Let go and take

only if you really faint on the floor and

vanity is just another to stake,

each moment it has to stand.


Maybe it wasn’t forever to look

each and every kind of foundation

and time will take the nation,

nothing that fakes the hook

since the beginning must to be end now.


Then it has to be flow,

however once it releases the love

and eternity is not the answer

that will take to the place of flower.


You begin slaying the meat cooking in stove

once it takes the music starting

unless you do something.


Raise me under your unconditional love but

every chances have a moment

and times are not forever,

let the games begin whenever

love exists like a mint,

youth must not to be stop and shut.


Cherish the love everywhere unless

all the time you really spend,

remember how to send

each year you really love to spend less.


And the time you speak

not to mention you really hate the steak,

damn is not easy.


Unbound neither to be cheesy,

nothing to be like for to you see

dreams are easy to remember

each chances not to be a member,

release me from the sea

so the people believe

then every person in the world must

achieve the love not to be lust,

never be like me to live

dreams are so unreal.


The love only I see to flow in the river,

how can you question yourself to be believer,

every answer is sometimes to be real.


When will I see you again

and how I count the way

you really love me that much.


You choose on your way such

only the heart you keep to sway,

unconditional love has to gain.


Love me not, love me forever

only the heart can win,

vain and pain can’t carry like a sin,

every world has to be like me again and ever.


My sins won’t take you to another dream,

only you can be the last to be late

rather I enter in your world to stream

every dreams with you has to be fate.




This is the first time I write a sonnet again through the years I’ve been writing all my life. And I can’t remember when is the last time I write that long. But if you notice each and every single letter of each line has a meaning. Well it’s because it’s the month of Valentines. And Valentines really saves me a lot of problems. Problems that sometimes you look for solving own troubles.


What does it say in the sonnet? Simple. It says, “love means that you really care and understand the way you love more.” The very first sonnet I’ve made before dated back in the month of May 1999. It was really that longer already. But other says to my works are bad to review. Since they don’t realize my work is really hard to read. It can tell me how I really love to write and improve more. And passionate how I look to be sometimes takes year to exercise. Well that it’s not easy or difficult to make. I am planning to publish in a book someday from my compilation of my work.


The first thing you must to know is that I am really special and extraordinary adult.  Of course not everybody really knows about me. And in that case, I really take a chances to meet me someday. Having Down syndrome in my life, I’ve really appreciate what I have and accepting who I really am. This is not the first time I’ve introduce myself, better yet to read my previous articles. For you to read better, you really must to know that this is not easy to read or difficult to shout it loud.