I have difficulties before I come up writing down one of my experiences. Each of my experiences will tell you how your special child surpass through like challenges can come up with.


What if your special child running away and end up going back to you again?


I did this many times before. Although being an independent special adult I am now today, this gives me a wild answer. I don’t know how I overcome right now. Each time I recall one of my experiences before, I really don’t how to explain this. But to tell you the truth, it comes out naturally for me. Yes, I tried many times before. This one little experience when I was getting to know myself more. There was one night before. My parents scolded me for a reason why in the first place I was still living with them in a first place. Back then, I even didn’t know myself that much as I do. I didn’t know in the first place what is Down syndrome. Not until I learned back when I was in sophomore year (or second year high school), the Biology teacher taught us in one branch of Science which it was the Genetics she came up with. With trisomy 21, I even didn’t know in the first place that was genetically gene disorder. Or somewhat called as down syndrome. So I realized I have some issues with other special children I met in the association. Parents with their special child with special needs came up to my point that he was having problem the same way I do before. I found this problem by solving my own. It was last year that I learned from an organization.


It was exactly that I have in my mind. In the streets in Manila from the place we used to live Quezon City before, I even didn’t know to do with 100 pesos before. I’ve managed to pay 5 people out of 100 pesos. But I didn’t receive the change of money. So the jeepney driver stopped by at the end of his journey said that it was the time I have to go down. I didn’t know where I was going to. By the time I’ve reached in Makati area, the area I’ve used to go before with my family, I went to. So I was dressed like a student. With brown pants and white polo shirt without logo on my shirt, I was hiding myself under a loose white polo shirt. The staff inside the shop came out from the area and saw somebody sleeping outside the shop. The shop I was sleeping in the street was my father’s running business before, the car repairing shop. He said to me that I have to leave. But then, the roaming town official guard (barangay officer in other words) came towards to me. He was beating me with his black wooden stick (the baton). Then as he grabbed my loose white polo shirt off my head, that was the time the staff noticed me already. He said to me that I was a son of the owner’s shop. Then the barangay officer left. The staff let me in through the shop.


It wasn’t my first experience that I was beaten up by barangay officer. I’ve beaten up before by the bullies before in the school. I did several times this before. Including when I walked away from the house to go looking after the girl I’ve used to fall in love. That was the time when I was in college. I knew at this time I already knew my curious case.


This is my first time I bring up with about my experiences to confess about who I am before and now. The truth slips out. And I guess the answer to the question I bring up. You have to know the limitations of the special child. Somehow he or she will cry about your advices not to walk away again. You have to know that every special child or special adult I am now has feelings or emotional state of their own. My lesson here is not to do it again. Because I learn so much of my experiences before. What I did wrong is absolutely wrong.


What if your special child gets tantrums all the time if he or she don’t get the things he or she wants?


This is the perfect opportunity I want to answer on my own question I bring up. Yes, I get a lot of tantrums before until I learn something I want to discuss with.


When your special child gets annoying about his or her sibling, it simply he or she is jealous about the attention that your another child has own things to take care. I’ve even notice that to myself. I’m always envy or jealous about that. Including before when the technology was introduced in the society, the computer was owned by my sister. I simply messed up with my sister, She sometimes scolded for a reason not to touch her things. Then she said to me if time comes, she would allow me to teach how to use the computer. But I guess I learned on my own through computer lessons in the school. Eventually after high school, I’ve notice myself that I can use computer for long hours. Not to mention that I used to be a computer addict before. I played console games, online games and Lan games. Every kind of game in the world I knew before, I used to play outside of our house playing online games through the business I have before. And the business my mom gave me was cellphone loading business. Which is until now, I still have that kind of business. I’ve been running the business for six years and seven months already.


Until I’ve discovered one of my talents which I grow my opportunities to come. I’ve been a lot of tantrums before. But I guess I’ve overcome up already before I am already a special adult with a certain age. Certain age means that I am much more mature, more thinking to solve of my problems and more responsible of what my actions do. And the things I don’t have before is to have my own computer. I’ve gain my blessings that I have now. Except I don’t want to download a game or something that it would distract me. Computer games are the distractions in your life. Whether you like to move him or her outside of the house, he or she would definitely get a tantrum. Except to the people who are still young and a stage to move on.


For me, tantrums are no longer new to me. I’ve get a lot of lessons to learn before. It’s the best example I have to answer the question I bring up with.