The Southeast Cook in two books and still counting, Lantern Girls in four books and still counting, Lighter’s World in two books and still counting, Magic Earth in four books, Mahjong Wars in four books and still counting, Mechanic Raider in two books and still counting, Meltdown in five books and still counting, Merchant Tales in nine books and still counting, Mighty Axe in four books and still counting, Mystery Diary in six books and still counting, New Earth Angel in two books and still counting, New Hood in five books, Nicanne in two books and still counting, Oil Gear in four books and still counting, Orb Galaxy in three books and still counting, Orb of Volcano in three books and still counting, Pearl Princess in three books and still counting, Pendant: Warrior in four books, Pilgrimage in seven books and still counting, Plus and Cross in two books and still counting, Powerfield in four books and still counting, Quadrant: Life in six books, Red Cross in two books and still counting, Restless Paradise in two books and still counting, Reunion Massacre in five books and still counting, Roulette: Las Style in two books and still counting, Sacred Angels in seven books and still counting, Soft Cross in two books and still counting, Soul Prince in 15 books, Sunnyfield in 24 books, Tablet of Gold in two books and still counting, Tiny World in four books and still counting, Tower of Earth in 10 books, Ubaro, The Floating Island in three books and still counting, Ulysses, The Last in two books and still counting, Undead King in six books, Under Earth in six books, Useless Magic four books and still counting, Valentine Seekers in three books and still counting, Valle El Hunter in six books and still counting, White Rose in seven books and still counting, Xaegan, The Beginning of in five books and still counting, Yaxa Caxa in three books and still counting, Year Book in five books, Yellow Pages in three books and still counting, Your Game World in two books and still counting and Zone World in two books and still counting.