One of my biggest challenges I’ve never complete in my life is improving where I am excelling from subject to another subject. I am not telling you to hear from this. But I guess I give a little shot in my life. Sometimes in the world really needs to know where you are excelling to the subject. Let me give an examples:


Science is the best example that I learn there from biology, genetics and any other form of the branch in Science. What I really like Science? Science is my best friend subject since 4th grade. I don’t know why. In the first place, things were changed. When I found I can learn from Science was more better to explore in any kind of environment, somehow it gave me more interesting topics. I learned how to draw difficult drawings such as the anatomy skin, plant skin or an animal skin. It gives me exciting to create more any kind of forms in Science. Then I found out later when I was in 6th grade that I really talent in Arts as well. Apart from where I was excelled from my subjects, my other subjects fell to me. I’ve got lower grades in other subjects. I’ve even didn’t know why. But somehow, exploring in my talents gave my break. I first got tasted into acting when I was in 5th grade. I loved giving jokes and acted as if I don’t care to other grade schoolers. Back then, I’ve used to be anybody’s friend. It means that I was supposed belong to my grade level but somehow I joined other grade schoolers. During our time, we’ve used not having high school back then. The only we have before was one section in each grade levels. We were the third batch who would graduated in elementary. I didn’t know why how I got this memory. But the sad thing, I really didn’t remembered what I did in the past.


As far as I knew, the teachers somehow always got my attention. Strolling around the campus made me a jolly person who would loved to do a lot of things just not like any other kids in the school. But I guessed it wasn’t the same until high school. Back from where I was saying from Science and Arts made me difference from the rest of my classmates. I used love any kind of games from hide and seek, running across the basketball court and the patintero or harang daga (in english definition: tagging). I’ve used to love that game. Each team consists of five players and there is only two teams in the court. You may choose which you are in the water lines or parallel lines. When the person touches you, he or she will call you “it” and you’re out of the game. But when one player passes all the hurdles either in your back, front or beside you, your team of your player will win the game. Or else when all the players are touch, the game is over. And there was another game I’ve used to love before was agawan base. There are two teams with two bases. Each team of their how many players was in your team decides where you can run and hide, or else your base is caught losing the other team. Oh, I really loved that game. I wonder if I can still play that games. By the way, this two games I have mention were the two Filipino traditional games here in the Philippines. You might know what I am talking about. It is different from your country. But I really want to discuss what is my favorite subjects. Traditional games we loved playing together.


But once in my life crossed at the back of my head was playing with my cousins were the games of chasing-the-rabbit, it was similar to agawan-base game. But this game we loved doing it. All of my cousins and my three other siblings worked this game through our ages. But the game is slightly different from agawan base. It consists 6 players in each team. Agawan-base game consists of how many players you can choose. When somebody sees you and dearly you have to run, or else the player will be caught and cannot return. So another player will have a chance to rescue the player who is caught. But if it’s caught, you are deep in trouble. But when the player is rescue, the player will return to your original team. I loved this games. I’ve never wondered why I was saying this. Those times were happy memories. Including the other games of my cousins and my siblings used playing the games. But the memory going other countries, that is another topic I’ve to tell you next time. Because it was really that long story. I might have end in this article a very long discussion article.


Aside from where I started telling you my subjects to tell was History, Literature, Music and Economics. Then later after graduating from high school was the huge deficit a little change of my life, I began wanting my English to improve more. Because back then when I was in high school, my skills in language test in English and Filipino were terribly bad in my grades. Somehow I really can’t much to improve more. I can’t even say the hardest words that I can’t excelling to remind myself. But even so, after so many years it takes me to another level to improve. Likewise, I am not even an intelligent person which I can excel to all subjects I want it to. A simple gesture of “please” or “thank you” would give me determination to improve more. I fell in love in Literature back when I was in junior high (or third-year high school). So the literature gave me a break. It really challenge me everyday as if there is no tomorrow for me. But I do importantly in my life throughout the years I have experience it. Then one of my nerves is telling me when I can publish some of my unpublished works. Which there are so many to revision some of my works. But then I decide to myself I can do better more.


History in entrance exams back when I was in senior year (or fourth-year high school) gave me an outstanding grade of 88. I didn’t know I can still remember some of the historic facts I have learned back in elementary to high school. Surely, I was challenged to a better school. Failures back when I was in elementary, I learned some of important review tests because I got a chance to get a NEAT (National Elementary Assessment Test) exams. I really don’t remember well some of my scores. Somehow I survived it. But the incident happened. I was so sleepy going to Antipolo with my mom. But my mom said to me that I would get a photo ID of 2 by 2 or 1 by 1. I really can’t remembered properly because the victim was me. Then somehow, I saw some vehicles going towards me. But what I heard from my mom’s story was that I was walking sleepy in Sumulong Highway going to cross to another sidewalk in the street. Because it was in the left. So I assumed there was no vehicle going through to me. But what I saw was the stars in my vision as if I was the cartoon character seeing the stars. Anyway, my mom gave me a lift going to the nearest hospital with the jeepney driver. So I guessed that was the end of the story I could still remembered.


The huge difference today is that I am still studying on my own without getting to the school anymore. Because I am older already. And I got a high school diploma from the school I’ve been attended for almost 11 years. And the school accepted me as the only and the last 7th grader who got a chance to study together with the 6th graders as my classmates in my high school. That was 1995 when I entered 7th grade and after that, I already was in freshman year (first-year high school) in 1996. Of how many challenges crosses back of my head, I am still learning of how the events is still on-going. That is the Philippines history although my mind is still sharp just like a grade schooler. Because of what I believe one of sayings, “Don’t stop learning of what you can learn. Always have empty-glass in your mind and you can learn as much as you can.”


I’ve remembered some of the important places I’ve been going to was the Assumption Antipolo where my three sisters and my two cousins were attending the same school they were going to. My classmate transferred from my school, Montessori Integrated School, Antipolo to my sisters’ school. I saw some of the prettiest and sexiest girls in the private school. Somehow, my jaw dropped as if I can court a girl. But I was torpe (meaning you somehow lack to say the girl you really love or to say something important) back then until now. I saw the soccer field, the chapel and every time there was a school fair in my sisters’ school. I loved to ride some of the rides and enjoyed as much I loved. But the different back then, I was even can’t say that I wasn’t proud as before despite having with Down syndrome. So much to say and so much to be scared somehow mixes my reaction. You somehow can’t say something important in your life if you are in my situation. Well, I was also a speechless whenever encountering talking some of the high schoolers which were all the girls in the private school. And I lost my count who I wanted to have a girlfriend. I was afraid and lost somehow in the road thinking some of the girls might saying to me, “are you from the school you are attending?” Maybe a little bit of worried I was.


In fact, my sisters were always there for me. And I’ve understood the feelings they have on me. It was because they were transferred to another private school in Antipolo where I was also attending to my school in 11 years. Somehow in 11 years made my adolescence and childhood a better life for me although we resided in Quezon City. We provided a car where we have had a driver giving us a ride to the school attending to and fetching us at the end of the day. Also back then, my father used to have a business together with his siblings and his parents also. So much to say and so so much to be not to say are also my reactions. The only exams I didn’t get was the NSAT (National Secondary Assessment Test) exams. So my teacher advised not to get in because I might can’t finished the test in time. The level in high school and elementary test exams were different despite the high school math also got me in trouble. But I managed to get a good grade in my senior year.


What I liked mostly of all high school subjects was the Biology. In one of the topics came to my head was Genetics. With some of chromosome and other mentioned names like Down syndrome and trisomy 21 crossed at the back of my head. That was the time our biology teacher said if I knew about the Down syndrome subject. I was a little of bit emotions of curious, anxiety and scared. Somehow I lost how many days that was passed already. Although in the past made a very clear to me that it was the time in 2011 I have to move on. I was somehow not working in my networking deals with my friends, my up-lines, down-lines, cross-lines and of course, the mentors or leaders. Despite I hated so much of the word abnormal that crossed in my back of my head. It was a turning point that I made clear being abnormal wasn’t good enough to say to all of the people including the society if I may include. But I jumped to another networking company which I really can’t to say the company’s name. Their service was also bad as the other company I’ve joined. The crowd was crazy and I don’t know why all the people were crazy. Some of the traffic enforcers I’ve encountered was telling the driver to move the vehicle to a better place to park. Somehow the driver disobeyed the traffic enforcer and said something bad towards to the traffic enforcer. At the back of my head was saying that I have to, “not doing of kind of work anymore.” It really crossed at the back of my head I can’t continue this anymore but applying in the future might help me about this kind of knowledge. Other universities have the course, the multi-level marketing course. Or it also known as the networking. I might dismaying about this but I discourage to continue it.


The half of my decade felt something strange to me and I realized that something I have to deal in the future. With the knowledge I gain is something to do applying in the future. This present times is telling me that I have to do something I can work with my financial. Because someday I might settling my own family. And the reason to live purposely has a mission for me. It is something I want to return my blessings to some people I want to exchange it. And I’ll be starting next week to do this because my birthday is coming in eleven days to countdown.