Yesterday I enjoyed so much to visit the Angels Walk 2013 in SM Music Hall, Mall of Asia where they celebrated their 17th Autism Society Philippines in 17 years. I saw an endless smiles of hopeful special children. Their eagerness to participate was one of the extravagant event in the day. But I didn’t last for a day there to enjoy. I loved the special children as much I loved myself. Being as an extraordinary and special was not an exquisite to my personality. But I looked to them as if I were really belong to the society. Any kind of insults bring to them may end not bringing a blessings back to you. But the more you love the special children or special adults are the more bringing blessings in your life.


I remembered when I was in elementary days. Back to those old days, I saw one, two or maybe three special children roaming around the elementary building. Sometimes I felt that I didn’t belong with them. Each some of the grade schoolers treated them as a dirt or ended up as a bullying. Don’t bullying the special child. You have to love them as your own brother, sister or as a friend. With an equal love and care, I also see this children in the future as the successful adults. I may be don’t know one name. But I know in my heart that is equally respecting every and each of them would be the products from God. We are different, but sometimes we need to close our eyes just to dream if they are okay. Being okay is not enough. Treat them good properly and teach them how to love and care. When patience takes responsibility, sometimes we lose focus and attitude. We tend to shout them, or maybe we can teach a little love to them to understand.


Two things I overcame in my life are tantrum and attitude. Each time I brought up my attitude, sometimes my parents didn’t see me as I created an attention to them. I also learned how to cope up each time I have problems. It really hurts me sometimes when some things don’t bring it to me. Jealousy sometimes takes place in times of problems. I took envy and so much jealous from my younger brother. But without knowing it, I also tend to make another mistake. Sometimes in our lives we lost our attitude. And aside from one of my problems before was my tantrum. I always made tantrum before. But growing up as a religious, I learned so many things in my life. Being as a religious makes you more to understand. And I’m always believing in myself no matter what mistakes are keep going. You always have to believe.


And after that I knew in my heart I have down syndrome for almost 16 years. I’ve already accepted who I was and being as friendly person. One of my closest friends before where I worked with him, he said to me that I was an everybody’s friend. Yes, I admitted for being that. But I realize I have to look on myself if one day my parents are not here anymore. A lot of my friends and relatives said if one day time will come and I have to look a lady can really understand me then I can marrying a lady. But sometimes in my heart says that I am not ready for a commitment.