Sixtieth-Seventh English Quote:


I’m happy in my life

but you make me happier

if you can make me laugh,

the world consists full of surprises

that you need is a happiness.


What you don’t know

that your life is so vulnerable,

look at the brighter side

and look in the mirror

that you are the happiest person

in my life ever lived.


Sixtieth-Eighth English Quote:


Freedom if you want peace,

justice if you want truth.

prayers if you want dreams,

it is just things you can’t

compare to others.


People are selfish when you

know you can’t share,

people are kind when you

know you compare,

but life justifies if

you cannot win

between unfair and reality bites.


Laugh all you can,

happiness tears down

inside your personality

but life makes no future

if you can’t plan or dream

your life.


It will give you break down

inside and out,

give yourself a lot patience

that you know life

can be ordinary

if things will go smooth.


What is in the past,

just leave it behind

and make another

chapter of your life

or make another bag

of hopeful beginnings,

it will come your way

in your life eventually.




It values each and every quote in each paragraph. When you notice the section of each paragraph, it classifies each own line. Well, this is what I called on my own version, a quote poem. Without a line somehow doesn’t represent a quote. But each time I write it down, it really represents what I really write about.


The sixtieth-seventh quote poem is actually a two-versed happiness quote. Happiness makes me thinking what I deserve to be happy. It explains why people is struggling in their own problems but they think more positive in their own. Finding a hard to explain is not much difficult to say. It is what you think about difficult and you are saying it’s difficult. I find it very challenging to me each and every day. Well of course, I have my own problems too. But the way I see my own problems, I overcome how to handle it and there is more opportunity to come.


Happiness is all about things you think small happy thoughts. Happy thoughts are easy to find everywhere. When you think the world is laughing, you also laugh. When you see the happy thoughts, that is why the happiness comes.


In the sixtieth-eigth quote poem is an emotional quote. What you really decide in your life is sometimes what you are looking for. Well, I can’t refer one thing in life if you can’t choose. Between hatred and pain or laugh and tears sometimes refers to one person when he or she thinks about loneliness or selfishness. It’s very emotional in that way, but it needs more time to understand the situation you are in. People are sometimes judgmental but you can’t differ what is right or what is wrong. Don’t understand them as you are trying to make it in your own. When you decide one thing in your life, that’s your situation coming in.


Each of these two quote poems are understand to explain, but somehow it’s really hard to explain when I am the one who is explaining it. Well it’s not that difficult, it is more like a situation you are in.