Friends are sometimes that you can lean to and ask for their advices. But sometimes when you ask too much, they intend not answer you back. I feel that their agony when they don’t realize how I am important to them. In the world where there is a seven billion population not to be exact, there are countless decisions that can be split. Well, I don’t know how I explain this. But every time I make friends with them, sometimes they lack to knowing me better. And better not to judge how I am standing who I am.


Facebook, for instance, is a social networking system. And there is a countless social networking that you can encounter in the internet. Some of them may react how I may sound intriguing to them. I am not judging them to suppose knowing me better. It’s just a surprise that sometimes in the world needs to know who you will be making friends. And the eye ball, for a particular example, is a social interacting between the two people. The two people haven’t meet each other but they are chatting over the cyber space. The social networking is a huge different from the person you really meet. Each networking society means to you it is a different. But too much that you are stalking to the person may end your relationship with the person you are encountering.


Decisions are not meant to be breaking your heart with them. It is just on to them. I may be not a perfect human, but I always make mistakes. Then back of my head sometimes thinks a little judgmental. Maybe somehow, I realize I lack of communicating with the person who can trust. The communication tools you have right now are the cellphone, the internet, the landline, and other things that can interchanging with. But believe me, sometimes I don’t intend to hurt feelings as I am hurting them. Losing a battle means like losing a friends. You can’t win them if they don’t like you to be friend with them. That is why social networking comes in the first place and very handy.


The first thing I don’t have in my category is not having communication with them. Well I lack to be precise. But to tell you the truth, unfriend in facebook doesn’t mean that you are not friends anymore. Sometimes in the world of making of friends means a lot to you. Anxiety that is somehow it called as a social anxiety. Fears that might not can change you. But because I bring this topic to my article is something that can guide you in the future. First, be sure you are ready to exchange a little know-me-better conversation with the person you can exchange with. But I don’t know if this will work on you. And secondly, don’t interexchange with your secrets to them. Sometimes they feel about you in your position. They will give sympathy on you for example. Dearly I lost making friends before and I won’t do it before. That is why I am confessing to my article who might reading this in the future.


Maybe I am too overacting the way I am expressing the truth for somehow I don’t know why. Well, there are not many people I know. Few people I guess little they know me. In the world of full of strangers sometimes exceeds my back of my head, then I guess nothing is wrong what to choose friends in the first place. I may have a bad tongue. But to tell you a truth, I can control it. Sometimes I am supervising myself the way what kind of behavior I may release be. So in terms of friendship sometimes takes time to heal.


I have a lot circle of friends from my elementary days to high school days, college days and even to my colleagues. I ask them generously what is Down syndrome in their dictionary if they really know about it. Doctors, nurses and teachers are the people in the world know exactly what is Down syndrome in the first place. My trainer in contact center world says to me that I will be successful someday. I don’t know what he is really saying about it. But I guess I have to wait for a particular day to receive more good news in the future. Future means a lot to me. I have third chances in the world. Because He, the one above, gives me to live for a better life. And He will prosper me in time I need financially in my future needs. And He is the only one who can tell me when will I get a chance giving me a partner if I am really getting ready to get married.


Somehow when I need a little time to have conversation with them makes me to excuse to have time with them. I can’t argue if they are busy to do something important. We, humans, need a time to work in our own time and place to interact. But the mostly important thing you have to learn is having to understand them and place in your heart if you are doing uttermost in your life.