I never think that I could do something I can prove for this year of the snake, the 2013. It’s nothing really special for this year. But I consider this year should be a great start for me. When I write my resolutions the past years, I couldn’t done it quickly. Somehow I always fail considering this is my first time I could done with actions properly.


What’s my best resolution for this year 2013? It’s not that easy or not that difficult. It has sometimes to put your mind quickly to do rather writing down to the note that you need to do this and to do that. Well of course, everybody has resolutions. For me, resolutions doesn’t need to be accordingly. It should be done and executing the same situation. When I realize myself that isn’t really me, I mean I don’t pretend to be someone who is willing to do your stuff. It is you that you need to do properly, and again not accordingly. It’s just a precise question with an appropriate answer, or to simply to put out your system that you need exactly what to do.


What can you do if you are not doing properly? I don’t mind other things above all things I have to remind myself. It’s not that easy or difficult, it has to be you. One thing that troubles you is to clear your mindset. Do the exercises in your mindset. First thing in the morning, give a little exercise about inhaling and exhaling. It eases out your stress. Then an exercise can do a little minutes after. Don’t go to the activity if you are not functioning properly. Like you are doing right now, writing and typing in your computer is not really helping you. Give yourself a habit, no computers in the morning. I do that regularly and disciplining myself. And of course, give yourself a physical exercise, just go for 10 minutes. If you are doing everyday, the time limit you are doing physical exercise will go higher. And the excess calories you are burning is the faster to go in a diet. Don’t stress your body too much. Don’t do one hour or two hour in a gym just to sweat out your body. Sometimes I read or listen carefully other people’s mindsets about this.


And do less watching television if you are doing the computer work while watching the television. Somehow I can see the future with many of these features in my dreams. Many people will suffer in diabetes, hypertension and some other to mention. What I can see in the future is our lifestyle. Lifestyle changes in our lives accordingly. Maybe it’s not that too hard to change although I am not that person just to remind you, it has to be you have to decide. And of course, the lessons I have learn without computer during the span of five months last year, it is only that you have to discipline and sacrifice your time that you really don’t computers in your whole life. Of course, this is our generation. The generation of technology really hypers us the same we do lives everyday. I mean I am not into sports, but I can do little brisk walking. When I needed to deposit the money in the bank last year, I was always reminding myself that I have to sacrifice. I walked out from our village to the mall in Sta. Lucia mall. And it really takes me about one hour to do it. Then after that, I walked home without going to ride the transportation. I’ve always spent 24 pesos a week to do that if I can. But to sum it for a month expenses, times that for four then it became 96 pesos.


That wasn’t really bad for a start for your day. In the afternoon, I am allowing myself to use around two or three in the afternoon. Without supervising me around in the house, I always need to follow my simple rules. If you are going abroad, you do the same I will do. Your bill will surprisingly go up. Maybe that’s why I really don’t go to other countries just to earn your living life then sending money to your loved ones back here in the Philippines. I wouldn’t do that. I live in a tropical country and I really enjoy the weather here except if the rain showers in the day.


I often post article topic nowadays here in my site. Maybe I am too much confident building new business or career a way ahead for me. I hope it will begin a year of the snake for me this year 2013. And I am praying that I can enjoy my living life without stressing myself from getting a new job.