I felt the very first time in my life when I spoke my first Down syndrome awareness speech of what I have now. Being despite if I really have this, I don’t think or look to myself if it’s willing to take my place to a pride. November 19, 2012, Monday of course, it was the day my friend from Down Syndrome Association of the Philippines invited me two weeks ago before the day started to me that I’ve to speak in front of the audience. At first, I was afraid. But now that I am thinking about myself, maybe I can do this one more time or usual times if I can make it. My nervousness now didn’t matter for me. When you speak in the audience for the first time, you feel the awkwardness and maybe a little tension inside my body. As if I am falling from the smaller stage that is there standing in my feet.


I looked and met a fourth-year students who were graduating two months from now. Thomasians of University of Santo Tomas were really nice and very approachable to me. As if I were the inspiration for every parents who want to meet me. Then one month after this, I will go again in the Happy Walk awareness in SM The Block dome again in the coming event in February 24. Then I thought about myself if I am willing to take another try to be the first appearance to everybody else as I am.


What if I were the celebrity? Or the famous person on the planet everybody was chasing after me? Maybe somehow I don’t think that way. Or somehow a little bit of tense inside of me really feels me this way. Do you think I will be the one who can stand on my own? Or just a little bit inside of me can do that whatever you can do. One person I would like to do if I can act on my own. Because someday, I might go out everyday in the television or movie somehow. My dreams will always following me wherever I go and whenever I think of my own dreams.


My life will be always that not really bad of course, but I try to be nice and still be humble all the times. Not as bad as Justin Beiber when he was here in the Philippines, he became snob at every fans want to be photograph with him or even autographed his signature. Every dying fans would like to do that. Being a humble all the time won’t accept the society who really want you to be nice. Somehow I understand the way celebrity was. If I may correct, people deserve to know what or who they want to know better. And halfway on my mind, I am always saying to myself, “be gentle, be nice and have smile every time you encounter frowning faces of every person in the planet.”