Back when I was in elementary days, I always walked out in the door and banging the doors every classroom. It really kept me busying to get an attention to other grade schoolers. Our school in Antipolo doesn’t have high school yet. So I hope that I will be discussing what do you want to hear from me.


My first favorite hobby back when I was still a child was writing. Doodling or drawing on the counterpart of my life also represents me. What I like in my life is something I have to do different from other children. I didn’t know myself that the fact I always begin is writing. I kept one notes from my bible. Paraphrasing a group of words is what I consider my slowest improvements through all years I keep writing. Then in other part, I always thought that I was the slowest student in the class. I didn’t know my talents back when I was a young student. I lack of skills and improvements. Because I didn’t know later in my high school years that I was having a little problem in my life was challenging being having with Down syndrome.


I was getting more an attention to my classmates, picking a fight against my fellow male classmates. Then later in my life we became friends. Surely if your child was getting an attention from school, maybe the school administrator was trying to contact you in cellphone or maybe in landline or office line. That is why in the first place maybe it’s the way I get more attention to my parents. I was envious because of my siblings or other relatives. Then it comes to the point today I’ve really challenging myself not to be envious to other people. Sometimes I got jealous too. Jealousy and envious are both sins. Well it matters to me mostly today.


From going to the school everyday before, it was exactly one hour traveling time from our place to Antipolo. That time we lived around in Quezon City then going to Antipolo City about one hour or less, or maybe it depended in traffic time. From the time I woke up around 5 past in the morning, I usually went on my own to the bathroom, brushing my teeth, getting dress already after taking a bath. Afterwards I really got to have my things to get ready before getting to the school. During my high school life, I’ve discovered that I’ve been taking the time seriously being as an punctual student. I was never a serious student wanting to finish all subjects to be that good. I still got lower grades lower than the passing mark. This wasn’t like Ateneo or La Salle or any schools I’ve been attending to go to the school. We have line of 9, line of 8 and line of 7. That was the time I’ve remembered when I was in high school and elementary days.


I was hoping to get higher grades in high school with all my subjects should be line of 8. The final year or the senior year high school was the hopeful year you’ve always wanted to go to the college level. I was curious and challenged. I didn’t get a chance to have entrance exams like in University of the Philippines, University of Santo Tomas, La Salle University or other university schools to be named. But I’ve landed more passing two entrance exams in Montessori College and Center for Culinary Arts. I was even surprised getting a grade of 88 in Montessori College nearby from our home. The university I’ve supposed to get in was less 5 minutes away walking from our home. But my sister said the university I was getting in was more difficult to cope it. So I’ve really challenged myself to choose culinary certificate in Center for Culinary Arts.


Instead going to a normal university, I’ve landed going every morning classes to CCA if there was a morning classes and every afternoon classes if there was an afternoon classes. Life in university or college was really that hard. You can’t imagined how tough I was getting a good grades in college days. The school directress in college and my mother talked about my grades. I was coping to get a good grades in Applied Mathematics or Entrepreneurship subjects. Both subjects were dropped. I was grinning my teeth hoping to pass the school. Instead, I clung to my hopeful prayers hoping to graduate. Then they wanted me to stay in the school as long I’ve completed my attendance. I’ve completed my attendance in college.


After I got out from the college and graduated, I was entering another chapter in my life. Being a unemployed graduate from college, I’ve seen a lot of troubles ahead. Being having with Down syndrome, it was hard to cope in my life. With a lot of challenges I’ve been through was the hardest to see a job and have employed to somebody else. Because what is more important today, that is I’ve already accept who I am and why do I have Down syndrome.


Yes, I am more exceptional and extraordinary. I’ve remembered in my life when I was in high school. The highest grade I’ve ever gotten was Economics with the grade of 88. Maybe if I was in Ateneo or any kind of schools I’ve been attending, it would be B+. I don’t know about the grading system in any other schools. But my favorite subjects back when I was in Grade 4 to 6 was Basic Math and Science. I’ve never got a chance to glimpse to be interested in other subjects. But with a little improvement in my life back when I was in high school, I grew more interested in other subjects. I began to like Literature, History, Arts and Music. Then later in final or senior year, I grew more interested in Economics. That was why my grade in Economics was an average grade. I never knew in my life in other subjects I grow interested.


But still if I wasn’t able to meet my expectations, I wouldn’t done with this writing in my own domain name in the internet. Someone in the organization I’ve met was the person who has a child with the same condition I have. I couldn’t believed all the blessings pouring on me. Maybe if I wasn’t able to find an organization, I wouldn’t find who I was today or I never got to accepted myself. Being having with Down syndrome is not an issue. It is a gift that God chooses me to use it. He chooses me to be an instrument. And as an instrument, I will be able to message every and each parents with children who has special needs like I am today. With every article I will write is something to be important that you have to know is me. Nothing matters. No barriers like exceptional, because I am proud who I am today and the next generation will follow to know about me.