Of all the interviews I’ve encountered before was all that I was thinking about doubts and fears. Maybe it wasn’t my intention to get in. I have had 12 interviews last year nothing to beat my fears before. Maybe I already overcome my fears in the past. It wasn’t not that difficult. Or it wasn’t that much more easy. I’ve visited nine contact centers and none of them was accepting me. But I considered my business as my biggest asset. Without doing in life may not realize to me what I am doing lately. But I decide to put up some more business to create more of my financial. I really don’t have financial basis aside from the business I am doing for almost six years and seven months. But I really want something different to work it out. Since my loading business is doing well, I might try another business to put it up. So I won’t get bored enough to work my loading business. I lose some of my money before because of the networking deals. I guess I learn something from the networking deals. So I am planning to decide what business to put up with a little capital I have. None that I want the networking to get it back. But I want to grow my money to be leveraging.


What should I do? Should I go for convenience store to put it up? Or should I go for another way of way of living? A way of living means a lot of me now than before. Since this is hard to decide and I don’t want to get burden easily. It is because I want to impress my parents and of course sooner, I want to settle my own family. It is not that easy or hard. Everyday I have been thinking the money when it will grow. Money, money, money, it always that I am thinking about. Hahaha! I am more like the financial adviser in The Incredibles. Maybe the world is looking for a talent, and I hope I would get to apply for my talent. Maybe it won’t work for me.


I guessed the last time I was in the interview, maybe I hoped to get in to the job. It wasn’t getting me through there. I have more road to improve in my life. My skills to speak in English isn’t that good enough applying in a contact center. Maybe I will try more better more in the future. See if I can do it again. I have complete papers for now, but instead I want something to face it in the future.


Being having with Down syndrome is not an issue for me just to work somewhere. In the last 14 years, it was really hard to cope for me to work somewhere else. It was always an issue for me all the time before. But right now with the right attitude and right time makes more comfortable. Should I go to look working in a fast-food restaurant like in McDonalds? Or maybe should I go looking for a job in the mall? There are many options in my back of my head, but I don’t know which one I would pick.


There are days that you would fill in for your life. But I never think that anymore. I usually have in my head what is best for me. What if in your life must always go for a better life? And I am not type of a person who would always spending more money than you are earning more. I always need to earn for my living life. And the earnings would always pick for a certain day to spend just a little. And I am not that rich either. The way of earning in life must always where you always strive to earn. And earning a trust means a way of earning your life better. I hope in the future will always find me to look for a better job. And better job means a better earnings.


I’ve been a lot of jobs before. From the work I’ve been working as an assistant cook, a line cook, cook, sales assistant to load retailer. Working in my field right now as an entrepreneur, this is the hardest job I take in as a load retailer. It’s always been a hardest for me ever since in my life. Without an earning somehow makes me a little poorer to earn. Sometimes I’m earning 30 pesos a day from my loading business. But when the jackpot day comes, there is a certain day that makes me earning of 50 pesos a day. This is very much of lower income I have earn everyday. Just like when you are working your food cart business, this is much more like you are having a business. And nothing beats to earn money makes a difficult finding a job just to get in. When you are earning in the job, you don’t think that much of an income.


Nowadays you can’t think of 10 thousand of bucks you can earn that quickly in your job’s income. Sometimes in your everyday job takes a lot of patience and understanding. Without lots of patience makes you more inconsistent in the job. And inconsistency makes you invaluable in your job. I guess I won’t have to think that anymore. Maybe it’s not for me finding a job. There will be a time and a place that will take me putting me in a job someday.