One small family wants to go San Francisco, California in United States. But all of a sudden of excitement and staggering of happiness, their smiling faces became bitter. The man of the family, Brian Cruz, feared that this dreams will become a bitter to them. Together with his wife, Cynthia and their only child, Stephanie, who turned 4 years old lately last month.


As the only child heard the news, she mocked away her parents and locked herself up in her lonely room full of teddy bears and stuffed animals. She only played her stuffed animals because her mother thought she won’t give another baby sister or baby brother. Then her father knocked on the door and said, “Stephanie, let me see your face and I am pretty sure you will excited to see this.” “No, and no thank you, papa. How many times you lied to me all the time? You said that I will have baby sister or baby brother. How many times will you carry your promises,” as she said and crying in the corner of her room making her lonely child. Then her mother Cynthia came by and unlocked the door.


When Cynthia suddenly froze at her fright, Stephanie would put her feet at the end of the door as she kicked hard the door every time it opened. But her mother also knocked on the door and asked and said, “Stephanie, are you still mad at me?” Then at the very moment, she opened the door looking teary and weeping her eyes. She embraced her mother so much and said, “Momma, when will I have baby brother or baby sister? You said you will give me a baby sister or baby brother so I could take care of her or maybe him.”


“My dear Stephanie, you look very sad,” she looked Stephanie and wiped her child’s eyes and said, “mommy is trying to make it one. But dear, patience is always the best outcome if you are waiting for it.” “Mommy, when will we go to Disneyland in Los Angeles? I want let see the baby for our quest for adventure. So we can go running and take a children’s ride, just what you said to me,” as she stopped crying and held up for her chin and said to her mother then she continued and said, “Why are you crying, mommy?”


“To tell you the truth, my dear Stephanie, your mommy is no longer giving any babies anymore. Are you still mad at me, little Stephanie,” she also can’t stopped crying as she asked Stephanie looking to their eyes. The little Stephanie looked again and also cried with her weeping mother. As they both stopped crying, they put their heads in the pillow and went asleep. At the door looking sadness and bitter, Brian didn’t know what to do his life together with his wife and his daughter. He went back to his room and fixed back his things to the drawer. He gasped and gave a sigh when he saw the family picture left to his bed. With the happy Stephanie in his back of the neck and his wife shouldering him made him happy to live alone with his life.


Brian was a car insurance dealer where he worked every day and night just to live for his family. He sold three cars a day every day making him a top insurance dealer of the month. But when Stephanie came into his life, his luck changed and stayed at his position. Until he met Cynthia who also wanted to buy a car where they for the first time four years ago. Cynthia came to look the beautiful red Porsche car and said, “Wow, I’ve never seen so red and beautiful. How much of this car, mister?” “Not unless you give me a price and I will sell it to you. We have quarterly, monthly or yearly basis for the car prices of the month,” he answered with his bright and brilliant idea when he still looked to Cynthia’s eyes. Then when she goes for a seat to try, she pushed the car horns making everybody surprised and amazingly to his breath and said, “I take this car no matter what the price is.” “Ms. De Leon, are you sure getting to buy this car? This car costs 1,117,000 pesos. For the yearly interest basis is very simple, it costs 223,400 for five years to pay. And for the quarterly, it costs 55,850 pesos for a year to pay with 5 years plan. And lastly, for the monthly basis if you want to pay, only 13,962.50 for 12 months pay basis for the whole 5 years plan making to the top of 1,117,000 pesos,” the top car insurance dealer explained the details and said. But when he turned around to the lady, he looked drop dead as the lady run to the cashier and paid with the amount Brian said to her.


In the next five days, Cynthia was delighted to see his beautiful red Porsche car in her garage. She drove for a mile per hour every day just working hard for her salary to come. Cynthia De Leon was the top insurance manager when she sold 5 cases every day making her 100 cases a month for becoming productive when she joined in the insurance company. What she didn’t know that Brian kept quiet and sold a car for expensive costs. Eventually Brian received for a highest gross of her commission basis around 223,400 pesos. He kept his money to the bank and allowing him to buy some moderate prices food from various restaurants. But he only went to the restaurant with the cheaper prices. He still craved for fried chicken or burger restaurant making him the filthy rich man of the company. Just when he turned to be a car insurance manager, he never lost to any dealer or manager that still keeping from his job. As he saw Cynthia again, this time he was around in KFC restaurant. He ordered a meal and went closer to Cynthia and said, “Is this seat taken?”


“Yes, and who are you, young man,” she asked politely and said. “My name is Brian Cruz and we met already. Did you remember me in the car showroom where you bought the luxury expensive red Porsche car?” he introduced himself making a gesture and said. But the lady said, “I remembered you. You are the fat man who sold me a car. That is why your stomach wants to eat my meal.”


“I am so sorry about that,” he apologized to the lady as their food went messy when they tilted their heads, their lips have met and kissed. “Your name was Brian. My name is Cynthia. I am sorry too,” she also apologized and said as they continued to eat their dinner together. As their dinner have reached their level, they never leave the restaurant yet but they exchanged their stories inside the restaurant. As they built their relationship in a year, they thought they won’t have a baby. But when Cynthia coughed up from the toilet bowl and spitted some blood, she exclaimed and said, “You there, Brian, what have you done to me?” “Doing what? I never do anything so mistakes lately. Please, I am so sorry, honey,” he was scared to death seeing Cynthia getting mad as he covered his face from the throw pillow. But she gently removed the throw pillow from Brian’s face, kissed him on the cheek and said, “Thank you, too. I am pregnant, honey.”


“A baby! Noooooooooooo!” he shouted from his lungs as he ran outside from the room making everyone to see him so happy and suddenly froze from his dreams that will shatter in his future. He went back sad to the room where Cynthia became clueless and said, “What’s wrong, hon? Did your tongue get bite? Did I do anything wrong?” “I don’t have money to marry you,” he silly said to Cynthia and cried over to his knees. Then she gave Brian to get up and answered and said, “No, silly billy Brian, you don’t have to pay anything to marry you. I have parents who have a chapel in their hometown. I will ask them.” The excitement brought them alive and happy when Cynthia answered to their problems.


As they got married in the month of Valentines, Cynthia’s parents Joshua and Celeste gave blessings to Brian and Cynthia making the bride to become married with Brian. But for Brian, he received many blessings from his family. His brothers Carlo, Andrew and Jeffrey and sisters Joey, Ryan and Sarah gave many gifts to Brian. As Brian and Cynthia lived together in an apartment, they happily exclaimed that they have their own house to live in an apartment. Just when they thought they were happy, Cynthia runs to his room one time after she gave a baby girl Stephanie on October 18, 12 days before the halloween day. She over heard Brian got promoted from the telephone she was talking to her husband. But her baby girl kept still crying and crying because she was hungry wanting to drink milk from Cynthia. She lifted up Stephanie out of the crib and breast feed her baby girl. She went back to the telephone and said, “Brian, come back here at once. Stephanie is crying again over and over. This is stupid. We have to hire someone to take care of our child.”


“Relax, honey, that is our baby. You should be there to comfort her. I’ll be soon to join with you,” he politely said to his wife when he was kissed in his neck by his beautiful naked boss. As he hanged down the telephone, his beautiful CEO pulled down her dress making Brian to make a move with her. Cynthia on the other side didn’t know what to do in her life because her salary was dropping rapidly. Her bank book became four digits left from the last month she have had six digits. Soon as Stephanie have slept over on Cynthia’s arms, she put Stephanie down on the bed and slept and cuddled with her baby. Just when the baby woke up again, Cynthia stood up from the bed looking the mess that her child made some spilling from her diapers. She shouted and instantly broke down and said, “I DON’T WANT TO DO THIS ANYMORE!”


After a month have passed, Cynthia returned to his work and explained to her boss why she have been absent so many days to miss working from her home work and work in the office, instead going back to her work, her boss have terminated her already. Cynthia looked sad as she lost her job. Many of her days became zero performance. Her accountability of work became relentless. Her ability going back to her home have missed to take her opportunity to ride a home. Instead, she took a taxi. Just when she missed the house, she went asleep inside the taxi. When she woke up, her taxi bill went up as much of four digits. Cynthia lost some money again from paying her expenses taking a taxi. Every day she went home penniless and still did her best looking up for a job. Just when she found the right job at the mall, she instantly grabbed the opportunity and took as a saleslady in the department store. Her money didn’t going to bankrupt, instead she steadily gain from her work. She sold some fifty shoes and twenty clothes everyday making her again as the top seller inside the department store. Her bank book became seven digits again making her richer than her four digits from her bank. She regained the trust from her husband Brian. Brian didn’t leave his baby alone in an apartment, instead he took the child in his work. Stephanie became a lucky child to Brian’s career. He sold now five cars a day making him as a competitive player around the nationwide car companies. But when every time Cynthia saw Brian was happy, their baby Stephanie was taking care from his office worker who loves children.


Two years have passed, Stephanie turned two years old. Their lives became bigger. Brian have bought a house for Stephanie’s dreams and Cynthia’s dreams. He was now the president for a year already. From his success as the top car insurance dealer, competitive player, he became first as the first man of the car company going as the first male president. Cynthia, on the other side, became the floor manager inside the department store of the mall. It was the highest position that can be held inside the mall. But when Cynthia’s life was broken in the past, she instantly regained the status as a mother to Stephanie.


NOTES: I have made this Road to America Chapter 1 around three days and two nights. It is very hard to imagine writing this novel in day and night basis. It really amazes me somehow since I started to write The Sun, The Star and The Moon in 12th of July. The next novel A Sailor’s Code came in 21st of July and the third longest short story was Winter Islands came in 28th of July. After nine days, I made this Road to America Chapter 1. The first one The Sun, The Star and The Moon I wrote about, it takes me six days and five nights. The second one A Sailor’s Code, it takes me three days to complete. And the third one Winter Islands took me one day and one night to write it the whole day and night.