Princess and I mainly casted by the best actors and actresses in Philippine TV series in ABS-CBN. It was surprisingly catch in all television viewers including the young today. The main characters were Kathryn Bernardo, Daniel Padilla, Enrique Gil, Khalil Ramos, Albert Martinez and Gretchen Barretto. The supporting characters were Dominic Ochoa, Sharmaine Suarez, Nina Dolino, Yayo Aguila, Beverly Sandejo, Bianca Casado, Sofia Andres, Shey Bustamente, Ketchup Eusebio and Simon Ibarra.


Kathryn Bernardo and Daniel Padilla

Kathryn Bernardo played the main character as Areeyah “Mikay” Wangchuck as the long-lost princess who was adopted by her adoptive family. Dominic Ochoa played as Mikay’s father as Dinoy Maghirang and Karen Timbol as Stella Maghirang (Dinoy’s wife) were the adoptive parents to Mikay. Along with Dinoy and Stella were Bianca, played by Bianca Casado and Dindi, played by Sofia Andres as Mikay’s stepsisters. Princess and I is still running from April 16, 2012 making 190 episodes. Hopefully if I am correct, and I think the series would be longer as usual. But the final game between Team Jao and Team Gino in the basketball really surprised to young generation to attract them.


In the story, King Anand Wangchuck, played as Albert Martinez married Queen Isabel Wangchuck, played by Precious Lara Quigaman, the Filipina doctor who persuaded to get married. Queen Isabel and King Anand separated in different vehicles. As the car crashed down from the slopes, Queen Isabel lost her life and Esmeralda, played by Sharmaine Suarez, got Queen Isabel’s child Princess Areeyah. Then she went home in Philippines to adopt Areeyah as her own child. Without a doubt, another accident came to Esmeralda when the explosion came in the street. Esmeralda lost Princess Areeyah and Dinoy got Areeyah out of nowhere and came home.


Without a doubt, Stella raised a family for two children but Dinoy came an idea to adopt Areeyah and called her Mikay Maghirang instead. The lost princess came in adoptive family. Dinoy raised Mikay well in his hands and Stella really didn’t like Mikay so much because of the luck giving to them. Dinoy on his part did his best to raise the long lost princess Mikay. Along the way of Mikay’s childhood, she met Kiko Salamat in the street. Mikay thought of Kiko’s weirdness about the Science. But as the time grew old, Mikay and Kiko became best friends ever since and Mikay didn’t know as they grew. Kiko began to fall in love to his best friend Mikay. Mikay won her lottery ticket trip to Yangdon, the fictional country of Bhutan. Mikay’s stepsister Dindi really wanted her to keep continuing to dream the dreams as Mikay hoped to go around the world.


In Yangdon, Mikay met Dasho Jao Ripoche played by Enrique Gil. Dasho Jao was annnoying and disturbing character at the start. But Mikay insisted Jao to picture her a lot because Mikay’s stepsister and adoptive father Dinoy wanted her to keep happy. Because of Mikay’s antics of weirdness, she found and bumped to King Anand wishing to tour around Yangdon. Without a doubt, King Anand ordered Jao to tour Mikay around the country. But the mistake happened when Mikay lost her camera in the slopes of mountain in one of the tree branches. Mikay really don’t have hope when she lost her camera. But her fellow Filipina came to the rescue and gave additional camera to her to keep the memories around the Yangdon. As Mikay left Yangdon, the adventure have already started between Mikay and Gino in the university.


Mikay promised to graduate in the university for her adoptive father Dinoy. Kiko and Mikay went together to the university as they discovered the university was huge. She met her frowning face stepsister Bianca who wants Mikay out of the family’s picture in the university. Mikay found a job being as a hotdog mascot in suit and began getting her job so well. When her mascot suit got fire, Gino surprisingly carried Mikay in his arms and threw Mikay to the pond of fountain water. Thus their hatred began between Mikay and Gino, played by Daniel Padilla. And so the chapter folded, Gino and Mikay were starting to have a conversation each other. Then came in the scene of Dasho Jao visiting his old friend Gino where he could started to know where Mikay really lives. Mikay and Gino fought about the quarrels. Kiko somehow pissed about Bianca and found Gino was on Mikay’s way. Gino startled to unlike Kiko, Mikay’s best friend. But Dasho Jao and Gino found out the same person they were talking was only one person and that was Mikay. They never thought they liked Mikay so much. King Anand, on the other hand, searched for his clues where to find Princess Areeyah.


As the story folded again, Bianca and Stella began starting to like Mikay after Mikay explained she was good to them. She found Bianca where Bianca supposed not to be found but found by Mikay. Bianca gave apologies to Mikay and eventually Stella welcomed Mikay to their family. Gino and Jao started serenading Mikay around her house, her job and being a student in the university. Both of them were persuasive to get Mikay’s heart. But Kiko surprisingly told Mikay that he also fell in love with his best friend. Mikay lost her best friend instead being as a boyfriend-girlfirend material. But in the end, Mikay welcomed Kiko back to her arms as best friends. Han, played by Ketchup Eusebio, wanted Jao keep away troubles for getting Mikay’s heart. He also wanted to return the camera back to Mikay but he surprisingly was a timid person. He mesmerized Mikay’s smile and poise from the camera pictures.


Then Ashi Behati Ripoche, played by Gretchen Barretto, came to the scene as she was to fetch Jao in the Philippines and arrived. She thought Jao would join her going home in Yangdon, but eventually saw Mikay again in her eyes. The last time she saw Mikay when Mikay visited Yangdon. She really hated Mikay so much and so Dorji, played by RS Francisco, as Ashi Behati’s current secretary. Ashi gave orders to Jao to meet Mikay again in their dinner while Mikay was Filipina tutor to Jao speaking Filipino well. Soon King Anand also followed and came to the scene. King Anand’s purpose was to find his long-lost princess, his child. He ordered Jao. Eventually Mikay helped Jao’s intentions to find a princess living in the Philippines. Gino also helped Jao and Mikay to find a princess. As the plot grew thicker, Yin Hwan Di was ordered by Ashi Behati to go in the Philippines. She ordered Yin to search the long-lost princess before King Anand does. But when Mikay saw her employer’s mother Esmeralda beginning to remember Mikay’s face a long time ago. With Kiko’s intentions along the road, Kiko found his father liking to the music. Kiko secretly worked with his father away from Kiko’s mother, Des Salamat, played by Yayo Aguila. He worked with his father Ambet Salamat, played by Roemet Camanag. Then in the end, Anna and Ellen, played by Beverly Salviejo and Frances Ignacio respectively, thought Des really thinking what Kiko was playing about. She found Ambet and Kiko that led to another mess of troubles. Kiko stayed a long with his father than choosing his mother Des.


Without a doubt, Kiko’s frustrations came from his heart and began to liking and dating Mikay’s sister, Dindi. He looked after Dindi away from his best friend Jonas de Ocampo, played by Young JV. Because Kiko knew Jonas was a playboy dating girls in the university. When Vicky, played by Shey Bustamente, found her mother’s intentions about Mikay’s resemblance to a long-lost princess. She remembered Mikay well and tried to follow Dinoy to have a conversation. Dinoy and Esmeralda argued about Mikay being as a long-lost princess but Dinoy asked Esmeralda away as he was promised to tell his adoptive daughter Mikay about the truth of herself. Without thinking a long time, Dinoy told to King Anand that Mikay was the girl they were talking about the long-lost princess Areeyah. Mikay didn’t accept the offer becoming a princess after she was hardworking and juggling her work and studies. Vicky wouldn’t allow Mikay to mix studies and work, but Mikay was persuaded.


Dasho Jao and Ashi Behati firstly came in Yangdon, then came with Princess Areeyah and King Anand. Mikay thought she would never see her family again back home in the Philippines. She learned Yangdon language, history and the people of Yangdon. Eventually, she also fell in love with the Yangdonese. Gino, on the other hand, wanted to follow Mikay in Yangdon, but his parents, Alicia Dela Rosa, played by Marina Benipayo and Edward, played by Jong Cuenco, insisted Gino to follow his heart to take a vacation away from work. Gino eventually came in Yangdon and hardly knowing anyone recognizing him as Dasho Yuan Rinpoche. Gino didn’t know what the monks were telling him as Dasho Yuan. In the competition of Mikay’s heart, Dasho Kim played by Joseph Marco, Dasho Rio played by Piero Vergara, Dasho Pema played by John Manalo, Dasho Samdrup played by Yves Flores, Dasho Chopel played by Alec Dungo, Dasho Arden played by Justin Gonzales, Dasho Boochan played by Joe Vargas, Dasho Randel played by Bryan Santos, Dasho Pelden played by Phytos Kyriacou and Dasho Kinley played by Jaco Benin were out to compete in all competition activities.


One of the Dasho thought Gino was also playing as Dasho but Nagaiel, played by Simon Ibarra, said Gino is also long-lost Dasho Yuan, the son who shared with Dasho Jao’s father. Gino and Jao competes in Mikay’s heart. Eventually Gino, in the end, didn’t win and so Jao won Mikay’s heart. Yin who discovered Gino lost on his way and hurted his leg much. She knew Gino so much of Dasho Yuan. Yin was always telling Gino to keep a promise to meet the princess in person. And soon as Gino entered the palace with Yin, Yin escalated and grew her voice as she pointed Ashi Behati to kill Princess Areeyah’s mother, Queen Isabel, sixteen years ago. King Anand ordered to arrest Ashi Behati along with Jao as they were the part of the Eastern Yangdon. She was the antagonist from the start to the end making hating King Anand and Princess Areeyah to order to claim the throne away from King Anand and Princes Areeyah.


Eventually a trial began to Ashi Behati and Jao, King Anand ordered them to go out of the kingdom. Ashi was killed by the soldiers ordered by King Anand and Dasho Jao was putting out of Yangdon to Philippines. Gino found Mikay so strange and so sad. He wanted Mikay so happy in his side. But when he thought, he even told King Anand to go home in the Philippines to have Christmas with Mikay’s adoptive family. Mikay rejoined with Dinoy, Stella, Bianca and Dindi. Then Gino and Vicky came with Mikay. Vicky became secretary to Mikay after their relationship before as the worker and employer. Salve, played by Ces Quesada, recovered Jao’s wounds and eventually Jao woke up from a nightmare. Jao dreamed about Ashi Behati was killed. Then from a nightmare, Jao seemed relentless and changed his attitude towards his brother Gino and true love Princess Areeyah. Salve posed as Jao’s aunt who wanted the girls away from Jao as she doesn’t want Jao to be hurting again.


Could Gino and Jao reunited again as brothers? What will happen in the ending if Mikay chooses Gino over Jao? Will the ending have a good ending? Stay tune and read a lot more about Princess and I synopsis.