Toni Gonzaga

Toni Gonzaga

Celestine Cruz Gonzaga or also known as Toni Gonzaga we all know her. Toni is born on January 20, 1984. Three years I was here in the world already, then she came along. I’ve never thought that I could been falling in love of her. She is powerless of her singing sensation and beauty. She was in the ABS-CBN since 2005. I’ve spotted her beauty. Then I realized the moment I gazed her, her eyes, her lips and anyway, this article is about her. It’s just main introduction I’ve made up to her. Hahaha!


Toni has a sister and it was Alex Gonzaga or Catherine Cruz Gonzaga in real life. Alex was in the TV5 network. But Toni was working in GMA network before she came along in ABS-CBN giant network. Toni was first seen during Fernando Poe Jr. still living among us. She played as Angela Dimayuga in Pakners in FPJ Productions together with Fernando Poe Jr. and Efren “Bata” Reyes. She was playing as the daughter of Efren “Bata” Reyes in the movie in 2003. But before that, Toni was working already together with Bubble Gang cast in 1998 that still runs up to day. She left the GMA network to join in ABS-CBN giant network in the year of 2005. She did a lot of projects with GMA network: Maynila and Dear Mikee in 1999; Campus Romance, GMA Telecine Specials, May Himala were all in 2000; Ikaw Lang Ang Mamahalin in 2001; Eat Bulaga and SOP in 2002 up to 2005; Habang Kapiling Ka in 2002 to 2003; Love to Love: Duet for Love in 2004 and Bitoy’s Funniest Videos, S-Files, Lagot Ka, Isusumbong Kita all in 2004 to 2005. Toni once worked for Studio 23 with the show of Wazzup, Wazzup in 2004 to 2007. But eventually, she really moved in ABS-CBN giant network.


Throughout in 2005 up to the present, Toni holds the record doing projects in singing, acting and hosting among the shows in ABS-CBN. Along with her movie projects in Star Cinema were D’Anothers (together with Vhong Navarro released in July 27, 2005 playing Maan Tuken), You Are The One (released in August 30, 2006 playing Purita “Sally” Malasmas together with Sam Milby as her leading man), You Got Me! (released in February 28, 2007 playing together as Inspector Amore “Moe” Santander again with Sam Milby and Zanjoe Marudo as her both leading men), My Big Love (released in February 27, 2008 together again with Sam Milby for the third movie playing as Aira Capistrano and Kristine Hermosa), My Only U (released in October 29, 2008 together with leading man Vhong Navarro and playing as Winona Benigno Aunor), Ang Tanging Pamilya: A Marry Go Round (released in November 11, 2009 playing as Carlotta “Charlie” Sikat together with Joseph “Erap” Estrada, Ai Ai De Las Alas, Sam Milby “for the fourth time,” and Dionisia Pacquiao “yes, the only and one mother of boxing champion Manny Pacquiao”), My Amnesia Girl (released in November 24, 2010 playing as Irene Gallego together with John Lloyd Cruz for the first time), Wedding Tayo, Wedding Hindi (released in August 31, 2011 playing as Maribelle “Belay” Bautista together with Zanjoe Marudo for the second time, Eugene Domingo and Wendell Ramos) and This Guy’s in Love with U Mare! (released in October 10, 2012 playing as Gemma together with Vice Ganda and Luis Manzano).


Her top-grossing film she ever done was My Amnesia Girl grossing with 164.82 million in pesos. I think the film was more like 50 First Dates that star Drew Barrymore and Adam Sandler. Both stories have the same elements but different stories. Drew’s character revolves around Adam’s character while John Lloyd’s character revolves around Toni’s character making the top-grossing film in the year of 2010.


Toni also did with hosting jobs in ABS-CBN such as Pinoy Big Brother (Pinoy Big Brother 1 released in August 21-December 10 in 2005, Celebrity Edition 1 in February 1-April 1 and Teen Edition 1 in April 23-June 3 in 2006, Pinoy Big Brother 2 in February 25-June 30 in 2007, Celebrity Edition 2 in October 14, 2007 to January 5, Teen Edition Plus in March 23-June 7 in 2008, Double Up in October 4, 2009 to February 13, 2010 Teen Clash 2010 in April 10-June 26 in 2010, Unlimited in October 29, 2011 to March 31 2012 and Teen Edition 4 in April 8-July 7, 2012), Entertainment Konek in 2005-2006, Gudtaym in 2006, Pinoy Dream Academy in 2006-2008, Entertainment Live in 2007-2010, Pilipinas, Game KNB in 2008, The Buzz in 2010-to present, SNN (Showbiz News Ngayon) in 2010 and the last noontime show Happy, Yipee, Yehey in February 12, 2011 to February 4, 2012 that replaced by It’s Showtime.


She also did appearing in a couple television shows such as My Juan and Only in 2005-2006, Crazy For You, Bora, Komiks Episodes: Inday Bote, Ang Paa ni Isabella, Tiktik, Da Adventures of Pedro Penduko were all in 2006, Your Song Episode: I’ve Fallen in Love (2006), Annie Batungbakal (2006), Wishing Lampara (2007), Kasalanan Ko Ba (2007), What Are The Chances (2010), Love Spell: Barbi-Cute (2007), Lastikman (2007), Maging Sino Ka Man: Ang Pagbabalik (2008), Precious Heart Romances Presents: Ang Lalaking Nagmamahal Sa Akin (2009) May Bukas Pa (2009), Maaalaala Mo Kaya Episodes: Pendant (2009) and Tropeo (2011), Kokey @ Ako (2010), Wansapanatym Episodes: Karina Karaton (2009), Witchy Mitch (2012), Hannah Panahon (2012), Amanda’s Da Man (2012) and IncrediBelle (2012) and Toda Max (2012).


Aside from singing, hosting and acting Toni did for her credits, she added in her modeling and appeared in Cosmopolitan in February 2005, December 2006 and July 2011, Uno in February 2007, Girlfriend in April 2007, Chalk in June 2008, Star Studio in June 2008 and February 2011, Meg in August 2008 and April 2012, Speed in February 2009 and March 2011, Health Today in October 2010, Preview in April 2011, Yes in May 2011, Total Fitness in July 2011 and Women’s Health in July 2012.


Her singing sensation began and released in 2001 as the self-titled studio album, Toni: You Complete Me in August 26, 2006, Falling In Love in June 18, 2007, Love Is… in July 1, 2008, Love Duets (with Sam Milby) in February 20, 2009, All Me in July 16, 2010 and T-Zone in 2012. She also held 8 concerts in February 9, 2008, May 2, 2008, August 21, 2009, September 18, 2009, October 16 and October 30, 2009, February 26 & 27, 2010 and September 30, 2011.


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