Back to real world again, it’s been a worth while to gain working again here in my blog. Since the last entry I posted for the past 147 days, I really do miss my working ethic here in my blog. There are so many things that I have to discuss the the big start of 2013.


First month that I missed was August to September 2012, it took me a long months to recover my posting job soon here. So here I am, alive and kicking up well. It was a storm raging our house. Floods rushing inside the house was not purely coincidentally hit our place. It was also my computer broke down. Then I think I will have to post again today and the next 365 days to fill my site as well.


I’ve also attended free computer classes in Mandaluyong City where the AiHu Foundation Computer Van Aralan was held. Running from September 4 (orientation day) to 25, I have completed my 18 class days. I learned how to operate the computer well from basics to advance Microsoft word. After that, I’ve had really focus in my loading business. It really gained me the knowledge well from the computer classes. As I said to myself, working outside is a really tough situation. Always in my mind that I’ve always tell myself that I really need to tough it up my business. Which it’s really give me a big break. After what I said to call center trainer, working is not important to me. But improving my English is worth a lot of improvement area for me.


Last November 19, 2012 where I stood a lot of students, teachers and a special students, in University of Santo Tomas (UST) Campus, Alberto Magnus Building, College of Education was there I spoke my first Down syndrome awareness speech. People applauded to me as I’m only the one who really was the guest speaker for Special Education. A friend from Down Syndrome Association of the Philippines Inc. (DSAPI) really invited me to be a special guest speaker in their respective school. She was really friendly to me. It was because we exchanged communication from Facebook social networking. She alone was proudly of me and I gave my inspiration speech talk. It was my first speech although I was a bit of tense and nervous. My sweat came out in my forehead, then I said afterwards, “it was a good call to build as an inspiration to everybody else in the building.”


After two weeks, I went to Manila Zoo where Photography With Disability event was held. I wasn’t invited but I was allowing myself to go there to meet new people who really wants to meet with me. It was hot and timid day. It was Saturday, December 1, 2012 around 6:35 am in the morning I went there. I allowed myself to meet a few. Then after the event, I went again in UST Campus and this time was in UST Medicine auditorium. I watched the Spedtacular event and I have enjoyed much of myself because my friend invited me again there.


Many have a good happenings and there was a none bad happenings happen for me. It was a good year for me, a Year of Dragon. And next year was a Year of Water Snake, the year 2013. Happy new year. everyone!