Without a knowledge of a parents doesn’t know their child that needs a special attention, sometimes I use to think it before that I am alone. But when I discovered an organization last year, the day of Wednesday, February 17, 2012 around 1 pm in the afternoon, I listened one of Ate Agnes’s talk about what is down syndrome all about and where it does come from. I was curious. So I came in Clinica Manila in Megamall that special day. And I met a wonderful family, it was the Lapena family. I’ve had introduced myself to them that I have down syndrome. Ate Agnes was really surprised and does her daughter Meimei and her special child Jeremy.


I threw all my emotions away from negatives that I knew from the start. I started to think more clearly of my positiveness. Then I said myself that I was not alone. Being with Down syndrome was not that I am hiding anymore. But because of that, I became aware of what being that I have. Instead, all the blessings came in when I started to become active around in the month of September. I was not afraid anymore. In fact, the more I begin to face the reality is the more I am beginning to tell the truth of who I am now.


Being despite of ups and downs before, I didn’t love my life. It was hatred, pain and misunderstandings. The misunderstandings I take is the pain I get more from my emotions. Because it is my fate that I love writing from the start. I love drawing from the start. I love anything I put it down from my emotions. When I am not thinking emotions, I write it down to my paper with a pen. Somehow it really eases out from my problems and stressful days. Life was mysterious for me all the time before and until now. I seemingly disagreed with myself before. It was my parents who taught me how to build stronger and to be independent someday. Here I am now standing in front of the audience, the parents with their special children. The last time I was around building a character from my speech. It was in Alberto Magnus Building, College of Education in University of Santo Tomas. From one school I began to study was Cupertino, the special school reserved for the special children, she invited me in UST. It was Monday of November 19, 2012 around 10 am. I’ve delivered my short inspirational talk awareness about my Down syndrome life. It was nervousness at the start and I even sweated. I looked every person in my sight. Then I thought it about myself that I can do this the next time someone will be inviting me to talk.


All of my nervousness afterwards disappeared. Miss Gan really brought a tissue so I can wiped off my sweat after my speech deliver. So I thought that was a relief after all. This was the beginning of all the positiveness of my life. And I don’t know where I can start or even when I can go. Here I am talking some of new parents, maybe I can share of this in the next coming of early intervention seminars. Or maybe somehow in the future that I can be a sharer someday. I don’t know but maybe God plans me to put me on this kind of what I have feelings. Maybe an instrument I am, can determine that I will take my place to one of my occasional plans to my life.


So last month I was officially a member of Down Syndrome Association of the Philippines or DSAPI for short. I was so happier than I thought I could be lonely. But my loneliness was already disappear. Being as a special adult, I can use my my PWD ID for medical purposes, free hospitalizations and some of the benefits for transportation like MRT and LRT. With it comes for the benefits, the ID I showed to the security guard, they let me went to the special lane and took 2 pesos discount if from MRT and 2.50 pesos if from LRT Cubao to Santolan. But I won’t use it for other purposes of what crime was all about in the Philippines. I moved in and behaved more like just the same as the adults was. And I am aware that being as an adult, I always look precaution and regulations if I may follow the strict rules have to be follow. Maybe I am now thinking how I will start my journey in another adventure in my life.


A new chapter and a new page will uncover to unfold the story about my life. Then how’s my life begins in a new page.