The new show Juan Dela Cruz or John of the Cross is coming showing on Monday. But the things are going sad for mostly young generation today. But the television viewers don’t have to be sad anymore. It’s because not only Daniel Padilla and Kathryn Bernardo have to say goodbye in the very seconds last night. I wasn’t worrying about Dasho Jao portaying by Enrique Gil. I knew in my heart he won’t die that easily. What a typical story that Filipino made from their hands. If I am a writer who will write a good story, I would probably knowing without a doubts. Any kind of character would come up to that story.


Many I have heard last night were: was he really getting dead so soon? Particularly when I heard Enrique’s voice. He was exactly speaking as a narrator. But speaking of which, my favorite actor Coco Martin would welcome to your television screen as the new character in Juan Dela Cruz. I am fan of Coco Martin if you would not know about me. I watched his shows in ABS-CBN from the moment he was paired in other veteran actors. I saw Coco Martin for the first time he was paired with Kim Chiu and Gerald Anderson in the television hit series, Tayong Dalawa or The Two of Us. And it was a shame when Kim died in the end, and not each of them.The final character was very charismatic. The supporting cast in Tayong Dalawa were very extreme acting together. The synopsis of the the series were revolving between the two brothers portraying by Gerald Anderson and Jake Cuenca. And I don’t think they really included Coco Martin for the main cast. Because he was introduced to the series. Coco played as brother to Gerald Anderson. Both brothers were soldiers. But in the scene was very intense in the final episode which it really prompted to one hour.


Then in the next television series when Coco appeared as the next promising veteran actor. Gerald Anderson and Kim Chiu were working again with Coco Martin for the second time in the series. This time was in Kung Tayo’y Magkakalayo or If We Were To Be Apart. Unfortunately to his character there was not good for me. He died in the story. And I’ve really hate to bug about this. But in his next third project with ABS-CBN, Agimat: Tonyong Bayawak or Water Monitor Lizard. I watched his series until to the end. His charisma was doing something with his act. And he was good on any kind of character he would play.


But the series I would never forget was Minsan Lang Kita Iibigin or I Will Only Love You Once or in short, One Great Love. The series was relatively great. Although I haven’t watched from the beginning because of my work conflict before. He played two characters, Alexander and Javier Del Tierro. The series ran 118 episodes which it was hardly to doubt the series ended so soon only 5 months. I was never curious about that. And I haven’t watched the ending either. It was a shame for me. But someday when I have that copy, I would love to watch all over again because I haven’t watch the series yet. Coco have had two leading ladies, Andi Eigenmann and Maja Salvador. I was awe with his acting skills. I hope I will be acting so soon. I am curious with my talents. I wonder how many talent scouts will search for me. Anyway, it’s not important for me now to be an actor as them. Coco is really a good person personally. Some others says that he was down-to-earth and humble. And I would love to meet him soon. I am turning out not-so-good writer, but someday I would love to work the production events.


In the new coming series, Juan Dela Cruz is the one I’ve been waiting three weeks ago before it releases so soon on Monday and I really can’t wait to watch the series. I hope this series would end in August or otherwise, I won’t able to watch on September. Because I have to go to my sister’s wedding. Probably I would put my family first than the television. Television in my life somehow respects my responsibilities. I really don’t watch unimportant series when it comes to social events. Whether it is important, I really love to go. Maybe I don’t know why. My essence as an adult comes in a way that I need to do something first. Well not exactly that I want to be responsible, but I am ready to be responsible just in case my time that I will be marrying so soon if I could find a-not-perfect partner. I also want to know that every series of Coco acts is every episode I fully want to watch it.  Not exactly, sometimes in my life crosses in my back of head wants working a production. I am eager to work with huge network. If only my dreams could follow it, then it is better to believe it than sorry.


And the good news I want to say that this month is worth waiting for it. Not that I mean it is a Valentines month, but because it’s also my birthday month. Other countries like Thailand, they celebrated your birthday in a week. But I also have a brother sharing my birthday day. So speaking truthfully, I won’t waste my birthday to spend day with him. Unfortunately until now, I am hoping my brother and I reconcile so soon. We haven’t talk that much yet. So the year gap is between 10 years for him and for me. And someday I am assuming everything works properly for now.


Also, I am hoping my articles would turn great sooner. I am waiting for more reviews to come reviewing my articles. I write anything, a limitless I must say. The good news in my life would always come in a positive way. Maybe somehow I would look a better person. I love to work on my own and earn my hardworking articles in a profit ways. Maybe sooner if I am thinking positively. I always see myself in the reflection mirror all the time. As if there is something another day to do. I am still fat, but to tell you the truth that I am healthy. I rarely get colds nowadays just to prevent from the cold season. For you to know what I am really writing about is the inspirational I could get from somebody else. Firstly, I get inspirations from the television I could get watching from it. Somehow I am eager to write a different story. But it seems I am still many roads to accomplish. I haven’t finish a novel yet. Because it is still under construction or so much to say, an improvements for my story to come. And at the back of my head somehow sinks on me telling what to do next and probably ends with a good story. Hmmm…I wonder why. By the way, the synopsis of Be Careful With My Heart, I will be posting soon in May if the series end so soon. I just love watching television series and turning them to the synopsis I am writing about. And still, I am not-a-good writer. That is whatever it takes me no matter what problems will come. I will be turning a good writer someday, because there is still more rooms for my improvements to write.