Sixtieth-Fifth English Quote:


Friends that is not

breaking apart,

lovers that is not

quarreling apart,

soldiers that is not

fighting apart,

but no else the same

if I’m coming home to you.


Selfish love don’t

bend the time

if only you

can remind me,

what else the same

then tomorrow

never comes to an end,

or should I know

to remember our

good times.


Sinners that is not

saying the truth,

saints that is not

doing to be martyr,

enemies that is not

be backing apart,

but no else the same

if I’m going now.


Selfish love

don’t bend the time,

if only you can

remind me,

what else the same

then tomorrow

never comes to an end,

of should I know

to remember our

good times.


I love you more

than just a lover,

then I should be

going now to be

part ways with you.


Sixtieth-Sixth English Quote:


Tame my mind,

find my name,

don’t forget for who

I am,

believe my faith,

hope will come

and now I join

to another day.


And to find me,

you never come,

run along to

another road,

take my hand,

walk with me

keeping me for a while.


My friend,

my only friend,

you do share with me

and I’m always be

with you,

thinking the last time

we talk,

is our true

friendship over the years.




This is might kind of funny when you are thinking too much of the lyrics and hearing a lot of times everyday that stuck in your mind. Well of course there is no lyrics that can stop you to remember then have to sing all the time. Remember the song of Carly Rae Jepsen who sings her upbeat melody song of Call Me Maybe. That is true, and the funny thing of that song reminds me how I sing this ridiculous song that stuck in my head all the time. When you sing it once, you sing it in double or twice. Or maybe until you remember the song repeatedly everyday, every hour, every minute and every second of everywhere you go. You heard from the radio station, from your iPad tunes, or maybe from your favorite list of pop melody. It’s nothing to beat when you really come to memorize all of this lyrics.


In this series I am writing about the episode of quote poems I made about four months ago. And I’m kind to surprise you that it might stuck in your back of your mind and read this all the time whenever you open my article site. Then of course, you will remember my name. And please, I will  name this to be disclosure since this is my real lyrics from my mind that I have made.


To come with this surprise, in this 65th English quote poem an actually a song poem. Did you see that lines of: “Selfish love don’t bend the time if only you can remind me, what else the same then tomorrow never comes to an end, or should I know to remember our good times.” It really repeated in the second and fourth paragraph of the quote poem. It usually reminds of this song, but it’s an actually a love poem. This is more like an upbeat love song added of a soul flavor. When you sing this, it will soothes your mind to remember. So you will love eventually.


While in 66th quote poem is also part of the song poem. And it has the element of friendship poem that has something to do with the lyrics. Well of course, you will not notice at the start of the tune. When I sing this and I will record this lyrics in the future. And I will make it this the help of music therapist who will come to help me. Aside from that, this song is also dedicated to Rico Yan who really inspired me a lot until now.


Rico reminds me how he talks when he was still alive. And this morning, I shared some of my success story to the audience. The audience there was the special education teachers, the music therapist and some of the founders of the Down Syndrome Association of the Philippines or DSAPI in short. And I believe what I can promise to this kids with down syndrome which I can help them in the future. My advocacy now will change the benefits for my own and for the kids also. I met wonderful people. And I met again Rico’s 3rd cousin who was the president of the DSAPI and he is none other than Elmer Lapena. He and Tita Agnes have a child with down syndrome. And there it is, I need to explain this in the future.