Aryana is a mermaid story based on Channel 2 series. It starred Ella Cruz as the main character of the main title. She was the young teenager who was been locked as a mermaid. Paul Salas on the other part, was Aryana’s best friend Marlon as Aryana’s neighbor. Along with the cast were Pokwang, Dominic Roque, Francis Magundayao, Michelle Vito, Tonton Gutierrez, Desiree del Valle, Laurice Guillen, Bianca Manalo, Tetchie Agbayani, Louise Abuel, Giselle Toengi, Lotlot de Leon and Lander Vera Perez. Pokwang’s character was Aryana’s mother Ofelia Capuyao. And Tonton Gutierrez played as Aryana’s father Victor Mendez.


On the contrary part of the television series, Aryana paved way on its high-performance by comedians and veteran actors as Laurice Guillen joined the cast. Laurice also played in her part as Aryana’s grandmother Elnora Mendez. Elnora was Victor’s mother. In the beginning, Victor threw the bomb, playing by the fishermen near the sea, to the sea. Aryana’s fate turned ugly. Neil Coleta played as Aryana’s uncle Andoy and brother to Ofelia. And Aryana’s grandmother played by Rustica Carpio’s Antonia Capuyao. It really turned uglier and uglier in the start as the story tamed and twisted the whole story. You may didn’t know where to start the show. As I saw on the start, it practically amazed me by the comedian Pokwang who plays as mother to Ella Cruz’s character. Somehow, it didn’t amazed me on the start. But when it was playing on the television, the series was much different than the Diyosa played by Anne Curtis as the mermaid story before.


Aryana, the successful mermaid story after Diyosa also in the prime-time series, run from May 7, 2012 until it ends on January 25, 2012 with 189 episodes. Dominic Roque played as Hubert Francisco who became Aryana’s suitor. Francis Magundayao also joined the cast and played as Ian Alejandro. Ian also became Aryana’s suitor later in 2nd half of the story. Michelle Vito played as Megan Mendez. Megan was stepsister to Aryana’s character. Desiree del Valle played as the princess of the sea of the character of Neptuna. Tetchie Agbayani also played in the mermaid story as the Queen Hiyasmin, mother of Neptuna. Neptuna cursed Aryana as her daughter replacing after her own daughter died in the bomb that threw by Victor away from the fishermen. Neptuna returned Aryana to Ofelia as a baby. When Aryana is turning fourteen, she will became a half-mermaid and half-human from the pearls Queen Hiyasmin will giving to her.


Hubert became the first suitor to Aryana as Aryana entered in her new school. Thus, Megan and Aryana engaged to a fight between their same-style bags. Megan blamed Aryana that she was getting the wrong bag. Then the swimming instructor or physical education teacher, played by Bianca Manalo as Carlina Suarez, came between two students Aryana and Megan. In the start, Aryana didn’t know that she had a mermaid powers, the water. She used as her protection every time someone was angry to her. It emerged her attitude that she thought she could hurt someone else. Afterwards, Aryana learned Megan’s surname was also her surname thinking that they were sisters. Ofelia learned that Victor was the father to Megan and she didn’t know Megan was Victor’s daughter. The fate began Aryana’s character turning like a cloud. Aryana joined the swimming team where Megan was also the swimmer when Carlina asked her to join. Ofelia accepted her daughter’s promise to make her happy.


Megan’s two best friends, played by Noemi Oineza as Chelsea Montes and Celine Lim as Trisha Reyes, tamed and turned ugly to Aryana as they despised Aryana so much. Aryana topped every subject when Megan learned Aryana became the top honor every quarter in the school even in the swimming team, Aryana excelled ahead of Megan’s honorable talents. Megan’s mischief became unweary and tricked all she wanted to blame and teased Aryana to be put her out of the school. In the swimming competition, Aryana won in the inter-school competition where Megan was furious to Aryana. Hubert, on his part, wanted Aryana to be his first boyfriend aside from Marlon who also wants to be part of Aryana’s life. Marlon and Aryana became best friends when they were young. Marlon’s mother, played by Lotlot de Leon as Rosita Salvador, was Ofelia’s best neighbor. Ofelia and Antonia built and run an animal shop around the block where they rented a space and a residential around Rosita’s building. Hubert’s mother played by Mel Kimura as Ibiang Francisco knew Aryana’s life from the day they were living near the sea as the vagrants. Ibiang and Hubert thought they could protect Aryana until Aryana’s family learned the secret between the Francisco’s family and Capuyao’s family.


Aryana became a mermaid away from the sea, the day Aryana turned fourteen (14) years old. Andoy, Antonia and Aryana’s mother Ofelia didn’t know what to do Aryana’s cursed as a mermaid. Aryana became a mermaid when she was playing as one of the princess in Santacruzan festival. Turning that she can’t going to school anymore, Hubert visited Aryana every time he sneaked out from the house. Carlina, on her part, didn’t know what to do with swimming team without Aryana in her roster. Every time she visited Aryana’s place, Andoy lied every time Carlina asked Aryana’s condition. But on the other part of the ugly story, Andoy fell in love to Carlina as he didn’t know who he will choose between his family or his heart to Carlina.


As the first half of the story nearly ends, the new characters came in. Ian Alejandro, played by Francis Magundayao, was rescued by Aryana when he fell out from the boat. Megan began thinking about Ian who was lost and anger after his mother died. Ian’s father, played by Lander Vera Perez as Rick Alejandro, found out that his son thought was going to die in the sea. Ian didn’t know how to swim and drown in the sea. Without knowing it, Ian’s mind saw a glimpse of a girl trying to rescue him. As the plot thickens, Ian played as the transferred student who also became Aryana, Hubert and Megan’s classmate. And oh, one more thing, I forgot one character. Aryana’s best friend in the school, played by Eunice Lagusad as Bebet Teves.


Ian joined the dancing class for the theatre performance as he was the best dancer in the school. Rick didn’t know that his son was also a dancer. When Bebet insisted Aryana to join in the dancing class and not the swimming contest anymore. Aryana became a student again in the school as she got the pearls from Queen Hiyasmin that can changed to human. Neptuna tempted to get Aryana’s attention to become as her daughter again after what happened to her daughter’s death from the bomb that threw by Victor. Neptuna once became a human when she visited the school before when the inter-school competition was held. She hugged Aryana but Ofelia was scared to Neptuna after what happened to the sea.


Aryana and Ian became partners in the dancing class every after classes ended in the day. Bebet didn’t know about the love quarrel between Ian and Hubert. They began forgetting Aryana becoming what to choose between them. She already lost Marlon every time her best friend rescued Aryana out of her problems. But the story began uglier when the fish-like creature man tried getting Aryana’s pearls to return to the sea. Neptuna and the fish-like creature man became partners in terms getting Aryana and the pearls carrying Aryana’s neck. So the plot thickens and thickens. Victor learned Aryana was his daughter when Ofelia and Aryana convincing him to believe that Aryana was his daughter. Victor saw Aryana’s transformation from human to a mermaid when Aryana stripped the necklace of magic pearls. Victor also convinced his mother to come in Capuyao’s residence to believe Aryana was also part of their family. When Elnora saw Aryana’s transformation, she believed that her grand daughter Megan would be a disaster to Aryana. Stella Cervantes, Victor’s wife played by Giselle Toengi, was trying to comfort her daughter Megan when Victor introduced Aryana in his family. Stella and Megan teamed up and didn’t know what to do.


After Victor introduced Aryana to his family, Megan realized his father trying to manipulate Aryana is stealing Megan’s father away from her. But Stella insisted Megan to keep spying Aryana. Along in Aryana’s journey, she was in deep trouble keeping her secret to Victor’s family. When Megan learned Aryana was a mermaid, her ideas began massively ugly. While in the mall, Megan and Aryana was supposed to buy Megan’s ideas. But to Aryana’s attention, she lost Megan out of her sight. Megan ordered Aryana to go to the basement where Megan’s real father, played by Richard Quan as Jason, was playing nasty to Aryana. Jason was attempting to steal around Aryana’s neck of necklace with pearl. The security guard shouted all the way from the top. Jason quickly came out to the chase and went home without getting the pearls. Aryana’s life began in jeopardy after she lost her necklace with magic pearl that kept her out of mermaid to human. When Megan found Aryana in one corner, she kept picture of Aryana’s real identity being as a mermaid.


Chelsea and Tricia, Megan’s friends, teased Megan a lot what happened to the necklace that has magic pearl. But Hubert came out in nowhere and grabbed Megan’s cellphone while having a conversation with her mother Stella. Hubert threw Megan’s phone to the swimming pool and eventually Megan didn’t upload the video what Aryana became as a mermaid. Hubert, Ian and Marlon were now protecting Aryana out of trouble after what happened to Aryana’s transformation to mermaid. Hubert carried Aryana to his house where Ibiang saw Aryana in mermaid. She instantly gave Hubert a permission to give Aryana granting to live within her house. Megan kept the necklace with the magic pearl in her hands. and later Stella found they can use it against Ofelia and Aryana’s hope to win Victor’s heart.


Soon after chasing with the police to find a mermaid in the city of Metro Manila, Marlon, Ian and Hubert were trapped with Aryana. Eventually Elnora learned that the necklace belongs to Aryana was in hands of Megan. Stella personally have grudged to her in-law and pushed from the stairs. Elnora went in comatose after she was rushed to the hospital. Victor and Ofelia tried to pursue where Aryana could lead. But in the wrong direction, Ofelia finally decided putting Aryana out of their lives in the sea. Aryana rejoined with the mermaids and fish-like creature men including Queen Hiyasmin and Neptuna. Queen Hiyasmin gave her word to the mermaids to keep Aryana to them. But one nasty fish-like creature threw a rock to Aryana’s head and it caused a little misunderstanding between humans and fantasy mermaids and fantasy fish-like creature men.


What would happen if Aryana becomes human again? Is she will rejoin with her real parents Ofelia, Victor, Andoy, Carlina, Antonia? Or is she will be with the mermaids forever? The curse is not lifted yet to her. Ian, Marlon and Hubert were up to doing something good for Aryana to go back. The ending will end soon in January 25, Friday.The conclusion of the story will reveal after the story nearly ends.